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Quietus Desdemona Shamalain Onderon Beast Riders

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NAME: Quietus
Birthname: Desdemona Shamalain, Lady Dionea
FACTION: Not affiliated.
RANK: Force Master
SPECIES: Purified Garhan Halfling
AGE: 667
GENDER: A girly thing.
HEIGHT: 5'8''
WEIGHT: 175lbs
EYES: Jadeish-blueish-greenish-hueish
HAIR: Blond, long, often braided and unruly
SKIN: Bronzey, covered in natural tribal tattoos and scars galore.

Quietus is a woman of solid yet unassuming build. Her frame is held together by sinuous brawn harboring a strength that often puts those twice her size in the mud. She's scrappy, savage and wild, preferring to keep her hair long and untamed. Having spent the majority of her life growing up in the jungles of Onderon within the native tribes, her skin is far darker than much of her Darkside kindred and adorned with the tribal tattoos that tell the tales of her life accomplishments in subtle, natural brown just slightly darker than her own skintone. She wears her life on her sleeves so to say and bares many scars from her trials. Her left shoulder blade houses one of the only visible ties to the Darkside she has: the Mark of Darkness - a tree of life emblem from the days of yore at the Dark Sith Order that was burned into the flesh upon passing her Knighthood trials. Quietus has round, expressive eyes that tend to change color depending on her mood and surroundings. Having never been particularly skilled or concerned at hiding her emotions, she can catch people off guard with them in her expressions.

FORCE SENSITIVE: Is bacon necessary for breakfast?


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
The Garhan heritage gives Quietus innate enhanced physical strength, speed, stamina, senses and longevity, though unlike the purebloods she does not suffer from photosensitivity. She does have enhanced healing abilities though it is not as quick as a purebloods and when wounded her bloodlust becomes quite strong and difficult to control. Drinking blood will boost her healing capabilities.

Her Zeltron heritage does not shine through nearly as strong. Quietus does not possess heightened control of her pheromones, though this could be due in part to never practicing the skill. The Zeltron blood does provide her with immunity to the photosensitivity and is perhaps why she is able to tan so easily. Though she may not practice the art of physical seduction it goes on record to say that men find her curiously attractive even if she's not trying to be. It is unknown if the Zeltron blood gives her heightened Empathic abilities, as that particular skill runs in the family anyways, but Quietus is quite a skilled empath.

Quietus' had all the potential in the world to become a powerful sorceress but chose instead to lead a life of adventure and trouble-making. She has a particularly keen sense for hunting and tracking and is a perfected Beast Master. Her street-smarts, sense of direction, survivalist knowledge and lack of fear allow her to thrive most anywhere and to survive through and live in the most horrid of events and conditions. This is not to say she did not excel in areas pertaining to use of the Force - in fact she's quite skilled at physical and some elemental manipulations after so many years to practice.

Not being overly fond of technology, Quietus is a bit inept at things scientific and techy. She doesn't understand it and doesn't care to - which leads her to avoid it as much as possible. Her ability to fly ships is highly limited to her own, speeders, swoop bikes, and other general transportation that a normal person might learn to fly/pilot. Quietus makes up for this with her skill at using meelee weapons such as daggers, bow and arrow, swords and other various blades, and of course a lightsaber. Her instincts and hyper-senses allow her to react to combat situations quickly and precisely.

A lack of fear of anything makes her both a highly formidable opponent and a loose cannon to her allies. Quietus is headstrong and strong-willed. She dislikes doing things that don't benefit herself in some way and will generally blow-off authority that she does not agree with. Though in heryouth she sought out the opportunity to stir up trouble with others, she now tends to keep to herself. The years of isolation from others and the devastation to her way of life by the Gulag Virus have made her emotionally volatile and at times unpredictable.

