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Dangeruese "Danger" Arceneau

Danger ATC Danger Arceneau Arceneau Trade Company NFU Hapan Tatooine

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Danger Arceneau

Danger Arceneau

    M'onnok Fork

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NAME:  Dangeruese Rose Arceneau ( Known as 'Danger' )
AGE: Early fifties
SPECIES: Human ( Lorell Raider Ancestry | Hapan )
RANK: Conglomerate Giant
MEMBERGROUP: Independent 
PLAY BY: Christina Hendricks ( Saffron from firefly)
HAIR: Auburn  
EYES: Green
PIERCINGS/TATTOOS/SCARS: Has a scattering of freckles over her nose, cheeks and body that is normally hidden under the artifice of makeup.


Dat'Qah Tatoo -- On her back 



Petty criminal, starship mechanic, woman of mystery, businesswoman: all of these terms apply to Danger, daughter of notorious businessman  August Arceneau. Considering her upbringing in violent gangster's paradise on Tatooine, it's a wonder Danger turned out remotely normal. Wise and experienced beyond her years, she has led an adventurous life containing some extremely dark chapters.
Despite her biting sarcasm and general selfishness, one can never shake the feeling that Danger would be a better person if only she knew how. Years spent among the galaxy's dregs have fostered layers of personal self-defense mechanisms and a cynical shell around her. Only the most persistent friend has any hope of meeting the "real" Danger hiding beneath the surface. 


  • Self-interest, profit, secrets and new tech.
  • Strong, independent woman.
  • Strong, confident men.
  • Dejarik. 
  • Tatooine sunsets. 


  • Unprofessional or emotional behavior, killing innocents, working with the stupid or uneducated.
  • Jedi Females -- Thinks they are hypocrites
  • Force Users -- but not as much as Jedi females. 
  • Cheaters in terms of professional business behavior, such as auctions. 


  • Pew pew -  Crack shot and scrappy fighter. 
  • Hive and Villainy roots- A shrew business woman with many connections in trade, underworld dealing, trade, and black-market.She comes from a long time seven generation gun smuggling family. An expert mech, gunslinger, diplomat, and talented in... persuasion.
  • Clout - Danger has amounted a hefty amount of clout during her rise to make Arceneau Trade a Corporate giant.  She has several connections and ties to several governments and territories that allows her to be a often sought out neutral party to oversee parlays.  Having Danger involved also tends to bring a measure of respectability and authenticity to any business endeavor.  


  • Tunnel Vision Anger:Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Earn her ire and she would use all of her power and money to ruin the poor soul and make them wish they were dead.
  • Never Forgive. Never Forget: Quick to anger and even quicker to hold a longtime grudge.  It will take a miracle for past transgressions to ever be wiped clean from the slate for Danger. 
  • Matron:  Danger is getting up there.  With aging comes the typical degradation of agility and reflexes.
  • Sterile:  Danger suffers from intensive internal scarring due to a miscarriage and subsequently a stillborn birth making it impossible for her to have children anymore.
  • Black lung:  A lifetime of smoking has left her with breathing problems when going beyond her typical vigorous activities.  Running would make it difficult to maintain her breath without strain. 
  • That Liver:  Drinking is another vice that has taken a toil on her liver.  

GOALS: Make Arceneau Trade a Galactic name.  Done!
FEARS: A lady doesn't talk about this.
HABITS: Drinking whiskey and smoking her cigarillos
POWERS & ABILITIES: Profiteer and Entrepreneur / Gun Smuggling - Owner of Arceneau Trade Company

PARENTS:  August and Colette Arceneau  (deceased)
SIBLINGS:  Rémi (brother - deceased
OTHER FAMILY:  Alric Kuhn  (Best friend - not public knowledge)  Fiona Kuhn Arceneau (Daughter - Deceased*)
OTHER OTHER:  Ashiin and Saffron 


== Tatooine

After the Gulag Virus hit and Tatooine cut off from the core worlds, Montgomery Arceneau prospered as the company retained connections within the nearby Southern Planets via their contracted ships and Captains. There were credits to be made in necessity, and there was no denying the golden egg that ensured food was in their belly, keep the company prospering, and the ships maintained.

Originally, the Arceneau's were well known for their small arms weapon making. Such as blaster rifles, blaster pistols, assault cannons, vibro-blades, tech-blades vibro-shivs and the crafting of the parts that goes along with them. Their direct competitor was Kayson's Weapons Shop; which in the wake of the Gulag virus, managed to kill off the competition. (Pun intended) As the decades passed, they branched out to general armor-crafting; hiring local merchants to directly supply them with the necessary goods and in turn, dealing them out towards the various outposts on Tatooine.

