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(Markhareim City)



(Crystal Caves - surface area)




1) made by LongJh over here

2) made by Alexei over here

3) made by nina-ikavalko

4) taken from here

5) all I know is, that it's from here

6) from here



Name: Crystalsong


Region: Unknown Regions

System: Crystalline System

Suns: One, named Arcystal

Orbital Position: In the outer edge of the habitable zone.

Moons: Two natural moons: Cryast and Karatal



Rotational Period: 27 hours

Orbital Period: 402 days


Class: Terrestrial

Atmosphere: Type I

Climate: Temperate with a few minor zones controlled with technology.

Gravity: 1.1x Standard.

Primary Terrain: Crystal lakes, crystal forests, oceans, grasslands, mountains


Native sentient species: Nioks, Larriks, Mankarii, Ulki, Nàrrans - all will be made in the Factory.

Immigrated sentient species: Humans, Twi’leks, minor others.


Fauna: Crystalsong is full of animals not seen anywhere else in the galaxy, though there are insects and reptiles, even  mammals and birds who also live on a few other planets. Since the planet is mostly covered with crystalline terrain and landscape, animals have adapted to the life of eating crystal-like plants and distinguishing them from real crystals, surviving in crystal forest, etc. Some examples of the unique animals (which all will be made in the Factory) are Reptaky fishes, Feravé eagles, Hukkits, Geémes, Yananzs (who are the most sentient of the animals (excluding sentient species) on the planet) and Bahf bisons.


Flora: The flora of Crystalsong is also unique. Though there are trees, flowers, bushes, mushrooms and other plants who are also known on other planets, most of the planet’s flora is known nowhere else. Plants are normally crystal-like. There are crystal trees and bushes (who don’t have normal leaves, but tiny crystal-like formations on their branches), Icetear flowers, Skydream trees, local fungi, Leppefruit trees and many others.


Primary languages: Galactic Basic Standard in human colonies, Crystalsong Standard all around the planet.


Government: Because of the amount of various types of sentient species, a planet-wide government hasn’t been formed. While most of the sentient species have one huge government, Nioks and Mankarii have several smaller “countries” due to their various habitats.

  • All of the six Niok states are Tribal Chiefdoms, ruled by a leader with a title of High Crystal Hunter.

  • Larriks live in a singular “country” which is, surprisingly, a republic. The head of state of that republic is called President of the Shadows.

  • Mankarii are located in different locations around the planet and because of that, eleven theocratic states have formed. They are informally ruled by the Force, but their formal rulers are High Priests who have near-absolute power over the state they rule.

  • Ulki are the most primitive sentient species there are on the planet, but their huge warmongering state is an Absolute Monarchy and ruled by the Supreme King.

  • Nàrrans formally have a state, a Constitutional Monarchy ruled by the King Nàr, but in reality, it’s an anarchic state and it’s surprising, that it still exists.

  • Humans, Twi’leks and other species whose population is really small, have three colonies on the planet, all ruled by their motherlands: Coruscant, Ryloth, Tatooine

Population: 8.5 billion.

Demonym: Crystalli

Major cities:

  • Crystal Caves (the biggest tribe area of Nioks, located underground).

  • Laaha (the capital city of Larrik Republic, the state of Larriks).

  • Géor Da (the biggest tribe area of Mankarii).

  • Markhareim City (the capital of Ulkirammor, the Kingdom of Ulki).

  • Nàare Càpt (the capital city of Nàri, the Kingdom of Nàrrans).

  • Coruscanti Colony

Major imports: Technology.

Major exports: Crystals (though they don’t have any magical effects), tourism, culinary.

Affiliation: Self-affiliated


Culture: Because of the various species that live on the planet, there is no planet-wide culture, but colonies have taken small pieces of these species’ cultures and mixed them together for themselves.

  • Nioks have always lived in tribes due to their nature and the locations of crystals on the planet. Nioks follow a simple rule: crystals are everything. They are natural crystal hunters who want to be extremely rich by selling them to others. Their society is simple: there is one leader in the tribe and others are workers who must follow the tribe leader’s orders. But workers are empathic and friendly. They really care about others and love nature, but in a bit different way from some other species. They do not protect nature like Zahati’i and other species like that do, but instead they just help local fauna. Unlike some other societies where Force-users are more important than normal people, Nioks consider Force-users as people who have been given the power to mine crystals more effectively. That’s why Force-sensitives can be often found in mines, collecting crystals. Families in a normal sense don’t exist in Niok tribes. While men can marry a woman and they can have children together, no one has the right to declare children as theirs. Children are given after birth to the tribe’s leader who then chooses what to do with them. Typically they raise them until the children are old enough (can walk and talk) to start living their own lives. Nioks don’t also have any festivals or special days, though the birthday of High Crystal Hunter is kind of special. The whole tribe has a free day then. Becoming a High Crystal Hunter is very easy, actually. High Crystal Hunters rule for their whole life and when they die, the Niok who has worked hardest gets the throne. This has always caused troubles and normally the whole tribe has a fight when it happens.