Quietus is the last remaining descendant of Lady Silencia that is affected by the Curse of Silence and therefore cannot verbally communicate. She relies almost entirely upon Force Telepathy to speak to others but due in part to the curse it limits even this form of speech. The power of her empathy is nearly always too much for NFUs to handle and the results of Quietus attempting to communicate with them mentally can be awful: instantaneous nausea, vomiting, migraines, pain, black outs, memory loss, and on the very, very rare occasion death. How her telepathy affects others depends entirely upon their own mental strength. Because of how much the effects can vary, Quietus generally refuses to speak with NFUs and will instead use sign language or written word.

Having fought her way to the top of the Beast Rider tribes, Quietus has extensive leadership experience and skills. She garners the respect of those beneath her by proving her worth and has never turned down a challenge to her position. She spent many years on the Sith Council as a leader as well, heading the Pillar of Knowledge and governing the planet of Onderon. Unfortunately these skills only extend so far as her own personal concern does. She can be quite apathetic about anything that is not directly involving or related to her and where the remainder of the galaxy stands she often poses a strong neutral position. She is quite world-weary and dispassionate - getting her behind a cause can be quite the challenge but once you have her committed she will see it through to the end.

Quietus' free spirit nature also makes her a wild card. She has been known to pick up and leave on a whim and without any fair warning to others. In this way she can be rather unpredictable and unreliable (therein again, however, if she is committed to something she is the exact opposite) and even perhaps a bit untrustworthy.

Quietus does not lie and while she may perhaps not speak her mind freely or voice her opinion on all matters openly, she will always give a straight-forward answer to any question prompted at her. Her reactive nature, however, may cause others to stay their curiosities. As just with an honest answer, Quietus will give a prompt and honest response physically as well. Broken noses (not her own) are common when one stays in her company for extended periods of time.




The Blackthorne. A heavily modified SoroSuub Horizon-class Star Yacht similar in make to the Jade Shadow.

As described to Xander Starkiller over lunch one day:

"My father, Darth Morriir, was never really around much when I was little, and my mother - you knew her, she gestured to the man with the now-lit cigarette before placing it between her lips for a drag, Cerusia Starkiller...well, Shamalain, but that's an entirely different story. Anyways, my mother was the Head Archivist of the Sith at the time. We lived in my father's condominium on Coruscant while he was Governor and she managed the Coruscanti Archives. So -way back when- I was an unruly little cretin and I drove my dear mother crazy, so she came up with a plan to dump me on Onderon with the Beast Tribes. Later on I found out that my grandmother orchestrated that entire thing, can you believe it.

It wasn't a question. Not even a rhetorical one. More like her own way of telling herself how stupid it was to take so long to figure that one out. Of course Silencia plotted the entire thing out, the woman practically controlled everything in her day. Despite the fact that it was no longer an issue, the thought of it still left a bad taste in her mouth. Quietus picked her drink back up and wet her lips with it, looking thoughtful as she tried to recall her train of thought. So...right, barely ten years old I was shipped off to Onderon to live in the Jungles. I grew up in the Stone River Clan under the care of a woman named Silverclaw. I trained with the other tribe children, learned how to survive the jungles, how to care for myself, how to fight, how to kill, how to hunt and cook, eventually I learned how to tame and ride their beasts, too. I hated it there. I hated it so much for the longest time. I had no friends, the other children didn't like me because of my Force abilities. I don't know that they fear my power so much as they feared the power I didn't have control of. I can't use my telepathy with people who are not Force sensitive, you see. I'm not sure why...I always thought it was a side effect of something I simply couldn't grasp at the time, but even now I can't do it. It hurts them, without any effort of my own. Makes them ill, crazy. It's awful really, because I always had so much to say and no one to say it to. The woman batted her brows at Xander in a hint of amusement. So I spent several years being generally angry with everything. The Chieftain named me Blackthorne because I brought him so much grief and trouble.

