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Approved Species guide.

- - - - - Approved Species List

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Thalliesin Bard

Thalliesin Bard


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Since I find that the Codex to be overwhelming at times I have decided to make.

{Dramatic Music}

The Approved Species Guide of Awesomness.Awesomeness.Awesomeness.


It will be divided into sentient, semi-sentient- and nonsentient

which will then be divided into types. mammalian, reptilian, etc.


I have a feeling that further divisions like elves and vampires will have to be added.


It's getting there, It'll be done soon....No I won't It's taking longer than expected

Note: the small notes are not going to be there forever...they're to help me so I can everything organized

into something worthy of the dramatic music.


Sentient Life.




Aelvar: Elves...Okay.

Aetharian: More Elves...cool.

Anatasi: Primitive Tiger stiped people.

Arkanian Offshoot Experiment #355: Unique Experiment...Cool

Asherian: Taller,Skinnier people who have culture and glowing eyes.

Canon: Biituian: Friendly green skinned people.

Binadaman: Taller and Frailer Humans.

Cyber Trooper/ Necro: Cybernetic warriors, some of which are obsessed with knitting.

Dakan...kinda like the Borg, they're all Dead now. no PCs.

Dark Star Project: A Unique Warrior with a healing factor and a metal skeleton...

Deilokin...Frail Mechanical Geniuses. 

Drowai: A race ofself reproducing warrior women.

Eldorai: Space Elves, Created by Valiens Nantaris

Elzeri: Elves yet again.

Exonad: long-lived warriors who look like dead people.

Extramaton: Incredibly ugly and weak, smart people.

Ghouls: Radiated people who live longer, also very unappealing.

Go Nagai: Event NPC...Three-eyed person with an explosive personality.

Hellyni: Space Greeks.

Infereti: greedy, warlike, and sickly humans with limited technological advancement.

Canon. Ingr'Nysk: Blue Empaths, with a few ticking force time bombs.

Jin: Space East Asians.

Kerra Kesh: Snake-like people, venomous fangs included.

Khazund-Daran Space Dwarves...

K'paur: Force Sensitive people who can live up to 3000 years. 

Kraljica: They're Merpeople, but they can breathe on land and shock people so that's cool.

Lovalla: People with Hue-Shifting skin...

Mahanaim: Echolocating people. Solid Species.

Maverick: besides being a awesome TV show...Super smart weaklings with OCD.

Milrukes: Bald with pure black eyes...freaky, but their smart.

Mnenchei: Complicated...their eyes glow, and their blood has Silver in it.

Narrikian: Stronger Humans with patterns on their bodies that glow.

Neznakomtsya Paranoid People with Red Hair.

Ol'vann: solid white skinned, black eyed, vegetarians who argue a lot.

Qadiri: Desert Elves.

Resenerna: Infertile Nomads.

Rol-Lor: Humans with a monkey tail.

Sandali: Archived...Large Humans with healing factor.

Sanguinius Vampirika: Epic Vampire

Sanguinius Vampirika - Vahla Hybrid (Venjuta Bloodline) Force wielding Vampire

Lesser Sanguinius Vampirika Less pwerful Vampire.

Spintiri: Very large Humans, with excellent hearing and no sense of smell.

Stakeral. Duelists with hollow bones.

Synlidwirh: Genetic Experiment who sees through the force. Only one.

Tantibus: Dark Humans. Unused to any light.

Tel'varn: People with Yellow eyes...

Tera Vampir: Sexist Energy Vampires.

Teryn: Programmed Humans, some of which are sentient

Valkyri: Vikings!

Vashyada: Wood Elves.

Viatori Blind Humans who both live longer and age faster.

Vigho-Anzati. They have two Proboscises that extend out of their cheeks. 

Vortek: smarter, faster, Humans with a princess.

Xasurian: Artistic and traditional Humans.

Xela'Dorn: Agile People who can transform into raging monsters.

Xioquo: Dark Elves.

Zahati'i: they're not dryads...they're more like hippies with horns. I mean that in a nice way.

Zanji: Hobbit Werecats.