  • Not much is known (ICly) about the Larriks. They don’t have much culture, but they are all warriors. Caste-like system exists in their society where there are three major castes (commonly known as ranks): shadows, darknesses and necromancers. Shadows are the lowest people. They must do lower level jobs, but have the right for their opinion and can become politicians. Darknesses are higher people who can own businesses and do higher level jobs like leading companies, organizations and deal with psychology and other matters of Larriks. Like shadows, they can join the politics. The highest caste, necromancers, are Force-users. They normally use the Dark Side of the Force and don’t have to do jobs. They get money from just being, but some of them also own lots of land and businesses. They can become politicians. Moving from one caste to another is impossible, but after becoming a politician, the person’s caste doesn’t matter anymore. Family exists in Larrik culture and it’s actually in a really high place. Abandoning your family is considered as the worst crime there is, being even worse than genocide. That’s why Larriks never leave their family even if one doesn’t love their partner anymore.Even though Larriks are ruled by the president, they still have a parliament which consists of 850 members. The parliament is elected for five years, but a person can never be a member of it more than once. The president is elected for six years and can hold the position twice.

  • Mankarii are a matriarchy. Men exist, but are clearly less important than women, though female members are still physically weaker. Every tribe has different traditions, but in all of them, the way the government works is the same. High Priests have near-absolute power, but they tell the people, that all they do is ordered by their god, the Force. In case a High Priest dies, which happens rarely due to their long lifetime, the next one is chosen by with fight between all 16 year old girls of the tribe. These fights are really brutal, because normally they are fought until death. The last survivor will become the next High Priest. In general, their life is really simple. Women do whatever they want: hunt, fight, do business, etc. and men have to work for women. For Mankarii, family is a normal thing. They neither honour them or disallow them. Their view of the Force can be considered similar to the Living Force.

  • Ulki, the most primitive beings on the planet, are ruled by their Supreme King, but basically that’s everything. They don’t have formal laws, there’s only one fact: Everybody must obey the orders of the Supreme King. A person would probably consider them anarchic, but actually there’s order in their state. They can just do everything they want as long as they don’t do anything against their ruler. Partly because of that, common culture doesn’t exist. But like Nioks, they all celebrate their ruler’s birthday, which is basically everything. Though it’s not culture nor a law, all people have to be members of the Ulki Army. The Supreme King title is hereditary. Ulki see the Force like most of the people see: there’s a Light Side and then there’s the Dark Side. They prefer the Dark Side.

  • If Ulki didn’t have common culture, Nàrrans don’t have culture at all. They are emotionless people who basically have no morality. They don’t think anything about family; for them it’s just a stupid thing no one should care about. Thus, they don’t have families. Like said before, they formally have an elected monarch who actually has no power. Traditions don’t exist. Force-sensitivity does exist, but it’s up to the Force-sensitive to decide what they think about it.

  • Humans have combined the cultures of different species, but have also brought their own home planets’ culture. They have taken the Nioks’ love for work, Larriks’ family culture, Mankarii beliefs, Ulki and Nàrran freedom and their own home’s luxury. They have also brought their own festivals and they celebrate important days in the history of both their home planets and Crystalsong.


Technology: Mostly slightly above average.


10,567 BBY - the first recorded history of Mankarii. At that moment, all Mankarii live in one tribe and are ruled by an absolute ruler.

10,566 BBY - Mankarii split up due to the absolute ruler’s “corruption”. Two simultaneous, autonomous Mankarii tribes exist. The Mankarii revolution starts.

10,564 BBY - Mankarii have separated into eleven tribes. Only the original tribe is still monarchic, all other tribes are theocratic.

10,563 BBY - the powerful Mankarii ruler is overthrown. The name is chosen for the original tribe: Géor Da. Géor Da becomes theocratic.

10,561 BBY - the first recorded history of Nioks. All of their six tribe have formed.

10,560 BBY - Géor Da starts a war against Crystal Caves. Akat Her Nhio, the High Crystal Hunter of Crystal Caves is killed by Hélet, the High Priestess of Géor Da.

10,559 BBY - the war between Géor Da and Crystal Cave ends with a peace treaty signed by Net Bi, the new High Crystal Hunter of Crystal Caves, and Hélet. The first recorded history of Nàrrans.

10,558 BBY - the First Nation of Nàrrans is formed. Its capital is Nàto H’àrmo and people elect Hàk the Powerful to be their monarch.

10,555 BBY - difficulties between Crystal Caves and Géor Da rise again. Gato Nermo starts a war against the First Nation of Nàrrans. The first recorded history of Larriks.

10,550 BBY - Hélet starts the second war against Crystal Caves.

