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Conquest of Alderaan [One Sith vs Republic]

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Natural sunlight poured into an expansive living room. The interior was an elegant mix of wood and metal. This allowed the light to shine at just the right brightness to help further illuminate the interior without the use of artificial lighting. The decorative ceiling rested what would have normally been two stories above the wooden floor. Several ornate rugs gave the floor some character. The furniture was made of wooden frames with leather cushions. The smell of cured leather almost overpowered the fragrance of exotic plants sparingly distributing around the room.
A woman sat on a wooden chair in front of massive doors that lead out to a balcony. The balcony itself overlooked a wide span of green, rolling hills with ice-capped mountains in the far distance.
Situation far from any other city on Alderaan, this chateau was a highly prized vacation spot for a branch family of House Ulgo. Fallen out of use due to the chaotic times of both Alderaan and the galaxy, one member of House Ulgo still regularly attended to the chateau.
The woman on the chair wore a highly elegant cream-colored dress. It was clear that those of the Alderaanian nobility would be capable of acquiring such attire. The woman sat with her back straight. Her free hanging blonde hair stretched down no further than her shoulders. She had her head turned to almost look out through the windows and scenery behind her. Her angular face remained still and her azure eyes unblinking. Maintaining her pose, the woman did not move an inch.
Further within the room was a young man. He sat on an ottoman as he painted on an easel. The oil-based painting seemed to be mostly complete. The artist was focusing on the details of the woman’s hair. However, the face remained blank - only the tone of the woman’s fair skin had been painted in that spot.
The artist himself was an extremely handsome Alderaanian. His jet black hair, while short, was well maintained. A hint of light continuously shined from its fine strands. His slightly brown complexion was spotless. Despite being a patron of the fine arts, his hands were also extremely firm and his body well shaped. This all might have been due to his privileged heritage, but it would have been impossible without at least some effort on his part in maintaining his image. One interesting feature of the man, despite clearly being Alderaanian nobility, was that he had deep blue eyes.
Just above a fireplace was a massive painting of a woman wearing the same dress as the current model. The woman in the painting also had the same pose as the woman the artist was currently painting. Yet it was clear that the painting had a much older-looking face than the one sitting before the artist.
Mother used to wear that dress all the time,” the artist said as his eyes remained on his work, “You wear it just as she did, Dalia.
Dalia did not give an answer and continued to remain still. Her breaths were shallow in order to prevent herself from moving too much.
As the artist began to put his finishing touches on the hair of his subject, he then told Dalia, “You can find out so much about a person by drawing them.
For a brief moment, the artist brushed the tip of his index finger over the dried paint of Dalia’s arm.
Toned arms,” muttered the artist as he moved his finger to her shoulders.
Freshly cut hair,” he again said under his breath.
The woman’s eyes shifted to the artist. Her head began to slowly turn toward him.
A perfect pose without any sign of tiring,” the artist said.
By that point, Dalia had turned her head fully to the artist. It was at that moment that he looked up from his painting to her. He took several seconds to look at her face.
And a perfect face that masks all emotion,” he then said.
Is that all you found, Siro?” asked Dalia.
After hearing her question, Siro Ulgo smiled and told Dalia, “I found it interesting how much you looked like mother.
Then, Siro looked toward the painting above the fireplace and mused, “There was another I saw that seemed just like her. Daella Apparine.
Turning back to Dalia, Siro asked, “Have you heard of her?
Dalia did not answer the question. After a few seconds of silence, Siro then said, “I’ve always found her to be beautiful. Her voice… it’s captivating. When I first saw you at the ball, I thought you were her in the flesh.
After hearing that, Dalia looked to the side for a second. Then, she looked to Siro with a faint smile and asked him, “What if I was?
That would be perfect, in more ways than one,” exclaimed Siro.
Then, Siro paused for a few moments. The wheels in his head turned as he looked to his drawing once more.
Her help would be great,” he said with disappointment in his voice.
Rianna Organa,” he then added, “Many support her claim to the throne.
Upon setting down his brush, Siro curled his fists into a ball, “Yet Alyesa threatens to steal it.
What Siro spoke of was how Rianna Ordo had been gaining support for the throne of Alderaan. Yet, @Alyesa Praxon Organa now represented the planet as its Senator and was in a position to eventually take the throne.  
She’ll use the power of the Republic to get her way,” claimed Siro. Rage began to gnaw at his heart.
She’ll violate the sanctity of the throne and take away Alderaan’s privilege to choose,” he continued, “And now the stability that Rianna will provide is fading away.
Then, Siro looked to Dalia with a distressed face and told her, “Alderaan needs to secure its right to choose its leader without the Republic meddling with it.”
Mother always told me how the Republic would one day take away our right to choose our leaders,” he said.
To observers, it would have been clear that Siro believed wholeheartedly in the idea that Rianna deserved the throne more than Alyesa. Whether such a belief would have been supported by Rianna herself or not was unknown at the time. Yet, it seemed as if Siro was not concerned about hearing the truth.
I know Daella can help free us from the tyranny of the Republic,” madly claimed Siro.
Silence fell between the two. Dalia glared at Siro. The man leaned forward on his chair. With the look on his face, it almost seemed as if he would start begging for Dalia’s help in his mad goal. Dalia slowly rose from the chair and stood up before Siro.
I can help,” claimed Dalia as her voice grew shaper and deeper and her eyes flashed a bright orange, “I will grant you your wish, Siro Ulgo.
Upon hearing those words, a large smile stretched across Siro’s face. From then on out, the two would begin to plan how to take down Alyesa from power - with Dalia ultimately making all the decisions.
Weeks had passed. What seemed like a simple dream of using political power to oust Alyesa soon turned into plans for the One Sith to invade Alderaan. Siro Ulgo became the man that would figuratively open the gates.
On the day that the invasion would begin, Dalia and Siro walked down the streets of Aldera City. It was late in the afternoon. The bright sunlight bounced off the mighty skyscrapers of the city. The streets were still extremely busy as people were beginning to end another stressful day of work.
Instead of a dress, Dalia wore pants and a fairly civilian long-sleeve jacket over a white hoody. Siro himself had similar attire that was meant more for function than style.
Is everything set up?” asked Siro with concern.
Of course,” replied Dalia, “Some of our trusted officers have arrived on planet already due to your help.
Mid-stride, Dalia began to put up her blonde hair into a bun. Siro kept her eyes on her as she did so and asked, “Has Rianna been informed of our plan?
No,” claimed Dalia, “If we had, it was likely that others would soon know. We will soon have messages sent to those of her faction in order to support the new queen… or find us one that is willing.
Siro looked away from Dalia once she had finished putting her hair up into a bun. He looked forward. Over half a mile away was the massive Royal Palace of Alderaan. The battle would soon begin.


