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Akure Executive Interstellar

Tier 6

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Velok the Younger

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Image Source: Angel Cartel logo (EVE Online) by Hegemon4Hire, found at https://hegemon4hire...artel-178826353

Canon Link: N/A

Development Thread: N/A

Primary Source: N/A



Corporation Name: Akure Executive Interstellar, formerly Akure Executive Leatherworks

Headquarters: Kyrikal 17


  • Former Levantine Sanctum territory (Laekia, Kelsier, Tash-Taral)
  • Tion Hegemony/Corporate Sector and environs (Tion Trade Nexus, Etti IV, Cadomai, Bosph, Rudrig, Lianna, Dromund Kaas)
  • Blood Trail and environs (Soledad, Serpena, Kad V, Kalee, Esfandia, Solovarna, Sharb, Muunilinst)
  • Otherspace
  • Aboard the cruise liners of Bright Star Entertainment


  • Alchemy (clothing/gear, personal weapons, starship/vehicle components, creatures, artifact/site containment, certification, uplift, training, service provision/collaboration)
  • Incidental prospecting and service provision in Otherspace and along the Blood Trail
  • Stygium mining on the hidden world of Kelsier

Tier: VI


Akure Executive Interstellar (AEI) is a moderately diversified, galaxy-spanning corporation that aims to make the eldritch accessible. AEI has pioneered mass-market Sith alchemy and put terentatek leather on the shelves. Nevertheless, AEI maintains quality and exclusivity: it’s a household name on some worlds, but only as a dream.


AEI’s corporate character could be described as exploitative, with a business model influenced by Czerka. Many of its products hinge on farming a wide variety of animals for slaughter. AEI was founded by a Nightsister of Dathomir, and it shows. Nevertheless, for those willing to put in the effort, AEI can be a pathway to unnatural success.


TIER VI SPECIALTY: May produce submissions up to limited production with the Restricted Material 'Alchemized Artifacts/Items'.



AEI is publicly traded. Notable stockholders include Cerbera (5%), the Foundation Trust (5%), Jonathon Patches (5%), and Mara Merrill (4%), Darth Metus (3%), The Slave (2%). Corporate bylaws cap ownership at 5% per stockholder. All full-time AEI employees are minor stockholders, totaling 33% of the company.


The alchemist Rave Merrill purchased and refurbished a haute couture firm called Laekia House of Leatherwork during her tenure as a governor of the Lords of the Fringe. Merrill employed numerous Masters of the Force as hunting contractors and alchemical assistants, and carved out two large niches in the galactic economy: killing monsters and turning them into coats.


Akure Executive Leatherworks became Akure Executive Interstellar within a handful of years, diversifying its interests across the galaxy. For a time, the Akure brand’s many associates and subsidiaries comprised the galaxy’s closest equivalent to an alchemists’ guild.


For reasons unknown, Rave Merrill snapped. She vanished after killing many of AEI’s alchemists or tampering with their memories. AEI had gone public not long before, and stock plummeted. A legal dispute around her will left the company’s future in doubt. A coalition of ambitious vice-presidents and stockholders - including a man named Ostanes - pulled AEI up by its bootstraps. Around this time, a quiet investment group called the Foundation Trust purchased a minority stake in AEI. (As corporate bylaws prevent any one stockholder from owning more than 5% of the company, when Mara Merrill joined the Foundation Trust in later years, she needed to liquidate a fraction of her own stock.)


AEI entered a prolonged period of modest growth but, like Merrill before him, Ostanes imploded. Possessed by a Sith spirit, the executive and alchemist led an AEI fleet to the Third Battle of Atrisia and performed a devastating ritual. AEI lost billions of credits’ worth in starships and personnel overnight. Wisely, Ostanes disappeared.


Remaining stockholders demanded severe reform. The Board of Directors brought in a woman named Cerbera to right the ship. An experienced businesswoman and one of Rave Merrill’s personal assistants, Cerbera proved an effective CEO. The board approved sale of unprofitable divisions/subsidiaries (Wey’lan Dyu’tani, Marvand Publishing, brokerage services, etc.) and scattered locations (Wren’Goa Station, the Colluctari Nebula, and Eclipstica, among others). Stock stabilized, and AEI entered a long plateau phase as a more focused, but less ambitious, interstellar corporation.


Subsidiaries: None


Parent Corporation: None

Complete Overhaul modification
Tier VI Specialty Added

Shareholder clarification in description

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Darth Adekos

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@Rave Merrill


Approved. Although that link to the auction did bring up some repressed memories.

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Kalyn Shif

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Approved. *Looks at the auction and cries*


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