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Templar Armor

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Josiah Denko

Josiah Denko

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Templar Armor, Elegance Personified

  • Intent: The purpose of this submission is to provide members of the Confederacy of Independent Systems' Templar Order with a durable and iconic suit of armor. 
  • Development Thread: The Things We Do For Love (Phrikite Ore Obtained/Phrik Mine Purchased by CIS)
  • Image Source: TFSean
  • Manufacturer: Salus Corporation
  • Model: Templar Armor
  • Affiliation: The Templar Order (CIS)
  • Modularity: No
  • Production: Minor Production
  • Material: Phrik, Armorweave, Shell Spider Silk
  • Classification: Multi-Role
  • Weight: ~9 kilograms
  • Quality: Class 7
Elegance is the most accurate description of the aptly-named "Templar Armor" created for usage by members of the Templar Order. Commissioned by the Confederacy of Independent Systems through the Rodian Salus Corporation, the armor is a durable and iconic means of personal defense against a variety of weapons. As a whole, the Templar Armor primarily consists of a bodyglove of high-grade armorweave, which hugs the body and provides the first layer of protection. By nature it is flame retardant and offers light protection against energy weaponry, such as blasters, and is the final line of defense if the plates affixed to it are breached. Upon this body glove, which is generally of a dark hue, is worn a cuirass, gauntlets, and other various plates composed of Phrik. 
These pieces are each very lightweight and offer excellent protection against blaster bolts and the blades of lightsabers. Over the cuirass is additional plating composed of Phrik which consists of shoulder guards, a raised collarpiece, and an additional breastplate for extra protection and coverage. The final piece incorporated into the Templar Armor is that which earned the suit its reputation of elegance: Shell Spider Silk. Utilized in the form of a cascading scarf and a garnish between the Phrik plates, the Silk both is exceptionally appealing to the eye due to its pure, white hue; and acts as a representation of all that the Templars stand for at a glance. The silk can also be, optionally, incorporated as a flowing skirt for female Templars or an honor sash for male Templars; tied about the waist and embellished with pieces of gold-tinged metal for aesthetic effect. 
The final components of the armor consist of the standard, CZ-830 Templar Utility Belt and a hooded, armorweave cloak whose incorporation is entirely optional. As a whole, the Templar Armor is a lightweight, durable suit that protects its wearer from a variety of weapons; mainly blasters and the blades of lightsabers. 


Aurna Vern

Aurna Vern
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Approved :D @Isley Verd 

Simon Mur

Simon Mur

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Due to the restricted materials in this topic being melted down for use in this submission the Templar Armor is now retroactively denied, to reflect it's non-existent status IC.