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Natasi Fortan

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Natasi Fortan

Natasi Fortan

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 - Publicly known as: Natasi Josephine Fortan

 - Legal name: Natasi Josephine Fortan-Vitalis

FACTION: The First Order

 - First Order Ranks:

- Grand Moff

- President of the Moff Council

- First Lord of the Treasury

- First Minister of the Civil Service

 - Social Ranks:

  Lady - as the daughter of the Earl of Herevan

- The Dowager Duchess of Foxfield - as the widow of the late Duke of Foxfield, Lord Talbot Vitalis

 - Other Ranks:

- Chairman of the Board of Directors - the Fortan Philanthropic Foundation

Honorary President - Cliveden's Gentleman's Club, Avalonia

Honorary Chancellor - the University of Avalonia, Avalonia


 - First Order Style:

Her Excellency the Grand Moff (in formal and international settings) / "Your Excellency" - thereafter, "Ma'am."

- The Right Honorable the Grand Moff (in formal communications from Cabinet)

 - Social Style:

Your Ladyship (as Lady Vitalis, Dowager Duchess of Foxfield)

AGE: 34
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5'7"
WEIGHT: 128 lbs
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Chestnut
SKIN: Pale peach with a light smattering of freckles barely visible across her cheekbones.


Natasi is an extremely bright woman and dedicated to t the task at hand. She is studious, even to the point of bloody-mindedness when it comes to understanding what she needs to know to do her job -- regardless of what the job is to know. On the other hand, she is extremely prone to anxiety as the flip-side of that coin, and she can be extremely stubborn in personal relationships, often allowing her prejudices to determine her feelings on someone before knowing them well. 


She is also very slightly cross-eyed, making marksmanship difficult.

Consul-class Diplomatic Frigate, the Frontrunner Destroyed during the Invasion of Mustafar

An Allegro-class Stealth Transport Corvette, currently unnamed.



The story of Natasi Fortan began when Lord Frejrik Natasi, Earl of Herevan, inherited a county seat on Galidraan from his father, descendant from a long line of Imperial loyalists. Unfortunately for the new Earl of Herevan, the estate was in dire financial straits, threatening the survival of Herevan. To that end, the Baron Herevan married a wealthy Bakuran heiress named Reima Esperell, a Child of the Feather, solely based on the size of her dowry. For the time being, Herevan was secure.

In addition to a great deal of money, Reima, now Countess of Herevan, brought some unusual ideas to the family, not least of all the practice of the Balance, a religion that was highly en vogue on Bakura but stuck out as something of an oddity in Galidraan's nobility--something to be spoken of in hushed whispers in the drawing rooms or behind fans at the opera, but generally speaking it was viewed as nothing but an oddity; it wasn't as if the followers of the Balance were blowing people up or posthumously baptizing people. They just had peculiar ideas about why bad things happen to good people.

Out of this bizarre marriage came a son named Mathes, the heir, and a daughter named Natasi, the spare. Mathes was sent away to a military boarding school when he was ten years old and Natasi was eight. A year later, Reima died in childbirth while giving birth to another son. Natasi and Mathes' little brother was stillborn. It was around this time that she began to view the servants' children as playmates. She was educated by a governess and a team of tutors in what was a typical educational pattern for the women of her status but was encouraged to pursue that which stimulated her intellectually--history, politics, art, etc. When she was ten, she incurred an injury while playing capture the flag in her family's woods. The result was a rather vicious scar on her face, which she kept hidden under a layer of makeup until joining the First Order, at which point she had the scar surgically removed. 

Despite the somewhat disfiguring scar, Natasi had a rather idyllic upbringing. She went away to a prestigious girl's boarding school when she was twelve, learning the basics as well as the social graces that a lady ought to know. After finishing school, Natasi attended university, graduating with a degree in government affairs. Shortly after graduating, she embarked on a gap year, resolving to travel around and visit the galaxy's most fascinating sights, after which time she joined the Imperial Civil Service, where she began a career in government. But it was not to last; six months ago, Natasi received word that her brother had been killed in a border skirmish and she returned home to be with her father and to mourn. 

