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Gilamar Skirata

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Gilamar Skirata

Gilamar Skirata

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NAME: Gilamar Skirata 

Alias: Old Man Skirata; Gil; Mand'alor the Architect 

FACTION: Mando'ade you dolt! 

RANK: Ex-Mand'alor-CEO of MandalMotors

SPECIES: Human/Kiffar

AGE: Old Man

GENDER: Male..Well, I think I am!

HEIGHT: 6'1"


EYES: Dark Brown

HAIR: Graying Dark Brown

SKIN: Light Tan


Voice Sample: Joel, The Last of Us

Family Tree:




STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

Stubborn: Gil will work day and night until he gets the job done. He will not fall, he will not falter and will keep his form strong until the end. 

Great Pilot: He loves to fly, and though it was not intentional has become a damn good pilot testing out his various toys.

Techie: MandalMotor's head engineer isn't a title that is given away lightly. Gil has been working on starfighters since he was a wee boy in beskar diapers. (They don't actually have those...) It is a great skill to have when your entire job is to design and test starships.


Old as Dirt!: Though Gil isn't ancient, he is old and aging. Without the fancy Force to keep him on his toes, he has begun his slow decline. He also has become lazy, using his age as an excuse to make others do things for him.

Cold: Not the warmest coal in the bed Gil is rather harsh and puts many people off, though this has become the norm with most of his brothers and sisters, it is something that doesn't help his social standing.




Does your character have a personal ship? If so, describe it in moderate detail (what does it look like, what can it do, what types of weapons and engines does it have, etc.).



Raised in one of the most iconic clans in Mandalorian history, Gilimar Skirata was not the best example of a Mandalorian. From a young age it was apparent that military training was secondary to him which frustrated his father whom was the head of clan Skirata. Honestly, he found the technology behind the weapons more interesting than the actual firing of it. Despite this he completed his rite of passage at 13 like every other child his age, making him a man. From there he spent the next decade working jobs with his father, pulling in money from bounty hunting and mercenary work for the Republic during the final years of what his father always called "Clean Up." It was during this time that the lighthearted youth actually learned to fight through multiple broken bones, scars and several small wars and conflicts. He learned that though his hobby was great and fun, knowing how fast a slug fired from a Verpine shatterifle exited the barrel was not going to help him take the hit or dodge the slug any better. 


After his father's untimely death on a job with some treacherous pirates, Gilamar became head of clan Skirata, taking on his responsibility with an enthusiasm that surprised most. For several years his clan squabled over his position as the new head, loading him with duties that he took head on. However, after a decade of leading his clan from the front and making sure that the other elders and members knew he was in charge things settled down and began working with MandalMotors and MandalTech spear heading projects that produced many of the starships, vehicles, and weapons that are in use today with the Mandalorians. It was around this time that he met his wife Silvia, a feisty young woman only recently converted into a Mandalorian. His mother had introduced them during her training. The two hit it off and became nearly inseparable. After the quick marraige the two flew off into the stars and worked as husband and wife, taking a break from the drawing boards and grease monkeys.


Returning after a few months of work and with a modest fortune under their belts, the couple came back to Keldabe, Silva with child. Gilamar returned to his work at MandalMotors and MandalTech and kept his wife happy. When his little girl was born, it was the happiest day of his life. When she became of age to begin training, her mother generally handled it, as Gillamar was often too busy with work. After years of working on and off with the two companies he became head of MandalMotors and MandalTech as The Bear seemingly had no interest after Mandalore The Rebuilder left the scene. With his daughter nearly grown and with his wife getting antsy, the three once again journeyed throughout the stars. But their journey was cut short when a group of Dark Jedi killed Silvia and his daughter, severely wounding him. Or at least that's what he told himself. He always felt like he had abandoned his wife and only child.


Returning to Mandalore, he collected his things and his wife's belongings. Unable to perform a proper funeral he burned her things, keeping her bes'bev as a memento. Turning to drinking and gambling, Gilamar wasted nearly all the money he had and nearly lost his position at MandalMotors. And then he vanished. He left the system, wandering space and keeping watch over the companies from afar as he worked jobs around the Galaxy until @Mia Monroe became Mandalore and took the reigns from his weary, tired hands freeing him up of one more burden.  


