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The Wrong Side of Heaven - Republic Invasion of Alderaan (Knights, Padawans, NFUs only)

- - - - - The Galactic Republic The One Sith

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Serah Oricion

Serah Oricion
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Location: Aldera City

Allies: Republic

Enemies: The Sith.


Yusan whistled as he walked, except he wasn't Yusan. Not for now, no for now he was Memorial and he walked, listening to the sounds of battle as he breathed in. The pain of those he passed were taken from them, as well as the sorrow, fear, and pain, feeding his aura that now was as black as his heart... almost. He held one place in his heart he would not let get corrupted he would not let that one place be corrupted by his hate and anger for the Sith. 


His eyes fell on a few sith troopers as he came down a alley, their weapons opening up but not fast enough as he jumped up and over them before coming down hard and blasting a wave of force energy out around him, sending them into the walls and unconscious then and there. "I should kill them... they are lucky the Sith are my enemy." He looked at one and then turned his head up as he pushed out into the city and looked for just one Sith that he could kill, just one he could make feel his pain, he would make sure they were not in any position to be alive as they are.

Ferian Adair, he came into sight and slowly Memorial came closer to the man and a wide grew behind the mask as he even began to laugh, the two soldies that stood between him and the Sith would be given a single turn of his head, the laugh continuing as his blades came to his hands and he shot forward amd cut them down as they fired off their blasters, not quick enough though as he straightened up and looked at the Sith. "Are you ready to die Sith?" The pain of the two dying men was being sucked up by Yusan as he reveled in the power, tasting it and wanting more, but wanting it to come from the Sith himself. "One, two, three, four.... how many limbs must be shattered before you deserve death?" He let his blades touch the floor, the blades a soft blue, much like his mothers saberstaff still on his belt. "WELL SITH?" 

Metus De'cal

Metus De'cal

    The Fear Monger

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Location: Temple Entrance
Allies: Darth Acarus Nas Vua Aleksandr Idruin Kezeroth Barcu
Enemies: Asher, Ashin Varanin, Hakora Cinthra, and whatever others cross his path.

Objective: Defend the temple.



"Entrance of the Sith Temple. Arm yourself."


Those were the simple words of his master, but even the short message had powerful implications for the Sith apprentice. As Metus swiftly made his way from the inside of the temple towards the entrance, he knew that crossing the threshold would bring him into his very first great battle as a student of the force. This place was worth defending for its secrets and lost treasures, but how many would die in the process? Would he die? Questions like these ran through his mind as the light of the outside greeted him, and he found the sight before him to be just what he imagined.


In the distance ships could be seen landing across the grassy landscape, with both friendly and enemy fire blazing through the air at each other. The grand scale of it all, combined with the fury of the fight before him at the steps of the temple entrance, would have been enough to make the old Metus panic and flee, but the one that had been slowly forged into a weapon with the ways of the Sith only acknowledged the fear and used it to fuel him. As he slowly made his way outside, his weapon in hand but not ignited, Metus turned on his mask and watched his master fight with both admiration and jealousy. When would he be that strong?


Not knowing how his master would take to being interrupted in his fight and if his master called on him Metus would spring to assist, but for now it was more interesting to see how he fought his enemy alone. The fear-monger merely paced about the entrance way, pulling the hood of his dark red robe over hate-filled eyes that scanned the nearby battlefield for opportunities to catch the enemy off guard, while focusing on turning what made him afraid into something that would make him dangerous. This may have been his first major battle, but he would make sure that it was also not his last. 

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Elaine Thul

Elaine Thul

    Duchess Thul

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Location: House Thul

Allies: erm well I guess the one sith

Enemies: well for know the republic, but better not let them know.

Theme: This


She was having morning tiffin, when the republic came to alderaan. Why do they invade during tiffin time, She asked her butler. I don`t think the rest of republic ever got tiffin time my`lady. He replied in a somber voice. Out side her home republic troops, and sith troopers fought for control of the planet. The one she was hoping to claim a high place in nobility in, if house organa did not accept terms with the sith. She rose from the table, and told alfred her butler I guess I will have to help, She did to want to help, she did not like the sith. She was scared of them and their leviathan, and she wanted power. The problem was if the republic won, and with Popo new law. Which stated the she be executed, as she helped the sith, even though it was under duress. 


