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Character Sheet


"Just remember, he is as old as a Whipid Sorcerer's farts, so remember to speak loudly, if he trails off or starts rumbling, just be patient, and whatever you do, don't mind the smell around him, alright?"

NAME: Baron Hunter-Killer Series 36
FACTION: Omega Pyre
RANK: Baron of the Protectorate, Second Lieutenant, Commander of the Second "Iron" Company and Extermination Squad, First Battalion of Omega Pyre, Observer of Abregado-Rae, Head of the Iron Chef's Fine Steaks and Rations Company, Abregado-Rae Guild of Hammers, and Abregado-Rae Holo-Vision Network.
SPECIES: Droid, Hunter-Killer model
AGE: Unknown, ancient, stated the age to be around 4,836 galactic years
GENDER: None, male programming
HEIGHT: 2 meters
WEIGHT: I'm not sure, but I guess a lot, being two meters tall and made of metal
EYES: Glowing red-orange photo sensors
HAIR: None

Voice: Similar to William Daniels, voice of Mr Feeny on Boy Meets World and KITT on Knight Rider, sample here
SKIN: At first rust colored with spots of different colored metal patches being used, plenty of burn and scorch marks, his original polish is long gone, now giving him a dull and ragged look.

Recently he was repainted into steel-gray color with red details, mark of Omega Pyre painted on one side of his chest, the Skull of Mandalorians on the other.













STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :





General Strengths


Extraordinary Physique- Increased Strength and Speed: As a machine, HK is much more stronger, agile, and flexible than a human being, often utilizing his customized state-of-the-art body in order to overwhelm his opponents with pure brute strength or speed. This can also be seen in his brutal and effective fighting style, often utilizing his body for acrobatics or powerful unexpected attacks.


Manumission and Self-Evolution- Programming Complexity: As a reward for his service for the Jedi, HK was given manumission, that means his programming was purged from all restricting protocols, giving free will to his artificial intelligence. This manumission, among with centuries without mind-wipe, allowed his programming to self-evolve, becoming much more organic and "quirky" in nature. As a result, HK can act very much like a human can, showing understanding and ability to wield emotions and feelings. This also resulted in HK's programming being one of a kind, with little to no viruses being effective against him, and hacking attempts being extremely difficult.


Metal Body- Damage Reduction: Due to the fact that his body is made of metal rather than organic substance, HK is much more resistant to slugthrowers and physical attacks, he is also able to survive in the vacuum of space and does not perceive pain.


Photographic Memory- Identification: HK, as a droid, is capable of photographic memory, taking in all the little details and able to recount specific events with great care.


Swift Eyes and Sharp Mind- Spotting and Tracking: Thanks to his photoreceptors, motion trackers, and sensors, HK can keep up observing even the fastest of opponents, watching the battlefield in what can be considered slowed tempo. He often pairs this with his processor, able to calculate and plan at high-speed rate, projecting paths of his enemy's weapon and projectiles in order to dodge them, block them, or deflect them back at his attacker.



Combat Strengths


Assassination Protocols- Stealth and Sniper Rifle Proficiency: Due to the Assassination Protocols HK was manufactured with, he has always been proficient with sniper rifles and usage of stealth equipment and tactics for his advantage, ranging from setting up ambushes to sniping or quietly knocking his target out.


Bladedancer- Unique Melee Light Armor Combat Style: As a Bladedancer, HK's fighting style relies on a whirlwind of high speed precise attacks and dodging the enemy's attacks, going around them rather than confronting them. As such, HK is a very agile, hard to hit opponent who would try to outmaneuver his enemy rather than simply defeat them head-on.


Gunslinger- Pistol Proficiency: HK is highly proficient with pistols, often choosing them as his preferred ranged weapon, utilizing them with his sensors, he can deliver rapid bursts of deadly accurate shots.


Iron Knight- Unique Melee and Ranged Weaponry Heavy Armor Combat Style: As opposed to the Bladedancer style, HK formed the Iron Knight techniques to be used during full on battles rather than smaller duels or skirmishes. It is a tactic used mostly against a group of opponents with a force of allies, all clad in medium or heavy armor. It is a direct and brutal but efficient combat style utilizing benefits of heavy armor to close the distance quickly while providing suppressive fire from gun emplacements and laying defensive support for any force following the front line.


Jedi Lightsaber Trainer- Lightsaber Proficiency: Due to his past as a Lightsaber Training Droid, HK picked up a lot of knowledge about the art, able to recreate many techniques and moves to the point of master-level combat. HK then took that knowledge further, shaping the forms he learned into his own combat technique. In the end, his past as a training droid allowed him to become a skilled duelist as well as a wise teacher.


Kinetic Movement- Trained Ability to Notice Body Movement: A skill taught to HK by Kira Liadain to HK in Working Out the Old Kinks it is based on HK using his high speed trackers and sensors to detect body movements in order to gain a better understanding on how his enemy will attack or dodge, the goal of this was to give the droid a slight edge by teaching him to anticipate enemy movements split second away.


Martial Arts- Hand to Hand Combat Proficiency: Receiving a martial training long ago during the Old Republic, his fighting style is a mix of Echani and Mandalorian martial arts, blended together and polished into a new custom form over the years of his travels.



Social Strengths


First Baron Observer- Reputation and Presence in the Omega Protectorate Territory: By now HK has built up a reputation for himself around the Omega Protectorate, especially among the common folk and soldiers. It began with the word about him spreading through the Pyre forces as the droid was given nickname "The Siege Tower of the Pyre" due to his efforts in minimizing casualties on the field by protecting the soldiers on the front lines with his own body and saber. His reputation spread then to civilians as his deeds of saving prisoners and innocent caught in crossfire were publicized during his service at the side of Colonel Kerrigan, often resulting in the droid being unnecessarily injured. The latest event in increase of his reputation among the Protectorate was the droid receiving title of the First Baron and a rank of Observer, placing the planet of Abregado-Rae under his management. HK made sure that the event was shown to public through Protectorate holo-news and ever since then appeared regularly for media, whether it was in combat saving more civillians, or otherwise, to maintain his reputation.


I've Seen it All- Lore: Due to his long lifespan, HK has seen the Galaxy since the Old Republic, witnessing many major events, and even sometimes taking part in them. As such, HK has large quantities of knowledge regarding Galactic history, its cultures, and many of its languages, both dead and contemporary, due to the mix of his experience and the protocol components he was given during Old Republic. Being a droid only helped to maintain and take in all of the information he accumulated.


Like A Fungus- Long-Term Charisma: Although most people start out having mixed feelings towards the ex-assassin droid he does have the uncanny ability to grow on them. Most of the beings he meets end up in circles of his friends, for example the members of the Protectorate as well as some of the Jedi. However, it is something that happens over time and prolonged interactions, at first the droid has charisma of a toaster.






General Weaknesses


Ageless- Painful Memories and Uncertainty: HK is an old being and he never ages, while it sounds like a strength, he does not see it as one. He has to watch his friends and companions age and die while he keeps on going, it is something he has to cope with everyday, and his semi-immortality also allows him to see impacts of choices and the grand consequences they can bare in the ripples of time


No Disassemble- Vulnerability to Electricity: Like every droid, HK is vulnerable to electric and ionic attacks, however, he is aware of that and found many ways to protect himself against it.


Over 20,000 Retconned Midi-Chloroxians- Force Absence: As a droid, HK is absent from the Force, it is very difficult to track him using it, however, he is unable to use it or sense it.


