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Thurion Heavenshield

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Thurion Heavenshield

Thurion Heavenshield

    The Defender

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General Information


Full Name: Thurion Seren Heavenshield

Birth Name: Thurion Vhalorious

Force Rank: Jedi Master


  • Thane of Midvinter
  • Lord of Fridheim
  • Warden of the West
  • The Golden Lion
  • Grandmaster (formerly)
  • Thurion the Defender

Species: Humanoid

Race: Human; Valkyri

Planet of Birth: Pelagon

Homeworld: Midvinter

Gender: Male

Age: Middle-aged

Height: 210 cm

Weight: 120 kg

Eyes: Sapphire Blue

Hair: Golden Blonde

Complexion: Sun-Kissed

Force Sensitive: Yes


Playby: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Jaime Lannister from Game of Thrones

Theme: Sabaton - En Livstid i Krig






Coci Heavenshield: Spouse

Nina Heavenshield: Adopted Daughter

Théodred Heavenshield: Firstborn Son

Thirdas Heavenshield: Lastborn Son

Boo Heavenshield: Adopted Grandson

Thyrian Hearthfire: Brother

Kära Hearthfire: Childhood Friend & Sister-in-law

Mysa Snowstrider: Niece

Thrand Hearthfire: Nephew

Theryn Hearthfire: Nephew


Deceased Relatives:


Thrand Dawnbringer: Father

Asha Seren: Adoptive Mother & Mentor

Sarah Vhalorious: Biological Mother

Strengths & Weaknesses


A Kind Heart and Gentle Soul: Coming from humble beginnings, Thurion has learned to cherish and nurture life in all its forms.

A Gentle Giant: Equal parts human and Valkyri, he possesses great physical strength and an imposing figure to go along with his goodwill.

Faith and Conviction: Through the teachings of his deceased mentor, Thurion's Jedi beliefs are unshakable and his mind nigh-incorruptible.

A Shield Against Darkness: A great warrior and leader, he willingly stands against all who would harm those who cannot defend themselves.


Family Man: A loving husband and father, Thurion longs for the day when he can hang up his lightsaber and devote himself to his family.

Loyalty To Family and Friends: Having lost many people close to him over the years, he would gladly sacrifice himself for his loved ones.

Retired: Now settled on Midvinter, Thurion devotes his time to caring for his family and keeping his people and homeworld safe.


A Heavy Heart: Carries with him many memories of lost loved ones, yet gladly takes on the pains of others whenever able.

Battle-Hardened: Having lived through countless battles, he carries many scars and lasting wounds from past wars fought.

Gullible: A firm believer in the notion that there is good in everyone, Thurion will never deign to take a life unless absolutely necessary.

Worn-Out: Decades of his life spent fighting against the forces of darkness has left him weary of the constant struggle.

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Thurion Heavenshield

Thurion Heavenshield

    The Defender

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Appearance & Personality


Since the sacrifice of his brother so long ago, along with the passing away of his beloved master and mother, Asha Seren - both occurring in his youth - Thurion Heavenshield took it upon himself to embody what his lost loved ones meant to him; kindhearted, physically strong, and wise beyond his years. Always one for humility, Thurion is often seen donning his equally humble attire in the form of simple but practical training garments while sporting a black leather jacket. When dressed for battle, he dons the suit of armour that was forged by his grandfather and given to his father, now in turn given to him. The symbols of his house adorns the tabard and Valkyri craftmanship litters the surface of the durasteel plates, adding to the already imposing sight.


His hair reaches past his shoulders and is golden-blonde in tone. Eyes are of a striking sapphire-blue colour, filled with the personal virtues he holds so very dear to him, and his piercing gaze is able to tell of the joys of a young boy, as well as the sorrows of an old man. Much of his body carries scars of past endeavors, some faded with age but never removed. Each serves as a testament to his achievements, as well as failures.


Never one to stand idly by and watch innocent, good people be trampled beneath the heels of corruption and greed, Thurion always does his best to safeguard the innocent, thereby often times foregoing his own safety in the process. Willing to suffer so that others won't have to, he believes it to be his duty to take on their pain just as his brother Thyrian did his back when he was but a little boy. His years spent in the care of Jedi Knight Asha Seren taught him to always be humble and compassionate, even to complete strangers. Thurion's grasp of the Force stems from his dear master's beliefs, and so he carries her spirit with him wherever he goes. When she decided to leave the Order, he followed her trustingly, further proving his sense of loyalty to those he loves.