As the first generation of Arceneau's began to gain more and more influence over Tatooine, the more they began to deal with more than just the crafting of weapons and armor; they began gun-smuggling, as their ancestors had been wont to do in their raids. A rather, violent takeover of Notsub Shipping gave Arceneau Trade Company the edge it needed to expand the entirety of Tatooine, bringing into the fold workers and droids for its shipping, transport, and fueling business, providing the majority of the basic everyday needs to the more exotic for a higher fee.

Ties to the tech savvy Jawa clans also gave an edge in salvage tech; the need for water purifiers in distant outposts provided more revenue. It was undeniable four hundred years of darkness gave ATC a solid foothold on Tatooine.

Neigh on nine years that Dangeruese took upon the responsibility of Arceneau Trade at the widowed August Arceneau's death leaving Dangeruese Rose Arceneau to hold the reins of his little empire, making her the sole owner and overseer of the seventh generation Trading Company based off Tatooine. 

While officially she'd taken the reigns at the tender age of twenty-one, she'd already been expanding ATC long before her daddy done lay six foot down. Gun smuggling be in her blood by birthright as by rule, as evidenced by the decorated acquired exotic paraphernalia done tried and true by Lorell Raider ancestry. Under her keen guidance, Danger had more than made a name of herself, expanding ATC to include the bulk of her interests in profit, information, and new tech - and it only done proved to make more than the standard pretty credit she felt she more than deserved.

It only doubled after the ruthless taking over of a competitor company by the name of "Fen'zati", then co owned by Hauk and @Noxu Za'tire. Her aggressive acquisition nearly doubled her holdings, giving her the clout, ships, and reach to focus on new deals.

What had originally been a contract with the South Systems Syndicate as their sole contractor of supplies, fuel, transports, and the daily goods turned into a massive expansion into Ryloth and Geonosis. In Ryloth, in the Garden of Floating rocks she set up the refugee Orian House that housed hundreds of Twi'leks, men and women alike, who were under her protection. They were called "Companions," skilled, well-educated and well-respected member of a guild of professional courtesans/entertainers, somewhat similar to oiran. While they do frequently engage in a form of state-sanctioned prostitution, they are nonetheless treated with a great deal of respect and deference from nearly everyone.

The acquisition of Club Ufora provided a platform to direct contact with the Hutt Cartel as well as drawing the interest of the more... refined taste. She done wasn't some small time girl no more; she was fishing for bigger prospects that would net a bigger payout. For that, certain tastes had to be catered to, and what better place than the favorite watering hole for many of galaxies finest, upstanding criminals and underworlders.

What the free flowing of drink didn't loosen tongues, the eager flesh of skilled Twi'lek escorts did the rest. There ain't nothing that don't pass through Danger's arena, and word of mouth had a way of spreading where to fish and where to leave be.

In the wake of Stargo's disappearance, Danger had to take up the helm of the Syndicate, coming to rule the majority of Tatooine under her keen business interests. It was then that she began dealings with the Hutt Cartel, where she provided fuels, transports, supplies, small weapons and ordnance for their missions, setting vast trade outposts and warehouses on Nal Hutta, Nar Shaddaa, Makeb, and Ylesia. This is where she personally secured herself as their main provider of arms, and where she would meet Barrett Haskins, the crime lord in charge of the Black Sun Syndicate.

Her time during the Galactic Trade Guild faction provided an expansion of her warehouses on Hypori, Siskeen, Roon, Ukio, Rishi, and Kamino. ( A large docking port and warehouse pit stop for Arceneau trade) Through the wonders of wonders, an entirely new hyperlane was crafted by Jorus Merrill, and it was through negotiations with Barrett Haskins and Danger that an agreement was made, with Arceneau Trade becoming one of the major suppliers of fuel and good throughout the Mara Corridor in return of ensuring that no harm befell Merrill's space stations from the Black Sun.

She has also expanded and brought more business to Outer Rim World businesses like Silk Holdings, Ativesi Itasimai Corp, Baktoid, CIS, and the Black sun by her purchases of ships, escorts, frigates from Silk Holdings, and in an auction by Subach Innes, expanded her transport and escort fleet to be able to meet the rising demand.

The Confederacy of Independent Systems heard of Arceneau Trade Company's reputation and clout on Tatooine, coming to meet with Danger personally that ensured one of the most profitable major supplying and shipping contracts Arceneau Trade ever had -- bringing a wealth of steady month to month gain in providing CIS space with the day to day goods, fuel, and shipping and transport for their factories.

