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Jacen Voidstalker

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Jacen Voidstalker

Jacen Voidstalker

    Failure Is Not Fatal

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Jacen, aged 17, an arrogant youth at his first failed attempt at the Jedi Academy
Jacen, aged 27, fights at the battle of Coruscant with Vianne, a private military contractor
Aged 33, he returns to the academy to face his demons


NAME: Jacen Voidstalker
FACTION: Galactic Alliance / New Jedi Order
RANK: Master
AGE: 35
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 1.9m
WEIGHT: 95kgs
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Black
SKIN: Pale


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
+ Tinker: Jacen has a good understanding of blaster mechanics. He keeps all of his weapons in good working order and frequently makes custom alterations to them.
+ Military Background: After ten years of military service, most of it in Vianne Security, a mercenary outfit, he had a good understanding of Company and below tactics
- Self-doubt: His youthful overconfidence led him astray many times. Despite having slowly recovered and matured, he still questions himself and has a tendency towards indecision instead of getting on with a task.
- Depression: He failed as a Jedi, lost many friends, has not seen his ex-wife and estranged son recently. Whilst the worst of the dark times are behind him, he can still have bad days. Sometimes this carries on for longer, but he now accepts that he sometimes needs medication to manage this.
- Ouch: He damaged his pelvis in a mortar attack at 25, his left hip frequently hurts after long bouts of exercise or in cold weather.

APPEARANCE: Jacen is relatively tall and quite broad shouldered. Years of soldiering and carrying equipment across long distances ensure that whilst he has an athletic build, he isn’t heavily muscled. He had a narrow face and quite hawkish features. A face that was once youthful and handsome now tells more of a story. A scar runs across the bridge of his nose and the tip sits slightly to one side from several breaks. His once long sleek black hair is cut shorter and messy, though still far longer than any usual military cut. It is now a more dusky black, with more grey hairs than he would like. There are thin lines showing across his forehead and his hair recedes at the temples. He believes the looks of his youth have been completely lost, but in actual fact could probably scrub up well if he took the time.

BIOGRAPHY: Jacen had a relatively normal childhood. He was born to a pair of Tatooine immigrants on Coruscant. His mother was upper-level management for a company that ran data-centres and his father a teacher. Being born an only child was probably the event that shaped him most. As an infant they constantly doted on him, and as a junior he was spoiled rotten. Jacen was popular at school and yet was often chastised for laziness by his teachers.

When he was picked out as Force Sensitive by the Jedi Academy, his ego was simply stoked further. Now he truly was special and everyone could see. At first he excelled in his studies, particularly the martial aspect, popular with both teaches and peers. However, as time wore on he lost discipline and focus, believing talent was a substitute for hard work. His teachers grew concerned, such a pupil was an easy target for the Dark Side.

He started to fail in his studies, growing increasingly frustrated that he could not press on through ability alone, his behaviour lapsed. Whilst he passed several trials, constructing his own lightsaber with a golden blade - after all he needed to stand out - he failed miserably on trials that required students to display discipline or make moral judgements.

The final straw was when he convinced fellow pupils to engage in sparring with live lightsabers. He critically injured a friend and still bears two scars, front and back, where a blade passed through his left lung. He was shunned by his peers, and sent home a failure at seventeen.

The arrogant youth could not reconcile his self-image with what had happened. He raged at close friends and family until he was left to sulk alone. He fell into deep depression, rarely leaving the house and often forsaking food. Eventually he was convinced to see medical professionals and counselling and medication helped to bring him out of the rut.

His Uncle, a career soldier, convinced him to join an officer’s academy on Coruscant. At eighteen he started to finally learn the value of hard work and discipline. The harsh realities brought home by drill Sergeant's and their firm hand were much more effective at putting him back on the right path. Much to his parent’s dismay, he met a girl who lived near the academy, by nineteen they had married and she was pregnant.

After five years in the Republic army, he was tempted away to join private military contractor based out of Coruscant, which amounted to little more than a mercenary company. In this time he would travel the Galaxy fighting in many hotspots. However, this life away did not work well with a family that he had barely come to know. His wife quietly left him for a recruitment consultant on Coruscant and he slipped back into depression.