Diet of Oil and Wookiee-ookiees- Heavy: Due to the weight of the metal body and armor he often wears, HK can be at a disadvantage in softer terrains, such as swamps or bogs.


Quirky Programming- Programming Complexity: Due to the unique nature of HK's programming, it takes longer time to provide repairs to it and its copies can be considered valuable.



Combat Weaknesses


Child Crying- Martyr Complex: HK would be unable to stand by while the innocent are being harmed, always willing to rush to help when sorrow and harm strikes the innocent civilians, especially when it puts the droids in a way of unnecessary harm. This can be a weakness used to lure him into a trap by threatening or harming the innocent.


Glory to the Hunter- Seeking Challenges: HK loves hunting and challenges, often collecting trophies, this tendency can often get him in trouble, causing him to facing challenging foes, sometimes without backup, and it could just as easily be used by his enemies to lure him into a trap.



Social Weaknesses


Hatred Towards the Sith- Negative Bonus Towards Relations With Members of the Sith Order: HK has strong hatred towards the Sith, he will be often willing to volunteer in attacks against them, hunt them for sport, or interrogate them in order to attempt at breaking them or collecting trophies from them. Safe to say, this comes with a degree of prejudice and lack of diplomatic skills when Sith are involved.


Mistrust Towards the Jedi- Prejudice Towards Members of the Jedi Order: Due to the droid's past with the Jedi and Republic, where he was betrayed by the Jedi soon after trying to protect their temple, HK mistrusts Jedi, sworn to never again join their ranks or serve the Republic, however, he is willing to work with them on occasion.






HK's Masterwork Duelist Body (80 kg) - Current


HK's Backup Cortosis Body (159 kg)





Suit of Heavy Defense Power Armor, customized to fit his body and show his rank (45 kg)


Suit of Vanguard-class Armor, Phrik-variant, given to him by Siobhan from Firemane, modified to fit his body (12 kg)


Suit of VT-Vonduun Skerr Karamik, special organic armor that renders him resistant to the Force, bought from Vanir Tech (12 kg)


A Pair of VT-Grav Gloves, allows HK to use a mimicked version of Force-Pull/Push using gravitational technology (1.7 kg)


A Pair of Electro-Cestus, combat armor rate 8 gauntlets with build-in Cortosis Weave blades, lined with purified Cortosis, and an electro-shocking pad, (1-2 kg)


Chameleon Cloak (1 kg)


Tan and dark brown Jedi robes and bandages (1kg)



Ranged Weaponry


One HVKF-SR-1 (6.5 kg)


"The Stinger" Custom Verpine shatterpistol (1 kg)


One DL-88 Heavy Blaster Pistol (1.4 kg)


"Hammer Upon Enemy" Customized MK I Boltgun (8 kg)



Melee Weaponry


"Sliver of Light", "Little Ray of Sunshine" relic training lightsaber with Solari crystal (1 kg)

Twin Sith Alchemic Swords of the Bando Gora Machine Cult (6 kg)

Spear of Rae, a Force pike with a phrik spear-head and electro-shocking systems, adjustable length (10 kg)





Collection of Anti-Force User Grenades





The Siege Tower- Nebulon B7 Class Frigate


OS-l1 Ranger Interceptor


The Knight of Eclipse/ The Dark Desire- Dark Harvester Prize Stealth Vessel

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    The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)

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// This is kind of a transfer character I did for a Jedi Knight Academy roleplaying community, however, the forums we used have been shut down so I don't really have a link to put//


Creation, The Old Republic, and Servitude as Lightsaber Training Droid

Manufactured by Czerka Company before the Mandalorian Wars, 36 began his career as a Hutt guard and assassin. As the Mandalorian Wars broke out, his ownership changed due to the Hutt having some debts with the Mandalorian clans. HK was then put into the field of combat among Mandalorian ranks, wielding his sniper blaster with deadly accuracy to support the Crusaders. It was then he etched into his chest the Mandalorian sign- the Jaing head which can still be somewhat seen on his chest piece.


When the war ended on Malachor V, he was captured by the Jedi forces, his mind was wiped and he was sent to Dantooine, thought to be only a protocol droid, it was then that he was programmed to teach the theories about force and act as an encyclopedia to the young Jedi learners, as well as teach them lightsaber combat. Due to the unique qualities of his programming he was able to learn more about lightsaber combat as he thought it, honing his own skills. One time a young Jedi knight was working on him, one of many who he taught since they were younglings. The Jedi being knowledgeable in programming and working with droids, was able to restore 36's old memories of Mandalorian Wars. 36 decided to remain in service of Jedi who showed him kindness rather than revert to his assassin ways, the Jedi stripping his programming from protocols forcing him to obey his assassination procedures and fully activating his A.I. However, 36 did not get much chance to enjoy the newfound freedom among the Jedi, soon their kind became hunted and he fled with them. At one point he broke away from the enclave he was with on a small unknown world and he was never heard from again.


At least until now, when he was able to wander back into one of the busier spaceports, ancient, insane, having no idea what he is, what is his purpose, or what happened to him. 36 concerns himself only with keeping himself running and with finding Jedi. Why? He doesn't know.


And recently


Posh, Posh, The Traveling Life


HK traveled the Galaxy by scamming travelers into giving him rides to other planets or just sneaking aboard their ships. Although slightly malicious, even though harmless, method of traveling, HK that way was able to get to many planets such as Corellia, Naboo, Kashyyyk, or Coruscant.


Recovery from Tatooine and Aiding Vitor Imperiuse

During one such wanderings, HK was stuck on Tatooine for a longer time, even forced to make a improvised scrap armor and outfit that protected him from sand and hid his nature from Jawas (Who he hates and has a fear of). In one of the local pubs he met @ who agreed to let him travel with him aboard the young Jedi's shuttle. HK and Vitor were both amnesiac of sorts and they soon connected, HK sharing with Vitor what he knew about Jedi teaching, becoming sort of a mentor and friend figure to Vitor. However, the companionship was short lived as during a visit on Tatooine HK and Vitor met @ who Vitor fell in love with. Vitor sold his shuttle and joined Serana's crew, HK followed grudgingly, not knowing that Serana was a bounty hunter who preferred to hunt for the Sith Empire. Once that was revealed HK decided to leave the close partnership and continue to wander alone, of course, not without using money Serana offered to give him for upgrades and repairs. HK was not able to leave immediately, during an attack by the Sith spirit that Vitor possessed Vitor, he revealed to HK all of his past as his memories flooded back for an instance. The Jedi also recorded the memories on the datapad, which HK took and hid in his robes, deciding to take the young Jedi to the temple on Coruscant where the master Jedi can rid him of the spirit possessing him rather than revealing the truth to him and Serana, endangering their relationship.


Joining Omega Pyre

At one point afterwards, possessing no stable source of income or aid, droid heard about the Omega Pyre, deciding to join the faction in hope they will give him funds and direct him to specialists that will repair and restore him. The droid was soon enough given a chance to show off his abilities during Operation Harbingers when a military convoy of Omega Pyre was ambushed by the cultists Bando Gora. HK joined the boarding force, armed with Omega Pyre weaponry but without any armor. HK proved himself worthy, protecting the boarding forces from heavy blaster and slughthrower fire in the tight corridors of the ship, brutally killing any enemies that got too close to the forces, utilizing his rotary motors and jagged Bando Gora swords to create quite a bloody show for the allied troops. His assistance culminated when he carried wounded Colonel Kerrigan off of the ship after she received devastating injury during her fight with a Bando Gora Champion.