In Geonosis, she had expanded her small arms factories by buying out acquisitions. A modest endevour, certainly not on par with the vast droid army foundries, but a modest venue that included warehouses for the fuel transports as well as other supplies around the Southern Sytems. This is also where the small cloning facility for personal or select customer use from the tech they stole from the Kaminio cloning facility came to play. Housing only eight cylinders, it is a tiny facility.

In Nar Chunna, Danger contracted the Pirate Lord Ironwolf to take care of a small warlord problem she had in regards to fuel factories set there. His assistance led to Danger's acquisition of more fuel factories for the company.

After setting up shop with major contracts between the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Blacksun, Danger began to focus on getting more deals to broaden her horizons and expand Arceneau as a house name throughout the galaxy.

A long time customer of a mutually beneficial business relationship with Silk Holdings only served to increase profits for ATC; as a bounty on the President Jorus Merrill prevented from direct business dealings with the Confederacy and the Merrills. Danger, known throughout the Southern Systems and the Mara corridor as the one woman who can smooth over ruffled feathers, became the middleman between the CIS and Silk, providing the means for Silk to still be able to sell their products within CIS and it’s allies territories through direct contact with ATC.

While not a major contract with a government entity, this venture alone sealed the deal in making Danger Arceneau by far one of the most wealthiest females in the galaxy, branding Arceneau Trade into more than a household name throughout the Southern Galaxy. Trade contracts for shipping between Baktoid from their factories in Duros within Omega Protectorate territory only served to stretch out her reach towards ever closer to the Unknown regions, while her contracts with Black Sun allowed trade to reach to the very Sith Empire during the alliance between the crime syndicate and the late Sith Empire.

ATC ships also have served various clients such as Salacia Consolidated, Czerka Arms, Corellian Engineering and Corellian Arms, Omega Star Corp, Santhe and Sinar, Blastech, Koensayr Manufacturing, and Hekler’Kor Defense Industries. Used as the premier shipping, escort, salvaging, mining, and refueling points in coexistence with Silk Holdings, Arceneau Trade has by far managed to become integral in networking and connecting several companies to the consumer by way of the Southern Systems Bazaar.

In an open holographic marketplace, Danger provides a one stop shop for a business and consumer to compare and shop for their product. Here, for a moderate fee, Arceneau encourages the galactic economy by streamlining the process to buy. Tried and true methods of communication are established per company, providing a directory and a quick reference at all the products that are being sold, as well as providing a venue for a representative of the business to deal directly with custom orders or requests for purchase.
With the recent success of the SSB Expo and Auction,  Danger Arceneau has made recent strides to push ATC and SSB beyond the frontier in Trade goods, networking, shipping, freighter service, and fuel. 
The expansion of the South Systems Business Bazaar to Nar Kreeta and Mandalorian Space has seen a spread of economy and profitable return. 
New contracts and sponsorship with such businesses as MandalTech, Mandal Hypernautics, ArmTech Systems Inc, Akure Executive Leatherworks ,Carrison Tech and Fashion, Whyren's Distillery, Tenloss Corp, Keldabe Shops, and Cestus Cybernetics have allowed her to grow exponentially, making her by far the galaxy's go to name in Trade, Fuel, and goods. 
Due to recent developments in networking with the Tion Hegemony,  Danger has broadened her reach beyond the new Etti IV Headquarters to include the fleshing out of trade within the Tion Hegemony.  
Several ATC trade stations have been transported to the area,  providing a venue for several of the Tion Hegemony businesses as well as SSB business registry clients to stimulate the trading economy with the new venue.  
As Danger has always said,  this is only the beginning.  Recent endeavours with CEC, the Omega Protectorate, Silver Jedi Order, Levantine Sanctum and a medley of small business contracts have open up the trade lanes to the greater galaxy.  
Then came Alric Kuhn....
Time would soon bring a new majority stockholder to BlastTech.  And this would be none other than the Queen of Trade herself: Danger Arceneau.  However, this was no ordinary bill of sale.  No sweet conversation with the trading of credits. 
No, this transfer was built on the foundation of a melting pot of emotions, near death experiences, and a long journey across the sands dunes of Tatooine survival style.
Danger Arceneau originally intended to buy out the company from Alric Kuhn through her usual methods of persuasion and a fair bit of credit.  However,  the tables were turned when in an unseen incident led to cracking of her mask,  setting the scoundrel of an Alric Kuhn to shatter the Trade Queen's perfect facade of business acumen into a state of vulnerability that ended with an offer for BlasTech for Arceneau Trade Stock. 
With his honor sullied, Alric Kuhn would deny the sale, stating that he wouldn't sell BlasTech to Arceneau if she were the last woman in the 'Verse. Needless to say,  four days later "Danger Arceneau" would pay a visit to Kuhn,  seemingly undisturbed over their most passionate encounter that had left her trembling in panic and apprehension.  
It was in the eyes that Alric Kuhn managed to determine that the woman before him asking for BlasTech was not Danger Arceneau at all, but a mere Human Replica Droid. Angered beyond belief, an ionic blaster would take care of the HRD, and Alric in turn would impulsively travel half the galaxy to the arid planet of Tatooine to fine Danger himself.
However, he would soon realize that he was quickly over his head in the wilds of Tatooine.  Hiring a merc to be his guide,  Alric would travel the vast plains and canyons of Jungland Wastes -- No Man's land and a territory known to be the death of many who were unprepared for its perils.  He soon would find out a warm -- and deadly welcoming in the sudden onslaught of bounty hunters after his hide,  resulting in the death of his guide as well as his capture by Tusken Raiders...
He was as good as dead.
Were it not for Danger Arceneau, he very well could have died,  for his reckless actions saw fit to result in the near flaying of his back by the sting of a Tusken Raiders whip.  It was Danger who would come to his rescue, only to be caught herself and thrown along with the quickly expiring life of one Alric Kuhn.
Tending his wounds through desert survival training and the raw Aspha Mold,  Danger managed to bring Alric from the brink of death, allowing for the flesh to regrow upon his back with the painful miracle cure. It was only through working together the next two days that they were able to escape and find refuge in the caverns of the Wound. 
Their journey would continue for another week,  resulting in the two to come to terms with the other until finally,  Alric Kuhn would come to the agreement that would result in the transfer of ownership of BlasTech to Danger Arceneau.
Her most recent acquisitions also include PharmaTech and expansion into Lords of the Fringe space, the Red Ravens, Primeval, and beyond.


