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Braxus Zambrano

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Darth Prazutis

Darth Prazutis

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| Social Information |

  • | Name | Braxus Zambrano
  • | Alias |
    • Darth Prazutis (Sith Moniker)
    • The Goliath of Panatha
    • The Butcher Prince
      • The Butcher of Togoria
      • The Butcher of Deneba
      • ​The Butcher of Junction
      • The Butcher of Serenno
      • The Butcher of Thyferra
      • The Butcher of Cazador
    • The Destroyer
    • The Dark Titan
    • The Lord of Lies (Order of the Beast)
    • The Lord of Death
    • ​The Reaper of Worlds
  • | Current Titles |
    • ​Shadow Hand of the Dark Lord
    • Supreme Commander of the Sith-Imperial Military.
    • Arch-Prince of the Pacanth Reach 
      • Prince of Panatha 
      • Prince of Bunduki 
      • Prince of Fornow 
      • Prince of Ravaath 
      • Prince of Sorimow​ 
    • God-Prince of the Epicanthix (Surreptitiously)
  • | Former Titles |
    • Dark Councilor (One Sith Empire)
    • Director of One Sith Intelligence (One Sith Empire)
    • ​First Apprentice of the Emperor (Old Empire)
    • High Prophet of the Vornskr'ei Cult (Panathan Empire)
    • Interim God-King of the Pacanth Reach(Panathan Empire)
  • | Faction |
    • ​The Sith Empire (Second in Command)
      • The Hidden Empire (Second in Command) ​​
    • The First Order (Anti-Light Ally)
      • The Kingdom of the Pacanth Reach (Monarch)
  • | Rank |
    • Sith Lord
  • | Homeworld | Panatha
  • | Living Situation |
  • | Sexual Orientation | Asexual
  • | Marital Status | Single
  • | Languages Known |
    • Galactic Basic: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native
      • Low Basic: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native
      • High Basic: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native
    • Black Speech: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native
    • Epicant: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native
    • Anzat: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native
    • Sith: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native
    • High Sith: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native
    • Huttese: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native
    • Mando'a: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native
    • Ryl: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native
    • Cheunh: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native​
  • | Voice Sample | Manu Bennett (Warlock Lord)

| Physical Information |

  • | Species | Epicanthix (Enhanced Clone Body)
    • Anzati Genetics
      • ​Life Essence Sensory Nodes
      • Enhanced Reflexes and Senses 
    • Epicanthix Genetics
      • Narrow Eyes
      • Ubiquitous Black Hair
      • Slightly Longer Face
      • Complete Mental Shielding Against The Force
    • Indoumodon Genetics
      • Hyperdensity
      • Neurotoxin Resistance
    • Talortai Genetics
      • Rapid Regeneration
      • Lack of Aging
  • | Age |
    • | Physical | 30s/40s
    • | Spiritual | 670
  • | Gender | Male
  • | Height | 8 Feet 2 Inches
  • | Weight | 662 Pounds
  • | Eye Color | Sulfuric Yellow
  • | Hair | Black
  • | Skin | Pale Caucasian
  • | Scars |
    • ​​Sith Rune etched into his forehead as an homage to great Sith Lords like Exar Kun
    • Numerous Sith Tattoos over his torso
    • Scar tissue over his torso

| The Force |

  • | Force Sensitive | Yes
  • | Force Rank | Master
  • | Force Alignment | Dark Side

| Personality |

"Fight every battle everywhere, always, in your mind. Everyone is your enemy, everyone is your friend. Every possible series of events is happening all at once. Live that way and nothing will surprise you. Everything that happens will be something that you've seen before."


Braxus in his core is a cunning, unpredictable Machiavellian, as well as a ruthless manipulator of court politics as well as people. Braxus was extremely intelligent which is easily viewed in the various educational programs and academies that he took part in, scoring in the top of his classes. He possesses a voracious hunger for knowledge and places a great value on it and information. Braxus was proven to be extremely patient with a willingness to follow plans for years to see them through.


"Always keep your foes confused. If they don't know who you are or what you want, they can't know what you plan to do next."


One of the most dangerous qualities about Braxus Zambrano is he is an extremely distrustful individual. Many who know him have no idea just how shrewd and calculating the man is. He is a flawless actor who is able to put up a persona in a moment’s notice and this helps in deceiving his allies as well as his enemies into falsely believing the auras of trust and compassion that he puts up. An instinctively treacherous individual who had absolutely no problem killing or causing the deaths of his allies which he did on numerous occasions. He disposes of people around him like one replaces clothing or furniture they no longer need.

