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Obsidian Lightsabre

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Josiah Denko

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Obsidian Lightsabre
  • Manufacturer: The Knights Obsidian
  • Model: Obsidian Lightsabre
  • Affiliation: The Knights Obsidian
  • Modularity: Yes
  • Production: Mass-Produced
  • Material: Durasteel, Electronics, Nextor Crystal
  • Classification: Lightsabre
  • Size: Hand-Held
  • Hilt Length: 26 centimeters
  • Blade Length: 145 - 300 centimeters
  • Weight: 1 kilogram
Upon entering the congregation of Force practitioners known as the Knights Obsidian, an individual is guided through the process of constructing a lightsabre to match those wielded by his or her comrades. Known simply as an Obsidian Lightsabre, these weapons are the iconic weapon of the Knights and are poised to serve each member dutifully on the field of battle. To this end, the process of construction is centered around two factors: durability and versatility. Each lightsabre is cased in durasteel and undergoes a process known as "Waterproof Casing", thereby allowing the weapon to be utilized whilst fully submerged in water. Furthermore, each is classified as a dual-phase lightsabre, for it can extend its blade length with just a touch of a button. Through this, the Obsidian Lightsabres can be utilized effectively in a wide variety of areas. 
In order to accomplish the dual-phase setting, two focusing crystals are incorporated into the lightsabre's design. Nextor is the Crystal of choice; and each are meditated upon before being installed within the weapon. Therefore, the completed lightsabre produces a blade of plasma that is "storm blue" in hue. In addition, the nature of Nextor is such that the resulting blade is rather volatile; thereby requiring great care to effectively utilize and master. As a whole, the Obsidian Lightsabre is an iconic armament that is poised to be the hallmark of the Knights Obsidian: a physical symbol that unites its members as brothers and sisters in arms. 



Jacen Cavill

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Fabula Caromed

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It's...really nothing special. Dual-phase is hardly gamebreaking and nothing else strikes me as odd.


Muh. Whatevs.