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ARGH- Graphite-Reinforced Durasteel

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Intent: To continue attempts of utilizing the Echani Graphite in armor technology, this time on scale of vehicle, ship, and building armor via new construction material
Development Thread: If necessary
Manufacturer: Abregado-Rae Guild of Hammers
Model: Graphite-Reinforced Durasteel Plates
Affiliation: Barony of Abregado-Rae, Omega Protectorate
Modularity: Come in sizes ranging from vehicle and heavy droid armor to building walls
Production: Minor
Material: Echani Graphite and Durasteel

Description: Built on the strengths of the previously designed Gados Graphite Reed armor, these armor plates too utilize the Graphite Reeds, however, instead of binding them with durasteel wires, they are bound by being cast into Durasteel, strengthening its interior structure.


This is a rather expensive method, requiring for the Reeds to be arranged in specific structure and kept immobile as the molten Durasteel is poured over them. As such, mass-producing of these plates is not possible by Abregado itself, further support from larger organization, with more facilities, would be necessary for such a production.


Another drawback of this method is that because of its weight and thickness of these plates, as well as their rigid structure, they are ineffective as personal armor, being too heavy for the troops to carry, and too difficult to mold into proper shape for personal armor.


However, this has proven to be a great material for manufacturing vehicle and heavy droid armor, as well as for building and star-ship construction. Just like the Graphite Armor, this method augments the Durasteel's protection against withstanding slashing, blunt trauma, and large caliber piercing damage. That means it offers additional protection against shrapnel, explosives, and partially large-caliber energy weaponry like turbolasers, however, it's the smaller caliber weapons and piercing damage that are its weakness.


For example, when a rocket launcher would be used against this armor, the shock of the explosion and shrapnel would be largely absorbed by the internal Reed structure, making the weapon much less efficient, however a lightsaber or a solid metal slug fired from a mass driver, would be able to pierce the armor when struck between the internal reeds, that's especially true for the Mass Drivers.

Since the Mass-Drivers fire smaller slugs but at incredibly high speed, when hitting the armor between the Reeds, the projectile can go clean through, punching through the Durasteel structure and damaging any components or personnel it would meet on its trajectory. The lightsaber could technically achieve the same results, but it would need to burn through the thick Durasteel armor first.

When it comes to high-caliber energy weaponry, like the mentioned turbolasers, they are partially countered by the Reeds. When the turbolaser bolts finally melt through the durasteel cover and meet the Reeds, who have higher melting point than the Durasteel, being able to withstand strikes from a lightsaber, and strikes the armor, a portion of it is caught by the Reeds while a portion of it is able to penetrate the Durasteel armor in spaces between them further in. That means a turbolaser would achieve partial penetration on the armor of this type due to spaces between the Reeds before being able to break the Graphite Reed structure.


In summary, the Graphite-Reinforced Durasteel Plating technique allows for great protection against blunt and slashing damage, partially increased protection against energy damage, while not affecting the Durasteel piercing damage protection. However, due to the method of its creation, and its weight, it is unusable as Personal Armor for Infantry.


Abregado-Rae has already drafted plans to use this type of plating and upgrade the armor plates utilized in Mobile Barricades, the Front Plates of Mobile Weapons Platform-Light Variant and Outer Armor Plates of Medium and Heavy variant by replacing the standard Durasteel used in the construction of these Armor Plates with this Graphite-Reinforced Durasteel.


This isn't an armor submission on itself, it can be used as a material for an armor submission, to the extends dictated in this sub (No personal armor) or as material in vehicle or star-ship construction

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Due to the limitations you are placing on this, I'm approving on one condition.

Don't use this for mass production, keep it at minor and we are square.

Pending approval.

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