So, she began again, still shredding the roll with great articulation of her long, slender fingers, I'm on Onderon, right? And I hate myself and every other living creature on it. At that point in time I would have been happy to be anywhere else but there. I actually tried running off a few times, but apparently someone the size of a smallfry is easy pickings for even an adolescent drexl or skreev. That's where this came from- she lifted her right arm and showed to Xander a rather large, jagged scar that etched its way almost entirely around herupper arm. By the looks of it she was lucky to even have her arm, let alone function of it. Right before I turned fourteen I was picked up by a man named Daritha who you are more likely to know by the name of Korran Halcyon. He had placed himself as some sort of Messiah to these tribes people and by sheer dumb luck discovered me during one of his visits. He took me in and gave me a new home at his Citadel with the rest of his family just outside of Iziz, trained me and later on fully adopted me into it, which came as a very unpleasant surprise to my mother when she found out several years later.

By now she had finished her cigarette and struck up another. The woman–smiling whimsically as she brought the memory of her mother's reaction to mind–shook gently with inaudible laughter. Seven hells, what a mess that was. Anyways, there came a point when I left Onderon while Apprenticing with Daritha and we ended up back on Korriban during what the history books call today the Elimination War began by tea-sipping Darth Monnik and his compatriot Sophie Maurow against my warmongering father and his equally mongrel friends. I don't recall much of what happened except the fact that my father was quite flustered with my current situation. So I passed from one father back to the other and spent a few years on Korriban being told how utterly pathetic I was. My father's way of rectifying all the years lost with me was by inflicting as much physical and emotional pain upon me as he could in the shortest amount of time he could muster.

It's actually sort of a strange thing... my skin bares more scars from that short time spent with him than from all the years I've lived on Onderon wrangling the beasts.

I'm surprised you didn't kill him.

Why, to prove something? What would it prove? That I'm just as bad as he is? You know there's an old saying out there that goes something like 'an eye for an eye and the whole world goes blind.'

Ashing her cigarette in the tray, Quietus looked up as a fresh drink made it's way to her and just at the right time too. She picked it up and sipped, leaning the elbow of the same arm that held the glass onto the table. Cigarette held between her forefingers she tipped it towards her Uncle with a frown of small disappointment, I would think someone like you would understand that. But I suppose I don't really know you at all, do I? Her brow knit in consternation, lips pursing slightly as she took another drag, this time the flavor coming slightly sour. Let me finish answering your first question before I answer that one.

Where was I... Korriban,
inhaling deeply she straightened herself just a bit and took a moment to ponder how to begin. If there's a planet that I hate more today than how much I hated Onderon when I was younger, it's Korriban. It's the sand, I frakking hate it. Gets everywhere and it's just so damn unpleasant. I think after spending all those months training with my father out in the desert wastes I slowly began to realize that Onderon really wasn't as bad as I thought. Onderon might be hot and humid as hell in the summers, but I will take a mouthful of mud over sand after being knocked down in a training session any day.

The woman rolled her eyes, lips twisting in a look of disgust, Uff, sand... and then heaved a long sigh, so at some point my mother caught my father cheating on him. Needless to say my father in his embarrassment at being verbally owned by a woman who had never passed her Knightood trials disappeared during the construction of the new Temple that stands today as the Council's headquarters. So my mother was forced to find me a new Master while Daritha ran off with my grandmother to marry her..

...Are you following this? she thought to herself, a smile spreading over her face as she gave Xander a taste of the family history he likely never knew about.

My mother arranged for me to live with Masters Razielle and Vega VanDerveld and learn with them until such a time that they either could no longer stand me or perhaps the other way around. It actually worked out quite well. They had a son named Devin who was just a bit older than me, he and I hit it off pretty well and I spent almost two years with them. When I wasn't being tutored by Lady Razielle I was out making the most of Korriban and exploring all the old catacombs and tunnels with Devin. He and I spent a good deal of time adventuring our way through old tombs and tunnels, collecting trinkets and stashing them in an old smugglers quarry I discovered along Beggar's Canyon. Those are probably the best memories I have of my childhood. I found out much, much later on that my mother had actually negotiated my betrothal to Devin VanDerveld. Obviously this never came to pass and to this day I haven't a clue what happened to the kid, but you know I probably could have been happy with that arrangement. Devin was a good kid and I liked him. He got a little strange after a war on Coruscant, something about a Sith Master Sidian, but I never got the full story. A shame...the entire family seems to have just disappeared.