Small time girl looking to go big. As Danger Arceneau has said time and time again;


 "My daddy ain't raised no fool. I'm gonna hit it big. Bigger than Tatooine. Bigger than Montgomery Arceneau ever dreamed."
Adding more info

Danger Arceneau

Danger Arceneau

    M'onnok Fork

  • Character
    • Character Bio
  • 5,548 posts

A S S E T S  A N D C O N T R A C T S 

Major Faction Contracts

  • South Systems Syndicate [ Merged with the then Hutt Cartel]
  • The Hutt Cartel [ Major trade contract under the Hutt regime ]
  • Galactic Trade Guild [ Major trade and shipping contracts]
  • Black Sun [ Continuation of and exclusive major trade contract after the successful Hutt overthrow]
  • Confederacy of Independent Systems [Exclusive trade, shipping, and freighter contract.  Now oversees their fueling production and manufacturing.]
  • Mandalorian - [ Trade, fuel, and shipping and freighter contracts ]
  • The Silver Jedi - [ Trade, fuel, Oiran Companions]
  • Omega Protectorate - [ Trade Station Contract, companion contract with Kaeshana]
  • The Levantine Sanctum - [ Trade Contracts, Trade Station, and Transport Contract Permit ]
  • The Red Ravens - [ Trade Contracts, Trade Station, and Transport Contract Permit, mining and resource permits with share profits to RRs. Job security and economy boosting]
  • The Primeval -- Telos Citadel Station
  • The Lords of the Fringe -- Ship contract
  • The Techno Union - continuation of CIS > ASA > ACA

Major Faction Sponsorships

  • Confederacy of Independent Systems  ---> ASA  and Techno Union
  • South Systems Syndicate ---> Hutt Cartel ---> Black Suns
  • Mandalorians  - [ Trade Contracts ]
  • The Silver Jedi - [ Trade Contracts ]
  • The Levantine Sanctum - [Transport Shipping Permit contract]
  • The Red Ravens - [ Trade Contracts, Trade Station, and Transport Contract Permit, mining and resource permits with share profits to RRs. Job security and economy boosting]

Major Business Contracts

Minor Business Contracts through South Systems Bazaar

Project of sizable Proportion

  • The creation and successful implementation of South Systems Syndicate Business Bazaar, providing an IC venue for PC characters to roleplay in a marketplace, with Danger providing Holonet updates and spotlights.
  • The successful SSB Expo and Auction spanning two weeks of very successful profits for all businesses involved.