Moving Plans into Action and the Battle for Mandalore

It was at that time HK began to move his plans into action, he gathered blueprints off of Jak Sandrow of Omega Pyre to make foundation for his future body. He also met with Alli Wren of the Galactic Trading Guild to gather recon on the plans her faction has. It was during his meeting with the Mandalore herself that HK's services has been called by Omega Pyre once more. Mandalore, capital planet of Mandalorians have been invaded by the allied Deathwatch and Sith forces, as the defenses gathered, HK send out a ping to all the nearby Omega operatives, gathering a rag-tag Omega commando team on the outskirt of the city. The team made their way through the city, encountering Sith forces, and proved a valuable asset to Mandalorians and Echani allies as the droid kept communications between the factions, using his recon to direct ally forces, most notable a request for a flanking charge of Echani droids against column of advancing Deathwatch armored vehicles, eliminating the Deathwatch walkers from the battle. The Omega team then headed towards the siege Ion Cannons to confront Deathwatch and reinforce Mandalorian and Echani allies. HK head over to the command room of the Ion Cannon complex where he confronted Tyrin and his team of Deathwatch infiltrators. The droid quickly eliminated Sith's guard and confronted the Sith knight in a duel. The two were evenly matched and the duel confronted with HK knocking off Tyrin's mask, collecting it as a trophy, and the Sith being able to push the droid out of a window, but flee while Nyos arrived as reinforcement. While Nyos and HK confronted another Sith, Tyrin sneaked in and reprogrammed the Ion Cannons. Shortly after the Deathwatch ordered retreat. Mandalore was defended succesfully, but not without losses, the Deathwatch detonated a nuclear device outside of the city. HK remained with the Omega team, aiding in recovering wounded and those in the radioactive areas, getting them to safety.


Inactivity While Designing New Body

HK was quickly promoted to the rank of Sergeant Major in Omega Pyre, after the Mandalore Invasion he entered a period of slowed activity, spending most time working on the new body he was planning to use in combat against any future enemies he would face. During this time HK met Veron'icka who started to teach him how to heal wounded during combat. HK hired himself for a few mercenary and recon missions, like those to Endor or Mustafar. It was at that time that HK also began working with the Vagrant Fleet, providing them with a scavenged frigate called The Young in Spirit, allowing those without a ship a place to stay and utilizing the ship's broadcasting devices for the Fleet.


Forming Iron Company

HK also did his service for Omega once more during conquest of Bespin and Sluis Van, giving his first company, nicknamed "Iron Company", to command, proving a great tactical leader, he provided fire support for the spearheading Omega forces, minimizing losses among his forces while maximizing those among his enemies.


Debt to Omega Pyre and Lady Protector

When the droid's body was finally done being designed, HK showed his plans to Lady Protector Cira. She agreed to have it made by Omega Pyre as long as the droid would work the cost of having it made by fighting for Omega without pension and giving all of his bounties back to Omega until his body and repairs were paid back in full. HK agreed.


Hunt For Deathwatch and RC 212

His debt was going to be paid back in full sooner than he expected. While being aboard Noah's ship, fellow Omega Pyre soldier, HK picked up an emergency broadcast from Endor, they were being raided by Deathwatch pirates. HK relayed the broadcast to other Omega Pyre forces and informed Noah, the two decided to head to Endor to support the Ewoks. Deathwatch fleed when Omega Pyre ships showed up, Omega fleet teamed up with the Bluehawks forces in the system in order to support them, however, they were not able to prevent Deathwatch from escaping. HK took recordings of Endor burning after he descended down onto the planet to support the Ewoks with other Pyre operatives. The droid swore to have vengence against RC, the leader of Deathwatch, and his troopers. HK tracked the Deathwatch to an auction in Tatooine, however, when RC recognized the droid, after HK foiled the Deathwatch's plan by letting the audience know that one of their Raiders was armed, he started to massacre the audience with his Raiders, quickly making his escape once more after receiving few shots from the droid. HK stayed behind to repair the damage RC has done once more. It was on Abregado-Rae that it all changed, this time RC made a mistake of attacking one of Omega Pyre's Core Worlds. HK was present to witness the terrorist attack conducted by RC and record it while signalling the Omega forces to lockdown the planet and send reinforcements. HK confronted RC and his raiders, killing off few of them and buying more time while reinforcements arrived, led by Sarge Potteiger. As RC realized his situation, the Raiders began to retreat, chased by Omega Air Force, guided by tracking devices the droid was able to attach on their ships. The situation resolved after Sarge and HK killed off most of RC's ground forces and the Raider Leader was shot down and captured after ejecting from his starfighter. HK claimed the bounty on RC's head, capturing him alive and collecting his mask as a trophy. The Raider was then transported to Omega Military Base where he was moved to Fondor shortly after where he awaited Mandalorian arrival to hear his sentence.


The New Beginning


Infiltrating the Confederacy


The First Baron of the Protectorate


The Observer of Abregado-Rae


The Dark Harvest


The Knight of Iron



    The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)

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RC 212 (Leader of Pirate remnants of the infamous Deathwatch, collected for Omega by the order of Mandalorians, HK encountered and confronted him on Abregado-Rae during a terrorist attack on the Omega Pyre world- Old Scars) 50,000 credits


RC 212 again and Kirill Bratan (Still Leader of Pirate remnants of the infamous deathwatch, collected for the Hutts by their own order, he was encountered together with Kirill Bratan during the signing of the Articles of Confederation when they turned violent and were apprehended by HK- Articles of Confederation) 60,000 credits


Zev Stargo (Paid back the bounty that was placed on his head by anonymous sources in the name of revenge) 500,000 credits


Jedi and Representatives of the Republic (The bounty was paid without any combat or conflict by the High Chancellor himself, the bounty had no reason behind it) 400,000 credits


TOTAL: 1,001,000 credits made in bounties


Posh, Posh, The Traveling Life

Beautiful People (HK is on Naboo, witnessing Feena Mason arriving with her newly wed husband Keter and her padawan Mairra Fehn, the droid approaches them in hope of scamming them for a ride off of the planet while Sith Jinn Sibot joins them in his plan to kill the Jedi as proof of his powers)


Untold Legends; Hand of Honour (On Corellia HK witnesses a talk of grand treasures, he meets and joins Verz Horak, @Jack Sparrow, and @Axiom Keim in hope of grand adventure and treasures, also a ride off of the planet)


Searching For Something Lost (HK ended up on Dantooine, noticing another broken droid unit, @B7-T8 , HK approaches the droid in hope of companion or information)


Recovery from Tatooine and Aiding Vitor Imperiuse


-Possessions of Vitor Imperiuse story arc begins

Ruthless Is Just Another Title (Concluded with HK becoming the companion of @Vitor Imperieuse in exchange for repairs)


The Sublime Serana (Concluded with HK and @Vitor Imperieuse tagging along with @ and continuing the story into The Impossible Guy)


The Impossible Guy (Concluded with HK receiving funds for armor, repairs, weapons, and other upgrades but distancing himself from @ and @Vitor Imperieuse who he took on as a student and promised to restore his memory with help of the Jedi on Coruscant)


Exorcisms of Vitor "Emily" ImpeRose (HK takes Vitor to Coruscant to meet with the Jedi Council, including @Darron Wraith, @Mak Manto, and @Jaxton Ravos in hope they will be able to exorcise the young Jedi)

-Possessions of Vitor Imperiuse arc ends


A Little Exploration Never Hurt Anybody (Concluded with HK teaming up with @Fenn Drayen and @Lamia Quresh to brave the Shadowlands of Kashyyyk when the planet was raided by pirates, @Ironwolf and his Star Wolves. The droid met also @ another surviving HK unit. HK-36 left Fenn and Lamia in the Shadowlands to race to another Wookiee village and alert its inhabitants of the pirates so that reinforcement for his companions can be sent. He then disappeared in the Shadowlands once more, awaiting the battle to be over, his self-preservation protocols deeming him to be too weak to engage in a fight with pirates on a large scale just yet. He disappeared with determination to haste his efforts in getting himself repaired.)


