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Naboo Center of Cultural Arts, Sciences, and History

- - - - - Naboo Civilian Library Artifacts

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: The Naboo Center of Cultural Arts, Sciences, and History
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Intent: To give Naboo an interesting locale that's not the Palace or the Gungans, as well as for the Protectorate as a whole for the non-military types.
Classification: Civilian Library / Center
Location: Theed, Naboo
Affiliation: Naboo

The Naboo Center of Cultural Arts, Sciences, and History is a large complex of buildings and annexes designed to be the foremost center of knowledge and history in the galaxy. It houses a wide assortment of knowledge and history, both from Naboo, its neighboring star systems, and the galaxy at large. 

The center facility is more than four million square meters in size, housing dozens of buildings. Each is connected via speeder transport, underground rail system, and traditional footpaths that so commonly fill Naboo's cities. The entire center was constructed with Naboo architecture and philosophy in mind. The grounds are lush and vibrant, full of all manner of fauna and flora. Numerous waterways criss-cross the grounds and all manner of statues and parks dot the walkways between the buildings. 

The main complex, the largest building in the center, houses several auditoriums that regularly host symposiums across a wide range of topics, from anthropology to sociology to biomechanical research to genetics and beyond. It has a number of dedicated teleconference rooms as well to allow for those not present on Naboo to share in the experience. Thousands of droids are kept underground. Each is designed to walk the grounds and offer miniature lectures and tidbits of insight into the history of every exhibit. 

The life sciences wing houses a number of non-indigenous life forms on display, many endangered in their native habitats. They are kept in spacious enclosures, each designed to most closely resemble their native environments. Among other attractions are exhibits on Kaminoan history, Twi'lik culture, and Kashyyyk's unique and interesting biosphere.

The historical wing comprises a number of buildings designed to house archaeological records of thousands of different worlds. Holographic chambers offer a first-hand look at the ancient and sometimes dangerous locations of the galaxy, such as the Valley of the Sith on Korriban, the Jedi Temple as it was before the Gulag Plague, and dozens of other rare and exotic locations. The detail of each is exquisite and designed to be near perfect in depiction. 

The medical research wing is mostly a private venture to help fund the center. A number of its projects are kept away from the view of public for security reasons. These include the study of dangerous maladies such as the Gulag virus, Blue Shadow virus, trihexalon, and other such bioweapons in a concerted effort to develop better vaccines and countermeasures. To the public, the wing has a number of exhibits on things like the Wookiee mating ritual, evolution, and health and wellness seminars. 

The artifact wing is perhaps one of the most famous locations. Housing dozens of holocrons and a plethora of minor artifacts from various Force Using organizations, it has perhaps the widest selection of Force views and history in the galaxy, displaying Jedi and Sith artifacts side-by-side. Each display is kept in glasteel boxes with datacron kiosks to disseminate information to the curious. No artifact is open for touch or interaction by anyone in public.

As with many large, privately funded centers, the Naboo Center is not without security. Both organic and droid security personnel can be found at the entrance of every building, with many others casually patrolling the grounds. Most lie out of view of public, lest they give the wrong impression of the place. Riot barricades can be lifted from hidden alcoves underground at various points to control the flow of traffic and keep people from venturing into areas they're not supposed to. Most buildings have a stocked medical facility of some sort, as well as armories for the security personnel. As well, each building has one or two quad laser turrets capable of being deployed from beneath hidden areas. They are not, however, meant to fend off full-scale invasions.

The artifact wing has additional, unique defenses. Beneath much of the wing are subterranean ysalamir. Each is housed in a shaped enclosure so as to project their field over the artifacts and not the people walking through the halls. The artifacts themselves are each marked with a bloodtrail, allowing them to be tracked from nearly anywhere in the galaxy. 

The medical wing is perhaps the most well-protected of the center, with military-grade blast doors guarding access to the most dangerous inner parts of the center. 

The Center was not built entirely at once. Rather, parts of the center stretch back centuries to the time before the Four Hundred Years of Darkness. With each passing generation, more and more buildings were added as the center grew. The largest growth, however, came after Naboo joined the ranks of Protectorate. Funded at the behest of Lord Protector Ayden Cater, the Center rapidly expanded its grounds and scope. This included the construction of the completely new Rare Cultural Artifact and Historical Wing to contain numerous Force artifacts and regalia. 

More to be added as roleplays progress


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Ayden Cater

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