Natasi returned to Herevan to find a house in mourning. Not since the death of her mother and younger brother in childbirth had she seen her father so deeply distraught, and he was eager to train Natasi to take over the estate as the new heir. She was not given the education, almost since birth, that Mathes had received to make him a natural successor, and as a result, she never felt fully comfortable with taking the helm. To make matters worse, the situation at Herevan was becoming increasingly difficult, as the estate once again found itself on the receiving end of the financial bad news. An investment went badly wrong, leaving the estate's coffers nearly empty, just as a flood of the river that runs through the county destroyed the year's biggest crops. 

Then, on the eve of Mathes' funeral, Lord Fortan was contacted by his lawyer who found an obscure codicil to the family's founding documents mandating that the estate must be inherited by the closest male relative to the current Earl of Herevan. Reluctantly, Lord Fortan has asked his solicitor to track down this man and invite him in compliance with the legal requirements, while also enlisting them to find a way to break the entail and allow his daughter to inherit. The distant relation that would inherit the estate, Maximilian Jens, became involved in the estate in case Frejrik's efforts failed. During this time, Natasi did a brief stint with the One Sith, but quickly became disaffected with the One Sith methodology, and defected with Ludolf Vaas to join the fledgling First Order. 


Ludolf Vaas, Aram Kalast, and Natasi formed the inner circle of Supreme Leader Sieger Ren's order, and together they oversaw the expansion of the First Order from ragtag imperial remnant to galactic power. Natasi rose in ranks, from a junior Commissioner to Governor of Dosuun, to Moff of the Home Territories. Widely recognized as a sound strategist and a disciplined administrator, she was tasked with the construction of the capital city, Avalonia, as well as the administration of the Supreme Leader's growing empire. During the expansion campaign at Skye, an attempt on Natasi's life ostensibly resulted in the death of Natasi's cousin and chief adviser, Imogen Fortan, and left Natasi riddled with shrapnel and half-death. She was pulled from the rubble of the Skye administration center by Ludolf Vaas. It was in these moments of disorientation and terror, when Vaas' collected and calm strength shone through the chaos, that Natasi first began to feel more than a collegiate friendship for Vaas, though she would never actually confess this aloud for fear that it would spoil their working relationship.


As time went on, Natasi developed an understanding of the First Order's military assets and policies and became a voice shaping the expansion of the First Order's borders. Rumors abounded that the up-and-coming Moff would soon be tapped for the big chair -- Grand Moff -- but unfortunately, this progress was delayed by a shocking revelation. During a brief vacation at Herevan Hold, Natasi was again accosted by the Resistance, where the attacker and the leader of the Resistance, Evelin Redstar, revealed herself to be Imogen Fortan, long thought dead since the bombing at Skye. After a struggle in which Natasi was badly injured, during a fire that killed Imogen and effectively destroyed Herevan Hold, Natasi was abducted by the remaining members of the Resistance strike team, which took her to Hoth, where she endured weeks of torture at the hands of Captain Arandil. After the First Order discovered that the bones found at Herevan lacked certain damage that Natasi had sustained at Skye, an investigation and manhunt were launched by the First Order. Natasi was rescued from Hoth by Isla Ashen and Ciardha Ren. At that moment, Natasi resolved to live her life more honestly -- to say what she thought for the best rather than staying silent for convenience sake.


Natasi would be forced to admit, eventually, that her ordeal on Hoth had changed her. Before Hoth, she had been able to process emotions in a way that she didn't need to fully embrace them. She rarely felt strongly about anything, except, perhaps, annoyance and anger. But afterward, she found herself experiencing every emotion that crossed her path, and to feel it deeply. Happiness, where it came, could be deliriously joyful, while sadness could sandbag her. Embracing life meant embracing all of it -- the mad emotions as well as the rewarding experiences. 


