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Taeli Rae

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Taeli Raaf

Taeli Raaf


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NAME: Taeli Raaf (Rae is her adopted family name)
FACTION: Galactic Alliance, the Directorate
RANK: Jedi Master of the New Jedi Order
SPECIES: Human (Corellian by birth, adopted father: Lorrdian, adopted mother: Mandalorian)
AGE: 30
SEX: Female
HEIGHT: 1.67 meters
WEIGHT: 53 kg
EYES: Purple
HAIR: Black
SKIN: Pale

Force alignment: Light Side


Strengths and Weakness


Love of her family (strength/weakness): After discovering her sisters, Taeli has devoted herself to making sure ehr remaining family doesn't kill one another, and while she loves both of them dearly and uses that to help her call on the Force now, it does mean she does have an exploitable weakness should someone kidnap one of them. Not that that would be the best idea in the world.


Thirst for Knowledge (strength/weakness): Likes to learn as much as she can, especially if it involves the past. Drive to learn everything and anything can land her in dangerous situations and seek certain forbidden knowledge that should remain buried


High Intelligence (strength): Has a higher than average IQ, allowing her to analysis and memorize things quickly


Political Acumen (strength): Because of her studies at the University of Lorrd and quest to understand everything, she has gained a relatively solid understanding of how galactic politics work


Athletic Enthusiast (strength): Like to keep herself in shape and in a good physical condition. She has also become rather skilled with a vibrosword and knives through constant daily practice and being a part of the University of Lorrd's fencing team


Temper (weakness): Is rather quick to anger if she is denied a piece of knowledge or if properly annoyed by someone or something, has been known to lash out violently towards opponents in fencing


Curiosity (weakness): Has an extreme case of curiousness, and will sometimes allow that to override her better judgment


Abandonment issues (weakness): With the disappearance of her sisters, and the deaths of her parents, Taeli has a very deep hidden fear of abandonment and losing those she cares about. This can lead to her sometimes being just a tad emotionally unbalanced under the surface



Pale skin with a lean build that is mostly muscle, decent size bosom. Bright purple eyes and slim face that is usually framed by her long black hair, but she will tie it up in a bun or ponytail if necessary. Likes to dress in blues and purples, but does own a nerf leather jacket


When she was a Sith, Taeli dressed in a more elegant dresses of various colors, along with a hooded black cape and cloak for when she needed to be more mysterious and Sith like in her appearance. Upon turning to the Light and joining her sister and the Jedi, Taeli has switched to a lighter color palette and can tupically be found in her Jedi robes with a Jedi Researcher lab coat on over them. When her sister vanished, Taeli reverted back to wearing dresses more often than not, usually with her armored corset underneath them and the emblem of the New Jedi Order sown onto the lapel.


Born and raised on Lorrd by her parents, Melarna and Jakon Rae, Taeli grew up surrounded by books and holopads full of history and facts that enticed her even at a young age. Her father Jakon was a professor of history at the University of Lorrd, specializing in the history of the Old Republic and retrieving the relics of that day age, both Republic and Sith. Melarna, who had fought within the ranks of the Mandalorians for several years, had retired to Lorrd to seek a more peaceful life when she met Jakon and fell in love.


Instilling in their daughter the drive to seek knowledge and also how to take care of herself, Jakon and Melarna were proud when their daughter quickly advanced and excelled at school, becoming a favorite of her teachers. Wanting to help her father in his research, Taeli read through many of the planet's libraries, including the university's library by the time she had become a freshmen attendee at the school. Finding solace in her research, she made few friends and was perfectly okay with that, but she did decide to participate in one physical activity that her mother had tutored her in. Joining the fencing team, Taeli quickly gained a reputation as a skilled vibrosword duelist, if not a bit brutal as she believed in her mother's word of never letting her opponents have a chance to gain an advantage on her.


