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Templar Signet Ring

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Josiah Denko

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Templar Signet Ring - Symbol of the Order


Out of Character Information
  • Intent: The purpose of this submission is to provide the members of the Templars with an iconic item which symbolizes their membership within the Order.
  • Development Thread: N/A
Production Information
  • Manufacturer: The Templar Order
  • Model: Templar Signet Ring
  • Affiliation: The Templar Order (CIS)
  • Modularity: Yes (Gemstones)
  • Production: Mass-Produced
  • Material: Gold, Diamond, Ruby/Emerald/Jade
The Templar Signet Ring is an iconic piece of jewelry which represents an individual's membership within the Templar Order. As a whole, there are three variations of this ring, all of which revolve around three types of gem that denotes the rank of its owner. The "Ring of Aspirancy" is a signet ring which bears a jade stone, and represents the rank Aspirant. Likewise, the "Ring of Knighthood" and the "Ring of Mastery" represent the ranks Knight and Master respectively. A Templar is first presented his or her ring upon participation within a ceremony known as "The Great Convocation", in which the entire Order gathers to welcome its newest generation of Aspirants. Upon promotion, a Templar will receive a brand new ring, according to their new rank.
Aside from being a physical representation of rank and affiliation, the rings serve an additional purpose. The "cross" formed of gems upon the ring has the ability to be rotated either clockwise or counter clockwise. Moving the "cross" results in the activation of a chip fitted within the body of the ring, which serves one of three functions. By default, the chips installed within the rings are programmed to permit access to areas within the various Sanctums that are restricted by rank. As such, through the scanning of the ring, coupled with additional scans of the individual in question, a Templar can access a variety of areas; or be denied access to them. On another note, the default programming of this chip serves as a GPS of sorts, which emits a signal upon a private, highly-encrypted network associated with the Confederacy's SpyNet.
Through this, the Templars can always find one another through scanning on the appropriate channel. Also, by turning the "cross" counter clockwise, the GPS signal produced by the ring can be turned off. This is exceptionally useful when a Templar is in stealth-centric situations where a GPS signal could potential blow one's cover. On the other hand, rotating the "cross" clockwise results in the setting the Templar's signal on "alert". This setting sends out an immediate, basic transmission to the Sanctums calling for assistance and providing the coordinates through the encrypted channel. 
Image Source: Georgian Jewelry


War Hydra

War Hydra

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Be mindful that anyone wearing this little spy ring is transmitting a signal at all times. Encrypted or not, unless they specifically state that they are turning it off, they are broadcasting their location.

Approved. But this really skirts the line of what does and does not require a submission.

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Kalyn Shif

Kalyn Shif


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I like it. Approved.