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Name: Caeliar

Region: Wild Space
System: Caeliari
Suns: Gabromor, main sequence
Orbital Position: Second planet, habitable zone
Moons: One, shattered into a rubble ring
System Features: Innermost planet is a hot gas giant without moons, known as Iris. The Caeliar system has recently begun to exhibit strange hyperspace disturbances, making navigation lethally unpredictable. These disturbances go hand in hand with powerful Dark Side disturbances of various kinds.
Coordinates: Between Iferetes and Midvinter, in unclaimed space east of Filth.
Rotational Period: 24 hours
Orbital Period: 346 days

Class: Terrestrial
Diameter: 12,960 km
Atmosphere: Type 2
Climate: Standard range of climates
Gravity: Standard
Primary Terrain: Standard range of terrain types and biomes, with grassland predominant. Moderately wrecked.

Native Species: None known
Immigrated Species: Standard galactic milieu of sentient species. Common herd animals include kaadu, nerfs, and jakobeasts. Some reclusive Charon. Tauntauns.
Primary Languages: Galactic Standard Basic

Government: Constitutional monarchy, recently shattered into fortified city states with a variety of government forms, mainly autocratic.
Population: 4.5 billion
Demonym: Caelians
Major Imports: Technology, reactive materials, slugthrowers, tracked vehicles
Major Exports: Agricultural products, though profits are currently negligible.
Affiliation: Levantine

Major Locations: Fort Winter, named after the ancient Rebel liberator, was the planetary capital until recently. Now it exists as a fortress in a constant state of war against bizarre weather, other city states, spatiotemporal distortions, and occasional invasions from places beyond imagination.

Sancre is another fortified city, two hundred kilometers from Fort Winter. It bills itself as the only secure and tariff-free starport on the planet. If you must visit Caeliar, Sancre is a good place to leave your ship and join a surface convoy or rent a speeder. Sancre sells a wide variety of survival gear and personal weapons. It is ruled by an autocratic town council. Common punishments include caning and the stocks, with exile outside the walls being reserved for the worst offenders. It always rains in Sancre. Unemployed former agricultual workers are always available as guides.

Fort Coral, a thousand kilometers from both Sancre and Port Winter, exists in a constant state of war between cannibals and Charon. There is a rift to Otherspace in the undercity, beneath a gutted university. Fort Coral is on a rocky coast and frequently experiences hurricanes. On a clear night, the starscape above Fort Coral is pale gray.

Coalhollow is a former mining town in the mountains near Sancre. Subspace disturbances fill communicators with white noise and fragmented messages, some of which seem to bear no relation to the present. At Coalhollow, on a clear night, the sky is pale gray, and the stars are strange. Coalhollow is mostly abandoned. It occasionally experiences spiritual manifestations related to Beyond Shadows, and more than a few Mind Walkers have starved here.

Culture: Caelian culture is characterized by paranoia and survivalism. Caelians exist in a constant tension between the need to band together and the need to find security in solitude. Caelians prioritize personal space and touch; touching a Caelian without permission is considered a form of assault. Caelians have no patience for holidays and festivals, or for procrastination. Barter for essential supplies forms the bulk of the economy on a personal level. Money is somewhat suspect: anyone who prioritizes it must have off world connections, thus must have the option to leave, and thus must have suspicious motives for remaining.

Charon death cults have taken root in some communities. These are eradicated messily when discovered. At their apex, these cults may have access to Charon biotechnology, meaning that high-level cultists may be reclusive, concealing partial body transformation into Charon. Odd joints, organs or appendages may occur. As a result, though Caelians have a strong aversion to, and taboo against contact, public modesty and nudity issues have often been overruled by a desire to prove that one is un-warped. Highly concealing attire and behavior are becoming taboo and grounds for suspicion.

Technology: Caeliar is at a galactic standard level of technology, but the cataclysm has made technology rare. Much like the Dark Force Temple on Dromund Kaas, the planet's warped nature makes blasters and other personal technology unreliable and sometimes nonfunctional. Hekler'kok slugthrowers and various manufacturers' tracked low-tech vehicles are common imports. The colder regions rely on tauntauns. Guard animals are common.

History: Caeliar was a very average agricultural world, isolated and comfortable. Its history was entirely unremarkable until around the time that Velok and his associates employed supernova crystals in the Rhommamool system, lightly toasting both Rhommamool and Osarian. Some related or concurrent event, or some echo of that disturbance in the Force, or perhaps a combination of those elements with another of Velok's experiments, appears to have altered the system's relationship with other planes like Otherspace, Beyond Shadows, and subspace. The planet appears to have suffered from multiple experiments related to those disturbances, perhaps with the intention of fixing them. Once a trading partner of Laekia and Kyrikal, it now has little to offer but frustrated manpower.

Notable PCs: None yet
Intent: A seriously messed up, challenging planet for a survival dominion.

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No major issues or problems here.


Approved pending secretary.

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Like this a lot. Approved.

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