He was awarded accolades for being first through a breach in a Sith Empire fortress, though he had simply being heedless for his own safety and luck had been with him. His recovery was slow. He immersed himself in his work, seeing action on many worlds. He learned the value of patience, how to weigh up decisions, and how to lead men. Yet his failure in the Jedi Academy always hung over his head. His superiors picked him out for fast-tracking to leadership positions, yet his self-belief was gone. This was both a boon and a bane. He often deliberated over decisions for longer than necessary, and required peers to validate his decisions.

He fought at Coruscant, when it fell to the One Sith. His wife and son still live under Sith rule and he has almost no contact. He had hoped this was due to a Sith communications blackout, but instead it was simply because they did not want to.

He went to Prakith as a Captain in Vianne 3rd Mech Infantry Company. They fought hard to cut through a swathes of Yuuzhan Vong and make a foothill in the mountains. Yet he found himself near powerless to stop a Sith Knight cutting through nearly a whole platoon and destroying the Company HQ. He found himself trying to radio for the second echelon of attack to plug the gap with one hand, whilst trying to hold his guts in with the other.

Whilst receiving medical care that was never afforded to government soldiers, Jacen gave notice that he was leaving at age 32. His superiors assumed that a man with a history of minor mental illness was unable to cope after the traumatic events of Prakith.

Instead the truth was very different. It was almost fortunate that the old Jedi Temple on Coruscant had been dismantled. Had he found himself before that building, he likely would have turned at the sight of if and fled. Instead he found himself at the entrance to a new Jedi Temple, hoping to atone for the past and find a way to make a stand for those unable to fight against the Sith invasion.

Talon Vosra was the first to welcome him into the Republic's Jedi Order. Jacen took a great deal of time to find his connection to the Force once more. Once he did he started to compete in padawan tournaments. His combat experience and pragmatism saw him undefeated as he used basic abilities and common sense to bring down more flashy youths. Jacen worked hard for the Republic, but the Jedi Order seemed in-cohesive and lacked any true leadership.

For a time he worked with the Covenant and focused on his law enforcement duties. His master's daughter and several of the troublesome Talith's often required oversight from a more experienced head during their adventures.

But it was when Omai Rhen formed the New Jedi Order on Sullust that Jacen found his place in the Galaxy. Alongside a more determined Jedi Order, Jacen thrived. He now runs the Hounds, a group of Jedi who work alongside soldiers and police to keep the citizens of the Alliance safe. Rhen passed him the title of Marshall. Whilst there is no official Council, he works alongside Avalore Eden Aela Talith and Gabriel Sionoma to direct the efforts of the New Jedi Order. He's now a veteran of many battlefields, having fought many sith in personal combat from Telti to Lujo. His simple approach to combat and pragmatic decisions often undermines those who focus on flashy abilities and athletic combat.

Early on in his time with the Order his determination brought him close to the Dark Side. Witnessing the horrors wrought by the Final Order, he drew on his emotions to break the walls of a fortified city. Aela Talith sensed this and struck him down before he could fall further. It was during his isolation that he met the reclusive Adele Adonai. Unbeknownst to Jacen, she had come from a turbulent past and her own struggles with the dark side. Over a long probation she grew to tolerate his inquisitive nature and his constant chatter became a familiar buzz. However, a mental assault from Qorbin Fal opened the prisons within Adele's mind and Jacen was close when she had to shut them again. Her past was revealed and despite his best efforts she chose to flee and isolate herself.

He oversaw the probations of Gabriel Sionoma and Kana Truden. Whilst the former was held due to a case of mistaken identity, the latter had fallen from the light. He is proud of his work aiding those who had fallen to temptation, much as Adele helped him when he was most in need. He's a frequent visitor of the Homestead of Meeristali Peradun Avalore Eden and Gabriel Sionoma. He prefers his visits when the twins are in a chilled out mood.

Returning to his duties the Marshall has encountered the Sith Lord Darth Erebos on two occasions. Once getting the better of the Knight and a second time having to flee the engagement with the aid of Aela Talith.


