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AEL Spring Line's Terentatek Duster - The Cater Coat

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Velok the Younger

Velok the Younger

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Image source: TOR trailer, canon
Intent: A leather longcoat incorporating the strengths of a terentatek's hide
Development Thread: http://starwarsrp.ne...ic-tentrameter/ - A team kills a terentatek for Rave
Manufacturer: Akure Executive Leatherworks
Model: Terentatek Duster, Spring Line
Affiliation: Open Market (very exclusive)
Modularity: No
Production: Limited (very exclusive)
Material: Terentatek hide
Description: This high-end article of clothing (a longcoat and vest) is made from the hide of one of the galaxy's greatest predators, the terentatek. With the assistance of her employee and alchemy student @Isley Verd, Rave Merrill's alchemical insights and reagents have allowed AEL's master leatherworkers to preserve and amplify the elements of terentatek hide which make the creature so deadly.

Terentateks are generally immune or highly resistant to Force powers. The Terentatek Duster imparts full immunity against a wide variety of Force powers, with the following exceptions:
  • Mentalism/illusion
  • Force push/crush (partial resistance)
  • Force-enhanced strength
  • Telekinetically thrown objects
  • Anything which targets the head, hands, or other exposed areas
  • Other exceptions as reasonable
In practical terms, this means that unless lightning or other offensive Force techniques contact areas not covered by the Terentatek Duster, those techniques generally do very little if anything. Powerful pseudo-physical techniques such as black spears or kinetite may result in blunt trauma or getting thrown around, but will not break the leather. As this is a very exclusive product, it is generally sold only to very wealthy and experienced buyers, capable of understanding the Terentatek Duster's significant weaknesses and the proper use of its strengths. This prevents lawsuits and false assumptions.

This limited, elite product is, in the end, only leather -- supernaturally tough leather, but leather all the same. Blunt impact, such as from a maul or a bullet, may break bones through the flexible leather. Slugthrowers and blasters may pierce it, and it affords only modest lightsabre resistance, such as against glancing blows. Also, Force healing is less effective against someone wearing the AEL Terentatek Duster, especially in regards to areas beneath the coat.

Classification: Anti-Force, Really Nice Coat
Weight: 7kg
Quality: Class 4
Other Feature(s): Full resistance against most Force powers


Fabula Caromed

Fabula Caromed

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This really should have been approved days ago. We were simply too concerned, too careful. We dare not invoke the Coat's ire. We dare not draw its wrath.


On a more serious note, this really only protects against direct Alter attacks that hit the coat itself. It provides no defense at all against a very large list of Force powers, and very mild resistance to lightsabers. Completely approvable.