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Noriko's Armor

- - - - - Sasori

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Noriko Ike

Noriko Ike
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Image Source: http://synlidwirh.de...c-God-320455630

Intent: To make a suit of armor for Noriko when she travels with her master.
Development Thread:

Manufacturer: Sasori
Model: Sasori Jedi armor
Affiliation: Noriko Ike
Modularity: No
Production: Unique

  • Phrik
  • Lamanarium
  • Armorweave

Classification: Anti-saber
Weight: 10.5kg
Quality: 9
Special Features:

  • Saber Resistant
  • Jump servos
  • Bodyglove
    • Self Repairing
    • Sealed for Vacuum
  • 2 hours air tank
  • Rebreather Helmet
    • 360 degrees of view
    • Range finder
    • Nightvision
    • Thermal vision
    • Pheromone Tracking
    • Polarizing Visor


Designed by researchers at Sasori to fit Noriko and keep her safe when in the field. The bodysuit is a glove with linked lamanarium and kinetic plate chainmail to lessen and protect from kinetic impact while providing sealed armor for vacuum conditions. The power cell able to be replaced in the knee compartment and oxygen in the small of the back. A plate over the left knee for kneeling and comfort and then a utility belt designed for jedi.


Then there was more, using moderately sized plates for protection over the sections, Noriko's armor is made to be protective over a larger portion of her body keeping the joints and areas exposed that would impede movement. As the suit was coming together using standard systems for the helmet was put in place with jump servos to fly up and reach different heights. The thicker soled boots made to handle the problems with the boosters and offer comfort and proper foot protection.


The sealed bodysuit and armor is designed for use in vacuum with a two hour air supply... Not the greatest but then Noriko wasn't planning on fighting in space against opponents. The helmet carrying the standard compliment of systems and sheath for carrying a standard issue blade such as a taserblade. A pistol holster on the hip and clips across the back for connecting weapons in case sabers and the force cannot be used.

Braith Achlys

Braith Achlys


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Under Review.


Braith Achlys

Braith Achlys


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Approved, pending secondary.


Allyson Locke

Allyson Locke

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