Joining Omega Pyre


Working Out The Old Kinks (Concluded with HK sparring with @Kira Liadain who became his trainer, teaching him how to anticipate his opponent's next move by reading their movements, she also took on a job to polish his style, making him harder to disarm and more efficient in combat)


Hanna's Day Off (Concluded with HK meeting his fellow Omega Pyre operatives in a bar on Corellia shortly after buying an apartment nearby.)


-Obtaining the Plans story arc begins

What a Piece of Junk! (Concluded with HK making a trade with @, he received schematics of IG-Magnaguard, the body of General Grevious, and a combat staff lightsaber in exchange for schematics of his own body. Jak also propsed stealing schematics to old CIS ships from the Galactic Trading Guild)


Garage Sale (Concluded with HK meeting with @Alli Wren of the Galactic Trading Guild, confirming she still has plans for the Seperatist ships in her archives.)
-Obtaining the Plans story arc ends


Harbingers (Concluded with HK joining the Omega Pyre company under leadership of @Siobhan Kerrigan, the resulting bloodly battle aboard Bando Gora ship, first battle for HK in ages, took hours as many cultists and mercenaries died. It ended with the Bando Gora Champion being killed by Colonel Kerrigan, who lost a leg in the fight, HK then carried her away as the remaining Omegas made their way out of the crumbling ship. HK was given a promotion to the rank of "Sergeant" for his valor during battle.)


Moving Plans into Action and the Battle for Mandalore


-Siege of Mandalore story arc begins

On A Grassy Plain of Mandalore (Concluded with HK meeting with @Mia Monroe who currently held the title of Mandalore, leader of Mandalorians, she accepted HK's gift of the blueprints to his body and his plead to be allowed access to Basilisk War Droid blueprints and a contact to Mandalorian Armorsmith. She also greenlighted his proposition to join the Mandalorians as an associate and freelancer before they rode off into the direction of city of Keldabe shortly before Sith invasion.)


Battle of Mandalore (Concluded, being currently on Mandalore, shortly after his meeting with Mandalore herself, HK was one of the Omegas who received the call to arms and a mission to aid in defense of Mandalore from invading Sith and Deathwatch forces. HK assembled and took command of a rag tag team of Omega operatives including @ @Val-ient Cyborg @Racket and @Corvo Anattolius the team cut their way through the city, heading to recover Val-ient who was trapped by Sith forces while trying to journey to their meeting point. During the fight HK established a comm contact with the leader of Echani ground forces @Kamon Vondiranach and the two coordinated their attacks. After recovering Nyos and requesting for Kamon to intercept an armored walker column of Deathwatch forces heading towards Ion Cannons, the Omega A-Team headed towards the Ion Cannons complex themselves after a quick stop by MandalMotor Hall. During the Battle of Ion Cannons, HK intercepted @Tyrin Ardik with two Deathwatch bodyguards. The droid quickly beheaded the two Deathwatch commandos, ambushing the Sith as the two engaged in a long and epic duel, neither of them willing to back down. The duel ended with HK giving a powerful punch to Tyrin's face, sending the Sith's mask flying before the Sith pushed the droid out of a window with a force scream. As Nyos arrived to join the fight and HK was crawling back through the window, the Sith retreated. It was only a diversion as the Sith sneaked back while HK and Nyos dueled another Sith @Zaiden while Tyrin deactivated the Ion Cannons. However, the Battle did not last much longer, Zaiden was quickly disarmed by Mandalorians that interject into the duel. Shortly after, Ion Cannons were reprogrammed and the Deathwatch forces retreated with Sith, dropping a tactical nuke in outskirts of Keldabe. By luck, HK avoided the explosion and EMP by being aboard the ship of Jak Sandrow who evacuated the Ion Cannons Complex after hostile retreat.)


Operation Clean-UP: Keldabe (Concluded with HK piloting one of the airships to evacuate Mandalorian soldiers from the radiation zone of the nuclear warhead detonated by the Deathwatch)


Mandalore Invasion Afteraction (Concluded with HK being promoted to the rank of Sergeant Major by Lady Protector @Cira for his work and valor during the Battle of Mandalore. HK was also given the terms of his next promotion to the rank of an officer which he accepted, he also requested promotion for every member of his A-Team and to be allowed to fork for Mandalorians as a free-lancer to honor his history as a Mandalorian War Droid. He was granted permission.)

-Siege of Mandalore story arc ends


Rent-A-Cop (On Abregado-Rae HK joins with @Dink Boodles to act against rising pirate threat)


A Breath of Fresh 'Air' (Concluded with HK being in the background of a bar on Bespin while on a recon mission. He bought a drink for @)


Inactivity While Designing New Body


-Veron'Icka story arc begins
Hey, I just Met You, And This Is Crazy... (Concluded with HK literally bumping into @Veron'Icka Stormson and giving the poor girl a concussion. The droid then took her to his apartment where he administered first aid. Veron and HK became quick friends as she began to teach him medical skills.)


You Have to Start Somewhere (HK meets with Veron'Icka in Omega Pyre's shooting range, she is practicing her pistol skills, the droid decides to teach her how to handle a gun properly)

-Veron'Icka story arc ends


Hutt Hunting (HK joined a team consisting of @Elex Koved , @Caile Nemorra, @Dink Boodles, and @Aiden Mercer tasked with hunting down a Hutt on Nar Kreeta)


-Death of the Onyx story arc begins

This Is The End: Onyx Endgame (Concluded with HK taking part in hunt for @, he took relatively little part in it, spraying Onyx and few other combatants with shrapnel and glass as a result of his use of bolter. As Onyx retreated with @ to duel, the droid let them go, deciding to rather attack other combatants in order to keep them busy as Onyx and Darren get away for their last fight.)


Saying Goodbye: The Funeral of Onyx (Concluded with HK attending the funeral of Dark Onyx and helping to carry his coffin.)

-Death of the Onyx story arc ends


-The Vagrant Droid story arc begins

Vagrant Fleet: Meet and Greet (Concluded with HK meeting members of the Vagrant fleet including the "Ori'Vod" @Ashin Varanin and @Qae Shena who agreed to join the droid for a ship recovery mission)


The Derelict (HK teams up with @Qae Shena and @Rosa Mazhar in order to recover a Munificent-class frigate "ghost ship" in hopes of turning the old ship into droid's personal base of operation withing Vagrants)


Blade on Blade (Concluded with HK losing a duel with @Qae Shena, a first duel the droid lost in few millenias, although frankly, in those few millenias he duelled only four times or so.)