With the Sith nipping at their Heels, Gil headed the call of Mandalore and returned home to his baby, MandalMotors. To say they were angry would have been an understatement, though he worked incredibly hard to regain the trust of his co-workers again and begun work on a secret project. This project was eventually shown to be immensely productive shipyards compared to what they had before consisting of several hundred small and large Vencuyot stations that sat in orbit around Mandalore. With their production up, the Mandalorian's Navy, once something of a joke among larger factions has become one of formidable size with their various types of space faring vessels. 


However, this progress was stunted by the Sith's co-operative assault on Keldabe with the Death Watch, a faction that had been reborn during Alliera Nakamura's reign. With electrical systems down for nearly a month, with the help of The Omega Protectorate, then still Omega Pyre, Keldabe was back up to speed and ready to pump out the things it needed to become a shining star once again. 


Since the introduction of the Vencuyot stations, MandalMotors has produced its own Star Destroyer-Class ship as well as increased production on ships of the line such as the Harbinger into Mass Production, creating a sort of surplus in MandalMotors' revenue due to MandalMotors now being able to produce and sell to the rest of the Galaxy what has not been deemed Mandalorian Military exclusive. 



Since the Dark Harvest that rocked the galaxy, Gilamar has been relatively quiet as he worked tirelessly, alone drafting new ideas leaving a relatively large hole in the Mandalorian "chain of command". His clan was left without a leader, and his people and Mandalore left without their grandfather-like figure to aide in their growth. During this time he has been drifting through the Galaxy taking small jobs under a Pseudo-name. He has returned recently to MandalMotors and with him the wind that fuels the flames of the war machine that is MandalMotors.


However, his return brought along a new idea. Before, an unwilling accomplice in battle, Gilamar arrived with a fire burning in his heart. The state of his people, much worse than when he left, he challenged @Verz Horak for the title of Mand'alor in order to point his people in what he thought of as the right direction. Where Verz wanted to push for peace with their age old enemy, the Sith, Gilamar saw that as "starving" his people of the battle that would revitalize their people. To Gilamar it also allowed the Sith to slip by them undetected, leaving the Mandalorians at the mercy of their strange, dark space magic. In an impressive battle, Gilamar defeated Verz in one-on-one combat, securing the title of Mand'alor.


After securing the title of Mand'alor Gilamar set about re-organizing the clans. With many new and prominent members to the Clans' united force, they took the fight to the Sith in a three pronged attack with the Republic. Attacking the Sith capital planet of Dromund Kaas while the Republic held them down at two other large scale fights, the Mandalorians utterly destroyed the capital, nearly sending the planet into an ice age. 


With the Sith crushed there was little resistance in the east where the Sith had called home and soon after the Sith disbanded. Faction after faction of splinter Sith groups managed to get footholds in what used to be Sith territory but each time the Mandalorians quelled the uprisings. Coming to an end of their seemingly endless war with the Sith, the Mandalorian economy was booming. Several new companies sprouted and old ones returned to the forefront. Technology and education was on the rise and their edge was still sharp. 


But as the Republic began to inch their way through Sith territory and take old Sith worlds, the Clans became restless. Even as their own government tore itself apart the Republic continued to expand into what was felt to be Mandalorian territory. Tensions came to a fever pitch when Mia Monroe took a fleet into Coruscant's orbit as a show of force, demanding the stop of Republic influence. When they denied it was only a matter of time before the Mandalorians declared war on the neighboring nation.




Gilamar continuously called the Republic a cancer that needed to be cut out, attempting to rally troops for a war of conquest against the Republic. At the same time he cautioned restraint. Ideas were split. Gilamar and others like him thought the Republic needed to move and the Mandalorians needed to be ready to strike if they did not back down. Others demanded that in this state of war the Mandalorians attack and strike while the Republic was weakened from their recent war with the Sith. For nearly a year there was nothing.


But everything changed when the Sith returned.


In an assault the likes which hadn't been seen since the days of the Old Republic, Pre-Gulag era starships razed Coruscant to the ground, destroying the Jedi's temple. This brought alarm to the entire Galaxy, and while the Republic remained an enemy of the Mandalorians, Gilamar knew that the Sith were an even bigger threat. Despite this he continued his anti-Republic retorict, blaming the weak will of their Senators and leaders for the return of the Sith. 