Location: Aldera Royal Palace, Aldera City
Objective: Destroy the will of all that oppose the Dark Lord
The sun was setting. A mix of orange and red filled the sky. The streets had been vacated. The One Sith fleet reigned terror down from above. One Sith soldiers and tanks began to pour into Aldera City from dropships. Gunships and starfighters flew around the sky and attack military guns and outposts.
The One Sith had chosen Alderaan as its next target of conquest. The planet was a major source of culture and political power. One of the rising people of the Republic was the current Senator of the planet: Alyesa Praxon-Organa. The Sith sought to eliminate her influence as well as gain a strategic advantage over the Republic.
Just as the attack began, messages were sent to those involved in the politics of Alderaan. It simply said that those that support the Sith would be granted positions of power on Alderaan and good fortune within the One Sith’s Empire.
Standing before the mighty Royal Palace, Dalia and Siro looked at a few squad of guards rushing out to ensure the safety of the Royal Palace. From within her jacket, Dalia pulled out a solid black hilt. Her eyes then momentarily flickered to a burning orange color as she ignited the lightsaber’s purple blade.
To see it in person,” began Siro, “It’s amazing.
At that point, several other Sith and soldiers began to gather behind Daella. They were getting ready to storm the palace and eliminate those that would not bow to the Dark Lord.
One of the guards noticed Dalia and instantly recognized her. He yelled out, “It’s Daella Apparine! Shoot to kill!
Immediately, the squads of guards began to lay down a tremendous amount of blaster bolt fire on Daella and her group. Siro was shot in the head and immediately killed. Dalia - or really, Daella - began to deflect blaster bolt fire as the group of Sith and soldiers charged forward to begin their slaughter. Daella did not even glanced at the body of Siro. The crazed man had fulfilled his purpose and had no further use to the Sith Lord.
Fights began to break out all throughout Aldera City. The University of Alderaan was under attack in order for the One Sith to pillage its knowledge. The Aldera Universal Medcenter was targeted by another group of One Sith in order to limit the effectiveness of the Republic's strong healers. Meanwhile, a massive battle in space began.

The battle to come would help decide the fate of the galaxy.


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Aldera Universal Medcenter 
Mantorok Eleena Miho

As the dropships began to fall and as the fleet began to pound away at the Republic Defenses Mierin's own ship cut through the abyss. The Daisya Infiltrator cloaked and hidden within the nothingness zoomed through the Alderaan atmosphere in a matter of moments, it dashed and poured through turbolaser fire. Fluttering through the air completely and entirely unopposed. No one knew they were there, no one could guess that they were heading towards Aldera City.