Devin passed his Knighting trials and left to get his own Apprentice. After that my father reappeared and decided to give me one last go. He wanted to have the honor of taking me to Knighthood himself. Quietus frowned, stamping out her cigarette in the plate full of tiny bread pieces. I don't actually have much recollection of that period of my life. I crashed my ship about a year ago and since then my memory has been a bit funny. I know that I think I was seeing someone. Some guy who I spent quite a large amount of time with in secret because my father forbade me any distractions. I do remember that when he did eventually find out, he tasked me to kill the boy as my Knighthood trial. I didn't. At least...I don't think I did...I'm sure that I'd at the very least remember doing that. I really just...

Her frown returned as she kneaded at her head with her free hand, just can't remember. I know I passed and I know that once I passed I decided it was time to get the hell off of Korriban for good. I didn't want to go back to Coruscant to live with my mother, so I went back to the only other place I'd ever considered home. I went back to Onderon. Daritha wasn't at his Citadel like I expected, at the time I wasn't aware he had been outcasted by the Sith. He was off living on Honoghr with my grandmother. They'd had a daughter and I guess he was hiding out, enjoying a simpler life for a while. Anyways, I went out into the jungles to search for him and when I got to my old Tribe something happened that I would never have expected. They welcomed me back with open arms and gave me a home. They wanted me there, they looked to me for guidance as the protege' of their Messiah. So I stayed and I made those trees my permanent home and when I was Mastered by the Council for my savage feats of strength, fearless resolve and unmatched battle prowess...I was then given access to all the things I needed to bring Onderon and it's people to their greater calling.

And that, Uncle, is why I chose Onderon.

She grinned at her perfect timing; just after she finished, their food arrived."


Following her rise to Masterhood Quietus was called away by her grandmother, Lady Silencia, for a pilgrimage to their ancestors' homeland. There she spent several years learning the history of her people and taming her wild demeanor under the tempered tutelage of her bloodkin. Her return to the galaxy at large was quite destructive: she crash landed her ship on Dromund Kaas where she was taken in and nursed back to health by a man known as Darth Cazador and his team of scientists. The two struck an odd chord from the very start - their Force signatures being perfect opposites grew an undeniable attraction between the two. Though she did not linger, as was her nature. She left Dromund Kaas with a strong curiosity for the man that would never quite be sated.

Quietus returned to Onderon and sought another form of ascension amongst her people. Through a series of wars between tribes and several weeks of battle royales, Quietus ascended the line of authority within the tribes, defeating their best warriors and Chieftains and proving her might and skill. She was named Beastia - the highest note of authority within the Beast Rider clans - an Empress in her own right. With the clans solidified under her rule, he made her move to Governor of Onderon all the easier. The Queen of Iziz was easily enough manipulated into a state of respect and regard. Quietus soon enough found herself with the title of Pillar of Knowledge within the Sith Council. She stationed the Pillar's operations out of Halcyon Citadel and put its many Acolytes to use in governing the planet. Her closest associate was a Sith Knight named Darth Volden whom she used as her voice within the city of Iziz as well as during her travels out and beyond for the Council.

As Pillar of Knowledge she found herself working yet again with the man heading the Pillar of Power - Darth Cazador. The two teamed up on several occaisions for battle and dominion over Jedi and enemy territory, finding the attraction between them growing with every shared experience. The Sith Masters both found themselves capable of weilding greater power when in the presence of one another; this curious discovery lead to a growing desire to be near one another. For Cazador it may have perhaps been a budding romance - for Quietus it became an addiction. It was this addiction that kept her committed to the man even after he fell into a Battle Meditation coma during a takeover of Coruscant.

He stayed in the coma for many months during which Quietus delved back into her study of Force Sorcery. She began experimenting with Dream spells and, due to the fact that she had ceased to have dreams years and years beforehand, was drawn back to a previous addiction to glitterstim and a few scandalous visits with fellow Sith Masters Meric Nadun and Cameron Centurion. The former resulted in Force-born offspring, the latter in a journey to the planet Corstris.