The Sanctuary (Concluded, HK saved a space station on which wounded @Tahira Solo was kept with @Chloe Blake, @Qae Shena, and @Baren Kira were by diffusing a set of bombs planted by unknown forces)

-The Vagrant Droid story arc ends


You're the One That's Going Down! (HK hired himself as a bounty hunter, it was a ploy to actually stop the hunters from capturing their target, @Subject 13, the droid had to face a pair of Jawas named @Triko and @Rex Farsight, the droid was temporarily stunned by Rex's ion blaster, but unexpectedly, the tall heavy metal body fell on the little Jawa, slowing him down)


Taking a Home (Concluded with HK being sent on a recon mission with @Jorus Merrill and @Sarge Potteiger to Mustafar to investigage the Deathwatch activity there. The trio witnessed aftermath of the Battle for Mustafar and shortly after, the Dreadstar, capital ship of Deathwatch, entering hyperspace by being boarded by unidentified faction. HK followed the Dreadstar with Jorus to find out that the ship was taken by Ewok pirates. Soon after Omega forces arrived, Jorus's ship was one of the ships that took the surviving Deathwatch soldiers off of the Dreadstar to take them into much safer custody of Omega Pyre, during the evacuation HK met @Mereel Vaun)


Game of Thrones (HK first meets @Jonathon Patches during a ball the infochant organized)


Jaxton's Journeys: Omega Pyre (HK meets with @Jaxton Ravos and other Omegas to have a conversation with the Jedi Master on Corellia)


Holocron Nation (HK visits a group of holocrons in order to play a game of cards)


Forming Iron Company


A Business Wedding (Concluded with HK not wanting to go to the wedding at first as he was without a date or anyone to accompany him, in the end the droid was called among others to join the Omega Forces that intervened when an army of 200 droidekas showed up called by @Alli Wren and @ . HK was summoned along with others to see droidekas deactivated, collected, and the wedding couple arrested.)


The Donanyd Effect (Concluded, HK was summoned along with other Omegas to heed the call and head over to Donanyd for a humanitarian mission. HK was one of the people that walked on the ruined planet's surface.)


The Armada (Concluded, HK was aboard captain Carth's ship when they were called to battle, however, the droid did not participate in it much, the ship stayed behind acting as a vanguard.)


Cloud Number Nine (Concluded, HK was given his own company to command during the dominion of Bespin. Having them armed to his own specifications, they proved effective against Bando Gora and his tactics minimized the casualties along his troopers. Throughout the battle they provided support for @Siobhan Kerrigan and her company, cutting with them through Bespin)


Survival Never Changes (Non-canon thread, HK is captured by unknown group, held together in unknown station with @, @, @Triko, @Verz Horak, @Sophia Walsh, and @Dorano Kejeilar, they are soon transported to unknown planet via teleport. The Force does not seem to exist there as they are attacked by hostile and mutated wildlife, forcing them to band together in order to survive)


Debt to Omega Pyre and Lady Protector


Droid Extreme Makover (Concluded, HK requested a meeting with @Cira to ask for Omega to make him a new, upgraded body, he showed her his designs and plans, going over the details and materials from which the body could be made. Cira agreed that Omega will do it if the droid will pay back for the body through service and bounties going onto Omega Pyre accounts. The droid agreed.)


Frozen Bucket of Bolts (On the planet of Kal'Shebbol HK is trapped in a fierce blizzard, he is recovered by Knight of Kal'Shebbol, led by a man known as @Tasgetius, HK agrees to join the Knights, teaching them how to combat Force-Users effectively in melee combat)


-The Grand Formal story arc begins

Intergalactic Grand Formal (Concluded, HK attended a Grand ball to show off publicly. After mingling with people around and taking part in the singing contest, HK engaged into a conversation with a young Jedi padawan, @Joshua DragonsFlame, after the conversation the droid was left in a slightly confused state as the conversation seemed familiar. His protocols and calculations were connecting it to events in his past, although the droid did not realized it due to damaged memory.)


Gentlemen! Start Your Engines! (HK joins Swoop Bike Race as one of the contestants, a part of the Grand Formal Games, the droid hopes to win a grand monetary reward as a result of this race)

-The Grand Formal story arc ends


Hunt For Deathwatch and RC 212


-Hunting the Dreadpirates story arc begins

Ewok Hunting! (Concluded, while onboard @Noah Corek's ship, HK captured a transmission from @YubYub the Vengeful, calling Omega Pyre for aid as Endor was being raided by pirates, the forests of the moon were burning. HK relayed the message to other Omega Pyre forces, letting Noah know of the broadcast, the two decided to head over and investigate. The Deathwatch also intercepted the message and attempted to set a trap against the Omega Pyre, however, due to Ewok's help, Omegas were able to avoid it. As more Omega Pyre ships arrived, and the Bluehawks who were stationed on the planet on a peace mission developed contact with Omega when HK intercepted @Miles Varden's transmission, the Deathwatch decided to retreat instead of facing Omega in a fight. HK witnessed the moon burning, taking recordings of the events for Lady Protector. Deathwatch were able to escape, Omega Pyre descended instead onto the planet to help the natives to clench fires and rescue the population in endangered areas.)


Along Came a Spider! (Concluded, following his leads, HK crashed an auction for a stealth fighter during which @A'Bael Denko, @Col'e Renfro, and @RC 212 planned to steal the fighter. When droid outted their plan by letting the audience know that Col'e was armed, RC threw 100 flashbangs, filling the room with light and deafening the audience. HK, able to withstand the effects, drew his pistol, shooting RC and penetrating his armor before killing two of his guards. RC took the keys to the starfighter by force and escaped with Col'e as soon as possible while HK kept shooting at them from cover. As suddenly as it happened, the Raiders either all escaped or were killed by HK and the patrons that remained standing. HK stayed in the auction rooms and took out his bacta capsules, starting to heal the wounded.)


Old Scars (Concluded, HK witnessed a terrorist attack on Abregado-Rae by @RC 212 , the droid alerted the planet defenses and Omega Pyre forces, confronting the pirate and his band alone, droid brought time while the Omega Pyre forces scrambled to respond. Once @Sarge Potteiger arrived as reinforcements, the two Omega operatives chased the pirate band as they tried to escape, killing all but RC and his apprentice who got lost in the firefight, knocked unconscious. After boarding a starfighter, which was promptly shot down, HK confronted RC, finding him in delusional state, and handcuffed him, dragging him onto Omega Pyre gunship, which took him away to Omega Pyre military base to be processed.)


Old Scars: The Rescue (HK delivers @RC 212 to Fondor, hanging him over to Major @Mao of Omega Pyre. The droid briefly talks to @Cira, accepting reward for the bounty and nominations for medals and honorary awards, he is also thanked by Ewok Representative @YubYub the Vengeful. HK returns to Mao to witness her fighting with RC, HK joins to subdue the Dreadpirate and interrogate him while they wait for Mandalorian Field Marshall @Verz Horak to take RC away)

-Hunting the Dreadpirates story arc ends


The New Beginning


New Body: New Beginning (Concluded, HK's mind and memories are fully restored and transferred to his new combat body while @Alna Merril and @Siobhan Kerrigan watch, the procedure is done by his friend @Val-ient Cyborg, who also strengthens HK's internal workings against ionic and EMP weaponry. The procedure goes correctly, HK does not turn hostile as he expected and soon celebrations with the Iron Company begin.)