This was the purpose of the ship, to infiltrate.


Mierin simply sat within the belly of the ship, sitting upon a small comfortable acceleration couch waiting for her ship to reach Aldera. Her face was impassive as always, not changing as the Daisya Infiltrator bucked and turned through the turbolaser fire that drifted towards the Yuuzhan Vong Dropship. They slipped through unnoticed, cutting through the atmosphere in a matter of moments.


As another shift of the vessel occurred Mierin turned to her apprentices, both on board the vessel. Their target was the medical facility, their goal was to either secure, or destroy the place.


To her it was a simple matter, she cared not for the injured within the medical facility, she cared not for the innocents or the civilians trapped within. She wanted to win this world. She wanted to take Alderaan for her own, and she would have it. The Sith Pureblood turned to Mantorok, the massive Chistori apprentice that had learned quickly, if not effectively.


“You will secure the west wing of the Facility.” She said authoritatively before turning to Eleena. “You will secure the east.”


She didn't say where she was going, but she trusted the two apprentices to do the tasks assigned to them.


Mierin would of course remain at the center of the facility, she would take on the brunt of the Republic defenders. She was sure at the medical facility they would find Jedi Healers, men and women who though not combat orientated would still pack quite a bit of bite to them if pressed. She smiled at that, knowing that she would press them into fighting, or dying.


The Daisya shook one more time, and then a green light shone brightly overhead.


Just below the cloaked ship lay the medical facility, the massive sprawling hospital that seemed to stretch unnecessarily out into the city itself. Mierin pressed a button next to the ramp, motioning for her apprentices to join her. The Twi'lek and the Chistori lined up behind her flank, and as the ramp lowered itself Mierin stepped onto it.


After only a few steps Mierin fell from the invisible Ship, landing on the roof of the hospital with an almost silent thud. As soon as the Sith Pureblood landed infantry cannons loosed volleys at her, in an instant a shield of the force formed around her and she raised her off hand. A massive bolt of lightning loosed from her fingers, jumping form cannon to cannon until each was destroyed in a fireball of shrapnel.


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Alder Universal Medcenter

Mantorok could not sit, could not relax.

Already adrenaline coursed through the saurian's system so he stood, growling slightly with each breath. It wasn't as if he could help it, the parasite latched onto his brain held control over all chemical production. It primed him for battle, no, no that's not enough, bigger, it primed him for war.

Joining adrenaline in a maelstrom of blood and emotion was testosterone, bringing aggression to the table. Welcome to rudimentary biology class, now let me tear you limb from limb.

West wing. East wing. All that mattered was blood, and besting that little lekku-headed nonce. How about a little friendly Apprentice competition, no? Is it because I'll crush you? Because I can go easy on the crushing. Maybe some light mauling, some mild demolishing. Maybe a cheeky slam? Wham bam? Thank you, ma'am.


Mantorok's amphistaff sat draped around his shoulders, wrapped once around that thick reptilian neck of his, four clawed hands balled into imposing wrecking balls of fists. Saliva threatened to seep from the corners of his mouth, talk about bloodthirsty. The rage was primed, it was ready but the crux of his learning had involved controlling that rage, harnessing it and using it to become stronger.

He would hold. For now.

Cale Gunderson

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Like lambs to the slaughter, the Alderranian's attempted to run, it was futile. Standing behind the one and only Darth Junra Cale ignited his newest saber. The crimson blade sprung to life and began humming hungrily as Cale began deflecting bolts of blaster fire. "Your orders?" The fallen Jedi questioned flatly, in a voice void of any feeling. The battle was a scene he'd watched play out time and time again, bolts soared in and he hit them back at the correct angle sending them into the shooter' s chest all using his force enhanced reflexes. He'd done this since he was a boy, but when someone waving a different colored glowstick than you entered the fight, then it got interesting.

He wasn't interested in anything less than Alderran's total conquest, on Coruscant there had been resistance after the Sith takeover, that would not be the case here, here it would all be crushed under the boots of the One Sith. With these thoughts in mind the hooded and masked man continued his routine methodically.



Darth Isolda

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OBJECTIVE:  Secure the main city's large archive
The Archives must be secured by the One Sith either partly or entirely intact. The Republic wins by either preventing the One Sith from entering or by destroying the Archives.

