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The Energy Bola

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Kurt Meyer

Kurt Meyer

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Intent: In Order to create a weapon that serves more in the “Capturing” aspect of Bounty Hunting

Development Thread: N/A

Manufacturer: Ceran Moerelle/Guild Rats/Open

Model: Energy Bola

Affiliation: Bounty Hunters Guild/Mercenaries

Modularity: No

Production: Mass Produced

Material: Durasteel

Classification: Bola

Size: Handheld

Length: 1 Meter

Weight: 0.8 Kilograms

Ammunition Type: Bola?

Ammunition Capacity: 1 Per Device

Effective Range: 30 Meters

Rate of Fire: How Fast Can You Throw?

Description: The Energy Bola as Ceran has dubbed it is a very simple concept followed by a very simple design. Coming to the realization that net launchers are unreliable and stun weapons can't always be carried Ceran decided that a new non-lethal weapon needed to be created in order to facilitate Bounty Hunters across the galaxy.


This new weapon was incredibly simple in design and was based off of a rather Primitive weapon called the Bola. The Bola is several large rocks tied to the same rope, this weapon is then thrown at the legs of a target, wrapping around the legs and tying them up causing them to trip and fall down to the ground. Liking the idea of this, but also realizing that a Bola can be both be cumbersome and heavy Ceran adapted the idea after one day seeing a pod race.


Pod Racer engines are held together by two Energy couplings located on the side of each engines. These Energy couplings create a charged beam that when touched essentially deaden the nerves and feeling of whatever touched it.


Applying this concept to a weapon, Ceran simply tinkered with a set of energy couplings for a time, eventually creating the Energy Bola. The Energy Bola starts out as a simple flat disk with a timer, when the timer is activated the disc separates itself in half, activating two energy couplings that automatically link the two discs. The beam that is emitted between the two discs is an exact replica of those found on Pod Racers, and similarly whatever it touches goes numb.


This mean that when thrown at an enemies legs, as soon as the beam passes through the legs of that person the nerves in the legs go dead. Obviously it is very difficult to run when you can't feel your legs and most of the time the victim will immediately trip and fall over their own feet and legs or simply fall down from the body not understanding whats going on.


The effectiveness of the weapon varies from species to species, with some species not having nerves(therefore it won't work) and others having thicker skin*.


When it comes to metal armor, the Energy Bola has a surprising effect. Instead of effecting just the point the beam passes through, the energy from the beam gets conducted into the entirety of the metal armor and the energy is spread out. This means depending on the size of the armor, and the metal it is made of, the beams effectiveness will either dissipate, or it will be applied all over the body, thus numbing the entire person.**


The production of the Energy Bola is surprisingly simple and one needs only to have a basic understanding of electronics in order to create it, thus to gain Status within the Guild Ceran has published the schematics to the Bola to those in the Guild.


A large part of the Energy Bola's use is to deal with force users. The energy couplings of the Energy Bola are those found on the sides of Podracers. These couplings don't actually create a solid beam, it is entirely possible for matter to cross through them, and indeed it is how the Bola functions, by passing through the person it effects and numbing their nerves. Because of this non-solid state of matter the beam that is produced by the Energy Bola is also capable of passing through a lightsaber. Though the heavy Plasma can easily stop one edge of the two discs that form, it cannot stop the beam.


*Essentially i can't say that when this hits it will automatically effect a character of a unique species, it will be up to them to decide what happens.

**Similarly to different species, armor on this board is so massively varying that its difficult to generalize, so i'll leave it up t those that are attacked with this weapon. Personally i would say that anything not specifically designed to counter Force Lightning/Electricity would lead to the entire person being numbed due to the metal being conductive, but again i will leave it up t the individual writer.



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Very clever! :) Extra points for taking canon tech and finding a new use for it! Ceran Moerelle


Could you outline how it will deal with metallic armour? Would that sever the electromagnetic connection or would the beam pass around the metal and leave the flesh unarmed?


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Raziel Done.



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Pending approval, thank you.


Psst I want some!



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Ceran Moerelle


Quite tasty.