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Ghol Varad

The Mandalorians Clan Varad Warrior

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Ra Vizsla

Ra Vizsla

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NAME: Ghol Varad


FACTION: Clan Varad, Mandalorians




AGE: 35


SEX: Male






HEIGHT: 6’2”


WEIGHT: 197lbs


EYES: Hazel


HAIR: Blonde


SKIN: Caucasian



Ghol is a large human, though he's average height for a Mandalorian. His skin is usually bronzed, as he is a farmer. His bright hazel eyes could light up even the darkest of areas and his blonde hair billows in even the coldest, frizziest of mornings. He bears several scars, mostly from his training as a Mandalorian earlier on in his life so they are mostly faded and not apparent. He sports several tattooes on his mostly shaven head that symbolize his accomplishments through both his Clan and his schooling. However, as a farmer, these symbolize mostly family prestige - and not combat proficiencies.


Moves Like J.J. Watts: Has explosive strength and reaction time, is able to plough through offensive lines like a boss.


Great Communication Skills: Was educated at the Sundari School Of Elevated Military Learning. Ghol is well versed in military movement and was trained to be an extremely versatile military leader.


Quick to Anger: Ghol has a pretty high temperament and can be pretty on the edge at times. The doctors have told him this is because of his high blood pressure, but Ghol just can't put down those wonderful salt brownies.












Ghol was once a farmer.


Ghol had moved to Concord Dawn in an attempt to move away from his family. The pressure had been too much - raised to be one of the ranking leaders of Clan Varad, Ghol's father had mapped out his son's life for him. Military school, a career within the Clan... it was not want Ghol wanted. So upon graduating Sundari Military School, meeting the love of his life... Ghol uprooted his life and moved to Concord Dawn, abandoning his Clan. While his father disapproved and was initially enraged, the would-be farmer was allowed to live in solitude and peace.


Then he had a son.


Ghol's life had changed the day his son was born. The Galaxy itself seemed to stop spinning the day those beautiful baby eyes first glanced upon the Mandalorian's face. Naturally the Mandalorian still followed the Resol'nare, swearing to raise the child in the lifestyle of his Clan... but he wanted more for him. Ghol wanted better for him. He wanted a peaceful galaxy, a better galaxy. And more than anything, he wanted to live and love his family.


Everything was good in Ghol's life, until his family was slaughtered.


In the middle of the night, many moons ago... the Sith came to Concord Dawn. Ghol first heard his wife yell out in a panicked scream... wakening him and rushing into their kitchen. That's when he first saw the enemy... his brethren. Mandalorians who had picked up the banner of the Sith, who had betrayed the Clans. They were holding his wife at knifepoint... malice in their eyes. Fear in her's.


Tears in his.


His beautiful wife, slain in front of him, her throat slit. His newborn called out, as the traitorous Mandalorians forcibly dragged him out of the dwelling and forced him to watch as it was burned down to the ground. Ghol was to be enslaved by the armies of the Sith, but before gathering him for transportation they took the time to hang the burning corpses of his family from a lamp post at his farm.


Upon conclusion of the war, Clan Vizsla and Clan Varad had rescued Ghol Varad and several other prisoners. Ghol swore allegiance to both while swore vengeance on the enemies of Mandalore.




Vilaz Munin

Vilaz Munin

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Yay, more Mandos! Welcome to the Mandalorians.



Ermac Laith

Ermac Laith
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Always nice to have a cousin running around.



Arla Ordo

Arla Ordo

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Ghol Varad. Hi and welcome

348hlow.jpg* * CLAN ORDO

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Ghol Varad

Hey, cute butt. ;)