She rose from her seat and made her way to secret cave, where she got changed into her new armour after getting changed. She made way to the hangar bay, where she boarded a gunship called the hog. Their was a pilot ready in ship, she was going give him orders. Also if the battle turned against the sith she would kill him, and try her luck with the republic. She was not going to leave alderaan, it was her home. 


She took off and left through water fall, it did not half make a din as the water hit the durasteel. Though that was expected, the rest of gunship where deployed to protect her home. While she moved to defend the temple, and show willing to the sith. Though she hoped the republic would recognize her.

Di Mancini

Di Mancini

    Di "Screwball" Mancini

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Location: Near the Temple

Objective: Take the Temple, try not to poodoo pants

Allies: The Galactic Republic

Enemies: Private Rose


Weapon fire erupted all around, but the tank chugged onwards. The repeater blasters sporadically opened fire here and there on the Sith troops, but the cannon remained quiet for the most part. It had only fired once and that had been mainly because Wiittah had sneezed while bouncing around excitedly. The shot had taken out a cluster of Sith soldiers, but Di was still not too happy about it.


"Wiittah, you gotta be more careful, man," he said, using his hands to gesticulate. "You gotta calm down, man. What would you have done if you'd accidentally hit our guys, huh?"


The Jawa simply chattered off a response as it peered through the gunner's scope, searching for targets. Down near the shells, the two Ugnaught brothers seemed to be bickering again, albeit quietly. Di listened to his gunner's response and cocked an eyebrow.


"Look for raw materials later? Nah, man, you can't be doin' that one. We can get stuff off the Sith later, but please don't shoot our guys on accident... or 'accident'. The CO ain't buyin' the misfire story anymore, man."


Before he could continue, a startled shout from Yahraar brought everyone's eyes to their scopes. A puff of smoke from a window denoted a rocket fired. Yahraar yanked the controls, but with a rocket's speed it was little use. A combined scream erupted from the entire crew, making a  cacophony of 'AAHHHHH' noises and a pair of piglike squeals that filled the crew compartment.


The rocket impacted the tank dead center on the hull, right beside the driver's viewport. Di heard the massive CLANG of the thing hitting... but there was no FWAKOOM! No immediate hole in the tank. No flames or smoke floating through the compartment.


Di patted himself down, making sure he was still intact. For a moment, he thought he was dead and didn't know it, but a few seconds of checking himself over told him he wasn't. That, and the spattering of small arms fire hitting the tank here and there told him he was still in a warzone.


He risked popping the hatch and stuck his head and shoulders out to look at the damage. There was a visible dent and scrape on the front armor, but no scorch marks or burns. Di quickly pulled himself back inside the tank and sealed the hatch. He sat for a moment in his chair quietly before speaking.


"We got hit," he started slowly. "... By a dud missile..."


A visible sigh of relief was heard through the entire compartment. Di basked in the feeling for a second or two before asking the question they all wanted to ask.


"So..." he said with slight hesitation. "Anyone else soil themselves?"


Three hands and a fuzzy paw raised in response.


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Location - Inside the temple
Allies - One Sith, Countess of Báthory
Enemies - All Jedi, Corvus Raaf
Objective - Get into the battle


Looking through the scope, I watched as the bullet dropped and moved with the wind. Slamming into her arm instead. I cursed myself for not looking for the wind and thinking of the drop. Regardless I pulled the bolt back letting the casing for the round fly out and land onto the floor. Looking down the scope, I looked to see that some kind of hounds were rushing towards her. trying to attack her from my attack. I could tell that they were being controlled by the vong for their unnatural appearance. Still, I removed my vision from the woman as she would be dealing with them before I moved my sights to a second person. Clearly now able to tell the drop, I adjusted my sights and pulled the trigger again. While I was aiming for the head, right at the bridge of the man's nose, he moved and was shot through and through his neck and hitting a second woman's leg. I then turned quickly and fired another shot at the injured man, as he was looking for me. shooting him in the face as his rifle was aimed in my general direction. 


As I pulled my sniper rifle from the window, I reloaded my weapon as I moved a few rooms over, throwing anything in my way to be not there as I moved to a second window. The bad part about being a sniper, is that you had to change places to avoid being caught. Holding the rifle out I then took aim for another time, and pulled the trigger as the recoil once more slammed into my shoulder sending the round towards another man dressed in armor, slamming into his chest, and flying off of his feet where more of the hounds surrounded him. Tearing him limb from limb. 