LOCATION: Outskirts of Alderaan’s Capital. 
ALLIES:  One Sith
ENEMIES: The Republic and Jedi
Music: Unstoppable 



Today we deliver submission,”  came the calculated coo of Darth Isolda, bedecked in full armor as a distant wind would lift up strands of ebony.  
A fire would burn within her breast.  A fire that would burn bright as tonight.  For today, they would mold and form Alderaan into a seat of the Goddesses power. 
Those One Sith and Vahla with her would be guided by her presence, by her sight.   A smirk would dance upon bright crimson lips as they would twist malicious pleasure.
Head towards the University… what manner of knowledge that has been secured by the Alderaanians shall fall to our hands.” 














One Sith | Ember of Vahl | Armor

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Alexandra marched on the city in silence with a good six hundred war droids in tow behind her. No communications, no nothing, infact they had been walking for several dozen miles to make sure that their arrival would be in just the right time and that it was as she moved with them, her armor sealed and her head turning to look at Darth Tsolan with a saddened expression behind the visor. "Back to the fire then... are you ready Vulps?" She said, making sure to keep it short as they moved through the Alderaanian forest, eyes falling on the ground as she walked. This was her home that came to her now, eyes starring at the floor as the ground passed under her. She needed to hear that this would end fine and she had even programmed the droids to only attacked armed personnel, meaning no one innocent would die in this fight, atleast not from her.



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Enemies: Jedi, ect.

Allies: One Sith

Location: Aboard one of the infantry carriers heading for the royal palace.



"Alderaan, what a beautiful world Master." Darvix began, his eyes studying the Aldera Royal Palace. "That it is, my apprentice." Nexus spoke, many sith stood behind him and hundreds of troops fell in behind him on one of many ships to land on the planet. Nexus was in charge of a relatively small strike team composed of some of the finest soldiers Nexus had previously served with in battles, a company of Sith and his apprentice. His blood boiled inside of him as he urged for battle, the call of war and the rage of the Dark Side called to him. He would kill many Jedi today, and just for them. He'd use his saber, today the Republic would feel the might of Darth Nexus. The landing pad extended at either edge of the hangar bay of the ship, small fighters leaped from the canopy above them. His troops read to enter combat, he could feel that Darvix was nervous, unsteady. He would learn to harden himself in the battle to come or he would fall to the blade. Possibly even his own, but Nexus was sure he had chosen wisely. Darvix would become a hardened Sith today. 


Now, the ship was ready to land. First came the Sith, and next the troops to back them up. Those within the palace and below would see the sky raining red. The Sith, had come. Nexus took a few steps outward as the Sith at his side and his apprentice readied themselves for combat. 


"I will not lie to you, what awaits you are battle hardened soldiers of the Republic. This is their home, they will fight to the last breath for their home. They will show you no mercy! And we? Mercy shall not even enter your mind, you will not hesitate. You will die, you will fight. You will live, Jedi will fall. Sith, will fall. Whether you particularly survive is irrelevant and I cannot promise you your safety. But, there is one thing I can promise you. Tonight! Alderaan will fall! The Republic shall fail, and we will be glorious conquerors ripe for the slaughter!" Nexus ended his speech, the Sith and troopers raising and activating their blades in sequence with the Sith Lord. The Republic was crumbling, they'd fight like caged animals. He knew this, he knew it would be a somewhat hard fought battle. But, that made it ever the more enjoyable. 




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Allies: Republic/Jedi

Enemies: One Sith

Objective: Defend


This was not expected, she had heard the sounds and was now moving, exiting the shuttle while one of the droids struggled with the sled holding her equipment. With war on she had broken down and started carrying it everywhere when the real sounds of battle came. The One Sith had come and now she was rushing kissing the Sigil of Hope and placing it close to her chest while opening the case. The long chain wrapped around and the weight, the hammer and there in the center what she needed. Saki started dressing in the middle of the street and set her saber in the case first.


Then she was standing in the Breaker Armor while securing geltabs, her saber and the utility belt supplies into the many pockets of the Bodo Baas Gunbelt, it was proving more useful and with the armor she slid the casing on her back. Extending the echani Graphite whips to her hands as she held them but could still grab other things. Their range would come in handy for handling sith and the minor protection added by the armor was worth it. She grabbed the Skullthumper and The Accused wrapping the chain around her arm and choking up on it so she could carry it one handed. Her muscles flexing and bulking as physical enhancement let her lift the large weight with her hammer and that made a small impact on the street.


She might be slowly but for the moment she needed power to defend and moved to the stairs to find a place. Somewhere she could stand and protect the Library that some of the soldiers were going after. Saki ran jumping up and dropping the hammer quite literally onto the back of a sith warrior his scream as the heavy hammer shattered his spine and dented the armor loud enough. The weight dropped to the ground as well while she sat down on the weight and the warrior. Her head looking up to see what was around her and the energy of her sigil flaring. She was getting into that place where she wanted to win, needed to win, enjoyed it.