Snowballs and Ice Cream: Dominion of Hoth (Concluded, HK is able to test out his new combat body during the Protectorate's assault on Hoth. HK takes part of the Alpha Team, tasked with raiding a pirate base, his team includes @Kaida Taldir, an Eldorai with expertese in ice with whom HK discusses poetic justice and the cycles of Galactic Politics, @Noah Corek, @Aiden Mercer, and their eyes-in-the-sky, @Karen Roberts. HK takes tactical command of the squad, charging Noah and Aiden to set up a line of suppressive blaster hell-fire which they do expertly, while Kaida devastates the pirates with barrage of her icy powers. During combat HK finds and rescues three Ropos named Blip, Bloop, and Frank, he then gets a chance to fight a Wampa in melee combat as Omegas assault the pirate tunnels. HK strangles the beast with his feet.)


Ropos Ropo When Ropo Ropos Ropos (Concluded, some time after on Fondor, HK, much inexperienced with carrying for Ropos has caused a population boom of them in his apartment, feeding them too much biscuits and letting them frolick too freely. At the same time @Cira and @Domino discuss a trading deal between the Protectorate and Black Suns regarding the Ropos. When HK notifies animal control about his Ropo problem, Cira decides to take advantage of it, selling the Ropos bred by HK to Black Suns. HK unknowingly gives rise to Ropos traded and smuggled by Black Suns throughout the Galaxy.)


Agents of Love and Peace (Hearing rumors of strange and deadly plague, HK arrives on Tatooine with goal of investigating this supposed plague. He meets with @Val-ient Cyborg, @Feena Mason, and the mysterious @Doctor, quickly learning the plague was bio engineered by unknown party.)


Stealth is Everything (Concluded, HK is called by @Siobhan Kerrigan to help @Noah Corek design new stealth armor for recon missions. HK shares his opinions and ideas, helping Noah to design the new armor)


Infiltrating the Confederacy


I Am The Shadow Of The Night! (Concluded, HK meets with @Cira to discuss the formation of the Bounty Hunters' Guild in order to provide his alibi for joining the Confederacy as the Guild's enigmatic Guildmaster. Cira agrees to have his information and funds relayed by anonymous sources. Soon enough @Lex Matako enters and fills Cira's mind with naughty thoughts)


-Perfect Disguise story arc begins

I Wanna Be Squishy Too! (Concluded, HK has been summoned by Lady Protector @Cira to her office, while he receives clearance for his Dark Templar Armor Cira also proposes for an HRD Body to be constructed for HK, allowing him to blend in with organics and for the first time experience what it is like to have a human body, HK agrees reluctantly but excitedly)


The Magraths Choose Their Side (Concluded, to test his new body, HK accompanies @Cira on a "date" as her escort, going along with @Sarge Pottieger and @Jonathon Patches, who pose as a homosexual couple surprisingly well, HK has his first dance since long ago with Cira, satisfied with the camouflage the new body provides, he shares his info on the people gathered with her)


I Love The Way You Jiggle When You Punch (HK decides to also test the combat capabilities of his new HRD body, to do that he challenges Major @Mao to hand-to-hand combat)

-Perfect Disguise story arc ends


The Hunt for Kirill Bratan (Concluded, HK teams up with @Noah Corek in order to hunt @Kirill Bratan for bounty. During their investigation they come upon old acquaintance of HK, Captain @Jack Sparrow. Upon short exchange of threats using shatterpistols, Wookies, and rotary canons Sparrow joins the team and they go to Nal Hutta using his ship, the Black Pearl. The capture itself goes surprisingly smooth, they find Bratan shortly after the ship's landing, seemingly by luck, and Sparrow simply asks for Kirill to turn himself in. Kirill agrees, as he goes onto the ship HK watches stumped by the ease of the capture)


Meet and Greet- Because It's A Good Idea For Sociopaths To Be Social (Starting out his career with alter-ego as the Guildmaster of Bounty Hunters' Guild, HK decides to meet some of his Hunters, including @Caile Nemorra, @Nicholas DragonsFlame, @Skye Mertaal, @Kiris Grimoire, @Lucious Montross, @Yvorre Morcade, and Tusken @Sardu. He mentions the new training program preparing them for missions against the infamous Bando Gora Reavers, most of them decide to join the program in order to collect bounties in battles against the Reavers.)


-The Guildmaster of Confederacy story arc begins

Articles of Confederation (Concluded, HK attends the signing of Articles of Confederation on Bothawui in his alter-ego the Guildmaster. The signing is led by leader of Confederacy @Genesis Rostu. During signing the topic of housing criminals from bounties is moved, HK is one of the strong opposition voices while @RC 212 and @Kirill Bratan argue for the amendment. The situation turns violent when Kirill tosses grenades towards the audience when supposedly he goes to turn himself in for RC's freedom. During the Chaos HK supposedly kills him by shooting him in the head and chases escaping RC. RC is finally captured by HK in a courtyard and takes him prisoner, along with Kirill's supposed corpse, transporting them to Black Sun territory)


I'll See Your Pirate, And Raise You Another Pirate (Concluded, HK takes the captured @RC 212 and @Kirill Bratan to Station Six in Hutt Space to turn them both for bounty to Domino. He is paid extra for speedy capture, remembering the station's location for later)


Danger in the City (Concluded, on Tatooine as the Guildmaster HK led a Confederate team composed of @, @Ember Rekali, @Bellalika, and @T:N1:LDR in a battle against a horde of Tusken Raiders and assault against pirate base while @Genesis Rostu discussed alliance with @Danger Arcenau)


Those Who Play God (Concluded, on Kamino HK as Guildmaster took part of an assault team composed of @Shorurra, @Circe Savan, @T:N1:LDR, @Dranok Lussk, @Jak Sandrow, @Zev Stargo, @Xiere, @Bellalika, and @Genesis Rostu. The assault started smoothly, with HK breaking down a door to the facility and the team soon being assaulted and surrounded by a swarm of mutant clones. The battle ended with rescue of clones of Jedi, including @Ashiin Veranin, clone of @Ashin Veranin, who HK identified as a descendant of his adopted organic family. The clones were given to @Danger Arcenau)


A Companion Is Not A 'hore (Concluded, on Ryloth HK flies air cover as Guildmaster for @Genesis Rostu and @Zev Stargo. He then conducts an ionic bombing run on a pirate facility Genesis and Rostu were assaulting, taking out the pirate weaponry and machines before the two quickly take down the facility. During flying cover HK contacts @Siara Kai on encrypted channel, the conversation is brief, however, HK gives Siara a lead on @Circe Savan, a supposed mass murderer Siara is trying to have arrested. HK tells Siara about accusations against Circe centering around Endor and involvement of RC 212 on the planet's genocide. He tells her where RC was being transferred to Black Suns, directing her to the station for more information. After the battle, HK lands the starfighter nearby the base of @Danger Arcenau where HK's "granddaughter" @Ashiin Veranin is held. HK demands to speak with his descendant, however Danger denies it, even though the disguised droid gives Ashiin a ropo, he would still love to tap Danger, however)


To Protect The World From Devastation (Concluded, on Geonosis the Confederacy tries to disable a Rogue Geonosian Hive, bent on keeping foreign influences off of the planet and sparking a civil war with the rest of the Geonosians. HK is charged, as the Guildmaster, in capturing the Rogue Geonosian Queen. He flies the mission solo, in a daring entrance he witnesses as @Ashin Veranin tries to help the Rogue Queen escape on one of the Vagrant ships. HK confronts her, but allows her to leave, giving her a head start as he fights the Queen's Elite Guards, defeating them one by one. HK in the process alerts the Confederate leaver @Genesis Rostu about the Queen escaping by means of unknown party. The transport carrying the Queen gives out civilian signal, carrying Geonosian children aboard, however, Rostu orders the transport to be shot down anyway, both Ashin and HK observe as the Vagrant crew dies along with Geonosian refuges. Ashin sends out a transmission to Confederate soldiers, informing them of the crime they just committed, HK falsely reports there was no one at the spot from which the transmission was sent, allowing Ashin to escape. They agreed to meet and talk at a later time.)