Upon her return to Dosuun, Natasi found herself under the heavy scrutiny of the First Order Security Bureau and Supreme Leader himself. Her personal and professional lives were put under the microscope as the investigation into Imogen's betrayal and the assassination attempt ran their course. Over the course of weeks, Natasi was forced to appear before an investigatory panel, where she was interrogated and challenged and asked to explain bits and pieces of information that came out of the investigation. During this time, Natasi also struggled with her personal affections for Ludolf Vaas. A letter she had penned, to be delivered with a few personal effects as part of her estate after her death, had alerted Vaas to her feelings, but Natasi had not wanted to sully his name should the results of the inquiry go against her, so she made no effort to contact him. However, once the inquiry had concluded, she found that he was... unavailable. Though she spent some time attempting to get in touch with him, eventually she accepted that he wanted nothing more to do with her. She later discovered why -- or, at least what she thought was the reason -- when she discovered that Vaas had been involved in a semi-clandestine affair with a pop singer. The news devastated Natasi, and for a time she entertained the notion of interfering. The pre-Hoth Natasi might have done it in a shot, but the new Natasi couldn't justify placing her own happiness over the happiness of another. Instead, she suffered silently, confiding only in her friend and aide, Sioux Chambers, of her feelings.


At the end of the official inquiry and investigation, Natasi was cleared of all wrongdoing and reinstated as Moff, with the joint briefs of Home and Foreign Secretary. Her first course of action was the Bespin Economic & Financial Summit, at which Natasi looked to make overtures to businesses in and around First Order space, to seek further investment in First Order communities. The summit was a rousing success, with Natasi networking with countless big names in varied industries. Natasi returned to Dosuun in triumph, with several lucrative deals that would benefit the First Order in differing ways -- whether it be opening up liquidity and credit to the burgeoning empire, creating factories and other facilities to provide good-paying employment to First Order citizens, or securing the investment of a major corporation, Iron Crown Enterprises, in several First Order projects. The catch of a big name like ICE put the First Order on the financial map. Even as Natasi continued to struggle with the pathetic ruins of her personal life, she poured herself into her work to ensure that the summit was a success.


It was at the Bespin Economic & Financial Summit that Natasi met three people who, unbeknownst to her at the time, would become important figures in her life. Marzena Choi, the aforementioned pop singer of Ludolf Vaas' affections, was present, having been contracted to give a concert at the summit. Afterward, Natasi met Ms. Choi for tea and found her to be an engaging and ideologically dedicated person -- not at all the vain, vapid, shallow celebrity of Natasi's imaginings. Despite Marzena's position, Natasi felt drawn to her, instantly liked her, and sought to cultivate a friendship with her. Natasi also met Valessia Brentioch, a noble from Brentaal IV, who would go on to have a promising career in the First Order Diplomatic Services. Lastly, she met the CEO of Iron Crown Enterprises, Darell Irani, with whom she made a very promising trade and infrastructure deal. She established a close working bond with Irani at the conference, and over the months since then, their business partnership developed into a friendship, which in turn has developed into a close romantic relationship. Though Natasi still struggled with her feelings about Vaas, she found herself less and less preoccupied with it as her relationship with Irani blossomed. 


Around this time, Natasi was summoned to an audience with the Supreme Leader, where he revealed the next steps in his vision for her: the office of Grand Moff. Her ascension to Grand Moff was announced with great fanfare, and Natasi further solidified her position as a popular and well-liked public figure. She now prepares to elevate her stature further by embarking upon a grand tour of First Order space, to meet with local government and business leaders, special interests, and the general public on a well-publicized tour that seeks to cement her status as an indisputable leader of the First Order. 


