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Jorik Valnora

Jorik Valnora

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Intent: To create a unique revolver type slugthrower befitting of Vigil Rostu

Image Source: Art Station | Gregory Trusov

Canon Link: N/A

Primary Source: N/A




Manufacturer: Valnora Enterprise

Affiliation: Vigil Rostu

Model: VA-Vigil2s

Modularity: No

Production: Unique

Material: Durasteel, Duraplast, Carbon, Slugthrower Components




Classification: Slugthrower (Revolver)

Size: Small

Weight: Average

Ammunition Type: Slugs 

Ammunition Capacity: 6 Rounds

Reload Speed: Fast

Effective Range: Average

Rate of Fire: Average

Stopping Power: High

Recoil: Average




  • Binary Firing Capability

  • Selectable Firing

  • Hot Swappable Ammunition Cylinder

  • Low Light Enhanced Optic Sights




  • Slugs (Unlike blaster bolts, slugs can not be redirected by lightsabers. Instead, they fragments into molten shrapnel)

  • Old School (Because Soul does not utilize a power cell in order to operate, EMP and Ion do little in the way to effect this weapon’s ability to fire.)

  • Who Needs Light to See Anyways? (The weapon incorporates low light amplification into its sites, allowing for the sites to appear vividly so long as there is a glimmer of light around.)

  • Two’s Better Than One (Who wouldn’t want to be able to fire two rounds simultaneously? Soul has the ability to fire two rounds at the same time, though recoil is significantly increased when firing in this manner)

  • Sleight of Hand (Whereas most revolvers suffer from the inability to reload quickly, Soul has swappable cylinders that operate similarly to clips or magazines)




  • Small Ammunition Capacity (The same thing all revolvers suffer; the very limited ammunition that can be loaded at a single time)

  • That Was Fast (Normally you would need to pull the trigger six times in order to deplete your standard revolver, however by firing twice the shots at once should you choose to operate the weapon in binary firing mode, you deplete the ammo twice as fast)

  • Kickback (When electing to fire this weapon in the binary function, the recoil of this weapon is increased significantly. 



Soul was created to be the other half of its companion, Heart, a weapon commissioned by Valnora Enterprise to Vigil Rostu. Like Heart, Soul is a one of a kind development, seeking to balance some of the limitations presented with this weapon’s twin. The aim was to create something that was functional at close range without sacrificing too much in the way of stopping power. The answer to this was to make the weapon fire twice the number of rounds at a time, but that came with a couple drawbacks of its own. 


First, it significantly increased the recoil behind the weapon, which the engineers approached in a number of different ways to try and overcome, including smaller rounds, however eventually decided that is was a limitation they were willing to accept as the recoil was only significant when operating in the binary firing mode. Next, they were forced to find a way to overcome the age old problem innate with Revolver style technology. That being the reload speed, especially on a weapon with the chance of increased ammunition consumption the way that this one had. So they came up with the plan to have a hop swappable cylinder available to be changed quickly and on the go rather than having to constantly press six new rounds into a cylinder after each six shots were fired and boy was it a success. 


Runi Verin

Runi Verin

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