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Matilda-type, Light Tank

- - - - - Galidraani Defense Force The Sith Empire

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Ryssa Yvarro

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  • Intent: To create a light* tracked tank for the Galidraani Defense Force, and by proxy the Sith Empire.

  • Image Source:  Steve Radic, Artstation (x)

  • Canon Link: N/A

  • Primary Source: Matilda, Matilda II, Matilda - Infantry Tank



  • Classification: Light

  • Role: Infantry Support

  • Size: Average

  • Weight: Average

  • Minimum Crew: 2

    • Gunner

    • Driver

  • Optimal Crew:

    • Commander (Radio Operator)

    • Gunner

    • Loader

    • Driver

  • Propulsion: Tracks

  • Speed: Low

  • Maneuverability: Low

  • Armament: Very High

    • 2x Modular HVCs

      • 40mm

      • 76mm

      • 90mm

    • 2x Blaster Cannons

  • Defenses: Very High

  • Passenger Capacity: 4 (Outside/Top)

  • Cargo Capacity: Small


  • Modular barrels allow the crew to fire various shells, from forty millimeters for anti-vehicle, up to ninety millimeters for anti-tank/anti-walker. 

  • Thick, angled armor plating allows the Matilda to bounce shells that she may not normally do otherwise.

  • Made with blaster-resistant materials, the tank may be able to hold up to more punishment than estimated.

  • A high rate of fire allows the Matilda to fire off more shots in a shorter time span than other vehicles in her class. 

  • Shielding, small shield generators are packed within the tank itself allowing her to hold up against higher grade blaster fire. Crews can enable or disable ray, particle and retribution feedback shield generators. 


  • Rate of Fire: A higher rate of fire than other vehicles in her class, lets the tank get out more shots in a shorter time span than others.

  • Signal Range: A high signal range means the Matilda can work as a scout - reporting enemy positions back to artillery units and heavier vehicles such as walkers. 


  • Speed and Maneuverability: Most other vehicles in the Matilda’s class are fast, a lot faster and a lot more maneuverable. The Matilda picks a direction and commits to it, taking longer to accelerate and turn. This makes her a great target for not only faster vehicles, but heavier ones as well.

  • Low Damage: A high rate of fire, with ultimately low damage per shot - which can make firefights quite difficult when dealing with other vehicles that have a higher damage output.

  • Easy Target: Artillery units love this one, given her slow rate of speed there isn’t much of a chance for the tank to outrun an artillery’s range.   


Native Galidraani, Fiolette Raaf sat down with members of the Galidraani Ministry of Defense and discussed the vassal’s state’s own defenses. Old designs were brought out of the archives and reworked with the help of several members of the Landship & Track Committee. The first of these designs would be the Matilda. 

The Matilda by all means it not the greatest vehicle on the market, let alone to withstand the brutality of walkers. It is, however, a great small tank, one that can be fielded en masse and disrupt enemy communications, albeit temporary. 

A high rate of fire, coupled with a modular barrel and a long-range radio signal made the Matilda ideal. This in conjunction with thick, reinforced armor and angled plating. Compartments devised for shield generators, however small they were. While boasting high rates of fire, the Matilda's damage output is rather low, adding to her drawbacks are her slow rate of speed and low maneuverability. Many light tanks can easily run circles around the Matilda, but many of them are settled with paper-thin armor. The Matilda boasts better armor allowing her to stay in the fight longer.

It was understood that the men and women assigned to these vehicles, were essentially signing their own death warrant. Given the nature of war let alone war as it stood within the galaxy, the slow and lumbering light/medium tank would ultimately meet a quick and swift end on most battlefields. The Ministry of Defense hopes to never have to use these, but have begun training on all Galidraan owned worlds. 


Production of the Matilda was done utilizing leftover scraps that the Sith Empire had no use for thus not impacting Galidraan's overall industrial production for other goods and services. The Matilda would only be the first in a line of vehicles and armor designated exclusively for the Galidraani Defense Force. So that should the worse happen, the people of Galidraan under the guidance of the Royal Family would be able to defend themselves.


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