The most significant traits that help his skills to this end begin with his incredible charisma. One of the most powerful tools at his disposal is his voice as he is able to both inspire and convince many allies to follow him, as well as corrupt and convince others to do things they would normally never do. In recent years his advancement deeper into the dark side has diminished his capacity for many human emotions such as love. It's often said that on occasion the rare eye can see that while he smiles Braxus's eyes don't.


"Sometimes the best way to baffle them is to make moves that have no purpose, or even seem to work against you."


​What makes truly makes him dangerous is just how unpredictable Braxus Zambrano truly is. Nothing about the man has patterns and his actions are nearly impossible to predict. Even harder to understand are his motives which to even his closest family remain entirely unclear. Many of his actions often have no purpose or even work against his own agenda leaving those standing against him confused, and in their confusion the true plan comes full circle leaving them in broken heaps in his rearview. These qualities have made the cold, sociopathic Lord of Lies a truly dangerous and terrifying being to cross paths with.

​"The strong do what they will and the weak suffer what they must"


One of the few positive qualities that make up Braxus Zambrano is that he's an exceptional leader. He has proven time and time again to be an excellent ruler his gifts in administration have helped the man to act as the second in command to Darth Carnifex for several decades running the vast empire of House Zambrano even during times when the Dark Lord was dead or unavailable to his own people. These gifts continue to the battlefield where he's shown to be a highly capable commander with an observant eye to use all the tools at his disposal.​

Braxus's disregard for life other than his own gifted him with a very dry, cynical sense of humor where he often laughs at the expense of other peoples pain and suffering. Perhaps one of the most unusual qualities he possesses along with his nephew Kaine Zambrano is the loyalty and close friendship between the two monarchs that run deep. Even in beings who care only about themselves they've shown loyalty and faith to one another.

| Appearance |

​Braxus Zambrano carries the appearance of a model imperial imperial that is almost superhuman. He stands at an imposing eight feet and two inches tall weighing in at around four hundred pounds of muscle. One look at the Dark Titan and you can tell he is the perfect specimen of a battle honed hybrid, he has the physique of a soldier and the many scars on his body to prove it. Braxus's skin is pale almost a gray due to the dark side corruption pumping through his system and his eyes are a sickening sulfuric yellow over a black field.


​One of the most distinctive marks on Braxus would be the intricate set of Sith War Tattoos covering his upper torso as well as the Sith runes cut into his body specifically his head.

| Possessions |

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Darth Prazutis

Darth Prazutis

    Immortal Shadow Hand

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787 - End of career as 'Reaper'  

805 - Murder of Rameses and Viktoria, First contact with Kaine Zambrano

806 - Start of bounty hunting career with Kaine  

820 - Enlistment in the Imperial Military

821 - Promotion to Imperial Agent

823 - Promotion to Station Chief 

825 - Promotion to Deputy Minister of Intelligence

828 - Promotion to Chief of Staff to the Grand Vizier

830 - Mando-Imperial War

831.5 - Start of Sith Training

832 - Start of the First Imperial-Republic War

835 - Clockwork / Ascension to Sith Knight

836 - Ascension to First Apprentice / End of the First Imperial-Republic War / Fall of the Old Sith Empire

836.2 - Kaine assumes the Kingship of the Pacanth Reach, named the Crown Prince and Second in Command 

836.5 - Induction into the One Sith and becomes Darth Prazutis

837 - Start of the Second Imperial-Republic War / Masks of Madness

844 - First Death of Kaine at the hands of Kiskla Grayson / Assumes Kingship of the Pacanth Reach / Netherworld Crisis

845 - Kaine's Rebirth on Coruscant / Ascension to Sith Lord  

848 - Twilight of the Galactic Republic / One Sith Civil War / Promotion to Dark Councilor and Director of One Sith Intelligence

848.4 - Kaine's Second Death at the hands of Gabriel Sionoma / Braxus Resurrects Kaine on Lujo / Achieves functional Immortality 

849 - Collapse of the One Sith Empire / Apparent Death of Darth Prazutis / Abdication from the One Sith and all assets / Omega War

850 - Abdication of Panathan Throne / Ascension to Shadow Hand / Rise of the Third (New) Sith Empire on Bastion

852 - Current Year


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Darth Prazutis

Darth Prazutis

    Immortal Shadow Hand

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Darth Prazutis

Darth Prazutis

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Darth Prazutis

Darth Prazutis

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Darth Prazutis

Darth Prazutis

    Immortal Shadow Hand

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