--Shaky Foundations story arc begins

Just Call Me 'Angel', Of The Morning, 'Angel' (Concluded, HK, as Guildmaster, meets with a vigilante named Saint Octavius aboard one of the CIS cruisers. Octavius has been detained in a cell due to his attack against Commander Rostu after Octavius has learned of the crime committed by Rostu against civilians and Geonosian refuges. HK persuades Octavius to forgive Rostu and instead focus against the Sith elements of CIS, identifying them as true source of evil in Confederacy. Octavius agrees, planning on joining with the Guildmaster once the vigilante finishes training among the Jedi. Guildmaster identifies himself as "Angel of the Morning" and leaves the cell.)


Dude, Where's My Ethical Code? (Concluded, HK meets with @Genesis Rostu aboard the CIS Cruiser as the Guildmaster. They discuss the aftermath of Geonosis, Rostu can barely deal with the guilt of civilian transport being shot down. HK points out Rostu's inability to take the guilt, he shows him then the recording of Donyanyd blown up by Darth Apparatus. HK questions Rostu whether he would be able to deal with guilt that would come from alliance between CIS and Sith, faction that conducts such atrocities as whole planets being blown away, while Rostu himself can barely deal with one civilian transport being shot down. Rostu agrees, persuaded to turn down alliance with the Sith. @Siara Kai then enters, revealing evidence that @Circe Savan is guilty of accusations against her about the mass murder of Ewoks on Endor and for selling their pelts as children's toys. Siara has followed leads given to her by HK to gather the evidence, springing the trap he begun to set on Circe since witnessing her crimes on Endor. Rostu immediately sets out a warrant on Circe's arrest and HK agrees to carry it out in the name of Confederacy.)


Speaking of Awkward Family Reunions (Concluded, HK meets with @Ashin Veranin on Ord Mantel station, disguised in one of his HRD bodies. HK informs Ashin of Confederacy's next moves, as well as the superweapon they are building, a 2 km Geonosian Dreadnaught, however, at the time HK did not had details about the construction. HK also warns Ashin about the Sith influences on the Confederate council, then the droid briefly describes Ashin's family history and her ancestors before the two depart, deciding not to linger in one spot.)


I'm Going to Stick My Quantum Harmonizer In Your Photonic Resonations (Concluded, @Zev Stargo asks HK to meet with him on Geonosis in order to inspect latest ship to enter Confederate arsenal, the grand Geonosian Dreadnaught. HK arrives on Geonosis, as the Guildmaster, having a brief talk with Zev about the dealings and politics on Geonosis. HK briefly discusses the policies of Confederacy, persuading Zev to back HK's efforts in removing Sith influences from the Confederacy, agreeing they are "bad for business", and accepting HK's proposition for Zev to join the Confederate Council instead of Circe and Dranok. HK looks over the experimental weaponry of the ship, recommending for the researchers to look at Verpine weaponry, noticing similarities between the two weapon models, in order to fix issues they have been having with experimental weapons for the Dreadnaught)


Vagrant Town Hall Meeting (Concluded, HK attends Vagrant Fleet meeting, including @Vaudin Miir, @Asemir Lor'kora, @Spencer Jacobs, @Jorus Merrill, @Judah Dashiell, and @Darren Shaw in order to discuss the relations between the Fleet and CIS. The Vagrants agree to stay out of open conflict with the Confederacy, realizing such might drive the Fleet out into the open and endanger well-being of all its members. HK then shares the data gathered by him, including Sith influences on the CIS Council, their next plans of conquest and attacks, and their new superweapon, the Geonosian Dreadnaught and its new weaponry)


Hunting Bando Gora (Concluded, HK meets secretly with @Jonathon Patches, relaying his information about the Confederacy, their weaponry, and movements to the Protectorate. He also questions the disguised infochant about @Siara Kai)

--Shaky Foundations story arc ends


To Unite All People Within Out Nation (Concluded, on Hypori the CIS is requested to put down workers' riots, @Genesis Rostu orders the efforts to be non-lethal and without casualties, focused on recovering the Confederacy's reputation after recent incident on Geonosis. HK, as Guildmaster, leads an assault team consisting of Wookiee @Shorurra and Human @Mistral. HK bonds with the two beings over the course of the mission, pushing through large crowds of rioters and barricading themselves inside a manor where their target is kept, they are ordered to clear out the manor and escort their target to safety)

-The Guildmaster of Confederacy story arc ends


-Selling Out Info story arc begins

Deal With The Benevolent Devil (Concluded, HK meets in secret with Grand Chancellor of the Republic, @Ardak Serifen, and his guard, @Zane Watts on Ord Mantel station. In return for information about Isis Fontana, who posted a bounty on heads of Jedi and Republic officials, Ardak agreed to have Republic open up to Non Aggression Pact negotiations with the Confederacy, Ardak also paid for the bounties to be taken down. HK single-handedly achieved what no one has ever done between CIS and Republic diplomatic relations and scored a nice sum of credits along with it)

He is a Goodfella (Concluded, HK meets with @Zev Stargo in order to trade information about whoever put bounty on Stargo's head. For revealing that it was Isis Fontana, HK receives high discounts on goods sold by Stargo to his Guild among with a large payment of credits, providing funds and supplies to his Bounty Hunters' Guild)
-Selling Out Info story arc ends

The Night Has Thousand Eyes (On Abregado-Rae HK meets with @Dekkan Fray while walking alone in the night, patrolling the Old Patch district. HK comes in, deciding to try and converse with the man, it was the droid's beginning of taking interest in activity on Abregado-Rae and increasing his visits to the planet. Dekkan grudgingly warms up to the idea of sentient droid, somewhat accepting his presence as the night goes on)

Destinies Collide (During one of patrols to Mustafar, world OP has taken interest in since the Deathwatch used it as their headquarters, HK encounters a Sith, @Marek S'hadar, dueling a Jedi, @Cale Gunderson, the droid intervenes with @Val-ient Cyborg who accompanied him, soon @Dranok Lussk joins the fray as they battle on the lava-planet)


To Denounce The Evils Of Truth And Love (Concluded, on Roon HK accompanies the CIS delegation to a pirate stronghold, taking pictures and holovideos of the pirate lord @Daritha, taking special interest in his Vong weaponry)


The First Baron of the Protectorate


It's Lika A Sauna In Here.. Except With Lava Instead of Water (Concluded, HK leads an Omega Protectorate team consisting of @Val-ient Cyborg, @Kiris Grimoire, @Noah Corek, @Thane, @Mother Arg'garok , @Skree Ariko, @Karen Roberts, and the Willamina sisters among others. The team has been tasked with a humanitarian aid of the lava world Mustafar. The planet has been struggling since the regime of Deathwatch, which HK witnessed during a recon mission with Sarge and Jorus. Ever since the droid began planning to provide aid for the Mustafarians. His efforts culminated in this mission. The mission was peaceful enough at first and went smoothly, until undead have shown up for some reason. The Omegas had to join their forces with Mustafarians, who agreed to join the Protectorate, agreeing to a deal HK proposed of granting reinforcements for their membership, if the Omegas would deal with undead. The Protectorate quickly mobilized their forces, dealing with the undead and ensuring Mustafar was to become a member of the Protectorate)