10,549 BBY - Kaphé, the High Priestess of Gato Nermo, starts a war against the First Nation of Nàrrans.

10,547 BBY - Kaphé and Hélet form an alliance to fight against the First Nation of Nàrrans and Crystal Caves.

10,546 BBY - Hélet is betrayed by Kaphé. The war ends with the death of her (killed by Kaphé). Peace treaty is signed by Kaphé, Net Bi and Hàk the Powerful. Kaphé gains power over Géor Da.

10,544 BBY - Kaphé is overthrown in Géor Da. Vénet becomes the new ruler of Géor Da.

10,536 BBY - Larrik Republic is made.

10,535 BBY - the era of peace starts.

427 ABY - Twi’leks arrive to Crystalsong, the first colony is made.

428 ABY - the Gulag Virus reaches Crystalsong. Thousands of innocent souls die due to the powerful plague.

429 ABY - Nioks close their borders to avoid the Gulag Plague. Half a year later, Larriks do the same.

430 ABY - first recorded history of Ulki. The First Nation of Nàrrans is dissolved. The Second Nation of Nàrrans is made. People elect Fàn the Supreme to be their leader. Géor Da starts a war against Crystal Caves. Crystal Seas establish a trade route with Nàare Càpt.

431 ABY - Ulkirammor is made.

433 ABY - the Revolution of Laaha. People protest against the government which is believed to be corrupted. Millions of people die. The Gulag Plague reaches Larrik Republic.

435 ABY - Nioks become communists.

436 ABY - Ulkirammor falls to the Gulag Plague. The Second Nation of Nàrrans closes their trade routes to avoid the plague.

437 ABY - Laaha recovers from the destruction of the revolution and Gulag Virus. The new government is elected. Ulkirammor struggles to keep their citizens alive.

450 ABY - The Second Nation of Nàrrans falls to the Gulag Virus almost overnight. Nioks build walls around their tribes to advance their safety from the plague.

452 ABY - Mankarii tribes start working with Nioks to prevent the virus from reaching the forests.

454 ABY - a new virus is born in Crystal Forest. It becomes nearly as deadly as the Gulag Plague.

457 ABY - about three quarters of the remaining citizens of Crystal Forest leave to make their own tribe called Crystal Lake.

458 ABY - Crystal Forest become extinct.

708 ABY - the Gulag Plague is almost gone. Ulkirammor recovers from the damage caused by the virus. Laaha and the rest of the Larrik Republic are fully recovered. The Second Nation of Nàrrans is destroyed. Nioks open their borders. Mankarii dismiss their pact of cooperation with Nioks and become completely independent again.

709 ABY - Nàrrans form the Kingdom of Nàrdanhect. People elect Nàr to become their leader.

740 ABY - Anarchy reigns in Nàrdanhect.

750 ABY - Tatooine sends their people to discover the galaxy and they manage to find Crystalsong. Tatooine sends up a colony on Crystalsong.

761 ABY - The Gulag Plague is completely gone. Crystalsong returns to its former beauty.

764 ABY - the Supreme King of Ulkirammor invades the Larrik Republic. Millions of innocent people die. Ulkirammor wins the invasion and also a part of the Larrik state. The little part is renamed Markhareim City.

800 ABY - Larriks, Nioks and Mankarii combine forces to fight against the Tatooine colony which has grown bigger than Ulkirammor and has gained much influence. Ulkirammor and Nàrdanhect don’t choose sides in that war.

807 ABY - the war against Tatooine colony ends with the colony almost destroyed. The Ryloth colony signs a peace treaty with the Larrik Republic to avoid any problems similar to the problems the Tatooine colony caused. The second era of peace starts.

836 ABY - adventurers of Coruscant arrive to Crystalsong. All Niok walls are destroyed, Larrik Republic has returned to its former glory, Ulkirammor frequently invades different states, but has not won any of these smaller invasions yet, Mankarii have returned to their silent life in forests, anarchy reigns in Nàrdanhect, Twi’leks still work with Larriks, Tatooine colony seeks to invade the Larrik Republic with the help of Ulkirammor and the human colony quickly becomes one of the major powers on Crystalsong.


Notable PC's: None.


Intent: To give the RP a new planet with new species to discover, adventures and stories to play through and much more. This planet would be the home of a new possible faction and can be used for great storylines such as adventuring, hiding from someone/something or whatever players might want to do.

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@Darth Malificete I'll wait to see the species and then get this wrapped up, you seem to have alot invested in the entire idea. I like it


Maria Natalja

Maria Natalja

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All native sentient species have been approved.

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@Darth Malificete


Edit the affiliation, there is no Sith Empire. If it's not within the sphere of another Faction then put Self-Affiliated, or N.A.


Otherwise this is good.


Maria Natalja

Maria Natalja

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@Jyn Sol


Sorry, forgot to edit it after the Empire disappeared. Done.

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