While many Jedi still cling to the past by thinking it a hinderance as well as a corruptive emotion, love is something Thurion has always felt for a number of people; his children Nina and Théo, his childhood friends Kära and Kida, his former master and mother figure Asha. But his first true romantic encounter was between him and Coci Heavenshield, with both declaring their love for one another upon having saved each other's lives during a mission together. All these people are what makes sure he does not sway from his duties or shirk responsibility, but also what grants him immune-like resistance against the natural lure of the Dark side of the Force. At times he grows solemn and grieves the loss of loved ones, but most of the time he carries a gentle and joyful aura about him, hoping to instill the same mood in those around him. This galaxy has seen enough death and misery.


Pre-Roleplay History


Thurion was born on the planet of Pelagon, in its capital city of Pelagar, and had lived there all his life. His mother died in childbirth and his father vanished, leaving his 5-year-old brother Thyrian to raise him on his own. They were eventually taken in by the caretaker of an orphanage in the slums of the city. It wasn't much, but it was a home nonetheless. There they got to know the other misfortunate children, all of whom had either lost their parents or were abandoned by them. Thurion and his brother truly felt at home there and regarded their elderly caretaker as their father. Things were peaceful most of the time, as they were never in any danger of starving or not having a place to rest at. Until the fire, that is.


Thurion and his older brother were sent away on grocery shopping by their caretaker. As they returned, the scent of smoke and heat of fires got ever more intense, but they could not make out where it originated from. Until they got around the corner to where the orphanage was. The whole building had been set on fire. Flames arose from the base of the house and had made their way all the way up to the roof, creating a fiery inferno deadly to all living things. But as they got even closer to the raging fire, the two young boys could hear faint cries of help; voices they'd known for a long time now. Their friends were in there getting burned alive. The pure shock of it all would render most grown men unable to act, let alone two young boys, neither of them even in their teens. Thurion cried out: "We gotta help them", as he charged the burning building, with Thyrian following right behind him. The door had already been broken down, so getting in was fairly easy. The greatest obstacle before them was getting a huge beam that had fallen from the ceiling, trapping the other orphans inside. With the rest of the roof about to come down on top of them, there wasn't much time. They tried anything in their power to lift the huge log standing between life and death, but never in foresee-able future would they be able to push it aside. Then the roof began to cave in.

Refusing to leave the others behind, Thurion kept trying to lift the log of wood weighing more than two grown men combined all by himself, while his brother had started to look for a way out. Once he found one through the only window not completely covered with flames, he tugged at his younger brother's shirt for him to follow him. But Thurion would not do so, as he couldn't bring himself to leaving his friends behind to die a slow and painful death. The terrified cries of the orphans only spurred him on to try and find a way to save them. "Come on, let's go", his brother yelled, grabbing his arm and pulling him away from the beam. As he forcefully pushed Thurion through the tiny hole in the wall, the roof collapsed in its entirety just as he got out. He fell to the ground, his body filled with cuts and burns from having tried to save his friends, and quickly got up on his feet again just to find that there were no more cries for help, as well as no sign of his brother. As he slowly grasped the situation, tears began to pour down his scarred cheeks; complete grief and pain struck him as he slumped to the ground, looking on as his home and his family had been reduced to ashes before his eyes. Without any hope or strength left in his body, he merely assumed fetal position and simply cried tears of pain and suffering; two things a seven-year-old should never have to experience.


Ship & Special Equipment

  • SH-LS-78 Winter Eagle 'Oathkeeper'Thurion's private ship, passed onto him by fellow Levantine Sanctum founding member Seydon of Arda after his old vessel, the Seren Heritage, was shot down over Midvinter. This new ship is faster and leaner than its predecessor, allowing for more versatility and options in a tight spot.
  • R2-T2 Astromech Droid: A commonly used astromech model gifted to him by his wife, Coci Heavenshield. "Teetoo" is a constant member aboard his ship, the Oathkeeper, and is often trusted with navigating and maintaining the vessel.
  • Lightsaber: Constructed by his own hand upon reaching the rank of Jedi Knight, Thurion has in the many years since made additions to it in the form of various symbols in spirit with his Valkyri heritage. The words etched into the hilt in ancient Runian loosely translate into "Guardian Warrior", referring to both the weapon itself as well as its wielder. Ever accompanying this lightsaber hilt is a piece of cloth tied around its pommel, torn from Thurion's deceased mentor Asha Seren's robes to serve as his one keepsake of the woman who raised him.
  • Snowfall: Discovered by chance, or perhaps fate, on Midvinter, Snowfall is a blade wrought with legend across the planet. While the rusted original was shattered after fending off a horde of Vinterbound, it has now been reworked and reforged to fit the modern era.
  • The Heavenshield: The Shield of Heaven itself, forged by both Valkyri and Beorni hands and infused with the light side of the Force, is both an incredibly potent piece of protection as well as a powerful Jedi artifact. It hearkens only to Thurion until the day he either dies or falls to darkness, and is able to extend its protective aura to surrounding allies.
  • Golden Lion Armour: As Warden of the West, Thurion is charged with dispensing the king's justice as well as maintain and offer protection to all surrounding lands and settlements. This regal yet practical armour set is only fit for his newfound status as the second most powerful man on Midvinter.
  • Skywalker: The powerful and regal Midvinter gryphon, so named after Thurion's childhood hero, can be called upon to aid his companion in battle with great fury and might.

