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Molten Fists


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Intent: Expand on Firemane.

Image CreditHere.

Role: Heavy armour.




Unit Name: Molten Fists.

AffiliationHouse Kerrigan-AlcoriSiobhan KerriganFiremane.

Classification: Tanks.

EquipmentThey can use Abregado-Rae Guild of Hammers equipment due to Firemane gaining access to ARGH tech in this thread. 






Wrist and Underbarrel Weapons:


Description: The Molten Fists are an armoured battalion that is part of Firemane's armed forces. Being a megacorp, Firemane maintains its own security and military forces. Many of these are organised as rapid deployment units and small elite groups. Being a corporation, it cannot afford to field large armies on the scale or a major interstellar government, and so it compensates this with training, mobility and firepower. However, the megacorporation also maintains troops equipped for more full-scale battles.


The Molten Fists help provide Firemane infantry with enhanced heavy firepower and protection. They are meant to function as a combined arms team rather than operate in a vacuum. Being a tank unit, their function is to close in onto the enemy, facilitate breakthroughs and armoured pushes into enemy-held territory. They are a hammer and meant to smash enemies. The battalion is equipped with Kardok and Gehenna battle tanks and organised into armoured squadrons. 


The first members of the unit were drawn from Omega Defence Force veterans who joined Firemane after Siobhan and Tegaea stepped down from leading the Protectorate to found their own company. Obviously the leadership and rank and file of the unit has changed significantly since then, as members retire, move to other posts or are killed in action, the Fists still remember their roots and keep a number of Protectorate traditions alive.The unit has been opened up to members of Firemane's elf vassal races. Qadiri and Eldorai are particularly useful since their impressive dexterity makes them good vehicle pilots.


In keeping with Firemane doctrine, the Molten Fists utilise mission-type tactics, which empathise the outcome of the mission rather than the specific means of achieving it. In this doctrine, the commander gives subordinates a clearly defined objective, the forces needed to accomplish it and a time frame within which it must be attained. The execution of it is left to the subordinate officers.


They possess a certain freedom of action and planning initiative. This ensures a significant degree of flexibility, but requires officers to understand the intent of the order and have the capacity to think and operate independently. Officers and NCOs are also expected - and indeed forced - to write critical after action reports to examine what went wrong in a mission and/or what could be improved.


Members of the Molten Fists receive black berets and have a raised, burning fist as a symbol. They have acquired their share of eccentricities over the years. Their unofficial motto is "peace through superior firepower." Prisoners of war are routinely called "Her Highness' Guests". A tank battle the Fists were involved in has acquired the nickname "Kerrigan's Carnival."


The crews have a habit of naming their tanks. However, the name is somewhat regulated. The first letter of the name indicates the squadron. For instance, in A Squadron tanks would receive names such as Ashira, Adamant or Annihilator and in D Squadron a tank might be called Dreadnought, Defiance etc. The same names stay with the squadron, even as the they are handed down over the years. Likewise, the placing of the name is regulated. It is a black rectangle on each of the tank with white stenciled lettering.


The Molten Fists are commanded by Major Wrath, a Dahomian career soldier. Due to an old war injury, he has a cybernetic arm and eye. He is an aggressive, hard-hitting commander with a penchant for massive firepower. Wrath served the Protectorate and fought in the Battle of Metalorn, which is where he first caught Siobhan's eye, and Gehenna before moving to Firemane in its early days. As the name implies, he is also known for his hard-driving, wrathful personality.



Unit SizeMedium

Unit AvailabilityUnique

Unit ExperienceElite.

Combat Function: The Molten Fists are a heavy armour unit. Their tanks have heavy firepower, strong armour and decent manoeuvrability. They can support infantry, lead an armoured push deep into enemy territory and execute breakthroughs. When in combat, they are generally supported by infantry who accompany the tanks in Yazgid Infantry Fighting Vehicles. They are also often supported by ground attack gunships.