Even with Gilamar's disdain for the Republic as it was now, many Mandalorians took to the call of credits or other things when the Republic staged its own assault on Coruscant to take it back from Sith control. Mia Monroe, an incredibly influential member of the Mandalorians perished in battle during that fight, however it wasn't until after that the Mando'ade learned that Ordo had fought and killed the Dark Lord, taking the mantel for his own, allowing for his sister to die at the hand of his Sith.


However, during this time Gilamar had fallen incredibly ill for some unknown reason and was in a coma for several months during the Sith's rampage across the Galaxy. Approached at his death bed by the spirit of Mia Monroe, the truth was given to the old Mand'alor and he awoke from his coma, enraged and ready to fight. It would be another month before the old man could walk without assist and another until he could fight. 


It was then that Mandalorian Ori'ramikade found the location of Ordo and his Sith. They staged an invasion of the planet, their objective: Capture Ordo alive and make him go through a trial for his crimes against the people, or face death at the hands of the Mando'ade. Gilamar fought the man in one on one combat. Atop their bes'uliik they screamed through the skies clashing in an epic brawl that would end Gilamar's life.


As was customary to their ancestors Gilamar's funeral was held aboard his personal stealth cruiser, the Shev'la Kal, and his body was cast into the sun of his home planet, Mandalore befitting a true warrior of the clans. Azreal then dubbed him Mand'alor the Architect. At least...That's what people thought had happened. 


After his "death" Rave Merrill took his body and replaced it with one of her...Many failed clones and attempted to nurse the mortally wounded Mandalorian back to health. In his place Mordecai Tal'kyr, a Sith magic augmented clone of Gilamar Skirata, was supposed to satisfy her strange fancy for the old man. Instead she disappeared and he was left to recover in an alchemical cocktail that included Kolcta as its main healing agent. Mordecai, ridden with misplaced guilt eventually found him in his kolcta tank on her strange secret moon based cloning facility in Fringe Space. Freed from his five year recovery slumber he returned to the Mandalorians, though faced a large amount of skepticism.


BIOGRAPHY: Part IV Destruction of Mandalore

After finding his way back into Mandalorian Space alongside his new son Gil took his place as Alor of clan Skirata. Finding his battle with Ordo and his time under the knife extremely tiring he attempted to retire several times, only to be dragged back into war over and over again. There was something in him keeping him tied to the battlefield and despite his younger brother Davin's wishes he continued to participate in Mandalore's battles in a commanding role. Eventually he took some of the credits he had been saving over the years and created the Shriek-Hawk Mercenary company as a place for young Mandalorians to find a place in the hectic world of Bounty Hunting and Mercenary work. Traveling through Mandalorian space he compiled a team of seasoned Mandalorians to help him run the company and eventually signed major contracts with the Republic and the then budding Galactic Alliance. 


This work kept him busy and traveling often. However, during a MandalMotors director meeting where a new prototype was being discussed a major calamity befell Mandalore. Several of its major volcanoes erupted at once, covering the planet in ash and causing massive earthquakes, sandstorms and tsunamis all over the planet. Mordecai saved his life and fell to his death. From the injuries and the shock of losing his only child Gil fell into a coma for several months during which a Jar'Kai  by the name of Ru Tetsuya from a minor clan within House Skirata rose to become acting Alor of the clan. Unknown to Gil, Ru took the remaining Skirata clan members as well as much of the Skirata Fleet to the other side of the Galaxy in order to move away from the infighting that ensued on Mandalore and throughout Mandalorian space. Now awake, he has fled the Flotilla in search of a new life. 





Post the names of any bounties you have delivered and the amount of money you gained for it. If possible, include a link to the thread in which it happened.




Worldly Possessions:


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Gilamar Skirata

Gilamar Skirata

    Approximate Knowledge of Many Things

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  • Obsolescence: Gilamar first meets Jorus Merill, a mokority stock holder of Silk Holdings, a relatively new and successful, reputable company and settles a business deal selling joint construction rights of the Constable-Class patrol ship and Guardian-Class Frigate allowing Silk Holdings to construct and create modified versions of these ships to sell on the market. Also, Gilamar offers safe haven with the Skirata Clan for him and his allies.

