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Gir Quee

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Gir Quee

Gir Quee

    Directorate Officer

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NAME: Gir Quee

FACTION: Directorate (current) : Galactic Republic (former)

RANK: Director, "Captain" ; (former GR Grand Admiral) : Consul of Hast

SPECIES: near-human

AGE: 42


SEX: Male

HEIGHT: 1.7 meters.

WEIGHT: 72.5 kg

EYES: Sapphire Blue

HAIR: Dark Blonde

SKIN: Fair-skinned





STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

 Gir Quee is a very empathetic person, which helps better understand people, but also can draw him into conflicts which he usually is desperate to avoid.  He is usually described as being accepting, trusting, and stable.  But because he wants to keep the peace, he tends to gloss over painful details by simplifying problems and minimizing things that upset him, rather than confront them directly.  


From a professional standpoint, Gir often tries to get into his opponent's head as much as possible, which is generally helped by his natural empathy.  But that also creates problems with him becoming too attached to people who he might have to send out on risky missions that could likely result in their deaths.




Allegedly of Alderaanian stock, Gir Quee is a slightly above average-looking man in nearly all aspects, which has led to a little personal vanity. He is slightly more toned and muscular than the average man due to his military training emphasizing physical fitness, though by no means is he physically hardened or capable as the typical ground-pounding warrior.He typically has a calm, relaxed, and unassuming manner, but that is more derived from his introspective nature rather than genetics.When not in uniform, Gir Quee typically wears a long black jacket, which he believes is not only stylish but utilirian, containing my pockets into which he secrets various items. 



Gir Quee grew up on the world of Hast from settlers of distant Alderaanian descent.His father was a ship captain of some repute, running a small independent shipping company consisting of a single bulk freighter with his wife, who handled the business aspects of the operation.One day, while Gir Quee was in his early teens, the freighter simply did not come back.Rumor eventually reached Hast that the starship was captured by pirates and the crew executed.Fortunately for Gir, his Mon Calamari neighbors adopted him as their own.His adoptive Mon Calamari parents, Onoma and Dismet, raised him in a warm environment with their biological son, Salmakk, who was of similar age.


Upon leaving mandatory schooling, Quee took up working on the local bluewater vessels to get away just far enough from home, but without ever being too far away.However, he got into a fight with a well-connected sailor on the ship he was working on, which blacklisted him from many similar jobs on Hast.Deciding to reconnect with his roots, Gir Quee joined the Galactic Republic Navy in hopes of becoming the person who could have saved his parents back in the day.Gir Quee has had little experience practically commanding vessels (outside of his stay at the Naval Academy), and thus is often engaged in research about all things space-going. 


This eventually led him to link up again with his brother, Salmakk, as he took the reigns of Lucerne Labs.  The two brothers now head the company as it transitions from a start-up to a full-fledged company, with Salmakk working on much of the design work and Gir taking care of most of the external work, especially the political connections.


Gir served in the Republic navy for several years, starting out as a captain of a small pocket starfighter carrier before working his way up the ranks, first as a captain on assault frigate, and then as a commodore over the 1st Beta Line.  The Netherworld event wrecked more chaos into the ranks of the Republic military.  Gir found himself as a general in the new rank structure, and found himself thrust into the leadership roles of several Republic research and development projects.  Shortly after commanding a Republic fleet at the Terminus Station, he found himself being promoted to Grand Admiral after Friedrich Stahlmann's retirement.




