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V1 Droid

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Brin Vext

Brin Vext


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pic by 22zddr

Intent: to provide Brin with a droid companion and create an opening for future story line and dev threads for Brin as a droid engineer as he strives to open up a company

Development Thread: NA

Manufacturer: Brin Vext

Model: Battle Droid

Affiliation: Brin Vext

Modularity: no

Production: Limited/Unique

Material: Durasteel

Description: the V1 was a droid Brin designed during his time in the Red Legion. The original V1 was made mostly out of scrap parts that would fit Brins design, with some of the more specific components required being hand made by Brin himself.

The V1 is a simple design in both construction and programming. In contrast to its programming as a protocol droid, the V1 is only fluent in a handful of common languages. The V1 posses limited combat programming, a simple necessity for a droid associated with the Legion. it is acquainted with most forms of light weaponry to the extent it can defend itself but its slow movement speed and low agility makes it unsuitable for battlefield situations.

The designs was made by Brin Vext with the full intention of making more but with such a simple droid Brin feels it would be a waist to mass-produce them, instead he makes them by hand. this gives every V1 its uniqueness


Classification: Third Degree

Weight: 120kg

Height: 1.8 m

Movement: Bipedal

Armaments: NA

Misc. Equipment: NA



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@Brin Vext


Our rules stipulate that anything made personally by a character, as opposed to a corporation, requires some kind of a thread involving its creation.  However, that rule was put in place to counter certain powergaming trends, and I've decided to waive it for this submission.  Approved pending secondary.

Niaami Solas

Niaami Solas

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