The fight, the drive, the thrill of battle pushed her forward while she spoke standing up and looking at the few soldiers an jedi around her. Her hands came out and she was shouting with the force. "All of you listen, the sith are here, now shore up the entrance and hold this line. We'll have reinforcements soon enough but do not let them come closer understood." The men looked at her and Saki felt strange if only because she would prefer someone else be here issuing orders but can't let them panic while they went to work. Nothing special for defenses yet but damn if she wasn't ready for a fight her mental shields raised in the force and from the sigil under her armor.


Her whips from HK-36 gleaming and ready to upset some when she shocked them and her boots rooted to the earth while she felt it. That thrill and taste of the earth below her, her stance defending something she didn't expect to see broken and every rock, mineral around her a potential weapons. Earth shaping she would have to work on but getting some benefit from it would be useful in the long run while she wondered how long until her saber would have to be activated this battle. Against the sith at Teta it had taken a dogpile, on O'reen it had taken a strong master. Now she had a hammer to talk out their differences.

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OBJECTIVE: DEFEND the main city's medical facilities 


ALLIES:  The Republic 

Enemies:  The One Sith


In the depths of Aldera's Universal MedCenter,  Jedi Knight A'dele Adonnai sat in deep meditation after having spent a session with Aldera's medical staff in healing the sick.  She was still struggling with healing, but with practice came an increase in ability.  There was more to it than that, of course, but that was for another time. 


It was then that an alarm would cry out over head.  Murmurs would rise as confusion would flow. Ice blue eyes would lift amidst a placid expression,  the Jedi allowing the vestiges of her meditation to wane.  Slowly she would rise from her seiza position.  Silent feet would take her to the closest Medical Officer, and she would ask in query. "What is amis?" 

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Before the One Sith would land, before the structures would come under attack...Incom Corporation had prepared. They would detect their ships as they entered the system. It's how things worked, when you had a defense fleet of your own. It's what happened when you knocked on the door of probably one of the most secure palaces in the entire Galaxy. If you didn't get an invite, the doors didn't open. 


The University of Alderaan systems had begun to purge their databases into a core computer which in turn did a dump into multiple piplelines that streamed out terrabytes of data within seconds, all physical material would be begin to be loaded by Royal Guards into shuttles that were designed specifically for an event such as this. It was simple, prevent the One Sith from gaining anything from within the actual University itself besides a hollowed out structure, should they succeed. Anti-Infantry emplacements and anti-air defenses would rise from concealed locations around Aldera Royal Palace. the University and the Medical Center, various locations in the perimeter itself without actually being on the grounds of the specific locations. Wiithin moments they would begin firing upon the invading Sith as well as the Alderaanian Royal Forces. The sound of alarm klaxons and air-raid sirens would fill the air to warn citizens of the incoming danger.


As much of a surprise this would be, the response in turn would be just as a surprise and as impressive. The air would fill with explosions, the bridge leading to the Royal Palace would explode in a rain of debris, shrapnel and dust, thus effectively cutting off the only physical means of entry into the palace itself...considering the palace overlooked a massive cliff and a lake. 


Simple measures that Alyesa herself was engineering, an emergency call was put out to all frequencies on Republic bands. An SOS that would continue to repeat, over and over again. Alyesa Praxon-Organa was there, present on Alderaan. She would send a message to her people in this dark time.


"People of Alderaan, of the Republic, of the Galaxy. The Sith come to our home, a place of peace and mean to destroy us! They come with their ships and weapons of destructon, intent on slaughtering any who stand in their way. I call upon those within the Galaxy who are under the Sith oppression to rise up, fight your oppressors, free yourself from the tyranny of the One Sith. The Sith do not want peace, they want anyone who stands in their way to die by their hand, do not fall for their tricks!" She clenched her fist behind the holo. "For the Republic Soliders, Alderaanian Forces and Jedi who fight today...May the Force be with you and may we merge victorious! FOR THE REPUBLIC!" The message would be broadcast through the Holonet, to include major networks like GNN. It would show the One Sith forces, and various scenes that were being fed to them, courtesy of the Alderaanian News Network. 


The civilians of Alderaan and her cities would begin evacuating and moving to transports in a somewhat chaotic fashion. Alderaan was no longer a stranger to war, this wasn't like the times of old. If the Sith wanted a fight, the Republic would stand up and give them one. 