The Gulag Virus struck the galaxy. Quietus survived and even thrived during the plague, finding her grandmother Silencia again she traveled back to their ancestor's homeworld. The two remained to help reestablish order on the planet and when that was accomplished they ventured out into the galaxy to search for other survivors and assess the damage.


It was during one of these trips that they delved into the tombs of Byss, searching for any other Sith that may have either been in hiding or, as was more common, in cryostasis. They found one and upon entering the tomb he woke up. His name was Darth Moridin and he was very curious to learn about the galaxy from two beings that had lived through the Virus outside of stasis and seemed completely unscathed by it. They stayed for some time, conversing and exchanging stories and information. Moridin traveled with them to see the galaxy for himself, but upon realizing that the Virus was still very much at its peak, he decided he would need to return to stasis to wait it out.

Quietus returned to Dromund Kaas regularly to tend to Cazador and what remained of his company. Though there was little she could do in way of saving Devereux Industries from the devastation of the Gulag Virus, she did what she could by way of helping Cazador survive.






that guy's crabshack


A Feast Fit for a King - Quietus' emergence into full PC. It follows her start at the young age of 12 on the planet of Onderon where she is sent to grow within the Beast Tribes. After two years, Sith Master Korran Halcyon under the guise of Messiah Daritha finds the girl, recognizes her curious powers, and adopts her on the spot. Her first trip to Halcyon Citadel is decidedly a memorable one.


Elimination War - The Sith Council has been tearing at the seams for some time and finally the split is complete. In an effort to aid those on the side of the Old Order, Daritha returns to Korriban for the impending Sith Civil War and brings Desdemona along with him. Upon their arrival, however, they come face-to-face with Des' father, Darth Moriir (Immortus) who wastes no time in reclaiming his missing daughter. At 14 years of age, the small fry among big sharks has no choice but to go with him. Moriir leads the siege of the Council's Temple from a cliff ridge where he leaves his daughter to tend to prisoners in whatever means she wishes. Mostly this involves decapitation.


Don't Make Faces At Me - Following the conclusion of the Elimination war, the Old Order Sith claim their victory and begin reconstruction efforts. Pressed for time with her own duties as Head Archivist in charge of securing the old artifacts from the carcass of the old temple, Desdemona's mother Cerusia Shamalain strikes a deal with Sith Masters Vega and Razielle VanDerveld to take the young girl in and train her alongside their son, Devin, while her husband deals with the remaining war front. Quietus waits at the construction camp to meet the boy and immediately the two hit it off. Bored with the reconstruction of the new Council Temple, Devin and Qui run off into the sands and discover old tombs to raid.


Utapau Raid - One of her first outtings as a young Sith, Quietus makes her debut mark by befriending an unsavory sort named Oz Marzullo and convinces him to join in on her mischief mongering. Using the Sith's raid on Utapau as cover for far more devious plans laid out by her Master, Quietus and Oz successfully destroy Master Anubis Starkiller's Keldabe command ship and make a hasty escape to Utapau. Matias Kiel, an unfortunate and annoying tag-along, promptly get's bid farewell with a boot-to-the-face over a large expanse of uninhabited scrubland.


The World is Born of Flame - A year of living with the VanDervelds has grown a sense of disunity in young Desdemona. The teachings of the elder Vega and Razielle, while fulfilling her need to grow and learn, do not yet still cover the need for family. The want for unity and belonging. Desdemona dreams of Onderon, of her adoptive father Korran, of the life she was taken from. She dreams of talking masks and a war to come. When she wakes there is nothing left to keep her away but her inability to fly a ship - finally, Devin is of use to her. The pair steal his parents ship and make way for Onderon and the war on the horizon.


Revolution - A curious request from an old friend arrives: an invitation from a one Oz Marzullo to his home planet, Albion. With her ties to the VanDerVelds finitely and sadly severed after their strange disappearance, Desdemona had no choice but to join her father's side for training. This offer of reprieve is welcome and she absconds an old shuttle from the finished Temple to make it happen. Upon arrival the two bond as though time and distance since their first meeting meant nothing. Des is introduced to Oz's sister, Raine, a woman who will later become her closest friend and ally. Oz takes Des on her first vacation to the planet Spira where she encounters her first homosexual man and the foreign idea of fashion clothing at the Marzullo's expense. The pleasantries were not to last - the pair depart on curiously painful and bloody terms.


