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Ayumi Pallopides

Ayumi Pallopides

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Intent: To be a primary export of a newly discovered world in the unknown regions

Development Thread: None

Manufacturer: Netharanium

Model: None

Affiliation: Rakesh

Modularity: Yes it changes color depending on mood, can be smelted with other materials to strengthen it or made into a lighter alloy

Production: Large deposit and mines built under and near Mavigorn city

Material: Netharanium

Description: Amber in color and very lightweight, the ore is malleable and able to be formed into several dozen shapes or smelted with most materials giving a prismatic crystasteel like transparancy. The metal itself then changes color depending on the person in contact with it adding colors and swirling to match their emotions with the Psychomagnotheric material. Usually used in armors and jewelry.


The properties of the metal in testing show minor saber resistance (to the level of armorweave allowing for glancing shiim contact strikes but not piercing stabs), the Psychomagnotheric properties letting it change colors depending on the emotional state of the user with a cherry red when angered or a serene blue to everything in between. Minor kinetic dispersion created by wearing the metal as an armor allows for small protection but most modern weapons can shoot through it.

Aurna Vern

Aurna Vern
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