Mara TibX & Fuels  - Mining, Refining, and distribution of fuels, prospecting
Tier III
Browncoat Arms & Industrial -  Armormech, Armstech, Cybertech,  Droids, mining, 
Tier IV
Oiran Guild House - Entertainment & Escort Service
Tier III
Pharma - Tech - Medical and alchemical creations
Tier III
Havan Shipyards -  Shipyards, shipbuilding, mobile shipyards, and vehicles.
Tier III

Blast-Tech Industries
Tier 4
Chairman - 82% ownership

Aurum-Saccs Bank

Tier II



  • Silk Holdings -  5% of Silk Holdings
  • Mohc Extractives- 46.00%
  • Tion Tradestation- Owns 10% 
  • Suvian Sciences- 25% of Stock
  • The Beast Hunter's Guild - Owns 29%
  • Tenloss Casinos -  Takes 20% of profits. 
  • Bright Star Entertainment - Takes 30% of casino profits.
  • Blast Tech - Chairman and owner 82% ownership
  • Arkuhn Medical 
  • Vanir Technologies - 5%
  • The Eve Foundation 
  • InterGalactic Solutions - Treasurer and heavily invested.

Private Ownership  - ATC

  • Danger Arceneau - 100%


Won at Auction 
Death's Hand Contractor.

Danger Arceneau

Danger Arceneau

    M'onnok Fork

  • Character
    • Character Bio
  • 5,548 posts


Danger Arceneau

Danger Arceneau

    M'onnok Fork

  • Character
    • Character Bio
  • 5,548 posts

T H R E A D T R A C K E R 


That guy's craftshop
Used for Tier III 

  1. [Misc ]This is why I hate flying (Open) 
  2. [Misc] The Resol'Nare (Takeover of Mandalore - COMPLETE) 
  3. [Misc] I'll Have What She's Having ((Danger)) 
  4. [Misc - expanding business with salvage material] I !@@*!+# hate Taris ( Taris - TGU/ Nar / Open ) 
  5. [Misc] Think of Me Under the Mistletoe (8th Annual Yule Ball) 
  6. [Misc - Contract] Do two wronged make a right? (Invite) 
  7. [Misc - Weapons contract] SNRP - "These Aren't the Droids You Are Looking For" - OPEN TO ALL 
  8. [Misc] Without a Trace (Cage's Return - PM for Invite) 
  9. [Misc] It’s the ship that made the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs. [Dalton / Danger / Open] 


  1. [ Major Contract - Sponsorship] The Gods giveth and most women piss it away  - Setting her place in SSS as a major supplier of fuel, shipping, supplies, foodstuffs, and ordnance in Ryloth, Geonosis, and expanding more on Tatooine.
  2. [Misc] Starlog: Fall of the Night(Knightfall/Open) - Hiring the crew of the Knightfall to work for her in various contract / frigate missions.
  3. [Misc] Taking down the Besadii (Ylesia)  - Supplying the Hutt Cartel with weapons and ordnance as well as supplies for the takeover of Ylesia. Meeting Barrett and forming a good friendship with the man who would soon take over the Hutt Cartel.
  4. [Contract] Forging the Lance -  - Conducting negotiations for a contract mission with Circe Savan in return for ships for her Trading company.
  5. [Major Contract-- Sponsorship]A Gathering Of Shadows. (Hutt Cartel, Bluehawks, Galactic.  - Expanding business with the Hutt Cartel
  6.  [Misc]Let the Money Flow - - Buying SI overstock for Arceneau Trade in an auction while conducting business with Jonathon Patches.
  7. [Expanding Business] Time to Reorganize (the Hutt Cartel) - Danger helps secure her business in the Hutt mutiny, securing herself a portion of the salvaged and confiscated fleet previously owned by Excon the Hutt to include peragus, corsin, and trident class bombers.


  1. [Major Contract] Good Men and Scoundrels (Barrett Haskins and the Hutt Car - -Forming a good business relationship with the Hutt Cartel and Silk Holdings, ensuring that Arceneau Trade gets priority in supplying and fueling Mara.
  2. [Major Contract- Sponsership]Danger in the City (CIS Dominion of Tatooine)  - Danger becomes the major contractor of fuel, shipping, transport, supplies, foodstuffs, and ordnance for the CIS.
  3. [Expanding Business] Those Who Play God (CIS Dominion of Kamino)  - collecting kamino cloning tech to expand into cloning facilities in Geonosis, jedi master clones, and ashin's clone from a cloning facility.
  4. [ contract] A Companion is not a 'hore [ CIS Dominion of Ryloth ] - Referencing the companion guild Orian house and the details, taking Ashin's clone "vod" there fore safekeeping
  5. [Expanding Business] To Protect the World From Devestation (CIS Dominion of Geonosis) - locating and securing Count Dooku's old hanger and manufacturing facility to expand her small arms manufacturing and small cloning facility.
  6. [ Expanding Business ]Looking to expand some business ( Jorus + Alna)  - conducting business with silk holdings that would provide her bulk transport ships for Arceneau Trade
  7. [ Expanding Business ]Fueling the Mara Corridor - Negotiating and placing an order for Fuel ships for Arceneau Trade with Koensayr Manufacturing and Silk Holdings.
  8. [ Contract ] Wretched Hive of Schematics and Weaponary - - Contracting with Judah Dashill to supply him with schematics and salvage material.
  9. [Major Contract - Sponsorship ]Better a Black Sun than No Sun [ Barrett ] - Reaffirming with the Black Sun to agree that Arceneau trade is their sole provider of transport, shipping, fuel, small arms, exotics, companions, and smuggling services.
  10. [Major Contract - Baktoid] My kind of Danger ( Danger)  - Negotiations with Alli Wren, CEO of Baktoid to be their major shipping, transportation, and escort.
  11. [Contract ] Nearly Broke (Danger) - Negotiation with Ativesa with making Ativesa Itaismai Corp one of Arceneu Trade's major small arms manufacturers for sales in the Outer and Wild Rim.
  12. [Misc]50 Shades of...(Danger) - - Negotiations with Bellalika in order to find her a Force Master that will train her for credits
  13. [Expanding Business ] This Is Mine (Hutt Cartel Dominion of Nar Chunna-Cartel)  - Danger hires Ironwolf to dispose of a warlord from the fuel factories she had been trying to acquire. The result ended in her ownership of said fuel factories.


