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Mohc 'Dauntless' Combat Blade

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Velok the Younger

Velok the Younger

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Intent: To demonstrate AEL/Mohc's tier expansion and increased alchemical ability.  To provide alchemical swords to the open market and reduce factory flood every time someone wants a special blade.
Development Thread: Here, 37 posts
Manufacturer: Akure Executive Leatherworks/Mohc Extractives
Model: Dauntless Combat Blade
Affiliation: Open Market
Modularity: Customization options detailed in description.
Production: Mass-Produced
Material: Alchemical metal (marketed as experimental phrik alloy)
AEL/Mohc, at tier 2, had already achieved minor production of a basic alchemical blade, the Fett Kal trench knife.  Once AEL achieved exponential growth at tier 3, the Dauntless Project sought to maximize production level of alchemical weaponry and achieve true mass production.  It employed no fewer than thirteen novice alchemists and two master alchemists, as well as assistants from AEL, Mohc Extractives, and Rave's Fringe alchemical laboratories.  The swords conduct lightning like a normal blade, rather than trapping it.  They can withstand, but not redirect, blasterfire.  They can resist multiple lightsabre blows, though sustained contact over the course of a minute could burn through.  In short, they are run-of-the-mill alchemical weapons, heavy but tough, fully capable of being used for lightsabre duels or general whatnot.
Those are the necessary sacrifices of public availability.  When it comes to desirability, the Dauntless Combat Blade is unique in the market, and saves the solid-blade-friendly from having to learn advanced metallurgy or make a deal with an alchemist.  
The Dauntless is not openly marketed as alchemical.  Instead, true to Mohc Extractives' chief activity, it is marketed as an experimental phrik alloy.  Low-grade as its proof-of-concept alchemy is, it does not scream 'Dark Side' to the sanctimonious.  To most instincts, it is nothing more than what it claims to be.  
Straightforward alchemical effects are available on the 'hidden menu' to select buyers.  These effects give the Dauntless blades one of the following attributes, generally derived from the standard Force aura effects of Force-imbued blades:
  • A glow, in any color
  • A flame effect, in any color
  • A very cold blade, though not sufficient to freeze flesh
  • A stinging or burning sensation if picked up by anyone other than the sword's owner

These effects, if selected, make the swords' Dark Side presence noticeable.

Classification: Sword
Size: Hand-and-a-half
Length: 1.1 metres
Weight: 2.4 kilograms
Other Features: Lightsabre-resistant


Jacen Cavill

Jacen Cavill

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God bless you.

Approved pending someone else's stamp.

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Thurion Heavenshield

Thurion Heavenshield

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