Everything changed for the Taeli when she discovered her Force Sensitivity after a particularly brutal sparring session when she found herself moving faster than before and accidentally slashed through a teammate's arm. The incident was ruled an accident, but the situation left Taeli curious about what could have caused it. Delving into the files the university had on the Force, she found a new subject that slowly became the focal point for her quest, but she was unable to control the now random outburst of Force skills.


Graduating near the top of her class, Taeli informed her parents she would be leaving Lorrd to seek out someone to increase her knowledge and control of the Force. Her parents begrudgingly accepted their daughter's decision and allowed her to take the family's small shuttle on her travels.


Taeli never left on her family ship as on her way back from a last minute supply run, she was jumped by three of her fellow graduates from the university. As her would-be attackers began to assault her, she lost control of her emotions and lashed out with the Force, killing two of them with a Force Choke. The third was horribly mutilated, then killed by her with his own blade while she was consumed by her bloodlust. Upon wakening from her rage, she was both horrified and fascinated by what occurred and that was when a familiar of Darth Praelior found her.


Following the familiar to the Sith, she agreed to attempt to become the Zeltron Sith Lord's apprentice. Upon arrival on Coruscant, she was allowed to mingle with members of the Sith hierarchy, before being thrown into her training immediately. Her master had her fight a terentatek in an arena with other potential hopefuls, emerging as the only survivor and the Sithspawn's hide being removed for some purpose. Her first mission/lesson from Darth Praelior was to retrieve an item from the Pits that would be sued to create a Sith Concentration Amulet to amplify her connection to the dark side.


The Force led her into a fight with an adolescent Leviathan, that after a brutal fight, was felled by Taeli and she harvested a blister trap from it to be used as the focal point for her amulet. She was then sent out by her master to retrieve genetic samples of Graug on the planet Widek, but she decided to make a detour to Zeltros, chasing a rumor that another apprentice of Darth Praelior was present, the one who controlled the planet she was to head to soon.


After the mission to Widek, she assisted her master in creating the Nightmare Child, while also coming into contact with Alex and Darth Banshee in an attempt to take control of Krayt Industries from the elder Sith. Banshee was discovered to be a traitor to the One Sith, and Taeli and Alex took ownership of the company.


Soon following that, Taeli became involved in the Sith efforts to take Ashera and helped secure test subjects for the Sith's Sentinel Program as well as get her first taste at commanding forces. From this point, she continued to expand Krayt Industries by designing and commissioning many new ships while also learning new Force abilities. Realizing that to grow the company even more that it needed to reach out to other organization and businesses, Taeli approached STI and the Imperial Remnant and was able to work out contracts with each.


It was around this time that Taeli was promoted to the rank of Sith Knight, and taking to her duties with a gusto, she redoubled her efforts in her studies, business dealings, and military support of the Sith. Learning a few more abilities and taking part in the testing of the first Foretold unit, she moved to take her first command position, beyond leading an accidental interdiction operation in the Asahi system, by leading a Sith invasion of the world of Sposia, taking it for the growing One Sith empire.


After Sposia, Taeli devoted herself more to furthering of certain projects and skills, while also seeking more information on Darth Zannah. Using information gained by a Jedi that had fought and died on Sposia, Taeli was able to sneak onto Ossus and it was there that the Force led her to her first apprentice. Sophie Gustav was a Jedi Padawan seeking lost knowledge with a ruin on Ossus when the Sith Knight crossed her path. Rather than killing Sophie, Taeli was able to convince her to embrace the dark side and join her.


With Sophie at her side, and learning new skills that the former Padawan never could have dreamed of, Taeli dispatched her into the Coruscant Underworld to retrieve an object for the creation of the girl's own concentration amulet. Other lessons involved teaching Sophie about other applications of the Force such as Force Lightning and crafting a familiar through alchemy. All of this led to the culmination of Taeli bringing her apprentice to Ciutric IV and discovering a potential resting place of a holocron of Darth Zannah. During this time, Taeli also learned the ability of essence transfer to help move the soul of the slain Yusan Fenn into a new body for her friend, the Mad Queen Carliah.


