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The Shapers of Kro Var!

Elemental Control Tribal Primative Corrupt Government

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Guest_Ruye Etarn_*

Guest_Ruye Etarn_*
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Who We Are:

The Shapers of Kro Var in the most basic sense of what we are, is a culture centered around force users who rejected most other force ability's such as telepathy and other such blasphemous "Invisible" techniques in the force. Instead, these "Shapers" very superstitiously limit themselves to the sole manipulation of four elements: Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. But these are very conflicting people, who frequent in civil and inter-tribal warfare. This means that Non-Shapers are welcome as warriors, as well as a variety of other occupations to pick from.


So if you’re into elemental magic’s, we're the people for you :)


To read more into them, visit this.


Our Foreign Policy:

Due to our little Empire's isolation from the other regional Empires and factions on the map, we are placed into a rather adverse situation that won't change until other factions sprout up next to us, or if we expand. The goal is then, to expand as much as possible! That means Dominion, Dominion, Dominion! Until of course, we bump up into something else. And depending on our plans as a whole, it will decide if we are there to attack, or make a powerful new ally, that could bring us as allies into the battle field on some foreign planet thousands of light-years away from our home planet of Kro Var!


Currently, I'd like to establish a Neutral presence's with all factions until we've gotten bigger, as well as a friendship with the Witches of Dathomir, from our intertwined history, despite the distance between our two great nations.


What You Can Be:


Shaper- This is a force user who has grown up to the Kro Varan culture, and is part of a Nomadic Tribe somewhere within Kro Var space. Starting out as younger individuals, Initiates may specialize in one element of their choosing (it is suggested you do this at least, but it is no requirement).


Warriors- Kro Varan people are powerful warriors by nature! Wielding an assortment of tribal weaponry and armor! Within reason, that could literally mean anything in the definition of melee, and with the new knowledge of mining precious metals, more powerful armor may be applied that could help you shrug off some of those blaster shots the big bad galaxy has got!


Officials- May not sound like a great job, but I promise you it wouldn't be boring with us! Want to know why? In this Empire, the Tribes do all the work, and they are awfully corrupt. Secrets are held, dangerous ones that could possibly lead to the collapse of the current government structure! The Theocracy that dictates that any technology that can't be recreated through muscle and shaping, is blasphemous, using advanced technology themselves! Sending out lies to the primitive populous below in order to ensure that they can keep their hyper drives to conqueror neighboring worlds!


Pilots - Though a slightly odd job for a Kro Varan, Pilots are still needed to fly the technically illegal space craft that carry's Kro Varan officials across the galaxy and soldiers into battle.


Fleeters - Ever wanted to control a fleet in naval battle? We could always use you! The Kro Varan fleets need good officers!



Rank Explanation:



Shaper Force's

  • Elder- Master in the use of the art of Shaping.
  • Spellweaver (will gain our own titles hopefully) - Proficient user in the art of Shaping.
  • Initiate- Beginner in the art of Shaping


Ground Force's:

  • Battle Lord- The man up on his horse in front of the line commanding his soldiers into battle. Depending on the Commander's personality, he might have even greater equipment than a Battle Shaman, or he might have a lighter load to better keep up with his soldiers to ensure his orders are received. Elders would most likely be of this rank. Battle Lord story wise should be gained with great signs of bravery and strength as a Battle Shaman, as well as leadership. Though it might change in the future, there are no set requirements for new members to the ascension of the ranks.
  • Battle Shaman- A step or two up from a Warrior, more than just an ordinary soldier, but certainly no Lord. They would bare greater arms, and more durable armor than mere warriors. Spellweavers would be of this rank. The requirements for the Ground force's a pretty lenient and let you ascend how you please really, but keep in mind the higher you are the better your story for ascendancy should be.
  • Warrior- Run of the mill soldier, though a bit more primitive and melee orientated. Initiates of Shaping would most likely be of this rank.