The Sanctioning of Noir - Wounded from a terrible run in with with her Master, Desdemona flees to the safety of her mother's manor in the distant cliffs of Korriban. There, as she awakes from a week-long coma, she comes to learn of a missive from her grandmother, Lady Silencia, that she has urgent need to leave for her ancestors home of Garhall, and that the presence of Oz Marzullo would be required. It is her birthday and she'd forgotten, but her mother had not. Gifted with her first ship, a heavily modified sorro-sub Horizon Class star yacht, she is given the means to go where she needs. Oz arrives and meets her mother for the first time who promptly sends the pair on their way. On the forgotten planet of Garhall, Des meets distant relatives and becomes acquainted with the blood-lusting side of her bloodline. She and Oz learn of the fate of Noir: a ritual of two, wherein fully opposes but completes the other in a bond stronger than the Force Bonds of yore. When together and near, the pair are at their most cunning, most powerful, and when separated they become less than whole. The results are inconclusive, but the friendship forged between Oz and Des grows quite strong.


Fight For Your Right - The Marzullo siblings three, Auron, Raine and Oz, agree to meet for a small couples vacation on Pacha where their significant others could finally meet one another and the family. Desdemona and Raine become fast friends, though the former develops a severe distaste for brother Auron. Though physical tension still runs high between Des and Oz, especially after their first experience together on Spira, the pair seem to have come to terms with one another, even if they won't openly admit to being an official couple. The meeting is the first step to unofficial induction to the Marzullo family - fight for your right to date a Marzullo, nothing less than a joke in Des' eyes.



Test Your Might - Knighting Trial Thread - THREAD LOST. After learning of his daughters dalliance with the young Marzullo boy, Darth Moriir sets Desdemona on her final trial as his apprentice: kill Oz Marzullo. Des fakes a mission to Mon Calamari, asking for Oz's help, and is faced with the duty of having to end the life of someone she has grown to trust and care for. Her attempt fails as she falls back on her will to follow through, and upon seeing this Darth Moriir becomes enraged and makes to kill Oz Marzullo himself. In the wake of his power he destroys the city station they stand upon and Des is faced with a new challenge: save herself and Oz, or rescue her father and risk both their lives to his fury. In a daring move to prove her own growing power, she rescues her father from the ocean depths and challenges him to a duel. Though in healthy, unwounded condition she never would have stood a chance, the injured Sith Master is bested by his own daughter who holds him at the end of her saber and declares herself free of his mentorship and that she would never return to his side again. Moriir concedes and names her Quietus. This is the last time she ever sees her father.




Depths of the Void





Star Wars RP

Breaking the Pit - with Soliael Devin Talith

The Mouse and the Model - with Evelynn Dorn and Soliael Devin Talith

Navigating Echos of the Past - with Garith Darkhold

The Road Less Traveled - with Count Aretine

First Rebirth - Blank Slate - with Aran Na'Varro

The Demon Moon - with Marcello Matteo and Ta'mur Rokar

Like Stars in the Sky - with Jannik Morlandt

Deals of the Past - with Thalia Risst

No Relations - with Ilyena Talith and Rahvin Talith

A Companionable Sort - with Lucianus Adair

Pari Passu - with Tsavong Kraal

In Glades Beneath the Misty Fell - with Ultimatum

Probably Daggers - with Ari

Claim the Beast - OS Dominion of Onderon - with Vrag

A Jewel In the Care of the Queen of Beasts - with Thalia Rist

The Lady Doth Protest Too Much, Methinks - with Aver Brand

The Epistolary Episodes of a Murderous Mercenary and Quandom Queen - with Aver Brand

Black Collar Gala - with Aver Brand

Expeditionary Episodes of the Mercicle and the Cactus Queen - with Aver Brand

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