Zer'Kul: Long-lived Human who breathes chlorine and is allergic to sodium.

Zhornee: Cold resistant humans who can't get intoxicated.








Cryligor: I have no idea what they look like. but they have venomous fangs.

Meldaraian: They absorb UV light for sustenance. cool concept.

Taskai Water breathing lizard human hybrid. Experiment.

Ki-La-Sa: Platypus smiths...they are semi-aquatic egg-laying mammals of action.



Avarian: Bird People with wings and everything.

Thirriken "The year of the Peacock begins now"

Apokka: Is that a Chicken...Yes, yes it is.

Qu'un: Four armed flightless bird people

Toavan: Scaly birds...who are ruthless farmers. 




Caprine Soothsaying Goat people

Hu-Ed I think it's a Minotaur, a hermaphroditic Minotaur to boot.



Anubian It's a species of Anubis' be afraid be very afraid.

Citherion doglike features, Pointy ears, larger canines, claws.

Ulki Terrifying horned beasts, thank God they're so stupid.

Varg A werewolf with three forms.

ZorrenCanine only in personality. and some of them have a tail.

Ashlan Wolf: NPC...Color changing dog.

Korathians: Armored Dog...I think.

Lupine: Humans who can turn into wolves...

Val'kar: Space Wolf.

Worgian; Epic looking Wolf people.



Sudaki Hermaphroditic crustacean person. can survive the vacuum of space with only a breathing mask.

Mantanite: Hive-Mind...Although I don't know how useful they'll be.

Kort Bipedal Horseshoe crabs.




Croa Anime Cat Person...you know how they just have the ears and the tail.

Dw-Fa More Catlike than the Croa.

Mar-Ro-Toe: It looks like mew too.






Mankarii: I don't know...I think it's a tree with a human attached. the picture didn't work.

Sal-Aru: Asexual, reincarnating people who turn into trees when they die.

True Vinithi Plant people who control people with pheromones...

Vinithi: More Plant People...Yay...also I found the comments to be entertaining.

Do-Ro-RoPeople who are plants.


Humanoid *

Alunrovaan Nitrogen Breathing Human who can regenerate rather quickly.

Arenzebite Mysterious Reptilian race of super strong nomads.

As-Aki They're Fairies, but space fairies which are way cooler.

Batosai Non violent Ice people.

Blind One Creepy looking underwater people.

Cernun They have tails that produce pheromones, mostly when they're drunk.

Dalatross Physically a Genie, sadly wishes are not included.

De'nochsax One of the most terrifying creatures I've ever seen, a Reptilian monster with six arms.

Dwergi A very strange looking cavepeople.

Gasiir: Little Blue Geniuses.

Huntpredals: It appears to be a wild hunter....thing. 

Kokku Cunning aggressive Monster who has to kill quickly because of their weakness. 

Liran: This is awesome, clones implanted with the memories of the previous clone.

Maz-Ka-Tou I know not how to describe them beyond they have prehensile tails made out of hair.

Pichlus Strange skeleton skin... I guess. No pic.

Rapax Various appendages and weapons naturally extend from their back.

Ren-Popo Literally a slave army of Hulks.

Ro-Nin Four-armed species whose skin slowly hardens until they can't move and die.

Sheikah an all female species who can breathe all atmospheres and can only use force magic.

Tal-La: Hermaphroditic species allergic to salt.

Tesfan An Evil looking praying mantis/Spider monster. Not evil just scary.

Terrox A Strong and Intelligent creature, greatest weakness is that their head has no bones in the back.

Ti'xal: Creepy looking people with a pair of wings that serve as arms.

Trayn'uthh: Force Succubus.

Urko: Space Ogres. 

Vespert They are literally bats...A 4.inch long bat, they have acid spit though.

Vedts Freaky looking violent people.

Gilarians: Water-breathing nearly-blind people.

Xidec Ysalam Gender: chitin covered people with force negation fields.

Loli-li: Barbie sized creatures with wings.

Vanguard Four armed Lizard man.

Boroans: Tall one-eyed warrior.

Quiglings: Small creatures with minds like a supercomputer.



