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Darth Arcanix's Shoto

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Taeli Raaf

Taeli Raaf


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Image Source: http://fc08.devianta...he_Wolfbane.jpg

Intent: To create a second shorter lightsaber for Darth Aracnix to wield in her off-hand if need be

Dev Thread: If necessary

Manufacturer: Darth Arcanix

Model: Lightsaber shoto

Affiliation: Darth Arcanix

Modularity: Slight (color crystals for the beam)

Production: Unique


Material: Electrum, lightsaber components

Classification: Lightsaber shoto

Size: One handed

Length: 1m

Weight: 2kg


Special Features:

None, just a standard lightsaber shoto




Deciding that she needed another lightsaber to sue in her off-hand if the situation ever called for it, and she didn't want to use the double-bladed feature of her normal lightsaber, Darth Arcanix constructed a secondary shoto saber. The shorter blade, used in the same style as a main-gauche, is to provide her with the ability to parry easier and to have a quicker thrusting attack with the shorter blade, while also allowing her easier defense against any potential lightwhip users.

Judas Foster

Judas Foster

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Darth Arcanix


Totally normal and minimally altered standard Shoto. I like it.


Pending approval.

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Soliael Devin Talith

Soliael Devin Talith

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