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Draco Vereen

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Draco Vereen

Draco Vereen

    Dragon of Alderaan

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Name: Draco Vereen

Titles: Dragon of Mandalore | Prince-Defender of Alderaan

Faction: The Mandalorian Clans | Royal House of Alderaan

Rank: Aliit'buir | Knight-Errant | Prince-Consort

Species: Human

Home World: Eriadu

Age: 48 Galactic Standard Years

Gender: Male

Force Sensitive: Yes


Significant Other: Faith Organa

Children: Laira Vereen | Theo Vereen



(+) Physical Prowess: Years of training in high gravity and almost constant enhancement through the Force have left Draco surprisingly strong, even surprisingly so for a man his size, able to bend durasteel and break duracrete blocks without assistance. His speed and reflexes are also superior to ordinary humans, even if only somewhat. Combined with his abilities using the Force, his limits, even if only short bursts, are far more than they should be for a man his size.


(+) Advanced Hand to Hand Combat Training: Draco has been trained in several forms of Martial Arts, from Echani to Mandalorian. He is an expert of many forms of Hand to Hand combat, Melee combat, and CQC, able to use a number of weapons effectively. One weapon he is untrained in is a Lightsaber.


(+) Survival Training: Draco has been trained in some of the harshest environments, including Hoth, Mustafar, Vendaxa, Wayland, Myrkr, and the Sundari Desert. If life is possible where he is at, he will survive. Traversing difficult terrain, improvising food and shelter, filtering water, surviving off the bare minimum. He can and will if necessary. This goes with his skill in hunting and tracking animals, with the ability to think like prey. 


(+) Masseur: Draco is a professionally trained, highly skilled Masseur. He has the magic touch.


(-) Aches: Injuries to his spine have left him with a long scar down the middle of his back, flanked my scarred over holes to either side. As a result of the old spinal injury and his rigorous physical exercise often in high gravity environments, he suffers from aches, tight, knotted muscles in his back, and some cartilage loss in his spine, which can cause him pain.


(-) Piloting: Draco can fly, just not very well. Most astromechs are programmed and able to fly better than he can, and on the rare occasion he goes without a dedicated pilot or pilot droid, it is never really all that pretty. Crash landings are to be hoped for in the event he is forced to land at all, with most emergency landings resulting in bailing out instead. 


(-) Telekinesis: Draco cannot harness Telekinesis well. It could be a distant relation to the Horn family, it could be some mental block, it could be just cause. He is limited to the absolute basics and even then only small objects he has direct line of sight to at close range, such as picking up a pen off a nearby table. Even this is more difficult for him than it would be for the average youngling.


(-) Lightsabers: Draco doesn't use a Lightsaber. He was raised a soldier and warrior, and trained extensively with real weapons with weight. Picking up a Lightsaber would be totally alien to him, and it is unlikely he could use if effectively to block blaster bolts and the like.




Height: 1.95 Meters (6’4”) 

Weight: 130 Kilograms (287 Pounds)

Eyes: Grey

Hair: Black

Skin: White (Tanned)


One, the Length of his spine from shoulder blades to hips where there used to be a cybernetic that allowed him to walk prior to his healing.

Two sets of scared circles are adjacent to this where there were bolts from the cybernetic to the vertebrae.

Inside of Left Arm: Lightsaber Burn that almost cut his arm in half, though healed the scar remains along with aches.


Draco is a tall muscular man, standing almost two meters tall and weighing over one hundred kilograms with a powerful, well built athletic frame. He is denser than he appears due to his high-gravity training making him weigh more than he should, but it doesn't effect his appearance other than some increased striations in his muscles and added definition of his abdominal muscles, much to the delight of Faith Organa. He has storm grey eyes to match his dark features and contrasting his tan, islander-esque skin. His face is rugged, angular with a strong jawline and powerful features. Draco has black hair that is beginning to gray, which he normally keeps short these days though he has worn it as his traditional long mane. He sports a beard on his face at all times now though sometimes he lets it grow long, sometimes he trims it. Draco is a rough tough individual with scars from his past on his chest, back, and arms. Recently he has received a tattoo on his left arm running from his pectoral to his wrist. The Tattoo is of a sleeve of armor with tribal markings throughout, with the Black Dragon clutching the Mythosaur skull of his clan and the Mandalorian culture on his shoulder.




