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Rumor, Wolf & Funk, Attorneys at Law

law firm Tier 1

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Corporation Name: Rumor, Wolf & Funk, Attorneys at Law
Headquarters: Nar Shaddaa
Location: The Promenade
Operations: Max Rumor, Chief Counsel is a private criminal defense attorney for residents of Nar Shaddaa charged with criminal conduct, especially inhabitants where the conduct is caused off-planet as Nar Shaddaa itself has a tenuous and easy to bribe court system. Max Rumor's services could be retained within one faction for a hefty free, but right now he only takes private individual clients. He has two employees at the firm. Dorskit Wolf is co-counsel and Funk is a legal intern (to be submitted as NPCs)
Rationale: In his early twenties, Mr. Rumor began working in the archives of a shady law firm in the Underworld of Coruscant. He eventually rose up the ranks to make partner and then moved to Nar Shaddaa to start his own firm with two other partners he met in the Underworld - Wolf and Funk
Tier One
Description: The law firm of Rumor, Wolf & Funk specializes in criminal defense by galaxians from all walks of life as long as they can walk to a credit account to pay the firm. Max Rumor is the criminal defense attorney that Nar Shaddaans hire when they commit crimes - sometimes even before they commit the crimes.
Here are some satisfied customer testimonials:
"I hired Max Rumor to help me escape my conviction after I kidnapped and poisoned my fourth ex-husband. Thanks Max Rumor!" - Nar Shaddaa resident Amanda Rivington aka The Black Widow
"Max Rumor put in the time to help me escape the crime!" - anonymous Nar Shaddaa resident who is out on the street right now committing yet another felony.
Max Rumor's clients come to him to provide defense in cases involving murder, assault, theft, burglary, larceny, embezzlement, extortion, kidnapping and spice peddling. Rumor will prepare his client's case, defend them in court, and provide a legal strategy for those willing to pay. He is well versed in the art of the legal injunction and if his client's prosecution team represents a company, one of his tactics is to inundate the company with enough legal injunctions that they eventually drop the case or face bankruptcy with legal fees. Max Rumor knows that credits talk and he is not above bribing a judge in order to get the sentence he wants.

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Max Rumor


How wonderfully unscrupulous. Approved.

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