War interrupted her continued search as the One Sith advanced upon Manaan, and she led elements of the One Sith fleet from the bridge of the Dark Blade-class Dreadnought the Genjix. That changed when she sensed a disturbance in the Force and departed to the surface, with her apprentice to investigate. Discovering the slain Invicta Zambrano and the fight between Viper and Ire'Rain Sekairo, Taeli intervened and subdued the Jedi Knight before departing from the newest acquisition of the One Sith.


Following Manaan, Taeli began the process of turning the captured Jedi to the dark side with the help of her apprentice, while also showing Sophie how to construct her own lightsaber as a reward for the hard work and devotion to the cause. Taeli also began to interact more with the people around her, gaining lessons in the Mask technique from Lord Daemos and meeting the Baroness Magrath at her estate on Avidon, where she also gained another apprentice, the Chiss Zerrene Torran. Taeli also led a contingent of Sith ground forces to the surface of Sev Tok during the rapid Sith invasion of the planet, while also commissioning a brand new shipyard for Krayt Industries.


Before the next invasion of Republic space, Taeli was overseeing the construction of a mine in the Alderaan system when a Yodaling named Minna attacked her in what she assumed was a targeted assassination. Defeating the Yodaling, while also drawing out the suppressed darkness within the Yodaling, Taeli converted her to the Sith and renamed her Darth Valtryx, another new apprentice for her, and one who she taught to control her rage. Following this, Taeli ascended to the mantle of a Sith Lord, or Lady as she preferred.


With the One Sith deciding that the Wookiee homeworld was the next target for their continued growth, Taeli led a large section of the Sith ground forces in the assault on the city of Kachiro, while also engaging against the Jedi Rusken Shaxx during the battle. As the battle was winding down, the Sith received word that the Republic was preparing to launch an assault on the Sith fortress world of Prakith. Rushing back to assist in the defense, Taeli took command of a Dark Blade Dreadnought and was part of the naval engagement on the world. Once the Republic was forced to retreat, Taeli was preparing to leave the system when the Force led her to a shipwreck on the surface. Shifting through the wreckage, she found a young woman, near death, and brought her back to Coruscant to recover, not knowing of who exactly the girl was.


Upon her return to Coruscant, Taeli met with her apprentice Valtryx to discuss why she had fought against Alexandra on Prakith, and ended up teaching the Yodaling the theory on essence transfer. While on the capital world, Taeli also met with the former Sith Lord turned Phoenix Order member Darth Veles, engaging him in excellent conversation and showing the Mon Cal that there were still Sith he could work with contained in the One Sith.


After that meeting, and unknown to her, Taeli's life would change forever once she left a visit to her friend Nimue. Arriving on Lorrd to visit her family, she discovered that she had actually been adopted and that her family now hated her for becoming a Sith. Unable to cope with the rejection by her parents and the knowledge that they had lied and hidden the turth from her, Taeli lost control of her abilities and ended up killing them. Devastated, Taeli discovered a small holo locket in her parents bedroom with a note from her birth parents, within was a note that contained a message of love for their daughter and coordinates for her home.


Traveling to Corellia, her birth home world, Taeli found she was too late to meet her parents as a bounty hunter had killed them and the rest of her family, but two. Seeing the picture of the girl she had saved on Prakith, and realizing that her other sister was quite possible heading to Lorrd, Taeli started sending calls repeatedly to that house. Her sister Corvus had just arrived on the home on Lorrd, having followed a parallel lead to Taeli's and the sister were able to contact each other. Corvus rushed back to Corellia and the sisters bonded, even though they were a Jedi Master and a Sith Lady.