  1. [ Major Project South Systems Business Bazaar: IC Forum providing a venue for consumers and businesses to sell their wares.
  2. [Misc] Silk Holdings Product Roster (Post Orders Here) -- Ordering more products for Arceneau Trade
  3. [Contract] Subach to RealityProviding bulk transports and the method for Lord Jared Ovmar to reclaim his factories from Subach.
  4. [Contract] Danger Zone-  Contracting to provide freighter services for Cestus Cybernetics.
  5. [ Major Project] Southern Systems Business Bazaar Expo [ open to all ] - Hosting the Semi Annual business bazaar, expanding her fleet and buying from Silk Holdings, Korynseur, CEC, Tenloss Corp, Mandal Hypernautics, and Czerka. Proceeds from booth sales increased her profit margin, creating a boost to the economy as several business sold well into the millions. 
  6. [Misc] SSB Auction - Akure Executive Leather Works, Tenloss Corp, and Ordo- Holding an auction that dealt her proceeds from auctioned goods.
  7. [Expanding business] SSB Auction - Mandal Hypernautics - Buying ships, droids, and armaments to expand her freighter fleet.
  8. [Misc] SSB Auction - Salacia Consolidated and Hekler'Kok Defense Industries - Holding an auction that dealt her the proceeds from auctioned goods. 
  9. [Misc] SSB Auction - Silk Holdings and CEC and Corellian Arms - Hosting an auction and expanding her freighter fleet. 
  10. [Expanding Busines - Sponsorship] None Laugh in the Face of Danger [Expo Interim] - Making a major contract with CEC that would produce the largest trade stations in the galaxy, to be placed in every major trading port within every major trade hub.
  11. [Contract and Expanding Business ] At the Spanish Moon, Whiskey and bad glitterstim
  12. [Misc] Power Turnover (Black Sun) - discussing the turn over of power for the Black Sun, keeping her interests in line.
  13. [Contract - Expanding Business] All tied up - Dealing business with Lord Ovmar in regards to Santhe and Sienar Arms while breaking out of a building.
  14. [Misc] SSB Auction: Rare Materials and Specialty Items Auction - Anonymous Sellers
  15. [Contract with a Major Faction] Aint no Auction Like a Spice Auction! (Sun Dominion of Kessel) (Open)- Contracting with Black Sun to be their freighter service throughout the galaxy to ship and distribute the spice mined from Kessel.
  16. [Expanding Business] Auction of the Century (OPEN - Black Sun Dominion of Nar Kreeta)- Setting up shop that involved Danger taking over 51% of the Trade Commission in Nar Kreeta,  allowing her to hold majority, become the new Chairwoman of the board, and set up the newly bought Trade Stations in the system to be a new point of business for Southern Systems Business Bazaar.
  17. [Misc] I swear by my pretty little bonnet...- Contracting LC to be mercenaries, pilots, and security for ATC.
  18. [Expanding business ]Heavy Metal Abraham Lincoln [Black Sun Dominion of Slehey.. -- Securing Tibanna gas refineries and production factories along with black sun, where the reigning hutt was disposed of and now will provide a small base for ATC fueling.
  19. [Contract with Major Faction] Hi Ho Hi Ho A Camping We Will Go (CIS Dominion of Nar Chu.. - aiding the CIS to smooth the handing over of Nar Chunna into the confederacy in return of expanding ATC and SSB into CIS's fueling planet of Dirha.
  20. [Sponsorship Mandalorians]  Red Curves and Old Eyes Talking to Gilamar Skirata, the current Mandalor for the sponsorship, space, and approval of bringing trade and fuel stations as well as a new SSB branch into Mandalorian space, providing for their trading, fueling, and freighting needs. 
  21. [Misc]Space Legos -  overseeing the building of trading and fuel stations by Mandal Hypernautics that will be utilized within Mandalorian space. 
  22. [Misc]Cestus Cybernetics Droid Expo - purchasing droids for the 50 trade stations to be transferred and produced within Mandalorian space
  23. [Misc] A Beautiful Game: Dealing with Danger. (completed) - Contract with Frank Porkins for ATC to be a bolo ball sponsor and vendor for the upcoming Boloball league
  24. [misc]Mandal Hypernautics - purchasing ships for the defense of the new trade stations in Mandalorian Space
  25. [misc]MandalTech Purchasing 25 new fueling stations and fueling ships for the expansion of sponsorship within Mandalorian Space.