Force (not exhaustive)

Jacen doesn't wield a range of exotic abilities. He does the basics and he does them exceptionally well. Force Light is perhaps the only standout ability above those drilled into every Jedi Knight.

Primary abilities:
Telekinesis: He's an expert at manipulating physical objects with the Force.
Barrier: Taught to him by Alen Ne'varro. He's capable to manifesting a strong barrier. He doesn't tend to use it offensively.
Serenity/Valor/Emptiness: Jacen has spent long hours with Adele Adonai learning to find his centre. He will frequently fall into a trance-like state to re-establish his focus and renew his stamina
Mental Defence: It's very hard to break through the strong walls he frequently renews around his mind

Mind Trick: Basic applications
Force Light: has recently been learning this ability from Ryan Korr
Mind Reading: Fairly skilled, but not to the level of breaking into a well trained Jedi's mind.
Force Sense: Typical ability

Rifles, blasters and grenades. A decade of soldiering under his belt.
Shii-Cho and Soresu are his primary forms. However his master in an exceptional Djem So duellist and Jacen works in aspects of that form into his routine.

Singing: No really, he has a great voice
Military Comms systems: Understands them fundamentally and can operate them
Jedi History: His private education included a lot of history and it was one area of his studies he worked hard on at the academy





Training Received
Total: 7
Getting the basics back on track - solo thread
Dancing Lessons! (Footwork)
Force Shield training
Lesson on Dark Side and defensive saberwork from Shule (see Yavin IV)
Bread Crumbs (learning to read people's minds)
Knitting Flesh (Force Healing)
Mental defence training

Training Given
Total: 2

Helping Lilin find a crystal
Providing Sense training to GA members

Total: 2
Duel with Caleb Brolen Win
Duel with Ardeo

Total: 7
Telti Invasion
Ord Mirit Invasion
GA of Vandelhelm

Faction Threads
Total: 18
Jacen returns to the Order
Yavin IV
Den of Thieves - Artefact recovery
Rage against the dying light - Artefact recovery
Trandoshan Skirmish
The First Strike
A New Day Dawns
The Gathering Storm
A New Hope
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A Home
Dawn of Vur Tepe Social
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The Sacking of Coruscant
Are We Warriors?

Development Threads
Total: 0

Miscellaneous/Character Development Threads
Total: 6
Jacen explores the Netherworld
Fate of Strider
Mock invasion of Carida
A New Motivation
Fresh Air


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'Not the Jedi the Order needs, but the Jedi we deserve,' perhaps. 

Ryan Korr

Ryan Korr


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Yes, more self-doubting Jedi. More inner-conflict. Moar!


Kaida Taldir

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Self-doubting Jedi with inner conflicts?! Heresy! Where did all the Knights Templars with total certainty of representing the side of righteousness go?



Seriously, great char and well-thought-out. Looking forward to see where his path leads him.:)

Jacen Voidstalker

Jacen Voidstalker

    Failure Is Not Fatal

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I have missed writing a genuinely grounded character since killing off Dicer. I think I'll enjoy this :)


It is the courage to continue that counts

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Jacen Voidstalker


Nice bio.  Excellent work :)

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That first guy looks like a ponce. I would spend a very satisfying summer afternoon breaking his face.


I think the second and third guys might help me. Then we'd go laugh about it and drink the tears of nerds.

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You should update your holocron entry, Master Voidstalker.

The Noble Scoundrel

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That first guy looks like a ponce. I would spend a very satisfying summer afternoon breaking his face. I think the second and third guys might help me. Then we'd go laugh about it and drink the tears of nerds.


Thou shall not garner tears from me, ferocious lady of darkness. Turn thine taste upon the simple brood of jocks in thee farthest corner of thine gymnasium. Flyeth true to a deserving victim of thine ire. I am well versed in the knowledge that hell hath no fury like a women spurned. I am also versed in the knowledge that you are known to adopt this sheath at moments un-divined. Seize the fat one. Why did I write all of this? Send help. They're holding my sock puppet captive. Gone With The Memes™. 


Fabula Caromed

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Adele Adonai

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Very nice!