Smiling as this may be helping somewhat, I wanted to find a way to get onto the battlefield. To where I could actually use my shotgun, pistol, or sabers. 

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Aeon Caedus

Aeon Caedus

    Lord Phobos

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Temple Entrance

Ashin Varanin Nas Vua


The Yuuzhan Vong got in his way from simply... charging. If the purpose was to aggravate the Sith Knight, he succeeded.


So he waited.


In a moment the Jedi Knight was on the steps moving to him again and in those moments he withdrew a thud bug from one of the two bandoleers in his cloak, at her leg. He wanted to immobize her and move on to the next opponent without expending too much energy.


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Darth Acarus Metus De'cal Kezeroth Barcu Aleksandr Idruin


Four against one, but on|y three were moving.  The fifth, the Vong, was occupied with the Po|ydroxo|.  As Idruin f|ipped over her, Ashin snapped a quick, hard Force-push upward, aiming to throw him away into some nearby wa|| or fight, or just away in genera|.  The f|ip fit what she sensed: A headstrong teenager without experience.  


As she tossed that Force-push upward, she continued up the steps, moving away from wherever he |anded.  Her sabre f|icked out behind her back, catching whatever portion of a strike he managed to enact.  A |ong sidestep put her right up against the charging Gen'Dai, and Acarus' thud bug -- gotta |ove |imited homing weapons -- curved its path to keep tracking Ashin.  Its trajectory wou|d intercept the Gen'Dai's back before it cou|d reach her, not that a thud bug wou|d do much against a being |ike that.  


Ashin met Barcu's immense mometum just as she'd met that of the charging Vong a few seconds ago: Anchored feet and a momentary brick wa|| of a Force shie|d.  For the moment, the Gen'Dai was between her and Acarus.  

Kian Karr

Kian Karr

    Kel Dorable

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Location: Enroute to Temple

Enemies: Countess of Báthory , @One Sith

Allies: Anarya Drast, Veino Garn, Corvus Raaf, @All Jedi


Kian approached Anarya Drast and inclined his head toward her.


"I'm glad to see you Anarya, though I wish it were under better circumstances!" He said, his voice deep but muffled from the anti-ox mask. He wasn't sure of the plan of attack yet, but in battle, it often fell that the plan of attack came to you. As he opened his mouth to speak, Kian felt a nudge in the force from Veino Garn. He seemed alarmed and to be calling for help. Kian wasn't sure what was disturbing him in the woods, but he knew he couldn't ignore the call. 


Turning back toward Anarya, Kian said, "Veino needs help. I'll take some of the troops with me. See if you can rally any other padawans who arrive. You did a great job of mustering the forces on Carida, I have no doubt you'll be just as successful her." Kian said and turned to walk away, but turned back and added, "Of course, hopefully you won't be nearly killed here!" He said, letting his force aura display the good natured humor of his statement. "Be safe." He said and ran off. 


Running forward, Kian headed directly to the closest unit of troops. There were a dozen soldiers standing around offloading a transport shuttle. Kian approached the one who looked like he was giving the orders. "Soldier, we need to get reinforcements there," He said, indicating the general location of Veino on his map, "and they need them now." The soldier watched Kian for a moment, and Kian wasn't sure if he would listen or not. The Jedi no longer held military rank and Kian was aware of his precarious position. After a moment the soldier nodded.


"Yes sir," He said gruffly and turned back toward the soldiers, "everyone back on the transport." The soldier yelled and quickly began rattling off the coordinates to the pilot. Kian filed into the transport behind the soldiers and within moments they were off toward Veino. As they cleared the tree-line Kian saw what worried Veino. There were Sith soldiers and Vong massing in the woods. On top of that, there was a padawan down, being attack by.....Voxyn. Kian's breath caught in his throat. "Damn." He muttered to himself. 


"Bring us in lower!" Kian yelled to the officer, "I want troops on the ground. We need suppressive fire. We have wounded!" Kian yelled so that he could be heard above the chaos around them. 


