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Raziel - work in progress

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Ok bear with me on this. I feel bad for porting a character. This isn't because of his power, I don't think he is particularly powerful in the grand scheme of things. However, it's a character I've been developing for a looong time, and I never really reached a conclusion with. I'd appreciate any advice in steering this towards something sensible for the settings here. If there are any reasonable small Sith sects who'd be willing to take on another writer, I'd be really keen to get involved and tailor the bio to work with others.


Name: Raziel (Childhood name lost in his memories)
Faction: TBC
Rank: Sith Knight
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Height: 1.59m
Weight: 70 kg
Eyes: Deep green
Hair: Black
Homeworld: Nal Hutta
Language(s): Basic, Huttese
Current Occupation: Freelance?
Force Sensitive: Yes

Strengths and Weaknesses
+Quick thinking
+Remarkably fast and well balanced
+Very sensitive to the Force and with sharp senses (emotion/thought reading, prescience and spatial awareness)
+Conjuring illusions
+Cloaking his presence in the Force
+Dual swordsmanship
+Sleight of hand / quick draw
-Not very strong
-Poor marksman (reasonable with sidearms)
-Mentally unstable
-Weak offensive powers (particularly telekinesis)
-Not a trained battlefield soldier (reasonable in urban combat)

Appearance: Raziel is a diminutive figure. He has pale skin, jet black hair and deep green eyes. He has a wiry and lean build, but is deceptively strong. He often varies his appearance as required, and has any scars or distinguishing marks surgically removed.

Force Specialities:

  • Concealment (not cloak!)
  • Speed
  • Perception
  • Empathy
  • Precognition
  • Mind Trick - particularly illusions

Description: Raziel is an exceedingly dangerous Sith, if not remarkably powerful. He has specialised in no particular offensive powers, but uses his wits and a well balanced arsenal of abilities. Generally he prefers the outcome of any encounter to be pre-determined by intelligence gathering and careful preparation.

His perceptions are remarkably keen and he is a talented mind reader and illusionist. He can now alter the senses of another mind with very little effort and his precognitive abilities are increasing rapidly. Mimicry: A natural ability that he has had since childhood, though only recently realised as a Force ability. In any group of individuals he will detect the thoughts of others and alter his behaviour to fit in subconsciously. It allows him to become a "plain sight" assassin, able to play any role and blend in with any social group seamlessly and leave others struggling to even recall his name after. However it has a terrible downside, having assumed other roles since his childhood Raziel finds himself desperately struggling to define any sense of self. He dreams of himself as a faceless killer often and is still trying to come to terms with his own identity. It is exceptionally difficult to catch Raziel unawares. He is particularly sensitive to other life forms, and his prescience alerts him to any immediate danger.
With the blade he also values deception above all other methods. His senses and speed give him extraordinarily fast reactions and he prefers to be on the constant offensive; keeping his opponent off guard and looking for a mistake or opening. He uses two dual phase blades that switch from sword - dagger length in an instant and will often switch off-hands and styles to confuse his opponent. He has studied a variety of styles, including regional sword fighting styles. He struggles most against powerful swordsmen with a disciplined defence. If his speed and array of tricks are not able to overcome skilled defensive swordplay quickly enough he can find himself worn out an open to counter attack. Of course in all instances he prefers to manipulate events to put himself in a position where failure is not an option - before any fighting starts.


Personal History: Born on the swap ridden and lowly planet of Nal Hutta Raziel had a very painful and hard upbringing, especially as he wasnt one of the hutt population. Fortunately Raziel found that he had a natural talent for pick pocketing and thieving.
By the time he was 8yrs old he had stopped working in his fathers dirty bar, leaving the bearings and mistreatment behind and had taken up his new occupation in the streets of the nearby port. Being a port filled mostly with smugglers and scum Raziel could get away with his trade mostly unhindered, except for the fact that the population were a weary bunch. Raziel's incredible dexterity and quick wits were up to the task.
When he was 11yrs old he was caught by what appeared to be a local, wealthy merchant. To Raziels fortune he had been caught by the head of a local thiefs guild. He was now able to work under protection and in teams of thieves like himself. However it became apparent that Raziel's talent to make the guild leaders very rich, they had him breaking into wealthy merchants homes and into high security buildings by the age of 12.
It was when Raziel was 14 that he was asked to make his first kill. Raziel was young and didn’t have much of a conscience having been downtrodden his whole life, so readily agreed. The murder had been a simple knifing in a quite area of town, but lead Raziel right the way down that path.
Over the next few years Raziel was used for a variety of delicate tasks. Thieving, murder, protection, con jobs. He learned quickly, but there was something that made him particularly adept at his tasks. He was able to blend in with any crowd, and was always able to get close to anyone. He was passed between organisations of increasing power. Working off world for nefarious crime syndicates that controlled every aspect of his life.
Raziel was a natural empath. His particular Force sensitivity meant that he read emotions and thoughts naturally, mimicking others and acting to put them at ease. He could gain nearly anyone's trust, and yet never left a particularly lasting impression.
At 19 he was pushed too far. Tasked with torturing and murdering the extended family of a merchant who had reneged on his agreements, Raziel rebelled. He killed his immediate superior and fled. He was tracked down for 2 years before being captured by a small cult of Sith, numbering no more than 30.