  1. Working 9 to 5. [pm for invite] -  Networking with other Tion Hegemony partners and discussing the moving of trade stations into the area.
  2. [Weekend Treasure Hunt 4: Cannibal Stormtrooper Death Star]  Salvaging durasteel from the Death Star to create a massive trade station in conjunction with the Tion Hegemony.
  3. LINK: Greed and Desire - Thread stating that BrightStar Casinos would be contracted in every ATC trade station.
  4. Liar's Retreat (Danger)  - Sponsorship of Silver Jedi Order, Trade Routes, Space station, Space ports and Companion temple
  5. Danger on Kaeshana - Contract with Firemaine for Companions, trade, training and bolters.
  6. Link: So you have something I need...(Danger/Alyesa) - contract by Incom to supply their manufacturing and production facilities with TibX.
  7. Subach-Innes Blowout Auction Part 4: Facilities- Buying of facilities on aurum, morje, oberon.
  8. Toiling On Tabaqui [Levantine Sanctum Dominion of Tabaqui] -- Acquisition of the Peragus Mining Facility
  9. Dangerous times call for the best tools - Spread of new headquarters in Corellia
  10. If You Want to Play with the Big Boys, You Have to Have t...- Providing the Moross crusade with resources to build their Ceto Shipyards.
  11. Czerka This and Czerka That- Taking over Czerka  and productions
  12. Corporate Calls - Taking over Czerka and productions
  13. Our Teeth and Ambitions are Bared: Be Prepaaaaaaaaaared...- The Rudrig Deals
  14. Opportunity of a Lifetime (Major Corporations) -expansion into Etti and Sanctum.
  15. Don't You Cry No More %5BClosed%5D-- reviewing products of Hegemonic.
  16.  Gimmie that Booty %5BDanger%5D- Attaining schematics due to bounty.
  17. Mrrew Mrrew!-- Gaining stock from Beast Hunter's Guild.
  18. How'd You Like Your Gift?- Meeting with Alric Kuhn the first time. 
  19.  Picking Up The Ashes [Druckenwell Aftermath]-  Humanitarian aide and reconstruction of Drunkenwell and its shipyards, setting up shop. 
  20. Makeb My Day [Red Ravens Dominion of Makeb ] - Protecting Isotope 5 mines under Browncoat and ATC
  21. I See a Blood Moon Rising [Mandalorian Dominion of Gromas]- Buying up shares and mining rights for Mohc Extractives.
  22.  All about that base [No Rebels] - Fort Xim construction 
  23. Security Under Pressure- Umpha System scouting and initial discovery.  Intel brought back. 
  24. Strings of Fate [Moross Crusade Dominion of Aurum]- Saving Aurum from getting destroyed by Soliael Talith.  Securing and protecting her interests on Aurum.
  25. What's that boy? Danger is danger? -  Discussing with Ayden Cater the bounty set on Danger.
  26.  Blas-Tech Industries Subsidiary Auction:Pharma-Tech-  Gaining PharmaTech and production facilities. 
  27. Power & Control - Discussion with Jared Ovmar.
  28.  Danger, Will Robinson, Danger [Echidna: Hunters vs. Subac...- The bounty set forth against Subach and then the acquisition of items and products from Echindna. 
  29. Terms of agreement- Contract with Vulcan Industries.
  30. Iconiq (Silver jedi Dominion of Zygerria)- Humanitarian aide and expansion into Zygerria. 
  31. For Old Time's Sake (Danger)  
  32. The End of an Era... or is it?
  33. Weekend Treasure Hunt 12: The Last Will and Testament of...'   
  34. The Saqqar Is That? [Black Sun Dominion of Saqqar] - expansion in to Saqqar
  35. Be It Ever So Humble %5BTion%5DA proud Browncoat- Expansion to production in Balmorra and acquiring Colicoid products and research.
  36. I C InnoteQ- security coverage of ATC and build up of defenses.
  37.  The Things A Woman Knows- Business with Asterous with Alric Kuhn and contracts.
  38. Business makes the Galaxy Turn- conducting business with Countess Magrath.
  39. Time is Beskar (Primeval Dominion of Echoy'la) - Trade routes into Echoy'la, introduction into the Primeval government and expanding territories.  
  40. Adapt and Improve- Expansion and humanitarian aide of the Corellian System. 
  41. One Gilded Cage - Expansion into Red Raven territory, new trade route, space trade station building, space ports, warehouses, and SSB contracts to chart and mine and produce with a share given to the Red Ravens. 
  42. Kerane In the Sky With Platinum- Expansion into platinum mining on Hoth Asteroid belts.
  43. Don't Stop Believin', Hold onto that Feelin'
  44. Meeting the Neighbors - New contract with Krayt Industries into otherworld space and continuing old contracts. 
  45. A spy, a knight and a businessman step into a bar
  46. Wait, You're Not All Legitimate, Are You? %5BOpen%5D
  47. You & I
  48.  There and Back Again, A Smuggler's Story
  49. Take Off The Mask- acquisition of BlastTech Company -- ongoing development
  50. I've got sand in my...Dominion? ACA for Tatooine- Security of Tatooine during the Netherworld event.
  51. Welcome to the New Age (ACA Aftermath Thread, Open to Bus...- Aftermath thread within ACA space. 
  52. We'll paint it red to fit right in (ACA Dominion of Z..- The start of a new citadel type station on Zenith Prime.