Traveling back to Coruscant, Taeli met with Veles again to discuss certain plans and learned a few new techniques while teaching her friend some as well. During this time, she also met with the Zabrak Krest about Valtryx, but instead of coming to blows, Taeli was able to show that they could be allies instead and Krest rejoined the Sith as Darth Ferus. Taeli also assisted the Red Ravens in suppressing a revolt on the world Makeb caused by members of the Rebel Alliance, while she was also able to secure a deal with the Ravens to expand Krayt Industries into their space, along with other various deals.


One other event that Taeli took part in was traveling to Nar Shaddaa on another lead to discover a cipher key to the two data packets that she and her apprentice Sophie, now known as Darth Raven since her ascension to Knighthood. Arriving on the Smuggler's Moon, Taeli encountered the Jedi Connor Harrison and the young Sith acolyte Maja Vern while investigating what the Force was leading her to. Dispatching Connor with a few blasts of Force Lightning, Taeli still showed the Jedi mercy and kindness by giving him some bacta to treat his wounds and informing him she was not like normal Sith. With that, she and Maja departed for Kashyyyk to locate the cipher she needed to de-crypt the data packets containing the coordinates for Zannah's holocron, or so she hoped.


That was when the Netherworld opened up and Taeli was one of the people whisked away into that twisted place. She didn't remain there long as she encountered Solan Charr again in the Nether and was promptly pushed out of a rift onto the world of Alderaan. Consumed by a blind need to murder someone, Taeli killed an old farmer on the world with her bare hands and was horrified by the experience, making the decision to stay away from the Rifts. Linking up with the Sith forces that were attacking the world of Rendili, Taeli learned that over half the galaxy's population had been whisked away, with all the major powers losing control of vast amount of territories.


Deciding that stability and order were necessary, Taeli began helping the One Sith take more worlds, starting with Rendili, and quickly adding Corellia, Khomm, Balmorra, Neimoidia, Anaxes, Selvaris, Bilbringi, and Sarapin to the list of worlds she had helped take. It was during this spate of conquests that her sister Melori woke from her coma and Taeli took her youngest sister under her wing, gaining yet another apprentice, but one she would train even more than her others because of the family bond. Taeli also helped oversee some of the reconstruction of Corellia, and met with her company engineers to figure out a direction for Krayt in the current climate. While on Coruscant, after her meeting and touring some of her company's ships, a Shadow Dynasty flotilla arrived and tried to attack the planet. Leading the defense, the flotilla was crushed and Romeo Sin, the leader of the Shadow Dynasty, was forced to the ground to try and reach his goal. Whether or not he accomplished what he set out to do was irrelevant as the Shadow King fell at Taeli's hand, allowing his brother Razer to rise up and meet with Taeli to discuss certain things.


Reaching out to a few individuals, including the mysterious Circe Savan, Taeli began work on Project Pride, a brand new Star Destroyer for the One Sith, all the while making sure her sister learned more and more of the Force. Eventually, Taeli began to feel herself drifting from the dark side and more towards the light. This especially came to light after helping her sister Corvus recover the ancient Forge on Tython before Sith forces arrived to twist the world into a dark fortress. After those events, and watching the One Sith destroy artifacts and information from the past, she traveled to Ruusan to meet with her sister and broke down, the darkness being washed away by the light.


However, Taeli couldn’t leave the Sith immediately. She needed to protect Melori from any reprisals and move her company out of Sith space to a more neutral location. Settling on moving to the Centrality as her company’s main base of operations, Taeli was able to successfully move all operations from the company away and rebranded it Aurora Industries. With that sorted, she departed Sith space by giving the story she was going out to learn more from the various exotic Force sects of the galaxy, which was true, she was just starting with the Jedi Order.

However, her first apprentice had seen through the deception and confronted Taeli while she was exploring on Vjun on her way to Ossus. There was a fight, with Sophie/Raven being defeated, and Taeli leaving her in the ruins to think about everything. Arriving on Ossus, she went before the Jedi Council and was found to be worthy of rehabilitation. Placed in an isolation cell, and giving as much information as she could to Jedi Master Kian Karr, Taeli was eventually deemed redeemed enough to help the Jedi Order.


