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L1-AL Series Protocol Droid

- - - - - Salacia Consolidated L1-AL Droid

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Judah Dashiell

Judah Dashiell


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Image Credit to : Aaronsimscompany



Intent: To provide a protocol droid specializing in language and culture for the Levantine Sanctum


Development Thread: Brains,Brains Its Okay!



Manufacturer: Salacia Consolidated

Model: L1-AL Series

Affiliation: Levantine Sanctum

Modularity: None

Production: Mass

Material: Flexsteel


L1-AL series protocol droids are designed to provide a link between languages and cultures. With a VerboBrain, L1-AL protocol droids adapt to unknown languages with the ability to learn and translate on the go. While fluent in all forms of communication, the L1-AL excels at ancient and dead forms of communication.In addition to its ability to verbally communicate, L1-AL units have the ability to cross cultural lines. Cultural programming is included to insure no accidental mishaps(such as an out of place fork or clothing design) will be an issue for the end user.

Despite a skeletal looking appearance, the L1-AL unit is quite the pacifist. Regarding its duty to translate and often mediate between users, the unit does not interject its own opinions or ad lib translations, remaining neutral as possible. With its neutral nature and lack of armaments, the L1-AL can find itself at the mercy of its users when things go south. Plated with Flexsteel to help avoid external damage, the L1-AL also has its 'killswitch' at easy access at the back of the neck. This is both a strength and weakness of the design, depending on the intention of the parties involved.

It is highly recommended the L1-AL receives minimal memory wipes due to its programming.Failure to comply with this recommendation will result in loss of language ability and will bring forth quirks in personality. Data compression is the preferred route regarding regular maintenance. This is based on the programming similar to HK-36 ,in which the droid will be learning adaptively as it comes across more languages and culture. Due to HK-36's slimmed down language and cultural database being housed inside each droid for reference, L1-AL units will often adopt pieces of his mannerisms as time goes on. 


Classification: Class III

Weight: 77.6 Kilograms  


Height: 1.7 Meters

Movement: Bipedal

Armaments: None

Misc. Equipment: TranLang Communications Module(x1), SyntheTech VerboBrain(x1),Linguistic Module(x1), Olfactory Sensor(x1), Photoreceptors(x2)



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Judah Dashiell - Beautiful.  Glad the image worked for ya.  Approved pending secondary.

Kalyn Shif

Kalyn Shif


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