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Arms of Zardoz

- - - - - Technology Open-Market Mass-Produced MandalArms

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Kaine Australis

Kaine Australis

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  • Intent: A mechanical prosthesis allowing a warrior to wield additional weapons.
  • Image Source: Link
  • Canon Link: None
  • Primary Source: None


  • Manufacturer: MandalArms
  • Affiliation: Open-Market
  • Model: EN-6A
  • Modularity: No
  • ProductionMass-Produced
  • Material: Durasteel, Circuitry


  • Neural interface allows for user to control two pairs of arms and hands
  • Durable frame and construction makes the unit suitable for use in combat


  • Grants the wearer two additional pairs of arms


  • Difficult to master the concentration required to use effectively
  • Can be disabled by EMP, Ion, or damage to backpack unit
  • Additional weight of the unit will cause wearer to exhaust themselves sooner


Designed centuries ago by local Eriu Nagai seeking to emulate mythical figures from ancient legend, the original prosthesis was unpowered and mostly decorative, worn as a badge of honour and threat display. As technology progressed, a mechanical version was produced, though rare, hand built, and usually worn only by the most elite of warriors.

With the coming of Clan Australis to Eriu, advanced technology was married to local ingenuity, creating the first generation prosthesis suitable for a modern battlefield. Encased in durasteel, the unit and the arms are built tough. State of the art neural interface connections allow the unit to be operated as if the arms were an extension of the user.

Though heavy and difficult to master, the prosthesis gives a skilled and trained warrior a powerful advantage in combat, adding an additional four hands with which to wield chosen weapons. Named for an ancient local mythological beast, the arms of Zardoz allow a warrior to arm themselves handily for any battle.

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Vigil Rostu

Vigil Rostu

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