Posted 01 November 2014


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Posted 16 April 2015 


  4. SSB 24HR AUCTION -- Silk Holdings and Sasori Research
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  10. Technician [Saffron]
  11. Weedwhacker? Weedtracker.
  12. Looking for Kujo on Lujo [OS Dominion of Lujo]
  13. Set Controls (Silver Jedi Dominion of Shri-Tal)
  14. Building From The Ash-era(OS Dominion of Ashera)
  15. Let's try developing something new
  16. Time is Beskar (Primeval Dominion of Echoy'la)
  17. We'll paint it red to fit right in (ACA Dominion of Z...
  18. I've got sand in my...Dominion? ACA for Tatooine
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  20. That You Red? [Danger]
  21. Welcome to the New Age (ACA Aftermath Thread, Open to Bus...
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  23. All The Best Mistakes Have Last Names
  24. A Note
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  27. New Proposals
  28. Strings Are Always Attached
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  30. No Trail, No Path, Nothing
  31. Blood Among The Flowerbed
  32. A Mutually Beneficial Arrangement
  33. Sugar, Spice, Something Nice [Danger]
  34. "Operation: Throat Punch" - TU Dominion of Apatros
  35. Techno Union vs Vitae Invasion of Apatros
  36. It's Been So Long
  37. The Gathering
  38. Dead Nerves
  39. Whispers In The Dark
  40. 38 hours
  41. Don't bite the hand that feeds you
  42. Tracks in the Desert [Mandalorian Dominion of Elom]
  43. Don't stop believin'
  44. You Truly Belong Here With Us Among The Clouds [Dev]
  45. Amnesia, Of A Sort
  46. Now there's green light in my eyes
  47. Winds of Solace
  48. Danger, Danger, Danger.
  49. A Home Is A Home
  50. Rising Tides of Ascendancy (Chiss Ascendancy, Open to All)
  51. Distance
  52. You and I
  53. Diversify Your Assets: Mandalorian Dominion of Ord Mantell
  54. Little Talks
  55. It's Cold Outside
  56. Counting Stars
  57. To The Mountains
  58. Surprises
  59. A Dominion...of Knowledge! [GUIDE Investors]
  60. Yacht Club
  61. The Little Things
  62. Point Break
  63. Cloud Nine
  64. Four Corners [Republic Dominion of Brentaal IV]
  65. Introduction
  66. Netflix and Chill
  67. Rare Commodities [Primeval Dominion of Muunilinst]
  68. Every Single Day
  69. Nightmare
  70. The Gift That Keeps On Giving
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  72. Rumor has it
  73. Talk To me
  74. Jacob's Corporate Ladder
  75. Drag the Dream into Existence
  76. The Ziost Affair [The Primeval][PM for late invite]
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  79. Form Follows Function
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  101. Working 9 to 5
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Danger Arceneau


Holy Jesus, that Bio, though.



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 That is if she was recognized as a pirate by the Hapen Ministry of Justice. If she was, her business that is a legal corporation could be a huge boon to the Consortium currently and could be grounds to give amnesty for promised help. 

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