Naval Force's:

  • Skylord- Commander of a fleet (Admiral Equivalent). This rank is subservient to Chieftain and co-equal to Warlord, but still subservient. This title, I would like a good story for and maybe a talk with me please. There aren't any restrictions to this but as far as story line one ascends to Skylord after exemplary service as a Sky Commander, helping a tribe to gain prestige.
  • Sky Commander- Commander of a vessel in the fleet (Captain Equivalent). This is also a title I'd like story wise for you to explain well as to why a Pilot gets to have the privilege of commanding an entire vessel. It's in no need to contact me, but it would be of course, appreciated.
  • Sky Shaper- Though the name is deceiving, these are not typically Shapers. These are the Navy's run of the mill Pilots who "Shape the Sky" in their fighters against enemy forces.

Joint Military (Shaper, Ground, and Navy forces):

  • Chieftain (Commands Invasions/Dominions) - Chieftains are typically Shaper Elders. Though, there are exceptions. All ranks are subservient to this one, as a Chieftain controls the Navy, Ground, and Shaper Force's his tribe is granted to control in a prestige Invasion/Dominion. Think of this rank kind of like a Moff from the Sith Empire.

A Chieftain can be established through bloodline, as well as "ennoblement" via Royal family member, or through extended reputation as a Warlord. It isn't recommended at all for anyone to start at this rank, particularly because they are typically Shaper Elders, though there could be exceptions (blood line for instance, but talk to me first if you’re interested in a position for this).

Other than the force "requirement", this position like all other non-force related titles can be given after discussion with me. However, I'd prefer you work for it, or at least establish a thread designated to your ascension.

  • Warlord (Commands Military action of all branches) - Warlords could be any kind of person, but have proven themselves to be vastly greater than a commander of soldiers, but as a commander of army's. Shapers of this rank would pretty much need to be Elders. Initiate Warlords are not acceptable, and Spellweavers would be questionable.

A Warlord can be achieved by ascending through either Ground or Naval ranks, but must be appointed by either a Royal family member (as in representative of the Emperor) or through a Chieftain. These "Requirements" are for story wise. If you want to be a Warlord right away contact me and we'll talk :)

Ascendancy- How do you gain better ranks?


As far as a Non-Force user is concerned, basically all the ranks above are up for the taking, as long as you have a thought out story that makes sense and is believable. Some of them, I'd like you to give me a message, others I won't mind as much. My main concern in the entire faction is simply making sure you enjoy your stay here; and if enjoyment for you is being a Warlord, who am I really to tell you no? But I'm going to design some ways for you guys to ascend through the ranks for those of you who want to do it story wise and earn them the hard way.


There is also a slight issue for you force users. The truth of the matter is, we don't have any Knight, or Master level characters yet. So unfortunately for training, we're a bit stuck. What I suggest doing, is being as active and involved as you can in the hopes that you will be rank capped by the site. Also, there is nothing telling you, you can't receive training from elsewhere, but beware; it is illegal to learn of blasphemous techniques.


Also, I believe that I can train you via NPC "Masters". But I will check in on this to be sure.





Emperor- Currently an NPC named Haru Etarn. His job is basically to keep the peace and make sure all the tribes are distracted with wars outside of the Empire, to keep them from turning on themselves.


Chieftain Council- There is a council that is abundant in a variety of different Chief's. Each Tribe under the influence of the Emperor (which is not absolute and total over Kro Var, and under the subjugated worlds under his control) has system of gaining influence through Tribal prestige. To gain prestige, a tribe must successfully claim victory in objectives granted to them by Emperor Etarn. Though, this prestige can be lost if a tribe does not claim victory over objectives repeatedly.


Tribe Justcus- Tribe Justcus is a very important role in the Empire, free from prestige, and possesses no family ties. It is considered a "free" tribe that is used to describe the Religious tenants of being a Kro Var Shaper, of which is much like being in priesthood, where those in it are regarded with extreme praise. Though, Tribe Justcus technically controls the daily lives of all Kro Var, regardless if they are Shapers. Of course anything they say must be approved by the Emperor himself, those who are selected to stand in the Tribe are to be expected to propose tenants that represent the superstitious beliefs nearly every Tribe holds.