Flagship: Union-class Colony/Assault Carrier Ocean Tide


Personal Ship: stock LLS-5 Concorde-class Shuttle christened Remember Hast


Service Record:

-Lieutenant, Commander of the Vinnath-class Pocket Carrier Crescent Light

-CaptainCommander of the Stormfire-class Assault Frigate Audacious

-Commodore, Commander of the Galactic Republic's 1st Beta Line, flag on the Stormfire-class Assault Frigate Audacious

-GeneralCommander of Galactic Republic's 1st Beta Line, flag on the Arendal-class Heavy Cruiser Arendal

-Promoted to Grand Admiral, flag on Champion-class Star Destroyer Obi-Wan Kenobi

-Resigns from Republic service to join the Directorate

-Assumes the title of Director, flag on the Union-class Colony/Assault Carrier Ocean Tide


Personal Equipment: 

The Wayward Son

]Paragon-class Personal Energy Shield

Atropos-class Artificial Intelligence (x2)

Compass-class Artificial Intelligence "Drake"

1 Electronic Training Module





This is to certify that Commodore Gir Quee has been awarded the Military Commendation Medal for services set forth in the following citation:




ROLE-PLAYS (listed Chronologically):

War Games: Building the next Cadre  : Gir takes part in a naval war game as the commander of the Vinnath-class Pocket Carrier Crescent Light.


Standing upon the Edge of Doom  : Gir attempts to find a patron for Lucerne Labs in Senator Yusan and help develop a Republic base on Bilbringi.


Destinies Adrift : Gir helps set up Lucerne Lab's first location and Salmakk reveals a new Lucerne Lab's product.


A Noblesse Oblige to Quality : Gir represents Lucerne Labs at a multi-corporational project for the Galactic Republic at Rendili.


The Sacking of Zeltros: Gir helps defend Zeltros by coordinating air support over the Zeltros Space port.


In Orbit above Damoria: Gir encounters a Sith group blockading the Republic planet of Damoria.


Waves of War: Gir takes command of a small flotilla as he mentors a fellow officer while hunting pirates.


Setting up Shop: Gir and the rest of the employees set up Lucerne Labs on Gyndine.


Fightback: Republic Raid on One Sith: Gir commands a carrier in a Republic battle squadron raiding One Sith space near Caamas.


By the Starlit Skies: Gir meets a budding politician from and on Tholatin.


Help me Help you: Gir discusses company contracts with another Republic company, the Orion Corporation led by Slate Estrada.


Only as Strong as Those Who Lead Her: Gir attends a formal dinner at Hapes with other members of the Republic.


A Noblesse Oblige to Save Information: Gir joins some Jedi in hunting down a group responsible for trying to slice data from the Noblesse Project.


Quiet Beginnings: Gir makes contact with the GLC to secretly have Lucerne Labs supply the GLC with a certain starfighter.


Missiles and Monsters: Gir Quee joins Mrrew on a hunt for a leviathan to test Lucerne Lab's latest product, a tranquilizer missile. 


Of Men and Machines: Commodore Quee leads the 1st Beta Line in restoring order to the Loronar system during the events of Netherworld.


Someone...or something...has been biding its time: Commodore Quee leads the 1st Beta Line in securing Cyrillia for the Republic.


Our Last Night: Commodore Quee leads the 1st Beta Line as the Republic restores order on Attahox.


Valley of Eagles: Gir acts as the project lead for the development of the Arendal-class Heavy Cruiser.


Tough Love: Gir trains with the Mandalorians.


Another Home: Gir reestablishes Lucerne Labs on a new world after the events of the Netherworld.


Shh we're hunting wabbits: Gir acts a Republic liaison officer during the Mandalorian invasion of Toprawa. 


Tonight we're going to party like it's 999 ABY: General Quee attends the Republic Defence Forces ball on Onderon.


To set the cause above the renown: Gir oversees the construction of the first Steadfast-class Star Cruiser.


Visit Seano Naimi, Capital City of Baalia: Gir visits the new Galactic Republic member world of Baalia.


Prowling among the Stars: Gir attends the demonstration of a stealth engine drive.


The Terminus Facility (space):  Gir leads a Republic fleet during the Terminus campaign.


A Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy: Gir takes part in the Republic dominion of Terrijo.


No rest for the Weary: Gir encounters the infamous Jackal pirates.


Fast rode the Knight: Gir works on the Champion Project.


Their thoughts his cage: Gir interviews the mysterious energy being the Republic encountered on Terrijo.