Aldu'Ock Necropsi: Cyborgs

Kar'zun Incredible living rock people

Lav-Ra: More rock people...now with crystals.

Lost: Sentient machines, very cool.

Mendroxian: Implanted they're brain into machines...potential galactic threat.

Kato'halain Vaathkree: mineral based lifeform.

Mecha: Group of Sentient Droids, that grow by assimilating other droids into their group.


Architect: Mostly peaceful beings who put their brain in a Droid

Bintir'boise: "Do you wanna build a snow-man" Sith Spawn. Not really sentient.

Daelite: Living Lava...stuck on mustafar. How very sad.

Kata'nari: Holy Crap what happened to this sword?

Nakfet Crystal: I love this telepathic rock and I want it.



Asha'ladier Killer Bunny people who have incredible strength in places with less gravity.



Bereth-Aku: Master Oogway...Tortoises 

Drakian: Dragon-Born...

Daorian: Reptilian fire-breathers

Garani Mammalian Raptor...I'm not sure how that works but Okay!

Komodi: Horned Lizard people with quite a few deadly diseases.

Lapanguis: Bipedal Crocodile

Soltaran: Lizard-people {most likely with British accents}

Toirton: Really Large Pacifist Tortoises...Cool.

Suchur: Bipedal Crocodiles...Now with Magnetism.

Kraal: Warrior Lizard people.

Jotun: Brachiosaurus...Brontosaurus never existed.

Keun-Yong: Extinct.

Larriks: reptilian people.

Tuwak: Well more reptilian people...and a comment section that should be read by any people submitting codexs

Always be kind and considerate to the questions of judges.

Velocitreka: People with speed tech.



Kaalonian Giant Rats with rotting skin. Eww...Cool

Skraal: Small Cowardly Rats addicted to cheese...

Nezumi: Teeny Tiny Rats...



Bedui: Orangutans...Yes please.

Jar'Kai: They're those Japanese hot tub monkeys!

Versi'ra Sword wielding monkeys with two hearts.



Maour: Holy moly! A bipedal bear... that's a horror movie waiting to happen.

Vondoon: Warrior Pandas



Ruferalahuin: I don't like them...I can't make a PC that's allergic to mushrooms. also super rare and super powerful.

Hapan Kitsune: multi-tailed fox people. That are not allergic to mushrooms...I approve.

Cabur Manda'kyramud: bioluminescent Fox.

Wyrden: An absolutely Foxy species




Xaro. Bipedal Insectoids with a weakness to carrots.

Umpathi: Epic looking Insectoids

Chakwas: Scorpion Centaur

Klaxxi: Dear God these things are terrifying.

Kutaan: Giant Cockroaches... uggh.

Neijoto: Moth People.




Klaxxi: Beyond creepy Spider Monsters, they're terrifying, 

Arachneri: Spider Centaurs.




Ozzlite, Grey slaves of the Klaxxi.



Silicon based lifeform.

Resu: My first impression is wow. even if you don't intend on playing as a silicon-whale-thing. the post is incredible.




Vespert Bats...teeny tiny bats.



Andolith: Centaurs with dolphin tail blades.

Azaru: Flaming Horses barely Sentient

Del-Ya: Space Unicorn/Pegasus

Qineam: Four armed hooved people...



Vu-La : Non playable...but that's okay.



Aal'run Hive Mind: Non playable flower dragon.

Myrshavong: Four armed beasts made by Tefka while not stated I believe he uses them to destroy server bots.

Prowler-Class Mesen'loras: Sentient Starship.


Other *

Aquuan: Shapeshifting single "organ"isms

Aurirecesoo: A gaseous species that can become solid.

Beorni: Polar Bears...

Dolphinarian: Dolphins with arms and legs.

Gerosian: Armored Toad man...thing.

Gizman: It's a Gremlin...

Glaucus A reptilian humanoid that can breathe any atmosphere.

Golian: poor eyesight excellent hearing.

Graug Big brutes who ook like a cross between a Troll and a Crocodile.

Hantarian: Cybernetic jelly-fish, dear God.