Serving as a Jedi Master now, she worked as hard as she could to right the wrongs she had helped perpetuate as a Sith, fighting against her formed allies in several battles with the Republic and Jedi. She also threw herself into developing Aurora Industries into a juggernaut of company, greatly expanding its presence across the galaxy and its operations to rival such companies as KDY. Taeli also made it her goal to seek out dangerous artifacts of the Sith from the distant past, retrieving items such as the holocrons of Naga Sadow, Freedon Nadd, and Darth Zannah, spiriting them away into a private undisclosed vault.


There was one other development that occurred upon her turn to the Light, and that was involving Connor Harrison. Connor had been fraying on a knife’s edge, dangerously close to falling to the dark side. When he finally lost it, he went after Taeli as the first step on his plan to avenge himself on those that had hurt him. Taeli was able to drive the Sith magics that had been aggravating him out of his body, using her knowledge from her days as a Sith, and helping put him on a path to the light again. After several other encounters and adventures, they grew closer and shared several nights together while touring the galaxy and visiting such groups as the Fallanassi and the Baran-Do.


All good things must come to an end however, for tragedy struck. Corvus and Melori both went missing, devastating Taeli and leaving her emotional unstable and distant from others. Trying to keep her turmoil concealed, she continues to serve with the Jedi, only now as part of the Galactic Alliance, while continuing her company’s operations and her own personal researches.




Melori Raaf - youngest sister

Corvus Raaf - younger sister




Sicarius-class Infiltrator (http://starwarsrp.ne...ss-infiltrator/)




Blood-stained Mandalorian Beskade - a memento of her first kills

Sith Concentration Amulet forged from a Leviathan Blister Trap - a memento of her conquest of the Sithspawn and to increase her connection to the Dark Side

Spinning Double-bladed Lightsaber - built by Taeli to be her personal lightsaber

Yuuzhan Vong Coral Seed - implanted in her chest, by herself, to gain a way to access Vongsense

Electrum hilt Lightsaber Shoto - built by Taeli to act as an off-hand weapon if she needs it

Small Holo-Locket - made by Taeli's biological parents to be given to her by her adopted parents, contains a small holo pic of her biological parents



Aurora Industries - Tier V - CEO and public head of the company

Chandrila DataTech - Tier III - minority share stockholder


Force Powers


Force Sense

Force Lightning (won't use the dark side variant)/Electric Judgment

Force Grip

-Force Push/Pull

-Force Choke (won't use)

Force Speed

Force Body

Force Bellow

Force Jump

Force Barrier

Drain Life: (won't use)

Force Sight


Exotic Powers:


Essence Transfer: (has never used beyond moving other souls to new bodies)

Sith Alchemy (won't use)

Beast Control

Mask (same thing as Sith Alchemy)



Force Stealth

Art of the Small

Force Light

Sith Sorcery (won't use)

Hassat-durr techniques (Baran Do)

Theran Listener techniques (Theran Listeners)

- Mnemotherapy

- Force enhanced listening


Lightsaber Forms:


Makashi: Expert



Romeo Sin - http://starwarsrp.ne...absolutely-open

Raien Keth - http://starwarsrp.ne...lvoyinn/page-11


Threads (actual Roleplays): May 2016 Note - Updated List to Come


Time as a Sith:


Design Threads:




















Sin Series Design Threads:



http://starwarsrp.ne...s-fleet-carrier (gluttony)


Update to bio and thread list forthcoming

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Taeli Rae We should rp.

See what that bosoms good for.

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Looks very nice



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Taeli Rae

Species: Human (Father: Human, Mother: Mandalorian)


Mandalorians are not a species, they are a culture of many varied species.  

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Let the plotting begin....




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Taeli Rae




Mandalorians are not a species, they are a culture of many varied species.  


I think she was just indicating that part of her culture involved the Mandalorians - her species, after all, is noted as being Human regardless.


Also, we should roleplay Darth Arcanix