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Iron Company Extermination Squad

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Intent: To provide a squad of droids to act as elite guards and assault team for the Protectorate and Abregado-Rae
Development Thread: Five Heads Are Better Than One (Should additional development threads be required to pick up where that one left off, let me know.)
Manufacturer: Omega Protectorate- Abregado-Rae
Model: HK-36-CC (Close Combat), modified to remove the layer of cortosis for cost reduction.
Affiliation: Omega Pyre, Barony of Abregado-Rae
Modularity: Additional attachments
Production: Minor, only four models, Ironhide, Ironside, Bladeknight, and Steelborn
Material: Bronzium
Description: Based on the design of HK's upgraded body, The Iron Company Extermination Squad has been first drafted during the Dark Harvest event when it was droids who were the most efficient in facing the undead threats, unaffected by the body-capturing properties of the undead who could not feast on them.

A squad composed of the Protectorate's droids and cyborgs, under lead of HK, has been then composed to be sent on special missions against threats it would be dangerous to send full-organics on. However the undead invasion ended sooner than expected and plans for the Inquisition squad have not been visited once more until after the disappearance of Lady Protector Cira.

The droids meant for the squad were then based on the design of HK's upgraded body, the only largest modification was removal of the cortosis layer beneath the outer bronzium shell to act as a trap towards lightsaber-wielding foes. Meaning the construction of the droid squad was not as expensive to handle, but in return the droids lost the lightsaber resistant properties of the original model, although the bronzium hull, previously used in droideka models, remained formidable against standard blaster and kinetic weaponry.

Otherwise they inherited all the strengths and weaknesses of the original body, gaining augmented speed and strength but also the weight of the body and its weakness to EMP and electric strikes unless when wearing armor with insulation in it.

For such reasons each was to be equipped with Protectorate Heavy Defense Power Armor, a shatterpistol, a heavy blaster pistol or MK 1 bolter, lightsaber with a blue synthetic crystal, and two vibroswords.

The biggest asset of the droids, however, would be their unique mind, a slightly altered copy of HK's programming. The alteration was to give the droids a memory wipe and train them, teaching them all combat information HK had through data transfers and plenty of practice. As a result, each droid had a degree of independence and tactical knowledge equal to the original, however each also had a different personality, something done to avoid any complications or corruptions that could result from having to work with three other identical copies of you all the time, i.e. it was done to avoid the droids going crazy.

That was the reason why only four copies were made. The memories of OMNI still nipping at them, the Protectorate was reluctant to make more than just four copies. HK did not wanted to risk one of the droids being captured and his programming extracted, as well, for that reason each model had a kill switch and self-destruct systems installed into their power supplies, the systems could be activated, resulting in the programming wipe and full destruction of the droid body, wireless by the original HK or by two of Protectorate Leaders, for example current Protectora and Exarch or two Exarchs.

(Statistics below are taken from the HK-36-CC article on which the droids' bodies are based on)
Classification: Class 4, Fifth Degree
Weight: 159 kilograms
Height: 2.00 meters
Movement: Bipedal with Repulsorlift attachments in legs to augment jumping capabilities, speed, and letting their feet double as hands.
Armaments: Fast-firing wrist blaster in right forearm (Much like those in B2-Battledroids)
Vibro Wristblade in left forearm
Misc. Equipment: High speed rotary motors at the joints of wrists, waist, elbows, neck, ankles.
Repulsorlift attachments in feet for augmented jumping and speed.
Military grade Omega Pyre heat sensors and scanners (30 meters of range)
State-of-the-Art HUD with tracking and targeting systems developed by Omega Pyre (30 meters of range)
Sound dampening attachment
Build-In Communication Systems



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