Darth Mierin

Darth Junra

Calina Djo

Calina Djo
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Aldera Universal Medcenter 

Eleena mirrored her Master's impassive expression. There was more to today than was placed upon the surface, her eyes were fixed on the bulkhead wall flicking only briefly down when Mierin gave her instructions. Mantorock was fidgety, it irked the shadow. She turned her gaze to him and she clicked her tongue in annoyance but kept her opinions to herself. She could see that little glint in his eye, the one that begged for a fight, for competition.


This was why the sith always failed. To focused on besting their allies to be able to handle their enemies. "Yes, Master." she replied, still looking at her fellow acolyte. A smirk formed on her face and she returned her attention to the bulkhead. He was nothing, he knew nothing. Insignificant, not like today, not like this objective. She focused herself pushing the competitive nobody out of her mind. She stepped out after her master, using the force to slow her descent an coming to land lightly on one knee to Mierin's right.


She did not wait for an instruction, she rose ahead of Meirin red saber coming to life as fire began to pepper in their direction. She move moved for the rooftop door lightsaber batting away incoming fire, a telekinetic blast rolling ahead of her to smash open the door.


@Mantorock Darth Mierin

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Darth Banshee

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Location: Medical facility

Alies: The One Sith Order

Enemy: All Those Who Stand Against The True Order Of The Sith


Dragons breath made it`s entry near the republics medical facility, she came in under cover of her stygium cloak. She was carrying a drop pod, using her electromagnetic hull, in total she had nearly a battalion of troops on her. She landed in grass plain near by, the medical facility. She dropped the pod, and as it ground with a bump, sith troops started streaming out of it. The battle had begun, Captain Markus commanded the troops. His job was to secure the ship encase of retreat, and lay down covering fire for any advanced.


After the initial onslaught, Darth Banshee know a sith lord came out to play, she was in full battle armour. She was also using the force to cloak her, she wanted to get inside that medical facility unnoticed. She had the force to aid her in this, and the distraction of a full battalion of troops in the background. Starting to fight the front line of disorganized republic force, they would not be that way for long. Though for know they where caught of guard, and this was a credit to dark lords master plan.


She was making her way to medical facility with one intention, to shut down. So the republic troops would stayed down, and be forced to surrender to the mercy of sith. Unlike the republic and the jedi, the sith could be merciful...




Aeon Caedus

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Aldera Universal Medcenter 


Malphas was glad to have been in the Infiltrator with Darth Mierin. She had given her orders to her Apprentices and he watched as they confirmed and they all jumped.


Clad in his Vonduun Armour he dropped out of the ship, Hydrastaff poking over his shoulder with several lightsabers upon his person. There were several Jedi on the planet who would be able to crush him without his armour or weapons he was certain. So he came prepared, in the form of weapons and armour.


Glancing at Mantorok, the Sith Pureblood leapt out of the ship. He didn't know what the thing was, but he would make sure he could find out. Even as a Sith Knight he was probably dangerously curious. Not dangerous in the form of his curiosity, but dangerous simply because he probably wasn't as cautious as he should be.


I'll make you proud.


He thought to some unknown diety.

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Objective: Alderaan Archives

Location: Outskirts of Alderaan Capital

Allies: Darth Isolda Sylvanan Glass Bottlecap

Enemies: Republic Outer-City Defences


Over the horizon of the plains that led into Alderaan Capital, a thin black line emerged over the tallest hill that over looked the city. This thick black line was composed of an entire regiment of Sith Dragoons, troopers clad in black and red storm trooper armor sat upon their speeder bikes with power lances mounted on the bike's sides. Two columns ran down the back side of the hill with a central aisle of space between them. In this open aisle, a dark warrior wrapped in red sith armor while her dark sith cloak flapped about in the wind. Without helmet her long black straight danced in the wind like a malevolent whip. Stopping by her own bike with the same power lance and her blaster if needed the sith lord known as Darth Hauntruss flung her leg over the side and sat upon her metallic stead.  She turned to survey her dragoon, the Black Lancers. Her golden sith eyes glared at each and every one of them. Her black inked lips cracked into a grin before she below her dark words. 


"My dark dragoons! MY BLACK LANCERS. The time has come, let us ride and like a plague descend upon those doomed to fall by our blades. Take this moment to heart for if one of you does not return with the head of a Republic soldier...