Their role is to close in onto the enemy using fire, manoeuvre and shock effect and to support the mission of the headquarters as part of a combined arms force. Their vehicles are heavily armed and armoured platforms meant to destroy enemy tanks and other vehicles with direct fire at long range, provide support to infantry with both precision direct fire and suppressive fire, provide a practical means of obstacle reduction to support freedom of manoeuvre for allies and provide the means for rapid assault and breakthrough.


In short, they provide a means to take the fight to the enemy in such a way that allied soldiers have the best chance of survival. Inside their tanks, the Molten Fists are a hammer. They must watch out for opponents making use of asymmetrical warfare, especially in urban environments, where tanks would lack freedom of manoeuvre and have limited vision. As a consequence, they should not be deployed in a vacuum, but in concert with other forces that make up for their vulnerabilities and can take advantage of the protection and firepower offered by the steel colossi. To give them some improved recon capabilities and an early warning system of sorts, the Fists have access to sophisticated probe droids.


In addition to their armoured squadrons, the Fists have an integrated reconnaissance squadron composed of Yazgid Infantry Fighting Vehicles. These IFVs are a lot faster and more agile than battle tanks, have decent firepower and room for soldiers, but more vulnerable to heavy weapons. The unit possesses integrated anti-air support in form of Hailstorm AA Tanks. These hovertanks are very fast, but cannot stray far from the battle tanks since their purpose is to provide protection against air attacks and they are weak against ground targets. They are deadly against enemy aircraft. The battle tanks are equipped with Deathstrike missiles that can hit air targets in addition to foes on the ground.


The Fists' vehicle crews are typically armed with compact weapons such as carbines, personal defence weapons, sidearms, grenades and combat knives. Under ideal circumstances, these weapons are only for emergency purposes. They give the crew the ability to fight back if their vehicle is compromised, engage infantry at extremely close ranges when outside their vehicle or within a unit position.


The Molten Fists' primary weapons are the weapons of their vehicles. In addition to their training as tank crews, they are also trained in basic infantry skills. However, they only have a few grenades and limited ammo. They stick to personal weapons that are easily retrieved in the cramped conditions of a tank. Thus while they can fight if ambushed outside of their vehicles or forced to dismount, they are not meant to engage large numbers of enemies on foot, especially not on their lonesome. The tank crews only wear light armour such as helmets, blast vests and padding. It is cramped and hot inside the tanks, after all. If they need to rely on personal armour they have bigger problems to worry about.



  • The Molten Fists are a heavy armour unit. They steel colossi that can dish out and endure a lot of punishment, with the Kardok Battle Tank being particularly powerful.
  • Integrated recon and anti-air elements enhances flexibility.


  • Outside of their tanks, the Molten Fists only carry personal defence weapons, compact rifles, knives and grenades. This leaves them vulnerable to heavily armoured enemies. The crews also only wear light armour.
  • Battle tanks are quite slow. This applies to the Kardok in particular. As this vehicle uses tracks and only has a short time repulsor system, its crews must watch out for tanks traps and the like.


The Molten Fists were founded in Firemane's early days to help augment the corporation's armed forces. Firemane's roots are as a paramilitary corporation that hires its troops out to clients. Its forces rely heavily on mobility, training and firepower. Most of its troops are organised as mobile battlegroups and rapid deployment units. The Molten Fists would help give them some additional punch. Most of the initial members were drawn from a pool of Omega Protectorate veterans. This is not surprising since Tegaea Alcori and Siobhan were founding members of the Protectorate and occupied key positions in its hierarchy and even ruled it for a while. A Dahomian career soldier called Wrath rose to become the commander of the unit.


Wrath had experienced his people's war of independence against foreign warlords and slavers, and later entered the services of Omega Pyre after it helped liberate his homeworld. He served as a tank commander during the Battle of Metalorn. There, an Omega Pyre task force led by Siobhan Kerrigan supported the Republic's offensive against the first Sith Empire that had arisen after the end of the Dark Age.


