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Image: Taken from DeviantArt, a piece called "Gauss Rifle" by an artist OrcBruto (link here)
Intent: To re-package a shattergun in order to provide it for the snipers in Iron Company and Protectorate without writing off a check to Verpine manufacturers.
Development Thread: If required
Manufacturer: Abregado-Rae Guild of Hammers
Model: High Velocity Kinetic Firearm- Semiautomatic Rifle-1
Affiliation: Barony of Abregado-Rae, partially Omega Protectorate (see Production)
Modularity: The railing on the spine of the gun allows for addition of custom scopes.
Production: Minor production (Enough to supply the Iron Company and Militia of Abregado-Rae, any additional production would require a development thread with backing from another manufacturing company, i.e. Omega Corps buying off the design to manufacture the weapon for Protectorate forces)
Material: Durasteel, Bronzium accents for aesthetic purposes on some of the designs
Description: The Shattergun Rotary Cannon was not the only product that came out from the Gados efforts on retro-engineering the weapon systems of a shattergun sniper rifle HK has given them for study. The Gados were able to assemble a rifle of their own based on the advanced rail-gun designs initially crafted by the Verpine inventors.


What resulted from these efforts was a powerful long-ranged semi-automatic rifle propelling the small-caliber pellets at extremely high speeds, a perfect weapon for a sniper. As in the case of the Rotary Cannon, this weapon system is able to propel its low-caliber bullets at enough velocity to achieve penetration even when impacting armor of medium-vehicles. However, just as the Rotary-Cannons, it suffers from the strong recoil and unlike the Cannon, it has rather low rate of fire.


The SR-1 had repulsorlift as well as sound-dampener systems, based on those found in shatterguns, installed along the length of its barrel. With the help of these systems the weapon's recoil is reduced enough for it to be useable, as opposed as to breaking the user's shoulder upon first shot, and the sonic boom of the pellet breaking the sound barrier inside the barrel is canceled out by the sound-dampeners, stopping the boom from exploding the gun, or causing any noise whatsoever. This lack of sound is especially useful to the user when utilizing the gun in sniping scenarios, a shot can be fired from it, propelling the small pellet at incredible speed, without giving away the user's position. While the firing mechanism itself is silent, the pellet traveling through the air is not, in its wake it leaves a whooshing buzzing sound.


The Gados were not so successful at canceling out the recoil, however. While the repulsorlift systems do decrease recoil and make handling of this weapon easier, it still packs enough kick that forces the user to take aim again after each shot. This is something that goes hand-in-hand with the weapon's low rate of fire, as a semi-automatic weapon, it can fire only as fast as the user can pull its trigger, it is incapable of either burst or full automatic mode of firing. As such, it is a weapon that's recommended to be used over long-rang by snipers or marksmen to support the advancing troops. While it is possible to use it at closer range, the low rate of fire proves often a disadvantage when facing such weapons as sub-machine guns, assault rifles, or blaster light repeaters.


This gun has been put onto markets with two types of scopes, a long-range computerized interface scope based on the principle of a range-finder, which displayed such information as the size and distance to the target, in order to help with sniping, and a computerized infra-red scope for shorter-range combats, such as boarding actions, where the user may face a scenario with smoke screen obscuring their vision.


Also, as with the Rotary Cannons, the Gados scientists removed the expensive multi-caliber magazine and bore from the weapon's design, cutting back on the manufacturing costs and difficulty but also making the small-caliber pellets the only ammunition the weapon could use.


Classification: Shattergun Slugthrower
Size: Handheld
Status: Military
Length: 130 centimeters (Compared it to OP's current sniper rifle OPSR-1 Sniper Rifle which has length of 127 centimeters)
Weight: 6.5 kilograms (Compared the weight to that of OPSR-1 Sniper Rifle, 6.2 kg)
Ammunition Type: Small-Caliber Pellet
Ammunition Capacity: 25 pellets (Half of the magazine capacity listed in the article about Shatterguns in pistol format)
Effective Range: 1,400 meters (Compared it to modern sniper rifle M2010 Enhanced Sniper Rifle which has effective range of 1,200 meters)



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HK-36 - Approved pending secondary.

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