Codex & Factory Submissions


[SpeciesThe Valkyri: A sentient species native to planet Midvinter.

[PlanetMidvinter: Home of the proud and stalwart Valkyri.

[SpeciesHrothwûrm: A huge serpent-like creature native to Midvinter able to dig large tunnels in the frozen earth.

[SpeciesThe Vinterbound: The living dead hellbent on the destruction of all lifeforms on Midvinter.

[CompanySeren Sanctuary Orphanage: A non-profit company led by Thurion to supply orphans with food, shelter, and education.

[TechValkyri Royal Ceremonial Armor: A heavy suit of Valkyri-made armor gifted to him by his father Thand during their first meeting.

[NPCNina Heavenshield: Adopted daughter of Thurion, he took her in after stumbling into her on Umbara and learning that she was an orphan herself.

[TechSnowfall: Reforged from an ancient blade discovered on Midvinter, this mythic sword now belongs to Thurion at the behest of his father Thrand.

[ShipSH-LS-78 Winter Eagle 'Oathkeeper': His new and improved ship after the loss of the Seren Heritage on Midvinter.

[TechValkyri Warmaiden Armor: A suit of Valkyri-made medium armor commissioned by Thurion for his then-fiancée to use in battle.

[NPCSarah 'the Serene' Vhalorious: Thurion's birth mother who passed away shortly after bringing him into the world, now One with the Force.

[Species] The Beorni: The original inhabitants of Midvinter, now few in number and forgotten by the world.

[Location] Fortress of Dawn: A newly constructed Jedi Temple found on Midvinter, named after the late High King Thrand Dawnbringer.

[Species] Gryphon: Great winged half-avian, half-feline creatures long thought to be extinct by the Valkyri.

[Species] The Aelvar: A secluded people native to Midvinter, devoting their entire society to the protection of the Force nexus buried in the Frostvatn.

[Tech] The Heavenshield: An incredibly powerful metal shield, able to protect both its wearer as well as surrounding allies from most types of damage.

[Tech] Golden Lion Armor: With his new duties as Warden of the West, Thurion was given this mastercrafted suit of armor from his brother, the king.

[NPC] Skywalker, Thurion's War Mount: The animal companion of Thurion, he rides Skywalker into glorious battle in defense of Midvinter.

[Tech] Skywalker's Gryphon Armor: A set of heavy plate armor for Skywalker, turning the already formidable war mount into a complete battering ram.

[NPC] The Lionguard: The Household Guard of House Heavenshield, the Lionguard are chosen from amongst the best Midvinter has to offer.

[Location] Straits of the Setting Sun: The 'Brothers-at-arms' monument stands vigil over the passage to Fridheim from the sea.

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Thurion Heavenshield

Thurion Heavenshield

    The Defender

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  • 7,500 posts




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Coci Heavenshield

Coci Heavenshield

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Thurion Heavenshield


Such a long history, such a beautifully formed character through RP.:)




:flower: Glad to be a part of it. 


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Thurion Heavenshield

Thurion Heavenshield

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Thank you, dearest! :wub:



Connor Harrison

Connor Harrison

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Thurion Heavenshield

You LITERALLY could write a book about this: 'The Heavenshield Saga'. Epic bio.

It'll be the new Game Of Thrones.

Coci Heavenshield

Coci Heavenshield

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Brilliantly written.^_^


Thurion Heavenshield


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Thurion Heavenshield

Thurion Heavenshield

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Updated with a new layout.



Fabula Caromed

Fabula Caromed

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Who's this schmuck?

Darth Carnifex

Darth Carnifex

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Asha Seren (deceased): Mentor and Adoptive Mother




*Chortles villainously from evil lair.* 

Thurion Heavenshield

Thurion Heavenshield

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Who's this schmuck?


Some Scandinavian schmuck. Norwegian, I believe. :P



Silas Lastorm

Silas Lastorm
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As someone who enjoys reading profiles and biographies, this is fantastic! Amazing job.

Thurion Heavenshield


Rick Kaloo

Rick Kaloo

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Thurion Heavenshield


Your bio, experiences and family lore are literally 9,000 times more than mine. I have approximately no friends, less than ten threads I've ever been in, less than a year of age development, and extremely vague family. Your rps alone took me over six mins to read.

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