[This bit needs work]
Raziel had just swapped one master for another. Once again he was mentally broken down and rebuilt into a new mould. Raziel was trained with the Force and sabers for 6 more years. He disappointed his masters with his ability to manipulate the world around him. His telekinesis was weak, and whilst he could conjure complex illusions, he struggled to win extended mental battles with his peers. Instead he was remarkably sensitive, able to read emotions and thoughts of much more powerful Jedi. He was always aware of the world around him, feeling the slightest motion far around. He even started to feel future events at an early stage of his training.

He despatched several of his peers in training. He avoided conflict, and might not have been the most capable in a fight. However, he rarely found himself in the position where he had to partake in a fair fight. Raziel manipulated the students around him and found himself with a small gathering. His small taste of power was not to last. The entire organisation, albeit small, was wiped out by a fellow sect of Sith before he could continue his power grab.

Raziel escaped through a mix of cowardice and skill. For the next few years he found odd jobs around the Galaxy, struggling to cope with no defined purpose. He started to take on increasingly risky endeavours, bringing himself close to death on several occasions, yet no closer to discovering his true self. He has spent his life following orders, and his behaviours and emotions have simply reflected those around him. He now struggles to find his own identity and a purpose, yet he cannot even work out what he wants from life.

Who am I? You may have seen me around . I am short, slender and pale, with jet black hair and striking green eyes, yet despite my appearance I doubt you will have paid me a second glance. For that is how I wish it. You may have talked to me, you may have fought beside me, yet you will find yourself unable to describe the character of me. Most of the time I am of few words, when the situation calls for it, I may take on personalities that I feel are required: Bold, courageous, inspirational, emphatic, nervous, brash . . .

I could have been anyone, but I am no one.

Whenever you may talk to me, the conversation will fade from your memory quickly. You may remember me instead by my actions. My aim is poor, I tire quickly and my arm is weak. My strengths lie elsewhere. If you ever come up against me, I would advise you not to get too close. I am faster than you can imagine, the only thing I have ever known is how to kill and my mind is as sharp as my blade.

I have been trained to kill with the point of my knife.

I am still unable to come to terms with my past, but there are a few things I am certain of. I have never been able to discover myself, from birth I have been downtrodden until my will was broken. Someone invested a great deal of time and effort to turn me into a mindless tool and I have known nothing else. I can remember nothing but training and killing, pausing only for basic needs.

Following orders is my only nature.

So you see the question of 'Who Am I?' is one I cannot answer. Every night now my mind struggles with that very question. I have a wealth of experiences beyond my years and I am capable of feats beyond most men, but that is all I can tell you about me. All is not lost though, for I know that I am not what someone designed me to be. I rebelled and that is why I am here, my emotions showed through and I disobeyed a direct order. So I know I am here by my own decisions, not someone else's. I also know that there are people out there who know more. More about where I came from and possibly who I am. I know I can find them and that I can find out who I am. I can only hope this disturbed, hollow killer is not all I can ever be. I will be myself.


Old Stories
The Vast Empire used to have many Dark Jedi ranks. There are many stories involving Raziel as he progressed through the ranks, a few of which are below. The ones in bold I'm considering vaguely canon for this character in this timeline, the others will need more thought/extensive!

Building lightsabers: http://comnet.imperi...com/topic/4203/
Several part story to progress towards Master: http://comnet.imperi...om/topic/14851/ http://comnet.imperi...om/topic/14852/ http://comnet.imperi...om/topic/14853/
Some good character development: http://comnet.imperi...om/topic/15888/
Another story: http://comnet.imperi...om/topic/16261/
One of my favourite runons: http://comnet.imperi...om/topic/14797/ http://comnet.imperi...om/topic/16419/


Leaviathan Bracers
Quickfire 2 Holdout
Splinter Knives
Nightshrike Armour
Smart Grenade/Mine Launcher
Cryoban Grenades
Ion Grenades
Glo-Paint Grenades
Sonic Grenades
Thermal Grenades
Splinter Pistol
Verpine Shatter Pistols
Personal Cloaking Device

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    I hate Chris

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I've added a quick intro story on the RP board to try and expand on the character. Would still appreciate any ideas on how to tailor him to this setting! (Or anyone who wants to do some writing :) )

Anesia Jy'Vun

Anesia Jy'Vun

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Welcome to the board and CIS. A pleasure to have you, @Raziel.


I'm loving your enthusiasm! Have fun!



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