-Arresting Jak story arc begins

100 Black Coffins (Concluded, HK was working a shift as security commander of Omega Towers on Fondor when @Jak Sandrow came around to try and get recently arrived corpse of Circe Savan from @Alli Wren. HK first directed him to the Towers' main entrance after Jak tried ringing a bell, which turned out to be door bell to the barracks. Later, HK was called to Lady Protector's office when Jak broke down the door to be shortly later arrested by @Sarge Potteiger. HK took Jak away to arrest)


Prisoner Transfer (Concluded, HK and @Sarge Potteiger transport @Jak Sandrow to secure prison on Belsavis)


Kush Chronicles, Second Day On The Job (HK meets with @Kush, @Aeron Kreelan, and @Basaba Willamina, acting as a witness to Aeron's interview of Kush, man who was in security surveillance office the night Jak broke down Lady Protector's door and failed to alert Sarge and others beforehand)

-Arresting Jak story arc ends


You Wallk Into A Bar And Realize It's A Church (HK goes to Coruscant in his HRD body, in one of the bars he meets @Joshua DragonsFlame, @Allison Willamina, @RC 212 , and @Zangoff Guardian, they have a short chitchat before they leave to underground arena to have a bare-knuckles brawl, HK fights RC)


Do or Dine- Mando Hour (On Abregado-Rae, HK visits Do or Dine, the dinner of his acquaintance @Dekkan Fray. Inside HK witnesses a multitude of Mandalorians who happened to be visiting at the same time. HK is intrigued but not raises any alarms as he simply observes their conversations, asking few questions)


Training Against Bando Gora (On one of the Shadowports used by the Bounty Hunters' Guild, HK as Guildmaster conducts a short lecture and training against Bando Gora, preparing the Guild's hunters for upcoming battles with them. Among those attending are @IG-100-08, @Nicholas DragonsFlame, @Lucious Montross, @Skye Mertaal , @Exna Trahide, @Kiris Grimoire, @Yvorre Morcade, and @Noah Corek.)


-Marks of Chaos story arc begins

Marks of Chaos (Concluded,

-Marks of Chaos story arc continues


Tying The Knot


Internal Investigations


Learning How to Dance


The Crucible


Here, Have Some Hell, We Know How Much You Like It


The Looking Glass


You're The Freaking Lady Protector!


A New Gal In Town


Strike Force Exams


-Training Cory story arc begins

Tired of Having My Butt Kicked


A Droid, a Redhead, and a Lightsaber, Surely a Start of a Bad Joke?

-Training Cory story arc continues


The Observer of Abregado-Rae


-Master of the House story arc begins

Master of the House, Keeper of the Zoo


Ready to Relieve 'em of a Sou or Two


Watering the Wine, Making Up the Weight


I'll Make a Man Out of You

-Master of the House story arc continues


'Mere, Maramere


-One Little Ropo story arc begins

One Little Ropo


Whose Got a New Hat? This Little Ropo

-One Little Ropo story arc ends


Queen Is Dead, Long Live the Queen


ODF Training In Sluis Van System


The Dark Harvest


Dark Harvest: Little Swamp of Horrors


Dark Harvest: Ordering Off The Menu


Damage Control


Dark Harvest: Prometheus Has Fallen


The Knight of Iron


The Hidden Followers of Truth


Metal Manly Artemis


-Hunting Ti'Cira story arc begins

There, Out In The Darkness, A Fugitive Running, Fallen From God, Fallen From Grace


Searching For One's Mate


The Most Dangerous Game

-Hunting Ti'Cira story arc continues


-Battle for Aeten II story arc begins

Ghost Ships in Dreighton Triangle

-Battle for Aeten II story arc continues


The Summers Die, One by One, How Soon They Fly, On and On


Storming Temples for a Friend


A Helping Hand


Your First Stop Will Be Corellia



    The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)

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Abregado-Rae Guild of Hammers (Tier 2)



Abregado-Rae Holovision Network (Tier 2)


  • On Iron Skillet With Iron Knight- A talk-show hosted by HK in which he invites guest for interviews or to show their talents while he provides comical monologues.
  • Cooking Time With Iron Chef- A morning show in which HK shows the viewer how to do recipes found throughout the Galaxy.
  • Game of Trees- Show for adult audiences centered about politics of Ewok clans on Endor, very complicated and very, very bloody politics. There's also many sex scenes featuring the fuzzy natives of Forest Moon.
  • The YV-929- A short-lived show about the freighter Vagabondbuttefly and its crew, while gaining great ratings the show was dis-continued after its first season.
  • The Hammer of the Gods- Set in a fictional fantastical setting, this gruesome live-action show centers about stories in the darkness of space where there is only war. It features bloody combat and epic battles, human knights clad in heavy powerful armor and modified since birth, elves and faeries flying in ships with sails, masses of gruesome creatures, undead machine abominations bent on destroying all life, and cultists serving dark gods. Good stuff, based on anything anybody ever experienced alongside Siobhan Kerrigan.
  • The Darkness I Saw- A documentary series based on the campaigns of Protectorate against Bando-Gora, its live-action sequences are broken with interviews with veterans and footage from actual battles.
  • My Little Ropo: Fluffness Is Magic, But Good Kind Of Magic, Not Sith Sorcery Magic- This morning-cartoon has spawned a cult-following among children, praised for its educational values and good writing. It has also spawned an actual cult among adult Sith, a dark organization called the Bropos.
  • The Misadventures of The Iron Knight and The Ever-Colonel Kerrigan- Another morning-cartoon, based on a mix of fictional and factual adventures Siobhan and HK had during the Bando Gora Campaign and beyond. While staying in context of battles and wars, the show has been praised for its use of shadows and drastic light changes to convey violence without showing actual gore and the comedic interactions between Siobhan and HK help convey the show's serious messages to younger audiences.
  • Cosmos Battles: The Vong Wars- An animated series for more mature audiences set in context of the Vong Galactic Invasion. It picked up after the second season.
  • Spawn Meets Universe- A long running comedy about a young Sith learning how to live in the Galaxy after the collapse of the Sith Empire under tutelage of his master Darth Feenicus. HK guest stars in the second season as Iron Knight Turnah, a radical speederbike-riding, leather-jacket-wearing Jedi with passion in xeno-linguistics.
  • Ever-Expanding History of Abregado-Rae- A documentary program centered about history of Abregado-Rae with close ties to the archaeological projects HK has funded on the planet to recover traces of Gados' cultural identity. The program does not have a fixed scheduled, often airing re-runs of their episodes as the new ones are produced with new discoveries being made.
  • Bolo-Ball: Abregado-Rae League- A show centered about Abregado-Rae favorite pass-time, bolo-ball, showing tournaments and exhibition matches around the planet as well as interviews with major players and coaches.


Iron Chef's Fine Meats and Rations (Tier 3)




    The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)

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Aron Knight,


If HK was a Pokemon, he would be the dashing Aron Knight, an Aron with a cloak fetish.





David Bowie,


If HK was an Earth Human, he would surely be David Bowie himself, a rockstar and according to Venture Brothers, also a villain with cloak fetish.



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