Pretty much, the Government is a corrupt Theocracy approved by the Emperor, which distracts the ever bickering tribes in competitions in how well they can fight others, rather than themselves. Though corrupt, the government is benevolent to its people, and seeks only to better the life of the Kro Varan people, while keeping them at peace, at the risk of all out anarchy (again) due to all the secrets they are forced to keep about their mysteriously incredible feats, as opening the doorway to the land between the worlds, when in truth these things are truly the illegal advent of advanced technology gained from conqueror worlds such as Isis, the main Shipyards of the Kro Var Empire.


A rough outline of the history we propose:


Nearly 2,000 years ago on the inhospitable planet of Kro Var, Darkside Force users fleeing the New Sith Wars crashed landed on the planet’s surface. The survivors who eked out divided into clans, and for many hundreds of years, experienced technological regression due to infighting. The leaders of these clans were Shapers, force sensitive individuals who only harnessed their powers to manipulate the elements Earth, Fire, Water, and Air, as they distrusted the 'invisible manifestations' such as telekinesis or mind tricks.


They are extremely superstitious and proud of their powers, and for a long time they were in constant regression, until they were so few in number they might have been considered extinct. However though, recently they were enslaved by a Trandoshan slave group that had discovered them in a scouting party of the region. Upon coming on the land they received heavy resistance, enough for them to be hunted. The 'war' escalated, and Kro Var was almost lost. However, when an exile known as Haru Etarn returned to his home, he used his unique deposition of power to unite the clans against them, and defeat the opposition, stealing their fleeing enemy's technology.


The rest is up to you to help us make.


Hope you stop by and check us out!


-Ruye Etarn

Guest_Ruye Etarn_*

Guest_Ruye Etarn_*
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New Feature!


They Shapers of Kro Var, now have a new feature available to members, that you may find appealing. Below is the template for those who wish to create a Tribe that is tied to your Character. You don't need any permissions to join, or create a Tribe, but if you are creating a Tribe it will still need approval from the Faction. Currently, there are only a few Tribes available for joining. Also, something to note, it is not required for you to make a Tribe upon joining the Shapers of Kro Var, and nor are you required to join one. This template is only for those who wish to be part of a Tribe that can gain Prestige, as in Respect for successful Missions that the Emperor (NPC) and the Chieftain Council (Currently NPC) assigns for your Tribe to do, where it will be assigned certain aspects of the Military to lead into battle. If you do not wish for your Tribe to be active in this capacity, then you do not need to submit an application for Tribe creation.



The Template:


I and any moderators that I assign will approve and help you build your tribe if you wish to create. You don't need any permissions to join a Tribe, or to make one, but to make a Tribe it must be approved. This is the Template:


Name: This would typically be the last name of your character. Please state if it would be otherwise.


Size: Large would be in the hundreds of people, Medium would be at least 200 people, Small would be a village or two.


Government: How is it run? Matriarchy? Patriarchy? Is it democratic in some way? Is there a single leader, or multiple? Is it just the run of the mill Tribe where the Chief leads? Be descriptive.


Short History: Briefly tell us the fame of your Tribe. Important battles and people, specific changes in leadership and government.


Starting Prestiege Request: Please be reasonable. Every Tribe cannot be the Master of the Universe and have all the Prestiege in the world. Also consider how large your Tribe is. It isn't likely that a Small Tribe is going to have Large prestiege any more.


Notes: Anything else you would like to add for the Tribe, from requirements to unique members within it.



Current Tribes:


Name: Tribe Etarn


Size: Small


Government: It is the Emperor's Royal Family, and adhere's only to the Imperial in control of the family, whether they are an Emperor or an Empress. The Sons and Daughters of the Emperor Etarn are to be considered to be Prince's and Princesses, with his wife being the Queen. However though, as there is no other deligated 'Royal family' besides the Tribe Etarn, these children of the Emperor may wed any Chieftain of their choosing, but are still restricted from common folk.


