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K7-V2 Reaper: Advanced War Droid

Empire We Are Legion Droid

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K7-V2 Reaper

K7-V2 Reaper

    Captain in the Imperial Army

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K7-V2 Reaper: "For the Empire. We are legion!"


NAME: Formally Threndor Caitson

ALIAS: K7-V2 Reaper


FACTION: The Glorious Sith Empire

RANK: Captain in the Imperial Military Forces


SPECIES: Formally human, then cyborg human, now machine/droid.

MODEL #: K7-V2

AGE: 215 (upgraded many times)

HEIGHT: Approximately 7 feet

WEIGHT: 374 pounds

PHOTORECEPTOR COLOR: Dark orange for neutral situations, turn red when in combat.

CASING: Dark grey and black in color.


SHIP: None. Goes where war takes him.

KILLS: Many pathetic life forms. (No PCs)

BOUNTIES: None collected.


PROGRAMMING: Despite being fully droid, K7 retains pieces of his former existence as a human male. This forms the unit's 'personality', along with off duty behavior rules. Overall 'he' is a dedicated, loyal to the end, and merciless soldier. K7 will follow commands to a pinpoint unless a better strategy presents itself. Rarely will the droid do anything that he considers 'illogical'. LOGIC IS SURPREME.


FORCE STATUS: Unable to access the force. Couldn't even when he was organic.



Having the memories and mind of a human allows K7 to be completely self-aware, along with letting him think outside of the box. This gives him an advantage over most other droids. Meanwhile being mechanic gives him increased strength, durability, and endurance. A few shots to the back with a blaster won't kill him. Though be warned, it'll piss him off. Programs uploaded into his system (in addition to prior experiences) make him a great strategist, shot, and pilot.


On more then one occasion has the droid man thing gotten in trouble for ignoring a direct order. Sometimes his belief that machines are better then organics has caused him to underestimate the latter. At times he has stormed into battle with his troops, believing his victory is guaranteed, only to find sentients much stronger than anticipated.



Once man. Now machine. That was K7 in a nutshell. During a dark age of the galaxy he proudly served his Empire, rising in the army's ranks quickly. After fifteen years he met his ultimate challenge. With only a blaster rifle and a vibro knife he faced off with a Jedi, attempting to get the force user to submit. In the end he failed, and was seriously wounded. Unable to continue work as a soldier on the front lines, he was moved to tactics. At some point a group of Sith began experimenting with turning living beings into droids, placing their minds into robotic shells. When the first batch turned out well they started asking for volunteers.


Originally Threndor denied the offer, instead getting prosthetics to replace his damaged legs. Eventually his implants allowed him to return to combat, where he continued to forge his warrior legacy. Another defeat, this time by a Mandalorian, cut him down further, officially ending his military career. Desperate to return to protect people, he contacted the Sith from before. They granted his wish in exchange for his servitude, and turned him into a droid. The process may have made him a better soldier, but it destroyed his humanity, and ultimately died. K7-V2 was born, taking what he had been and reshaping it.


For 200 years he has served the Empire, and he shall serve it for 200 more.


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ROLEPLAYS: To be added.