You can checkout any time, but you can never leave: Gir participates in the dominion of Zeltros.


Treads on Carida: Gir helps establish an armor facility on Carida.


Alsakan Anonymity: Gir travels to Alsakan to view their vessels.


Unstable Mining and Dining: Gir travels to Makeb to help with a certain project.


Fly by Night: Gir works on the Eidolon Project.


At the Edge of Dusk: Gir participates in a simulated invasion of Carida.


Let Loose the Dogfight of War: Admiral Quee participates in a skirmish with the Jackal pirates at Roche.


Four Corners: Gir participates in the dominion of Brentaal IV.


No Blood for Isotope: Admiral Quee's protege Commander Jokarn participates in a skirmish against the One Sith and Imperial Remnant navies.


A Road to Success: Gir meets with Seraphina Shel'tah to conduct business between Nubia Star Drives and Lucerne Labs.


Fly High, Die High: Admiral Quee takes command of a Noble-class Star Defender during the invasion of Ord Mirit.


Soldiers, one in the same: Gir meets Sergeant Calderon onboard his private quarters.


Mama said knock you out: Gir takes command of a Steadfast-class Star Cruiser during a raid on Anaxes.


Riders of the Fringe: Gir almost travels back home and obtains a horde of Stygium crystals alongside an old friend.


A little more, a little less: Gir signs a contract for radiation weaponry and protective suits. 


The Dauntless: Gir meets a certain Senator.


Seeds of a Leviathan: Gir meets Admiral Reshmar to discuss a new warship.


Tides of Change: Gir travels on the latest company product.


As the Tides Turn: Gir travels to a Republic planetary garrison in order to root out some traitors.


Did the Fish take the Bait: Gir helps establish a planetary garrison over Manaan.


Peek-a-Boom: Gir joins other members of the Directorate in a raid on Kelsier.


Directorate Foundations - Lucerne Mon Cal Contract Meeting 1: Gir collaborates with Admiral Reshmar.


Back in the Wild: Gir travels back to his homeworld of Hast.


Devastator Risen: Admiral Reshmar and Gir discover something on the ocean floor of Dac.


Into the Deep Wealds: Gir and Arlan track down an arms dealer connected to a certain criminal cartel.


Miserable Miracle: Gir takes the Delphin to travel to Capuli 2.


Lotus of War Markets: Gir is approached by a Republic officer with a curious offer.


And lost without deserving: Gir travels to Atrisia in search of a certain someone.


Stars, hide your fire: do not against us conspire: Gir goes on an expedition.


Can you hear me now: Gir meets with Sor-Jan Xantha to purchase some subspace radios.


At Water's Edge: Gir meets with Reshmar at his villa on Hast.


Can I get an Intervention?: Gir explores the Intervention.


The Alcibiades Strategem: Gir travels to the water moon of Gessbrilbak.


Second Contact: Gir does some bartering on Arcadia N-30.


Combining the Digital withthe Molecular: Gir and Azira tinker with a bio computer.


To afford such vilipend material: Gir supervises the development of CHimera composite material.


The Silver Jedi Come: Gir captains a new colony corvette.


Who hunts the hunters?: Gir takes a Tercel-class Heavy Cruiser on its shakedown cruise.


Deadly Void - Fleeting: Gir leads a group of Silver Jedi starships in the Omega event.


The Abyss looks into You: Gir tours a starship that is under construction.


Hello. It's me... Gir travels to Atrisia to see Arabella Darkhold.


Among the Cold Starlight: The Ocean Tide makes its first voyage into space.


Operation Torch: The Ocean Tide carries a contingent of Republic, Directorate, and mercenary troops to capture some wanted criminals.


TKO: Hyperspace Highway (Aaris Expressway): Gir bids to construct a space station for the proposed Aaris Express way.


Return of the Jedi: Gir participates in some political maneuvering as his homeworld joins the Silver Jedi.


Lunch by the River: Gir meets with Horus, leader of the Commonwealth.


Deeper than the Ocean: Gir helps establish an underwater droid factory on Voss.