Hauntruss' Black Lancers broke out into a venomous battle-cry. Hauntruss smiled and nodded in approval. She turned to her bike and ignited its engine. That signalled for the rest to begin. The loud roar of a horde of speeder bikes cracked like thunder. Hauntruss spoke into a communicator built into her armor guantlet, "Captain" she called to a commander of an over sized carrier which had brought her to Alderaan, "On my command, when the time is right you will unleash my pet when needed." "Right away my Lady" the commander replied. Hauntruss laughed and then turned to the commanding officer of her Black Lancers. "Commander Sylvanan Glassshe barked, "You will follow my lead. We will break through initial defences and have the orbital bombardment be our cover. Keep to my side and have our companies adjust grouping for incoming artillery fire." Hauntruss then spun around and swung her arm in a gesture to advance. Like a stampeded of wild beasts the speeder bikes thundered down the slopes of the hill and rapidly moved to engage the first ring of defences of the Alderaan City. The charged at an horrifying speed. Sensing other Sith  lords were around she hissed to them through the force. Follow my lead my dark brothers and sisters. The day shall be ours!

Tathra Khaeus

Tathra Khaeus


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Allies: One Sith Bro's

Enemies: Jedi Scum

Objective: Capture/Destroy Palace


As expected, Alderaan had its contingencies. Nexus and the Sith were already dropping hundreds of meters from the sky, the troops were equipped with jetpacks and survival equipment for injuries. The ships however, were not so safe. The anti-air began attacking the ships, of course not all of the Sith or Troops would make it to ground, and even less would make it back up to whatever ship would pick them up. The sky was full with falling troops and Sith, however the infantry carriers were firing back, and frankly the crashing ships were heading right for the palace. The One Sith didn't care if the palace was destroyed, or not. But Nexus was no fool, he was in charge of this attack and was a tactical master and a weathered General, he would turn their contingencies on them. The infantry carriers were no match for the anti-air cannons and all of them began sailing towards the Palace. Now, the palace was a doomed relic and the republic forces around it would be destroyed.



Nexus slammed into the ground, the force rippling from his body in a powerful force wave that sent those around him flying off in several directions. Nexus was quickly surrounded by hundreds, possibly thousands of sith and One Sith troopers and Republic troops and suddenly the battle begun. Blaster fire rained through the air as many Jedi and Sith engaged in the heart of the battle. However, Nexus could feel no powerful force signatures among them. however he would kill as many as possible. 


He was able to crush many with single swings of his unnaturally long blade, he was in the heart of the battle. A massive black form that emphasized the power of the sith. The combined strength of his physical augmentations and the force made his blows crippling upon impact and he was too fast to escape. He cut down Jedi after Jedi foolish enough to engage him in combat, many Jedi and Sith around him fought and fell. This would be a battle to remember for sure. 


Balaya Praelior

Balaya Praelior

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Allies: One Sith

Enemies: Republic/Jedi

Objective: Glitter


"You want to help us." The house that was there starred at the giant of a woman, her small apprentice at her side and stood firm. The sith had come and now it was time to make a choice. "You can aid the Sith or you can fall with the Republic here." The man continued to look at her as she shrugged a little. "I warned you and gave you a chance." Balaya turned and started walking away as she tapped a massassi's shoulder. The blackblades had the order while the grunts and soldiers moved through the house. She stopped and turned for a moment before lashing out with her hand sending the multi headed whip Hydrastaff towards the man pulling him in close onto her talons. "The Zambrano's send their regards."


Then she tossed him down as exited the house the sounds of slaughter came her staff/whip/snake wrapping around her arm while she moved seeing the marching Unseelie with seelie strewn among them. Their force energies all serving a greater purpose while in the distance the medical center loomed. "Master how are we going to destroy it with only soldiers?" A good question but there was more to fighting a war then soldiers, the priests they had brought from Tantorus would serve to raise and augment her own and Darth Hauntruss magics. Then she was hearing it, special from Kaine's castle something they should have brought to Teta.


"Ah Glitter is here." Balaya grabbed her equipment and standing tall in Lady Praeliors Armor with the Dark'chyld saber on her whip and her weapons. She had given Elara a sith Tir Stunner while the hydrawhip on her arm slithered. She had opened her armory and had taken the Force obscuring bracelet she had from auction to hide even her dark presence in the force. The CZ-839 Sonic Carbine over her shoulder with a second rifle along the other one, the BTI-TDL "The Reckoning" with several high yield thermals loaded, several caries breaker grenades ready for her to use opposite her CZ-835 Machine Pistol on her hip while behind her four Warbeast's moved with her and for safety and fun a final piece the AT-HKD1 Hunter Killer Suicide Drone linked to her cybernetics and datapad.


She had come for war and feeling the others on the planet, feelingDarth Acarus, Darth Banshee, Eleena Miho, Mantorok and Darth Mierin the hand of the Dark Lord had her enjoying the odds for now. Darth Vornskr would be pleased and she looked forward to him appearing on the planet to handle the jedi. Perhaps her apprentices would appear Bond, Kiln but she was not worried about them for now. She was walking at a lumber slower then the others but clearly visible and weighted down for nothing she preferred this slow walk it allowed her to channel and chant while holding out her hand. "Glitter unleash your fury and show them the power of the Darkside."

