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Kardok Battle Tank

- - - - - Firemane

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Siobhan Kerrigan

Siobhan Kerrigan


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Kardok Battle Tank




Intent: To create a new battle tank for Firemane. 

Image Source: Here.

Canon Link: N/A

Primary Source: N/A.



Manufacturer: Firemane Industries and Technology.

Model: FM-K001a.

Affiliation: FiremaneResistance.

Modularity: Yes.

Production: Limited.

Material: Turadium Frame, Matrix Armour-Graphite Crossweave Armour, Micronized Beskar Plating, Agrinium, Vehicle Components.



Classification: Main Battle Tank

Role: Attack Tank

Size: Large
8m long

Weight: Heavy

Minimum Crew: 2

Optimal Crew: 4 (1 pilot, 2 gunners and 1 commander)

Propulsion: Quad Tracks. Repulsorlift Booster.

SpeedSlow: 85 km/h


ArmamentVery High

DefensesVery High

Passenger Capacity: 0

Cargo CapacityAverage 100kg




  • The Kardok is heavily armed and armoured. It crushes opponents beneath its treads, blows things to bits while enduring an impressive of punishment.
  • Use of Enlightenment ensures communications' security.


  • Slow. It is not designed for high speeds, relying more on its resilience than speed.
  • The Kardok uses tracks as opposed to full time repulsor propulsion. It has a repulsor system, but this is auxiliary and only used to bypass obstacles. As a result, it is more vulnerable to traps and less effective in hazardous terrain.



The Kardok is a dangerous predator native to Dahomey. They are infamous for their fierce natures. In the old days, Dahomian warriors used Kardok hide shields in battle. These crocodilian creatures have long fangs and can even stand on their hind legs briefly so they can crush and maul their prey. In addition to that, they are also smart and canny, able to use teamwork and distraction to get the drop on their prey. Perhaps one day they will become sentient.


That day is still far away, but in the meantime Firemane has decided to name a tank after them. The Kardok Battle Tank has been designed as a versatile battle tank fit for multi-terrain use. The tank was built after the Tephrike campaign against the Dominion of Light and represents an upgrade on the more baseline Gehenna MBT that has served Firemane for several years.


In contrast to the Gehenna, the Kardok is tracked. However, it possesses a short-term repulsorlift system. This enables it to overcome hurdles such as tank traps, rivers, mine fields and so on. This is not as effective as the more standard, full-time repulsors, but such a form of propulsion is also more vulnerable to ionic attacks and consumes a lot of power. Moreover, it can crush people beneath its tracks.


The Kardok was built in cooperation with ArmaTech Industries, an arms corporation that has produced several successful tank models and with which Firemane has often done business with. ArmaTech provided several of the vehicle components, while Firemane built the tank and provided the weapons' systems. ArmaTech also lent its expertise for the incorporation of micronized beskar, as Firemane lacks experience with this alloy. After the Kardok left the assembly line, it was discovered that some of the tanks had been 'lost' and were now being used by the paramilitary rebel organisation called the Resistance. Firemane has naturally initiated an enquiry since it does not associate with radical insurgents. However, the members of the commission seem to be going through the motions and taking long coffee breaks. Typical bureaucrats.


The Kardok has a more limited production run than the Gehenna and is thus not intended to become the mainstay of Firemane armour. Rather it will be made available to select units. For a vehicle of its size, the Kardok is quite manouevrable, but its speed is slow. It is designed to take a lot of punishment and dish out in turn. This is a good summation of Siobhan Kerrigan's combat philosophy in general, which makes it a good fit.


Its primary armament is a powerful mass driver cannon designed for cracking heavy armour. In addition to its main weapon, it possesses a plethora of secondary weapons systems. These encompass a pair of Strike Launchers, pintle mounted weapons and a medium blaster cannon. The pintle mounted weapons are usually a Heavy Bolter and a Shattercannon. The latter can also be swapped out for a Megablaster.


The Heavy Bolter is a larger, more powerful variant of the Mk1 Boltgun. It is optimised for crowd control and bombardment and ideal against Force-users. It can easily be mounted on vehicles and be loaded with a variety of ammunition types. The Shattercannon is used in its Heavier Vehicle Variant. Effectively, a heavy machine-gun slugthrower that propels its projectiles at hypervelocity, it is a powerful anti-infantry and anti-heavy infantry weapon for fire support with some anti-vehicle capabilities. It can penetrate the armour of most light and medium vehicles. The speed of the projectiles and its impressive rate of fire also makes it good against Force-Users. The co-axial medium blaster cannon is used for anti-infantry and anti-light armour purposes.


The Strike Launchers built into the vehicle can unleash a hail of grenades, blanketing an area. They provides useful support for vehicles and give them a better variety of utility applications and anti-infantry support as well. An example would be providing coverage by blanketing an area with smoke. Moreover, the tank is equipped with four Deathstrike concussion missiles. These are controlled by the second gunner, who also acts as communications specialist. They can be used against enemy armour and positions, or alternately provide protection against air attacks. With inbuilt countermeasures and moving at supersonic speeds, the Deathstrike can avoid many enemy countermeasures. It is also near-impossible for a Force user to divert because it travels extremely fast and explodes on any impact.


The tank has been outfitted with phase two of the Enlightenment communicator. Due to the wonders of miniaturisation, this version of the quantum communicator is small enough to be placed inside a vehicle. Messages are transmitted instantly and are immune to being blocked. However, pairing is only one-to-one and the device is quite power-hungry. Moreover, all messages are text-based. As a result, conventional communicators are also equipped.


In terms of armour, the Kardok derives a lot from theBes'uliik starfighters built by the Mandalorians of yore and the contemporary Tenloss Hotshuh tank. It utilises heavy matrix armour that is placed at angles and curved in order to deflect blasts and shells fired at the vehicle away from the internal workings of the tank. Matrix armour is combined with a cross-weave of reinforcing graphite in order to reduce the risk of penetration and protect the machinery of the tank. A micronized Beskar-composite ceramic plating lies overtop of this hull. It has a similar purpose as AR-0B damage reduction armour. An Eidolon shield provides protection against weapons' systems that normally bypass shields.

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