Short History: Not much is known of Tribe Etarn before its near-annihilation, with Haru Etarn being the only surviving member. But it was up to this single Shaper and his unique deposition to forbidden power that he had manipulated the surrounding Tribes to fight a common foe: The Trandoshan Invaders. They had come to enslave these peoples of Kro Var, and desperate to save his home, and in angry revenge for the murder of his entire Tribe, Haru Etarn was able to ward off and defeat the Enemy of Kro Var. With several Tribes under his command, and with the secret stealing of technological wonders from their fleeing enemy's, a pact was made between them, never to share this information with the other Tribes. In the deal, Haru was then crowned as Emperor, of the First Kro Varan Empire. Additionally from this pact, a new Tribe was form the ashes, with a child Volunteered to generate a system of Theocratic law over his Empire that dictated the very way his denizens would live in their daily lives. This Tribe was Tribe Justcus, and with his approval they rule over the land, even as the Government itself defies its own laws. Additionally, in recent times an Hier to the Throne has been announced, that Princess Ruye Etarn would become Empress upon her Father's death, due to her ability to Shape. This was Haru's one requirement to become Heir, and 80 children before her had failed in this respect. But there is doubt in the Empire that she will rise to power, as the rebellious teenager endangers herself and runs from the Palace frequently. This castes doubt that the Dynasty of Etarn will have Shaping Rulers.


Starting Prestiege Request: This Particular Tribe is above all others, and has no need for Prestiege, as it is the family of the Emperor Etarn, who controls most of Kro Var, and a large assortment of Tribes who have sided with his cause.


Notes: Tribe Etarn IS Joinable. However, you will have to be either a Prince of Princess to the NPC Emperor Etarn. You may plot to steal the Throne from him and Princess Ruye's place as Hier if you wish, but please note that you will not be able to kill the Emperor without my permission, and certainly not me, without my permission. Additionally, the Emperor is not a normal Shaper, and thus it would be supremely difficult for a non-Shaper to dethrone him without significant support, which you may gain through role play.


Unique members include myself, Princess Ruye Etarn, and my Heroic NPC Emperor Haru Etarn.




Name: Tribe Justcus


Size: Medium


Government: This Tribe, is only lead by a Chieftain Priest, but as a whole, it is run democratically in how the Tribe decides to write the Holy Scriptures, approved by Emperor Etarn.


Short History: Before the rise of the Kro Var Emperor, there was no Tribe Justcus. This is because, the Emperor with an agreement made by the several Tribes he had under his control in his War with the Trandoshan Invaders, the Emperor needed a way of controlling the populace's thoughts to cover up the secrets that he and the Tribes had committed to keeping. The result was what is known, as a 'Free Tribe'. It is not affected by Prestige, and cannot be declared war against without declaring war against the whole of the Empire. It is made up of many members, that from birth are given over as Tribute by the Tribes of most Prestige as a thanks to the Emperor, for their prosperity. These Shaper children, from the beginning of their lives, are trained by Priests in the ways of Kro Var. When they become older and more experienced, they take a seat upon the Council of Justcus to discuss the laws of Kro Var, the Blasphemy, and the punishments for infraction, to be submitted and reviewed by the Emperor to approve.


Starting Prestiege Request: This particular Tribe is free from Prestige, and is excluded from partaking in any Tribal activity that provides Prestige.


Notes: Tribe Justcus IS joinable, but not suggested. Though you could be part of Justcus, I would find it very boring and limiting to your role play experience. Additionally, it is unlikely that many others would join this Tribe, and thus you would have an overly extreme sway in a court filled with NPC's. This, I would consider, to be power playing to some extent. But whatever, join if you so wish :D


No Unique members at present.


Last note:


So don't forget to come and Check us out, here!

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This is a very well written notice. Congrats for getting your story out in a clearly understandable way. :)



Guest_Ruye Etarn_*

Guest_Ruye Etarn_*
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Me and the members have been working on this for a long time now. This isn't just my writing, this is a collection of just about every members input and discussion. We've had some pretty great idea's recently and this little Advertizement section is absolutely PERFECT for getting our name out there :)


Recently, we've even got some faction role playing going on again, with a development thread in session to start up our future fleet (should we ever hit it major) and we've finally got training going on in our faction. We've got two amazing members in addition to myself, and they've been a big help. Also, we're planning to follow through with our plans to make friendly with the Witches of Dathomir, by a series of Roleplays designated to negotiations with other factions along the way to build a path between Kro Var and Dathomir. It'll be great stuff :D