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[Guide] How to create a New Character

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[Guide] How to create a New Character


  • Let's begin. After Registering, every time you Log In you will do so as your Writer's Account. This is the Display Name you selected when Registering. From here we will start creating new characters. So let's go to your Profile Page. To do this click on your Avatar Picture or use the drop down box.


  • Now. Once on your Profile Page go ahead and click the button in the upper right-hand corner called Characters. See picture below. Now, this will open up another window showing all of your characters. Since you just registered? It should be empty right now. So go ahead and click on the button called 'Create Sub-Account'. This will create a new Sub-Account which we call Character Accounts. Remember. The Display Name for your Sub-Account should be that of your new character.



  • Now. Go to the (Character Creation Forum). See all the Threads with Character Names. Click on one of them and browse it for ideas. When you are finished browsing, go ahead and click on the (Character Creation Template Thread) and scroll down to post #2. Copy the Template using your mouse.


  • Create a New Topic in the Character Creation Forum. Name your new topic after the Character you are now making. Paste the Template into the Editor and begin filling in the blanks. When you are finished press Preview Post. This is only a Preview. Use it proof-read and to check for spelling or formatting errors. When you are finished, press Post New Topic.


  • You have now learned how to create new Character Accounts underneath your Writers Account. And how to post Character Profiles for each of them. Well done. You are on your way to becoming an excellent Roleplayer. :D



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