Kaija: Well this one is a beast...a semi blind beast, but still a beast.

Kremlin: Well they're sentient little monsters...

Milenici: Minions. Or sentient twinkies you pick.

Mnenchei: I have no pictures...I don't know what to do with this.

Nahant: While I am unsure of what they look like, they tunnel through the ground, eat rocks and can destroy level 4 armor with ease.

Niok: Strong Unintelligent sloth like people with horns

Silicorna: Lizard like creature.

Vanr: Sith gargoyles: they can fly.

Vidhvansaka: Fighting lizard thing.

Wikker: Trash eating Gremlins.

Wyoopi: Skeleton like creatures who can inflate themselves.

Xanti: Reptilian Warriors

Xarix: Four armed Warrior race.

Rakshir: Its the Aliens


Sona: Adorable Cannibals...

Twon Ketee: Strong Stupid Cyvernetic people.

The Skaugr : Tree...I am no Tree...I am an Ent.

Glamine: It's A llama, watch out, they spit.

Yon'yu Wanderers: Lovecraftian Horror monsters.

Hetikles Baatir. Gecko People

Claydoish: Semi-aquatic people with snakelike jaws.

Cerevessians: Somewhat shiny human artists.

Cosimokiin: Werewolves

Illasians: Bird people most of whom can fly.

Ifradeli: Glowing greyish humans.

Therians: Shapeshifters.

Cha'ta'ri: Four armed sometimes rancor sized and usually dumb people.

Pi'Ra'Helmins: Brain-Controlling Parasites.

Gareth Lek: terrifying Insectoids

Ulyrix Vong The Predator.

Tuatahi Polynesians 

Stonelings really interesting rock people.

Merloth People without noses.

Garhoon Vampires.

Angelic Angels.

The Akrut scary reptile bird people.

Hyaenem Bipedal Hyenas.












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Lisza Starseeker

Lisza Starseeker

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Is this supposed to be a list of species you like or just...all of them


Valiens Nantaris

Valiens Nantaris

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Thalliesin Bard

A lot of the ones listed for me I did not make; I merely reposted after the crash.


On your list the Eldorai are the only ones I actually made.



Scherezade deWinter

Scherezade deWinter

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Thalliesin Bard I absolutely love how you took the initiative to do this! We have an old species index that you can find here, you could just copy/paste it and add what's missing. It was updated in June 2018, so that should save you years worth of work :)


If you have any questions or need help (aside for making edits to your post, can't do that) feel free to ask! ♥






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Valiens Nantaris I was unaware of a crash...

Scherezade deWinter That would be helpful. Thanks. is that the only index...: I had the Idea to do this with a couple other things.

Lisza Starseeker All of them. Eventually.



Scherezade deWinter

Scherezade deWinter

    The Blood Hound

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Scherezade deWinter That would be helpful. Thanks. is that the only index...: I had the Idea to do this with a couple other things.

It's the only species index that I know of.


What other ideas did you have? :)






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I was thinking about doing one with Droids, maybe one for starships and one for weapons. 

Scherezade deWinter

Scherezade deWinter

Scherezade deWinter

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Myrrdin_Emries That would be Factory rather than Codex :) As far as I'm aware there are no old indexes for that though.





Scherezade deWinter

Scherezade deWinter

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Myrrdin_Emries I stand corrected, Runi Verin has found this. Hopefully it will give you some sort of a basis to start off on if you decide to do a ships index :)





Thalliesin Bard

Thalliesin Bard


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I believe I will have to shift from all codex entries to all Sentient entries...I can't do what I want to at this scale.


Although I will probably do a semi/non Sentient species list later.

Edited by Thalliesin Bard, 20 August 2019 - 09:55 PM.

Kalic Daws

Kalic Daws

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Thalliesin Bard This is awesome man. I'll send some of mine, since they're the only one's I know well enough. Can't wait to see this take shape though.

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Thalliesin Bard thank you for your kind words on the Resu! :D

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Creator of the Resu

Thalliesin Bard

Thalliesin Bard


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Fatty don't mention it...