During the early months of her reign, Natasi was confronted with evidence that she had an aunt, in the form of Fiolette Yvarro, who had been stricken from the Fortan family tree due to her renegade lifestyle. She also had three cousins, with whom she was pleased to establish a relationship. 


As Natasi solidified her power base in the First Order government and ingratiated herself with the Supreme Leader Sieger Ren, tensions with the Galactic Alliance ran high. The conflict reached a boiling point when the Galactic Alliance attacked the First Order's scientific and humanitarian mission to Kaeshana, a world previously abandoned by its rulers following a tragic cataclysm. The Grand Moff was personally touched by this tragedy when her aide, Sioux Chambers, who she had sent to oversee the project, was butchered on live holovision by one of the rebels on the planet. Still, Natasi pursued a diplomatic solution with Jaius Sovv until the Sullustan ceased communications. Natasi struggled with the decision, but in light of the bloody butchery done on Kaeshana, she had no choice but to convene a meeting of the Cabinet and obtain a unanimous recommendation to declare war. With the approval of the Supreme Leader, the First Order declared war on the Galactic Alliance, leaving the fate of half the galaxy in the balance. 


Luckily for Natasi and the First Order, the gallant and well-trained forces, under the leadership of Asharad Graush, Rolf Amsel, Samka Derith, and others resulted in an unequivocal First Order victory over the Galactic Alliance. But during the wartorn year, Natasi was forced by circumstance to part ways with Darell Irani. Towards the end of the war, Number 10 announced her engagement to Talbot Vitalis, a former suitor from her years on Galidraan. They wed just before the end of the Hoth defense, using their apparent honeymoon as a cover for Natasi to secretly negotiate a ceasefire and establish a framework for peace. And despite ongoing hostilities with the Silver Jedi, when the First Order forced a collapse of their influence in the western reaches of their influence cloud, the First Order came to terms with the Galactic Alliance during the Kaeshana peace talks, where Jaius Sovv agreed to surrender to First Order custody for his part in the destruction of the FIV Kuragin


The peace was shortlived; Supreme Leader Sieger Ren, viewing the ill-conceived Ruusan Accords as a direct threat to First Order sovereignty, ordered a strike at the Galactic Alliance. Natasi, still recovering from the birth of her son (George Frejrik Alec Vitalis), was unnerved by this new course of action, feeling that it discredited her on the galactic stage by undermining her reputation for good faith dealing. Still struggling with the cost in blood and treasure from the last war, Natasi disagreed with further military intervention, though she kept her concerns to herself. Shortly before the L-49 incursion, Talbot Vitalis convinced the Governor and Council of Galidraan to instate Natasi as heiress of her beloved childhood home and estate of Herevan Hold. She was granted the title of Countess of Herevan in her own right and ownership of Herevan Hold and the surrounding county.


Despite this long-desired boon, Natasi's personal life became rocky when Talbot, wishing to prove his worth to the First Order establishment and people as more than just the consort of the Grand Moff, insisted on joining the armed forces to serve in the war. Natasi, while admiring the thought, felt that his responsibility to her and their son was more important and that risking his life needlessly showed a distinct lack of care for his family. The two had several furious rows over the subject before reconciling (at least somewhat) prior to his being dispatched on active duty. Talbot was killed in action at Dagobah. Natasi was devastated, racked with grief over his death and guilt over their arguments about his joining. Despite throwing herself into her work, her grief was a constant distraction, leading some in her administration to wonder whether she could be trusted to lead the war effort for a war that she hadn't wanted to prosecute from the beginning, and which had just killed her husband. 


Little did she know that already forces were working to bring her down, though the motivations and operations of the assassins were yet to be discovered...




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*drools* Natasi Fortan.

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Love the bio!


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*drools* Natasi Fortan.


Evidence and proof that Puzzle's has been a big fan of this meme.

Natasi Fortan

Natasi Fortan

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Evidence and proof that Puzzle's has been a big fan of this meme.


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