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Frostfall, Sword of House Denko

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Frostfall, Sword of House Denko
  • Classification: Sword
  • Size: Hand-and-a-Half
  • Length: 115 centimeters
  • Weight: 1.4 kilograms
Frostfall is the name bestowed upon the so-called "Jedi Sword" created by Josiah Denko. Whilst exploring the boundaries of his abilities in Art of the Small, the Jedi Master created a weapon that is, quite literally, the "perfect" inverse to a Sith Sword. As such, it shares a great many similarities with the physical weapons carried by Sith, both ancient and modern, whilst differing in some of the more pivotal areas. As a whole, its creation was inspired as a result of the Battle between the Confederacy of Independent Systems and the Black Sun Syndicate on Barab I. During this military operation, Josiah dueled @Ashin Varanin, the former Sith Empress, who wielded a physical sword and utilized the combat form Shii-Cho to match his mastery of Djem So and a lightsaber. The battle left a lasting impression in the Jedi's mind of both the power of the Sith Empress and the possibilities of a physical weapon. 
As such, upon hearing of a duo of Templar Knights seeking physical weapons, Josiah ventured to the Sanctum on Chroma Zed and offered guidance in Art of the Small, whilst experimenting with it himself. The end result was the molecular manipulation of bars of Desh-Terenthium into a state in which they were denser, stronger, and carried a variety of new properties that made them the perfect materials by which to form exceptional, physical swords. In particular, Josiah's bar of Desh-Terenthium took on a silver-y, white hue and brimmed with force-born sparks. Upon being properly forged into a physical sword at the hands of an excellent swordsmith, he bestowed upon it the name Frostfall; a reference to its light hue and the "theme" of "snow-white purity". 
In terms of appearance, Frostfall is a sword of average length. Its blade, crossguard, hilt are composed of the modified Desh-Terenthium that was accomplished through Josiah's usage of Art of the Small. However, for the sake of aesthetics, the metal of the handle became the core of an ornately carved hilt of Corellian Hardwood. Both the exterior of the hilt and the blade's scabbard are composed of this wood and were expertly engraved with the symbol of House Denko upon their surfaces. As the blade is of a pure, snow white hue, Josiah elected not to have any words engraved upon the surface of the blade itself. Instead, upon the base of the sword's pommel, and towards the very bottom of its scabbard's length, he had the words: "With Joy and Gladness, I will Fight." emblazoned. These words, the "motto" of House Denko, are a fitting addition; as Josiah's intention is for the blade to be passed down from his hands to those of his successor when the time comes. 
In terms of traits, Frostfall is vastly similar to a Sith Sword in numerous regards. First and foremost, the method by which it was created resulted in a heaviness being applied to the original metal. Generally speaking, the increase of weight would result in a rather hefty weapon, but the selection of Desh-Terenthium as a base resulted in a sword that was of the average weight for a sword of its type. In addition, like a Sith Sword, the original metal's molecular structure was altered and its magnetic polarity reversed, thereby allowing Frostfall to be resistant to the blades of lightsabers and granting it the ability to deflect blaster bolts. Furthermore, Frostfall also shares the trait of being especially tuned to the Force. This manifests as sparks of "force-born electricity" which dance upon the surface of the blade, in addition to its pristine hue. However, aesthetics aside, the attunement to the Force also appears in the fact that Frostfall acts as a focal point for the energies of its wielder and acts as a refiner for his or her control. This, as is the case for all Sith Swords, causes the blade to possess a strong aura in the Force. 
However, whilst the alchemically-crafted swords of the Sith brim with the presence of the Dark Side, Frostfall billows forth with the presence of the Light Side. Simply wearing the weapon at one's side results in exposure to a strong aura of Light, which can serve as a booster of morale to the warriors of Light whilst facing the forces of Darkness. This is not where the differences between Frostfall and the Sith Swords end, of course, as the Jedi-wrought blade does not have an affinity at all for the Dark Side. As such, it does not act as a lightning rod in the slightest, nor does it possess a Sith Sword's ability to absorb and retain Force Lightning. However, due to the immense sum of meditation poured out upon it, Frostfall's tremendous imbuement of the Force allows it to act as a natural conductor for the ability Force Weapon. (It is to be noted that this natural conductivity does not amplify the strength of one's Force Weapon but simply makes it easier to accomplish the desired effect). 
As a whole, Frostfall, the "perfect inverse" to a Sith Sword, is a fitting heirloom for the growing House Denko and is poised to serve the Light admirably at the side of its creator. 




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After our skype conversation and your edit, this looks pretty solid.  I have no problem stamping it.

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