Development Threads

  • On Your Way to the Beak Leagues...I mean Big!Gilamar meets with @Shai Daw, an aspiring business owner risiing quickly in popularity. After discussing terms briefly he allows Shai Daw proportional use of MandalMotors atmospheric shipyards and factories in order to produce his products while also allowing MandalMotors to sell his product. In this deal, Shai Daw would keep 70% of the profits from MandalMotors sales, while also gaining a way to get his product out into the Galaxy at large. The 30% MandalMotors kept would be allow to be used however they wished.
  • Gotta Crack a Few Eggs: Gilamar takes a large sum of money from his personal account and speaks to the Mandalore, @Verz Horak about allocating aditional funds to the creation of a Super Carrier. (Thread wiped during Site-Wide crash)
  • I Thought Mythosaurs Were Extinct!: Gilamar and @Azrael receive a tour of the nearly completed "Mythosaur" Super Carrier along with some of the main share holders of MandalMotors, providing for a comical experience between the Shipwrite's prodige and the fancy share holders. (Thread wiped in Site-Wide crash)
  • Let the Metal Fly{Finished}@Ordo test flies the new "Buyca" airspeeder for MandalMotors. (Thread wiped during Site-Wide crash)
  • The Second Mandalorian Crusade: The Shriek-Hawk's Song: A group of traitors originally affiliated with Death Watch return to Mandalore to submit to their punishment, only to be taken under Gilamar's wing as the main force of his Crusaders, a force that was made to bring aid to the allies of the Mandalorians and all within its borders. (Thread wiped during Site-Wide crash)
  • The Voice of a Nation: Gilamar challenges Verz Horak for title of Mand'alor on the grounds that Verz had inadvertadley starved the Mandalorian people and left them vulnerable to Sith attack and invasion. Backed by chief Willamina and others, he claims the title of Mand'alor for his own.


  • The Second Mandalorian Crusade: Mand'alore the One: Gilamar calls a meeting of the Chiefs in order to organize the Mandalorian military machine and, in the time of relative peace, use that energy to aide and rebuild their small empire, shifting Mandalorian expansion and transitioning into the mindset of protecting the space they owned from the Sith and other enemies. He reveals the blueprints for several shokita-type stations as well as plans to create a task force to train the non-combatants of many worlds under their control.


  • Scratching Names Off The Naughty List [Sith Empire VS Mandalorians - Invasion of Yaga Minor]: The Mandalorians suffer a devastating defeat at the hands of the New Sith Emperor and his forces, losing a crucial shipyard on the border of Sith and Mandalorian space. This defeat resonated with many Mandalorians and showed the galaxy that the Mandalorians weren't the unstoppable force they made themselves out to be.
  • Best Served Cold-The Sacking of Dromund Kaas: The Mandalorians take advantage of the Sith emperor's absence and dedicate as many resources as possible in a last minute invasion of Dromund Kaas. 


  • The Ithor ConferenceGilamar and Verz meet with several other Faction heads to discuss a non-aggression pact, creating one of the largest alliances in the Galaxy...But nothing lasts forever...
  • Emergency Summit:  Two systems on the border of the Protectorate and the Republic are suddenly destroyed by some sort of super weapon. In response, the members of the Ithorian Conference meet again to discuss possible culprits and if either the Republic or Protectorate were at fault. War is on the horizon, but it is brought to light that a master of the Force, Velok, long thought dead to most Mandalorians, may have been responsible.


Galactic Events

  • Dark Harvest: Brawl of the DeadGilamar attempts to contact an old friend about the strange creatures wandering about the galaxy slaughtering all in their path. As a precaution, Verz Horak sent reinforcements to sit in orbit should things go South for the old man. Finding his friend dead, and one of the creatures himself, Gilamar and the Mandalorians (as well as several other factions) attempt to fight their way back to the Starport and secure the port for evacuation of civilians as the strange disease spreads throughout the city like wildfire. Succeding in doing so, earns the Mandalorians a large amount of fame, causing several key investors to send a large amount of credits to MandalMotors, giving it the funds to start its next big project.


Gilamar Skirata

Gilamar Skirata

    Approximate Knowledge of Many Things

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