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Coren Starchaser

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Coren Starchaser

Coren Starchaser

    The Sentinel

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NAME: Coren Starchaser

CALLSIGN: Formerly known as "Hornet"

FACTION: Galactic Alliance Commander, Leader in the Underground, Instructor at the Levantine Astrogation Academy, member of the ExplorCorps

RANK: Vagabond

SPECIES: Corellian

AGE: Years since birth - 42, years actually active and not in cryo, 25/26

SEX: Male

HEIGHT: 5’10

WEIGHT: 165lbs

EYES: Blue

HAIR: Sandy Brown



LANGUAGES: Basic, Chiss, Huttese




STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

Salvager: Coren’s past as a quartermaster for an Imperial paramilitary group allows him to find what he needs when he needs it.

Pilot: Being a Corellian, Coren is a natural behind the stick of a starship, namely anything of Corellian or Sienar origin

Pistoleer: At home with the use of small arms

Unarmed Combat: At home with unarmed combat, MMA style. but not Rousey style


Force Journeyman: While not the strongest of Force users, Coren makes do with what his skills allow by traveling the galaxy and learning a variety of utility. Though nothing that makes him stand out.


Poor Dueler: Decent with ranged weapons, terrible with melee

Force Specialized: But who really uses Psychometry, Instinctive Astro, Stun and Drain in combat?

Over Protective: Coren is known to grab, and hold onto causes and people, causing him to make decisions based on passionate mental moments

Blunt: If he doesn't like you, you know it.

Mission Focused: He worries about the task more than other aspects of life

No Lightsaber Forms: Coren was never formally trained in a lightsaber form.

Physically Weaker: Coren's a low STR score

Low Constitution: Coren has a low CON score 




Coren is a bit malnourished from carbon freeze. Having been out for barely six months, and having been tossed to the deep ends of space, he is slowly starting to gather his wits and weight about him. Spending time around Corellia and Tatooine before making his way out to the Fringe Federation, his brown hair had lightened by the time in the sun and his skin had taken a darker shade. Blue eyes that are typical of the Starchaser line allowed him to be easily recognizable.


The pilot has several tattoos signifying a variety of life events. Of note is the crest of the Imperial 174th Warbird Wing on his left chest, down his right arm are the logos for Corellia, Csilla, the Imperial Remnant, Fringe Federation and recently the Galactic Alliance. On his left arm are a variety of tattoos signifying his connection to the mariners of old, blended with modern tools of hyperspace trailblazers.



Coren’s history is found aboard the Dawn Treader and is relatively simple. He was a member of Warbird Wing, an elite, albeit rogue, pilot/commando unit. He was the Quartermaster and part of the command structure of the ship, and responsible for researching the Force and allowing the creation of the Warbird genetic modification program. The only memories of his former life that he does remember are his ship, his late- wife Kelly Topol and the Force, though only that he connected to it differently than his teachers suggested.


He remembered home, both the Dawn Treader and Corellia, and that he was going to do anything he could to survive.



Upon use and research from the Dawn Treader's datacron and collected holocrons, Coren's history has started to pop back into existance. He was a founder of the rogue-paramilitary Imperial based unit "Warbird Wing." This unit is a collection of specialized pilots with other skill sets. He was the quartermaster, scout and salvager of the group. This stemmed from his father's teachings. His father was a part of the Jedi ExplorCorps and as a Jedi Sentinel with a focus in technology. This gave Coren the knowledge, with and without the Force to survive on the Rim worlds, to learn what he needed about a new world, and how to survive. When his father passed on, Coren made a life for himself as a smuggler, fence and thief, until he was contracted by a new unit under a now deceased warlord from the Empire.


This was where he met Lily Ardellian and Scall McLean (NPCs) and started working on turning the Dawn Treader and Warbird Wing into one cohesive unit capable of existing in the unexplored parts of the galaxy for extended missions. His Force training was taken over from the lessons of his father to those of a Sith Lord and a follower of Krath. He was part of the Dark Force Order, under the rogue warlord. He was trained to keep the fanatics (Sith, Nightsisters, Krath) from wiping each other out, and had become well versed in Force Resistance, Stasis and Drain. His goal was always to keep the Force from harming friendlies, and this followed into the time he spent as an Imperial Knight in the first Fel Empire.


Now, Coren is exploring the galaxy, keeping the dangers of the Fringe away from the galaxy, and making sure the galaxy does not tear itself apart, while discovering all of that which was lost.


Ever the explorer, Coren has recently taken a position with AEI to work on the Unknown Regions hyperlane, as well as becoming an instructor for the Levantine Astronautical Academy, fousing on Unknown Region exploration education and blending in to a new environment.


Following some time, he has began working with the Galactic Alliance, as a military commander, specializing in insurgency, and Anti-Sith warfare.


FORCE POWERS: Levels relative to Rank Ability


Force cloak: Intermediate

Fold SpaceAdvanced

Force Stun: Advanced

Force Barrier/Bubble: Advanced 

Electric Judgement: Advanced 

Battlemind: Advanced 

Instinctive Astrogation/Psychometry: Master*


* Denotes Signature Ability





Power 9 Blaster Pistol - Primary

Vanir Tech MF-9 Scatter Maser - Secondary

Starhawk Armor

D'Vouran Amulet - Gained - Kept On Person

Corellian Bloodsteel compass


Starchaser's Lightsaber

SH-93I Interceptor Swoop




iBorg Liberation Implant - Installed

The Spark

The Clarity

The Witness



Unused or Little Used Gear (Will be called out)




Flagship ANS Spear of the Alliance

Refurbished YT-2000 Tachyon Rising

Custom Shuttle  ShortFin - Kept at Rebellion Actual


Unused Ships (Kept on the Dawn Treader)



Starchaser Enterprises












For Hyperspace Route (Chronologically IC)



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http://starwarsrp.ne...smugglers-moon/- Supply gathering on Nar Shaddaa, meeting Keira Ticon

http://starwarsrp.ne...-kalee-to-muun/Metal Under Tension (Underground and Exploration

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http://starwarsrp.ne...ask-for-invite/- Mentally laying out route plan - Blood Trail from Annaj sid

http://starwarsrp.ne...before-posting/- Underground on the Blood Trail
http://starwarsrp.ne...wanna-stop-laa/- Trip with LAA Students to the future Blood Trail

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http://starwarsrp.ne...-pm-for-invite/Breaking the Door - Solovarna to Nemexia




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http://starwarsrp.ne...ringe-complete/Attack at Fringe

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http://starwarsrp.ne...cious-and-pure/ Memory - Serena

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Fringe Threads

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Coren Starchaser

Coren Starchaser

    The Sentinel

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  • 3,188 posts

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