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Image custom mad
Name: Asahi
Region: Unknown 
System: Asahi System 
Suns: 2 G-Type stars (Binary System) Sukai Kotei (Sky Emperor) and Ginga no Musume (Galaxy’s Daughter)
Orbital Position: Habitable Zone
Moons: 1 Moon named Sutau-Otcha (Star Watcher), 2 Artificial Satellites (shipyards) belonging to the Asahian government.
Coordinates: Directly equidistant and between Rakata Prime and Sakura (I can list the exact X,Y coordinates if needed. I didn’t have a map out during the writing of this submission) 
Rotational Period: 25 hours
Orbital Period: 397 days 
Class: Terrestrial 
Diameter: 13,412km
Atmosphere: Type I 
Climate: Temperate 
Gravity: 8% higher gravity than Standard
Primary Terrain: Grasslands, hills, mountain ranges, bogs, plains, oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, etc. 
Native species: None 
Immigrated species: Humans (Atrisian)
Primary languages: Asahian (A dialect of Atrisian dating back thousands of years before the Battle of Yavin)
Government: Shogunate System/Feudal System
Population: 5.5 Billion
Demonym: Asahian
Major cities: 
Saisho no Aki (First Fall) – Capital
Kawashi (River City) – Major City
Aian Taun (Iron Town) – Major Industrial Center
Shiroi Gake (White Cliffs) – Major Coastal/Spaceport City
Tanaka Chiku (Tanaka District) – Major Military Base/City
Mitsuhide Doraidokku (Mitsuhide Dry Docks) – Major Shipbuilding (Ocean and Space Vessels) Center/City
Sutafainda Chiku (Star Finder District) – Major Military Base/Sensor Base on Asahi’s moon.
Major imports: Raw Material, Starship Fuel, and Tibanna Gas 
Major exports: Weapons, Swords, Starships, Sailors, Swordsmen, Songsteel.
Affiliation: N/A, Neutral. 
Culture: Local culture found its roots in traditional Atrisian culture and shares many similarities, including language origin, with its parent planet. However, shortly after the initial colonization, contact was lost with the colony and all traces of Asahi vanished for no apparent reason, though studies into the planet’s history suggests this may have been deliberate, but research is unable to find a specific reason or motive behind such an act.
Asahi culture revolves around a traditional, feudal system where the planet and all Asahians, are ruled by an Emperor. The Emperor is believed to be a living god as is the firstborn son. The Emperor holds complete political and religious power, though acts as a figurehead for the government from his palace in Saisho no Aki.
The true power resides with the Shogun, the ruling Warlord on the planet. He alone holds the whole military might of Asahi in his hands and possesses the power to wield it. Below him are the Daimyo, military warlords in their own right that hold major sections or fiefs throughout Asahi. The feudal system follows lower from the Daimyo into individual Samurai, the warriors native to Asahi, who fight for their lords and Daimyo. All Daimyo, minor lords, Samurai, etc. pay homage and loyalty to the Shogun in return for their lands and power. In this way, the Shogun holds complete military power.
Outside of the military and the Emperor, the rest of Asahi society falls into one of two areas. Commoners and Monks.
Commoners are, as their name implies, the common folk of Asahi. These are the traders, merchants, farmers, artisans, regular soldiers/sailors, and other people not of the Samurai or Nobility.
Monks are rather unique. Asahian monks are all, to various extent, Force sensitive.  While Force users on Asahi are not required to become monks, most do out of choice. Monks live in seclusion, usually on remote mountains, distant valleys, or small islands. Asahian monks spend this seclusion learning the ways of the Force, specializing in self augmentation (enhancing strength, speed, etc.) and “reading” the ebb and flow of the Force itself. As such, Asahian monks are among some of the greatest masters of both Force Augmentation and limited Precognition, though according to legend, once every era a Monk displays the ability to see far, far into the future, even predicting major evens hundreds of years in the future.
Technology: Sub-standard prior to rediscovery, standard currently. 
History: First colonized in 4,500 BBY, the planet very quickly found itself erased from records and abandoned by Atrisia, around the year 4,525 BBY. Over the next few thousand years, Asahi grew from a small colony to a booming planetary power. Unfortunately, in whatever situation or incident that caused Asahi to be removed from all known records, all hyperspace capable ships, tech, and data was removed from the planet entirely. This left Asahi not only abandoned, but stranded in the galaxy. Despite numerous attempts at recreating the technology, most attempts failed or fell far, far short. The end result was a rudimentary hyper capable drive that could perform very short “hops” inside the system, but nothing long range or capable of leaving the system. For the vast majority of galactic history, Asahi was undiscovered and unknown.
Shortly before the Gulag plague occurred, rediscovery of the system was made in 425 ABY. A small exploratory ship appeared in orbit from hyperspace and promptly contacts the Asahian planetary fleet in orbit above the planet. Contact was made and measures would soon be taken for full contact with the galaxy. Upon the exploratory ship’s departure, however, the Gulag plague struck the galaxy. The exploratory ship’s crew carried the plague with them, but because the crew only came in contact with the planet’s moon base, the Star Finder District, the plague was easily contained, though in the process the entire moon’s population was wiped out. Upon the loss of the moon base and all souls within it, the Emperor at the time declared the visitation an ill omen and to be struck from the public records. The incident fell into obscurity and legend and Asahi returned to the way things had always been*. Later, the moon base was rebuilt and refounded, though extensive precautions were taken to cleanse and purify the facility of any traces of the Gulag Plague.
Until now, the planet has been isolated from the rest of the galaxy. Recently, a ship owned by Jorus Merrill broke hyperspace over the planet and contacted the Asahi planetary defense fleet. With this contact, Asahi has returned, after thousands of years of isolation, to the galaxy.
*It should be noted that during the meeting of the initial exploratory vessel produced detailed scans of the ship’s hyperdrive from Asahian vessels. When the Emperor discovered this after the Plague was discovered, he had the scans stored and sealed within the palace vaults. Generations later, around 700 ABY, one of his descendents discovered the scans and had the technology reproduced for three very small scout ships. He sent the three ships out to explore the galaxy and report back to him in 720 ABY, but none returned. Due to the clandestine nature of the orders and the lack of the three pilots returning, the records remained hidden. It is theorized that the pilots may have suffered accidents, failed to return from hyperspace, or simply disappeared into history on other planets.
Notable PC's: Juro Tanaka, Masamune Tametomo (Of Asahian descent, though he is not aware of this as of yet.) 
Intent: To create a highly unique and cultural planet to act as a potentially influential player in future galactic conflicts and diplomacy. The planet also acts as a colorful and interesting homeland for character background.

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Approved by me, pending secondary.

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