Before the ship touched down, Kian and most of the soldiers were already leaping off the loading platform. Kian was impressed with the readiness and the skill of the soldiers. They fanned out immediately and began sighting targets. Kian dashed forward toward Veino, a medical soldier following closely behind him. They needed to get the girl onto the transport and out of harms way. Kian's yellow lightsaber sprang to life. They needed more soldiers. Kian wasn't sure how Veino and he were going to handle the Voxyn, but first priority was the girl. 


Kian stretched out and touched his mind to Veino's. I'm here with help was the simple message that Kian conveyed. 



Kian's Lightsaber | Kian's Robes | Kian's Ship: The Shadow | Kian's Starfighter: Storm of Dorin

Kamon Vondiranach

Kamon Vondiranach

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Location: Space/Alderaan

Allies: Wraith Squadron/Republic

Enemies: One Sith

Objective: Take it to the Sith!


They met little resistance, but that was largely because they weren't seen. The benefits of flying a fighter meant to go unnoticed until it made itself noticed. They'd arrived ahead of any other major Republic fleet, but that was by design. They were to break through and provide close air support before anything else. As it was, they got almost right up on top of the sith defensive force before anything even got close to spotting them. She grinned at that. Good job, Wraiths.


All fighters, attack. Hit them hard and then punch through to the planet. Provide close air support on the ground or land and engage enemy forces. Show them what happens when they face the Wraiths.


She lit up an enemy fighter that was moving along in front of her, oblivious to the fact that a foe was right near them. It shattered in a cloud of debris and she punched through, bearing down on an enemy frigate. She loosed a torpedo at it before strafing past and breaching the atmosphere. She was going to get down to the ground, land, and see to it that the enemy was summarily destroyed.


If you stay in the air let me know. Focus fire on the enemy's anti-tank and anti-air positions, but don't be rash. Fighters aren't cheap.


Harkin Kane Tugoro Taidarious Kyla Verss Oka Osaa




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Temple Entrance

Allies: Darth Acarus Metus De'cal Nas Vua

Enemies: Ashin Varanin

Objective: Rampage....


Kezeroth felt a thud against his back and tilted his head, The Thud bug hit him but it didnt do much other then make Kezeroth little more mad. Kezeroth watched Ashin Varanin close, though Kezeroth's close eye was interrupted when he instantly started having flashbacks and Visions of his Sith Torture and Visions of his Clone. Kezeroth slowed down slightly, but not too much. The painful memories caused Kezeroth to embrace the Darkside more so, Through Dark Rage. Kezeroths eyes turned red, almost glowing, His Speed increased, His Ferocity and Might.


Kezeroth did not seem to do much damage against Ashin Varanin because of The Force Shield. Kezeroth let out a roar and engaged her useing Juyo so he could be it all last. The Gen'Dai twirled his Light-Pike around his body and gave a serious of strikes at Ashin Varanin's Torso region attempting to disable her and subject her to a slow death. 


" Die Jedi! Aarrraggghhh!" 

Darth Vaildra

Darth Vaildra

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Ferian Adair

Ferian Adair

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LOCATION: Temple Entrance

ALLIES: One Sith

ENEMIES: Memorial


It never took long... and invariably he received what he desired, but the manner of this boy yelling at him caused a sneer to ripple across his face, a growl burning in his throat, as he considered the pitiful scrap that this battle had seen fit to dump at his feet. The ice of his eyes travelled slowly down the form that stood before him and the glow of the weapons in his hands before finally coming to rest on the face of the boy. Only then did he speak, the growl in his throat filtering forth into a voice that held an odd, unsettling tone, as if not only one voice spoke, but two - Man and Beast, irrevocably intertwined.


// TELL ME, BOY…”// he oozed in such a way that made skin crawl, edging closer to Memorial by a short pace, // ...what it is that you think you are, for all I see before me is a pitiful, posturing fool. //


But he did not move any closer, leaving eight metres of distance between himself and his would-be attacker. One hilt called to the hand at his left, while the right arm rose.


// Think you a killer?// he queried, jabbing the index finger of his right hand at his opponent, as the corners of his mouth drove downward in utter disgust.


