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Blagga Vajlicsic Indora

Blagga Vajlicsic Indora


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Name: Brakha

Region: Hutt Space

System: Brakharst

Suns: 1 K class Star

Orbital Position: Habitable Zone

Moons: 4 moons

Coordinates: S-12

Rotational Period: 40 hours 

Orbital Period: 520



Class: Giant

Atmosphere: None

Climate: Vacuum

Gravity: Extreme

Primary Terrain: Mountains

Native species: None

Immigrated species: None

Affiliation: Hutt Cartel


History: In all the time of Hutt space this has been a dead system.  Overlooked due to its lack of rich spices or rare resources.  Over the years it has been mined for its mineral richness but the cost of the operations have not been great enough to gain the total interest of any Hutt long enough to really begin to rip it dry of all its resources.  During the years of Darkness while Hutt Space was shut down the system was overlooked ever more.  Just an aging star among the many within Hutt Space.  However, with the borders of the Cartel opening up and the inner turmoil the region now faces with the killing of the Five Families and the new blood coming into power, interest in the system has grown.


The new rulers of the Cartel are filled with ambition, first to gain complete control of Hutt Space and then to consider looking outward in a galaxy ridden with Chaos.  Given the potential and inevitable threat of the Sith not far off and the droid uprising running rampant in the galaxy a need has arisen within Hutt space that has not existed for a few thousand years.  The need for an armada.  However, no large scale shipyards exist within their borders.  Seeing an opportunity Blagga Vajlicsic Indora looked at the mineral rich planet, and system, of Brakha.  Mining and shipping from the planet would be incredibly costly, however, he had a different plan.  Asteroid mining was not as costly.  So in a deft move he orchestrated the systematic destruction of the planet and its moons.  Turning the planet and moons into nothing more than fragments of what it was the project would prove significantly easier from a manufacturing and transportation standpoint.  Then using the wreckage of the planet, the construction of a shipyard intended to rival those of Dac or Kuat was underway, followed by the production of a new line of Warships and weapons.



Intent: The foundation upon the which the Hutts begin to construct their fleets and weaponry.  It will be the beginnings of a manufacturing front that will not only produce warships but also all manner of technology with the intent of both protecting Hutt space as well as being sold on the black market to pirates or mercenary groups.  Will also serve as the base of operations for Lorda Manufacturing.  Pending approval, a thread will be made to establish the destruction of the system and the subsequent building of the shipyard.




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Pending approval, a thread will be made to establish the destruction of the system and the subsequent building of the shipyard.


Sold.  That addresses my primary concern - how, exactly, you intend to destroy the world.  "It'd take a thousand ships with more firepower than I've ever..."


I trust you.  Make it good.  Approved.