Draco grew up on Eriadu within the city of Phelar in the poor side of town. He had few opportunities growing up, but he took the ones he was given. That’s why he joined the Planetary Defense Force at age sixteen and graduated boot camp in the top ten of his unit. He received several citations for excessive force during his four years with the PDF for taking criminals down roughly, normally breaking several bones on the way to the ground. At eighteen he received advanced close quarters combat training excelling at unarmed combat and improvised combat.


At twenty he left the PDF Special Tactics Unit and ventured out on his own. He began working for the Hutts in the Outer Rim as an enforcer and hired muscle, protecting spice shipments for the Cartel. He encountered a number of tough spice junkies and learned a different style of combat involving using a large number of tools in combat such as flamethrowers in conjunction with dart launchers and knives to overwhelm his opponents.


After a few years with the Hutt Cartel, he was sold to the Spice mines of Kessel in order to settle a debt between two rival gangs. For four years he endured in that prison, in the utter darkness, alone and on his own, having to watch his back while in the tunnels or be left, beaten, or killed by his fellow slaves and inmates, watch others be dragged away by energy spiders screaming as they were swallowed by the blackness, and cut the cords that bound the victims to the rest of the workers, sacrificing them so that the rest could survive. When the Netherworld crisis happened, many guards simply vanished, and in that time, many took the opportunity to escape, to make a break for it. During those hours or days, Draco watched more of his compatriots fall to the remaining guards or spiders in the tunnels, but he made it out, he made it to the surface, and he made it off the rock, never looking back.


When he got out he stuck with the Cartel for another year, just long enough to buy a starship, some weapons, armor, and some mining droids. Then he set out to start his life as a bounty hunter and soldier of fortune in the galaxy.


Draco spent a short stent with the Republic, founding ArmaTech and helping build their faltering Military. Due to unknown circumstances, ArmaTech and its founder were exiled from the Republic and found a new home on Mandalore and among the corporate ministers of the Techno Union. With the Mandalorians Draco built his own clan, carved out a piece of space for them, and turned their resources into one of the most feared fighting forces in existence, ranking with those of the Blackblade Guard and the Ori'ramikade. Thus the Warriors of Clan Vereen were unleashed upon the galaxy. Since then Draco has become quite the barbarian warlord, known to have lead raids on many governments and worlds.


With the Techno Union Draco built his own corporate empire, rising in prominence and building weapons and machines of war continuously. The corporation holds claims to fame as the greatest standard issue armor in the known galaxy and as a master weapons manufacturer. With diverse assets and small micro-nations dedicated to building its machines, it has truly become a monstrous corporate entity, even causing Draco to become the Foreman of the Executive Council for a time with the Techno Union.


During his time as Foreman he became increasingly more sociopathic, his behavior linked to his depression, abandonment issues, and loneliness, causing him to become increasingly more vile and violent, pushing him closer and closer to falling completely. He was known to contemplate suicide and equated his continued existence as his punishment for his crimes, joining the One Sith in their crusade in an effort to find a glorious death. The loss of his family, the utter destruction of his love life, and the constant loss of friends and allies throughout his travels sending him into a self destructive spiral with only two possible outcomes, Homicidal Maniac Sith Lord, or death by his own hands.