// Prove yourself…” // he ground out, the pointing hand flipping over, now beckoning the boy forth, as the other hand thumbed an activation switch, a deep orange blade spilling forth from the emitter, casting a clashing glow across the millennial K'paur. This was not the first time that an upstart youth had made the error of confronting him, nor would it be the last, he was certain. His words came snapping out, as if marking this boy as foul, and beneath him. // “…come and earn my death, if you dare. //

Oka Osaa

Oka Osaa
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Analyzing the battlefield after their big airstrike, Oka saw Niamh Raste land. He followed her since he wanted some action on land anyways. "Landing" Oka informed. As he landed, he asked straight away, "What's the next plan commander?" Hoping she wouldn't mind him calling her that. Days at this planet just got darker and darker it seemed. But he was determined they would grab their planet back.

@Wraith Squad

Nas Vua

Nas Vua
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Temple entrance


Nas laughed loudly when the puny human spoke.  He claimed to be here to free the planet.  What a joke.  


"The people here are free under us, the only thing you are here to do is claim more territory and bring death.  Be warned, jedi, for when you seek death you might just find it!"


With this, he swiped at the man in a scissor motion, which wouldn't be able to be blocked by a single lightsaber.  The blow was aimed to bisect the man at the waist.  As he did this, the fire spitters on his forearms shot horizontal flames.  The effect would be almost certain injury or death to the padawan.



Camellia Swift

Camellia Swift


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Location: Space/Alderaan, City Outskirts Temple Oriented Objective

Allies: Wraith Squadron/Republic

Enemies: One Sith

Objective: BREAK THROUGH!!!


The small trio of Rendili Warships exited hyperspace in a sudden blink of existence, and then began immediately barreling in toward the planet guns blazing. The Heavy Turbolasers and Ion Cannons of the Hammerhead Refits hammered away at the One Sith vessels hanging above Alderaan's orbit safely out of the pull of the gravity well. There was really only a few ways to break through a blockade, thankfully a light one such as this was provided more options, but there were fewer still when one needed to get down quickly with ships as large as the ones Camellia Swift was intending to have land. She fully intended to deposit as many of the Rendili Defense Force soldiers she could to aid the main Republic Unit already on the ground, and provide a safe drawback area for the wounded to be evacuated to.


To do that they needed to break through the line of Sith ships barring descent.


Lights streaked across the darkness of space as ships of various navies clashed, missile trails followed after their explosive sources as they struck their targets or were shot down by all manner of point defense emplacements on ships left and right. Statuses were called out, reported, shouted, desperate, alarming, calm, collected. It was battle. It was conflict. It was war. It was exactly the job Camellia remembered signing up for. This was what she expected when she had chosen to enlist in the defense of her homeworld and the Republic it participated in. The only strange thing was that her presence on this battlefield was not in defense of Rendili, but to liberate a world that meant little to her personally, to bring a Medical Facility right to the soldiers in the thick of it to save as many lives as possible who were not from the same planet as herself, to risk her life and those under her command for the lives of those who likely would not have likened Rendili to much.


But she was more than happy to be there as her ship bucked and shuddered beneath concentrated fire. This was the first true battlefield she had been on, and this was a more than sufficient way to make her first impression on it. Picking the furthest flank where the defenses were lightest acting as pickets while the majority of the Sith ships focused around defending the majority of the world from Republic warships pressing the invasion. It was still dangerous to attempt to close the distance while still being outnumbered, but their goal was not defeating the enemy ships but getting past them. "Keep firing! I want to see them move or else we're shoving them down planetside with us!" 


Their fighter squadrons had launched as soon as they had barreled toward the enemy fleet, the F-18 Pillars swung about the Shield Medical Frigate and Hammerheads, deploying their chaff screens to add to the counter measures for the missile barrages that were targeted at the Rendili vessels. Rendili Starfighters dove ahead, laser cannons flashing as they blasted away at One Sith squadrons that had launched to intercept them. Torpedos flashed and ion cannons blurred as shots continued to be exchanged, the distance between the Rendili Fleet and the Sith picket line shrinking with each passing second with neither budging. . . . . until a Sith frigate plunged to its side as a torpedo broke through its defenses undaunted.


The source: A lone stealth fighter that had been making its own approach to the planet and decided to take a potshot.