They ended up fighting a Sith tank unit led by a Whiphid Sith Lord called Velok, whom Siobhan ended up duelling. Wrath distinguished himself during the engagement by destroying a Sith tank, but suffered severe injuries. The fight ended in a draw, as Siobhan defeated Velok in a duel, but suffered injuries in turn and the Whiphid was able to retreat. The Omega tank column was not in a position to pursue. Ultimately, Metalorn was a defeat for the Republic and it signed a peace treaty with the Empire. This soured relations with the Protectorate.


However, Wrath had caught Colonel Kerrigan's eye. His injuries necessitated a cybernetic prosthesis. After his recovery, he served with distinction during the Battle of Gehenna, leading a tank squadron against Bando Gora demon war engines. When his tank was badly damaged, he and his comrades fought as dismounted infantry, battling Reavers. Fortunately, he managed to survive the destruction of Cavalry Base when the Bando Gora's subterranean lair collapsed. The Protectorate crushed the Chaos worshippers, but victory came at a staggering cost. 


Wrath was later hired by Firemane after leaving Protectorate services. At first the Molten Fists were equipped with Omega tanks Firemane had received a license from the Protectorate to use. These were soon replaced by the Reaver Class MBT, a Firemane design. The power and durability of the vehicle was met with approval, but the incorporation of a flamethrower led to some accidents.


Nonetheless, the unit acquitted itself well during the Second Battle of Gehenna, where it faced the Bando Gora again. The Fists were cut off from Firemane central command during the Netherworld Event. Most of Firemane's senior leaders had been raptured, and the diminished Fists were stranded on Etti IV on the other side of the galaxy. There Firemane had been fulfilling its contractual obligations.


Since so many experienced soldiers had vanished, many of the survivors were still green cadets. Nonetheless, the Fists were deployed as part of a rag-tag battlegroup to protect Firemane assets from rival corporations, culminating in a battle outside of Firemane's base. The base was able to hold out and Firemane cooperated with Salacia Consolidated to protect their assets.


Eventually contact was re-established with headquarters. The Fists were deployed in a peacekeeping role during the Eldorai Exodus. During the fighting in Santaissa, a tank crew was lured into a trap and ambushed by Ashiran zealots using improvised explosive devices and rocket-propelled grenades. The crew was murdered and their bodies hung from lamp posts. The Fists would return to Kaeshana few years later as part of the Firemane and Alliance task force that sought to provide aid to the Forsaken. However, the allied forces ended up at war with the First Order, which sought to annex the planet. A fierce battle raged in the ruins of the Citadel of Dawn, which lay in the mountains that overlooked the ruins of Santaissa.


There the First Order had deployed substantial ground forces, including heavy armour. The Fists were deployed as part of the Firemane reinforcements to execute a breakthrough. Landing as part of Firemane's reinforcements, they hit the enemy forces in the rear. Working together with Eldorai troops, Firemane regulars and tank hunters, they acquitted themselves well against numerically superior enemy forces. The allied forces were able to successfully take control of the Citadel as well as hold the Citadel of Dusk and parts of Santaissa, but were ultimately forced to retreat after the Galactic Alliance pulled out.


After word reached Tygara, riots broke out in New Santaissa. These were exploited by a cabal of Eldorai nobles who wanted to purge the Matriarchy of foreigners and unbelievers. The ring leader of this plot, Tarissa Cadalthor, was executed by Siobhan after her treason was uncovered. A squadron of the Fists was deployed into the streets of the city to help keep the peace. House Cadalthor was forced to disarm its militia and pay reparations to Firemane. When one of the nobles proved obstinate and barricaded herself in her mansion, Wrath broke through the gate by ramming it and drove up towards the building. This compelled her to change her attitude.


In the aftermath of the troubles, the Reaver was replaced with the Gehenna MBT, as it was judged to be outdated. They were among the first units to receive the new Kardok Battle Tank. The Fists were not involved in the Tephrike campaign, but when Firemane made a movie about the battle, they donated some of their older, dated tanks to the production crew. This allowed the crew to blow up some real military vehicles. A few of the Fists earned some extra credits by appearing as Dominion tank crews, playing the enemy Firemane had fought on Tephrike.

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Siobhan Kerrigan I'm seriously running out of ways to compliment your work. Amazing as usual :) Approved!

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