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Kolai Onolz: Mandalorian Verpine

The Mandalorians Verpine Mercenary

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Kolai Onolz

Kolai Onolz


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NAME: Kolal Onolz
FACTION: Independent Mandalorian
SPECIES: Verpine
AGE: 15 (Verpine Young Adult)
SEX: Identifies as Male
HEIGHT: 2.1 Meters
WEIGHT: 75 lbs.
EYES: Dark Green
SKIN: Light Green
FORCE SENSITIVE: Slightly, but not brought to warrant any training.



+ | Hardened Carpace: Verpine a highly durable outer shell, capable of withstanding knives and even glancing blaster shots.
+ | Inventor: Verpine are renowned as good with technology, and Kolai is incredibly apt at improving, modifying, and creating technology.
+ | Lack of Major Organs: Verpine have no hearts, and lack several other major organs found in other species, making them both hard to kill, and puts foes at a disadvantage when attacking their torso.
- | Isolation: Being away from others can be trying on Verpine, as they are often left alone and disoriented without other Verpine.
- | Frail: The Verpine body is not readily equipped to handle the load of armor and weapons. Kolai had to keep his armor minimal in terms of thickness in order to carry his loadout.
- | Troublemaker: Kolai often finds himself tampering with machinery out of boredom. This usually comes as a major annoyance for the owners of the machinery, seeing as the tampering sometimes doesn't work, and may explode.

Kolai could be considered a fairly normal looking Verpine, if not a little tall. He is usually seen in his mercenary loadout, with a set of Mandalorian armor fitted to his form, and a modified helmet with a large, oval visor instead of the traditional T-visor. The helmet also has small openings for his antenna. He has two holsters around his spindly legs that carry the modified Verpine scatterguns, and a sling for the spray stick. He managed to rip the internals out of a jump pack, attaching them to his back like an exoskeleton with the fuel lines embedded into his armor. The pack offers a quick burst of speed as he jumps, giving a small edge when closing to a target.

Green and Black Mandalorian Armor, composed of plasteel plates.
Two Verpine Shatter Guns, modified into small scatterguns.
One Stokhli spray stick with shock pads.
Modified Jump Pack

Kolai is a generally reserved type, likely due to the lack of other Verpine where he is. He usually keeps to himself unless needed, preferring to watch and listen to others. He thinkers with technology, and is very intelligent. He has good intentions, and is not unwilling to help others out if needed.

Kolai was hatched on Nickel One, the capital of the Verpine deep within the Roche asteroid. From birth, he was trained by the Roche Mandalorians, the combined cultures of the Mandalorian base established during Jason Solo' s attempts at power, that had become permanent, and the Verpine which had eventually accumulated in a subculture of Mandalorian and Verpine. There, he was taught about the Mandalorians, and donned the parts of the culture he could. He became one of the capital's protectors, where he happily served. However, he grew to have a wander lust, and wanted to see other places in the galaxy. He left home, and now works as a mercenary across the stars.

Bes'uliik-Class Starfighter (Export Version)
While retaining none of the beskar that had coated the defense models, the Nau'ur is still a very effective ship. It has a three man configuration, with the additional positions being converted into passenger seats. There is a small compartment that is used for prisoner transport when he takes the occasional bounty. The ship has three blaster cannons, with the fourth cannon and two weapon mounts being taken up by a missile launcher and magazine.