And right now Camellia knew of only one squadron running Stealth Fighters for the Republic at the moment. "Well blow that bastard apart and go through before they fill the gap! We're not sticking around up here to keep up an engagement with these bumpkins! Our objective is down below people!" All fire from the Hammerhead Cruiser's forward guns turning onto the damaged Sith frigate, the bridge crew of Camellia's ship burst into cheers as several boisterous explosions took the place of what was once the enemy barring their path. "Leave the others our parting gift!" As the trio of Rendili Frigates passed through the gap their broadsides opened up on all enemy vessels, their shields near broken, several scorch marks dotting their hulls from missiles that had impacted on the surface, but nonetheless intact and still pushing on strong as their surviving fighter squadrons followed, launching torpedos at the enemy in passing, the Medical Frigate taking the lead as the herald for their approach planetside.


Their target zone, just on the edge outside of the city nearest the Temple. They would be lending their support after setting up a staging area there for their forces and a fall back for the Republic wounded. They would have to travel longer on foot but there wasn't much else to land without blasting away bits of the city's infrastructure to make room, and they weren't in the business of doing that. Still, the RHDF wasn't opposed to return fire after pinpointing any AA emplacements that tried to have any effect on them or had the bright idea to shoot at the remaining fighters and the dropships deploying from the Medical Frigate. 


A call would then be put out on the Republic channels to make the announcement to the rest of the forces fighting the sith. "This is Captain Swift of the Rendili Home Defense Force, we've broken the enemy blockade and are setting up shop outside the city limits. We'll be deploying forces shortly and dispatching them toward the temple where we've confirmed reported fighting. We've established a fallback position here for the wounded with our Medical Frigate holding above the ground. Respond to the frequency we'll be broadcasting in a moment to organize dispatches for evac of injured at your positions and RHDF squads will move to bring them back here and shuttle them to our facilities. . . . .Oh! And to Wraith Squadron if they have these channels open, thanks for the save. If whoever took that shot at the frigate makes it through this I will personally send you a thank you present."


Force Composition to make sense:

Myra Elspeth

Myra Elspeth

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LOCATION: Temple Entrance
ALLIES: One Sith | Aleksandr Idruin | Kezeroth Barcu | Nas Vua | Darth Acarus | Nickolas Imura
ENEMIES: Corvus Raaf  Tugoro Taidarious  Veino GarnKian Karr 



 He shrugged the rifle around to rest it on the handlebars of the speeder. He squeezed the trigger on both the rifle and speeder, spraying the area above the Padawan with laser fire, and then arcing it around towards the group of Sith and Vong. 


Fear knotted itself in his stomach, and he tried to soothe it away. It lessened, but still remained. He let it float to the back of his mind, and sent the speeder forward towards them again, weaving between the trees and shrubs, aiming for the second Voxyn, and unleashed all the blaster bolts he could manage. 





Quickly pointing his finger at the injured padawan, Flint ordered his squadron of troops to go help aid the Jedi in combat, and to help treat the injured. Blaster rifles firing, Flint's group of a dozen Republic troops began running towards the bunch. They had bacta patches with them, that could help treat injuries.





Before the ship touched down, Kian and most of the soldiers were already leaping off the loading platform. Kian was impressed with the readiness and the skill of the soldiers. They fanned out immediately and began sighting targets. 




Blood would continue to leak out of the Voxyn, as its blood turned into a neurotoxin smoke with the scent of ammonia,  that would have a detrimental effect on humanoid lungs that could potentially take over a day to fully heal.  Taking a stab at the Voxyn to kill them was a threat in itself,  as the ammonia like smoke could potentially harm them as the gas would settle in a small cloud around them.  


Here's to hoping they are upwind and the breeze doesn't shift. 


There were still ten other Voxyn out there -- Four would split off to the new arrivals, focusing on the force sensitives.  What manner of squads were coming in would soon face Yuuzhan Vong Slayers. The Slayers were muscular, dark-skinned males, short and stocky by Yuuzhan Vong standards, clad typically only in traditional waist-wraps, and bearing insignia of caste and elevation appropriate to both priests and warriors. 


That first shot from @Veino Gam was not so lucky on the Voxyn,  as it was denied it's pounce as his original target went flying back. A snarl would burst forth, as more Force Signatures would bloom within its senses.  A feral gleam came into it's eye as it would suddenly start charging at Veino's direction,  haunches ready to leap as acid like salvia would jet from it's mouth towards Veino's torso. 