As the Tides Come and Go: Gir meets Valkren Calderon on Hast.


Wading through the currents of Lethe: Gir reviews the Project Log of the Atropos AI series before a field test.


Baptism of Fire: Gir leads an operation to thwart an arms deal between a warlord and an illegal arms dealer.


GA Dominion of Mechnis - Clockwork Rebellion edition: Gir takes the Ocean Tide to assist the Galactic Alliance in taking Mechis III.


The Wind and waves: Gir and Azira discuss the Compass artificial intelligence.


A New Directorate - Monarch Folly: Admiral Quee and Admiral Reshmar meet at the launching of the Mon Orishma.


Ghost Ship-GA Dominion of Widek Hex: Gir travels in the Farlax Sector aboard the Ocean Tide.


A Fresh Start: Gir participates in the Silver Jedi relocating to Kashyyyk.


Looking beneath the covers: Gir aids the Galactic Alliance in fighting a group of raiders.


The Sight of Shore: Gir leads an expedition to establish a convoy on Tanaan IV.


In Search of Fresh Circuits: Gir goes to the Aruza system to recruit cybernetic specialists for Lucerne Labs.


Forge Ahead: Gir leads a combined Directorate-Silver Jedi fleet in aid of the CIS.


Where the Path Leads: Lucerne Labs establishes a shipyard on Karideph.


Silver Cutlass: Gir helps in defending Torn Station from a pirate attack.


In a New Light: Gir meets with Lady Kay, the High Queen of the Commenor Systems Alliance, at Gyndine.


Pacifism and Politics: Gir searches for a missing diplomatic vessel.


In the Nightfall: Gir meets a representative of the CSA military.


103 Million Dollar Baby: Gir takes command of a Saber-class Assault/Rescue Vessel during a false flag operation against TSE held Muunilinst.


Buried Treasure: Gir joins a CIS-led expedition to Maramere.


As you know our blockade is perfectly legal: Gir leads a motley group of warships in an attempt to destroy a First Order Keeper-class Interdiction Platform.


Mind your own business: Gir meets with Ala Crescent to start a new project.


An Atoll among the Stars: Gir helps establish orbital defenses over the Silver Rest.


What're doing in my Swamp?: Gir helps defend Dagobah alongside other GA allies from the First Order.


A Night in the Clouds: Gir hosts a small party over Kashyyyk to celebrate Lucerne Lab's relationship with the Silver Jedi.


Circuits and Coral: Gir visits the newly established Lucerne Labs cybernetic lab on Tanaan IV.


The Dagger poised for Shallow Minds: Gir meets the leader of the Mechanicum to explore some ruins on Eryn III.


A Lesser Tread Path: Gir along with Lucerne Labs and Directorate organizations leave Hast in the face of the Sith Empire's expansion.

Edited by Gir Quee, 20 August 2018 - 10:32 PM.

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Probably a foolish question, but are you called GIR, as in G.I.R., or Gir, as Gir Kybo Ren Cha or Gir Endac?

Wasskah Wookiee Witch Woman
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Kami Meran

Kami Meran

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Siriwook G.I.R is a faction. Galactic Imperial Regulators.


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Kami Meran Thanks.So does that mean GIR Quee is one of them and it's not just a name?

Wasskah Wookiee Witch Woman
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Kami Meran

Kami Meran

    Eagles may soar but weasels don't get sucked in to engines

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Siriwook is Siriwook a computer program? its just his name.


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Probably a foolish question, but are you called GIR, as in G.I.R., or Gir, as Gir Kybo Ren Cha or Gir Endac?



Wasskah Wookiee Witch Woman
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Kami Meran

Kami Meran

    Eagles may soar but weasels don't get sucked in to engines

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Gir Quee

Gir Quee

    Directorate Officer

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Siriwook, somehow no-one's tagged me in this yet.


But yes, it's the latter.  I used a random Star Wars name generator to name this character, so it drew his first and last names from existing Star Wars characters.

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