Darth Isolda

Darth Isolda

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Objective: Alderaan Archives  -  Deep in meditation
Location: Outskirts of Alderaan Capital
Allies: Darth Isolda Sylvanan Glass Darth Hauntruss
Enemies: Republic Outer-City Defences  | Alyesa Praxon-Organa



While Darth Hauntruss would send in the hounds,  the Eye of the Dark Lord would simply sink herself into the deep meditation of farsight.  She would be the light to illuminate the One Sith towards their objective,  and in this she would need to focus entirely upon her true strength.  Thus, the woman would be enveloped by the Dark Side of the Force,  allowing herself to focus upon the University Archives of Aldera.


She would require someone to watch over her for what she was about to do,  but this would allow for a first hand glance at just what was going on. Deeper and deeper still,  she would weave that intangible web of the Force round her,  as vague impressions of events happening within the city would bloom within her mind. 


She would focus on these emotions,  allowing that eye to narrow further.  Yesss........ as a vibrant image of Royal Guards directing crates into shuttles appeared within the depths of her mind.  A singular image of a starfighter... amidst a sphere of red.


"They are already attempting to flee... "  would come her voice through the Force over to Darth Hauntruss.  She would plant an image of the types of shuttles that had come to her mind. An exact picture. Incom.  The targets.  


They run like critters in the night.  Bound by fear.  Foolish beings. The Goddess shall prevail... yess.....


Deeper in to her meditation she went, investigating further. 









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Kian Karr

Kian Karr

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Allies: The Republic, @Jedi, Adele Adonai

Enemies: @One Sith

Objective: Defend Medical Facility


Kian Karr's hand was resting on the head of a young boy, a small layer of sweat was forming on his forehead as he delved deeper into the child's mind. Kian, as a telepath, abhorred forcing his way into another's mind, but in this particular instant it had been necessary. The boy had witnessed the murder of his mother and father, and as a result hadn't spoken in weeks. Kian was doing all he could to put the boys shattered psyche back together. Then the alarms rang out. 


Kian withdrew from the sedated boys mind and rose to his feet. Leaving the small medical room, he quickly made his way into one of the main rooms in the lower portion of the facility. It was here he saw Adele Adonai, another Jedi, addressing a medical officer. 


"What is happening?" Kian asked, though in truth he feared he knew the answer.


The One Sith were coming. 



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Location: Medical facilities 

Allies: Republic, Kian Karr, Adele Adonai

Enemies: Not the Republic

Objective: KILL SITH



Alderaan. A planet reborn.


And to the commander of Havoc squad, it was hopefully to be the graveyard of the Sith's ambitions. He pulled the bolt back on his semi-automatic Verpine shattergun, and pointed to the various Republic troopers machine gun and mortar positions to suppress and hopefully hold back the Sith from coming towards his positions. Havoc Squad was with him, and he would make sure that they did their duty well. He checked his gear, and rolled his neck as he stood up. Anti-armor troops were coming soon, they were getting their gear set up. Mortars and machine guns, and snipers were easy enough. He looked around, rolling his neck. No Sith was going to escape unharmed. He slipped on his helmet, the HUD beeping to life. He stepped forward to the forward position. They had several fall back positions, but the fact that they weren't going to fall back, hopefully, meant that they were all for not. 



Doctors, patients, wounded soldiers. Some of the less wounded were picking up rifles and waiting for the Sith. He turned to a soldier who was shaking beside him. He looked at him behind the visor of his helmet, and stood him up."Death is a certainty in life. Do not be afraid to die. Fear only a slow death. But make them fear you. Because Sith and their followers fear death. So I want you-"He removed a small piece of white face paint and began to paint the black part of his armor on his chest. His fingers traced around in circles and dabbed, carefully."To become death."The soldier was dumbfounded in a multitude of ways, but was thankful for the enlightenment and the encouragement. 


Kaiden leveled his rifle, and waited for the Sith to come. 



"For the Republic."


Edric Charr

Edric Charr

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Kian Karr Adele Adonai


Allies: The Republic, @Jedi, Adele Adonai, Kian Karr

Enemies: @One Sith

Objective: Defend Medical Facility


Ellain didnt move far from Kian, having tried to be near the Jedi for a large amount of time as she still got used to the robes and moving around them in a quick movement that she heard all to often. The only weapon she kept on her now was a blaster pistol and a training saber she had recieved before leaving Ossus, it wasn't something she was too good with and as she moved with Kian he approached the other Jedi and she watched and looked around her. 

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