Another squad brought by a drop of shuttles and lead by @Kian Korr would come into the mix, and with this many Force Sensitives, the Voxyn went wild --- and began to attack everything. 


Two would split off to dart over towards the Kel-Dor, the first would come to try and blast him with a sonic blast from it's snout,  while the other began to move to try and pounce, again from behind. It was a pack mentality. 


Meanwhile, one voxyn lifted its snout as it picked up on Cyrena's Force Signature as she attempted to find Tugoro Taidarious ...


She would slowly start to move closer and closer... tracking her prey. 

Warok the Defiler

Warok the Defiler

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Location: Temple Steps

Enemy: Ashin Varanin
Allies: Darth Acarus Kezeroth Barcu Metus De'cal


The Force Push slammed into his feet, hurling him directly up. He fumbled for a moment before regaining his sense of trajectory - those who practiced Ataru were rarely out of their element when tumbling through the air. He landed lightly on the steps behind her. Her blade met his in a bright flash and he grimaced in irritation as a hulking gen'dai stepped forward. The gross mass of flesh attempted to beat the woman into submission with a series of powerful blows toward her front. 


Idruin would not let this oaf wrest his laurels away. 


Extending his left palm toward the woman's back, he shaped the Force in a way as instinctive to him as breathing and loosed a stream of flames. His savage eyes reflected the heat and ferocity of the crackling torrent. He did not care if the fire swept past to the Gen'dai. He was armored. The woman was not.


What's more, her shield would be a double-edged sword, both protecting her from the incoming blows to her front, but also containing the flames and sweeping them back toward her. If she shifted the shield around to block his flames, she would suffer injury from the brutal onslaught of the gen'dai. If she kept it where it was, she would be consumed. 



Serah Oricion

Serah Oricion
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Location: Temple Entrance

Allies: The Republic

Enemies: The Sith Ferian Adair


Memorial screamed out as he shot forward, letting his rage flow into a blow as he moved both hands to the one saber, after having deposited the other to his belt. His strike would both use hands as he brought it down with every bit of strength in him and every bit of hatred in him. He was nothing more than a creature full of hate and rage, nothing left of Yusan at the moment and his emotions having consumed him. "ILL KILL YOU ALL." He said behind his mask, trying to push down and cleave into the Sith, one thought on his mind, Kill.


His form lacked any fluidity, relying purely on strength and hate now, but even without that fluidity he still drew on all the pain, fear, hate, rage, anger, and dark emotion in him and around him, feeding on it and thinking it would let him crush this one infront of him. Thinking no sith, master or acolyte, could stand in his way and only the absolute annihilation of the Sith so that he can save her, if they all died he reasoned there would be no one to stop him. And with that thought his will and very being was committed to that mission.

Braith Achlys

Braith Achlys


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Location: Academy Entrance

Allies: Ferian Adair | One Sith

Enemies: Memorial


Lurking some meters behind Ferian Adair, Silara had been leaning against the wall of the Academy, her lithe body hunched over slightly as she silently fidgeted with the hilt of her saber at her hip with a dark hood drawn over her head that obscured her green and hazel eyes, when the loud and obnoxious Memorial had decided to shout out to Ferian, breaking her calm and sparking a silent anger within her. She did not speak a word, but rather pushed herself silently off of the wall and kept her head bowed down, as if looking down, as the fingers of her right hand curled around the hilt of her saber, not yet drawing it fully. Closing her eyes and shutting out the obstacles in her mind, she opened herself to the force and felt around her through the use of the sensory abilities of the force to keep a better eye on those around her, more importantly that of Memorial in relation to Ferian Adair. It was her intention to aid the Sith Acolyte were he to be put in a precarious situation, or to remain isolated if it appeared he did not require her assistance.


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Location: Inside the temple

Allies: Nickolas Imura l One Sith

Enemies: Pub Fethers and their Jedi friends

Objective: Grab my gear and get to fightin'


I saw Sith Knight Imura leap out his door, rifle in hand, aiming for a couple Pubs that were close together. In the last couple minutes, the whole lower floor had gone straight to hell. There were freaking Jedi and Republic troops everywhere. I ran to my room, scooped up my chainsaw, the 'Big Red', and began to put my armor on. It'd take a few minutes, but it would more likely than not end up saving my life.