By chance, while ordering punishment upon slaver Thais Kallisto, whom he also sought to torment to jab at who he considered his rival, he happened to take custody of her child, Abigail Kallisto. While originally intended to be a severe punishment for Thais and her would be husband, it became the event that saved him. Having someone, anyone to look after, to care for, to love as his own, has dealt with many of his mental issues. While still Dark and capable of cruelty and evil, Draco was much more controlled than he had been, coming to view Abigail as his own child. Unfortunately his natural self came out and resulted in him spoiling her with whatever she happened to want, and becoming very protective of her. She unfortunately decided to go her own way in the galaxy, possibly curious about her heritage, possibly due to the way she was sheltered and raised, but she cut contact with Draco after joining the Silver Sanctum Coalition and hasn't been heard from since.


After Abigail became afflicted and disappeared from his life, Draco went into a self destructive spiral. Having lost everyone he cared about again, he was unable to cope with it a fourth time and in his despair he sought any kind of help. He sought out the aid of a Jedi, but was betrayed in his darkest hour and so, his mind broke. Unable to deal with the loss, Draco's psyche split and tore, becoming three. For a time, Draco wallowed in his darkness and self pity, falling willingly into its embrace, into the pit. He became a Sith Lord, traveled and destroyed at his whims, attempted to manipulate former friends and allies, while his personalities struggled for control. Normally his Sith persona dominated, being only slightly restrained by his lighter personality. On occasion, his restraints would be unleashed and the Sith would wantonly attack friend and foe alike, aiming solely for the lust of killing and destruction, losing his last grips on humanity until Draco could regain some level of control. But then, in the most unlikely of times he found love in the most unlikely of places. 


Faith Organa, the Princess of Alderaan touched his wounded heart, and healed it with her own affection and devotion. His deepest desire became to love her in return and be a man worthy of her.


"A dragon has but one love, the other half of his soul, the light to his dark. She has been fashioned by the Universe especially for him. 

Dragons mate for life. Once we find our one perfect mate, there will be no other."


For a time Draco struggled with his injured sanity and his broken mind, but with her help, he was able to heal his mind and become something else. Traveling to the Planet of the Five Priestesses, he was able to rid himself of his demons by severing them, and himself from the Force, starting a new in the light, where the Cosmic Force and the Living Force became one and the same. He was still the same man, but for the first time in his life, he no longer had demons lurking in the shadows of his thoughts, only the bright, burning desire to build a family, to earn his place beside his love, and to be a man deserving of her devotion.


Now his focus is on building a new life for he and his beloved, with whom he hopes to spend the rest of his days with. Draco is, and always will be a warrior, and her contrast of peace and negotiation helps reign him in, while he believes he to adds to her fiery spirit. As she is the Princess of Alderaan and Crown Princess of Aldera, their relationship is rather complicated. Though they are devoted to each other completely, her duties require her to think of her people, and this has led to their relationship remaining secret for the most part, and dealing with other suitors and proposals she receives. Through the familial intrigue and strife, Draco remains utterly devoted to Faith, more than willing to weather the storm so that they might have years of calm after.


Soon after Faith and Draco were finally married, a new figure rose from the shadows. Ra Vizsla came from the darkness and claimed rulership of the Clans, and none could oppose him in the Old Ways. Mand'alor Ra Vizsla brought Draco back into the forefront of conflict with the call of war, declaring a Crusade on the Core to burn the One Sith and the Republic down to ashes. The call of war stirred the man from his attempts at a peaceful life and urged him back to the Front Lines. During this time, he was named Shukalar, Conquer, of the Mandalorian Clans. Fall of the Republic and the One Sith came swiftly and terribly as the wrath of the spurned Mandalorians put infrastructure and government to the torch. At Kashyyyk, the Republic made one last stand and was swept aside in the torrent of Mandalorian Crusaders united at last.


With the Crusade ended just as swiftly as it began, Draco's duties returned to the home front, to the peaceful life he desired to share with Faith. Their children were born in this time, twins Laira and Theodosius, a girl and a boy to be raised on Alderaan. Draco held his title of Shukalar even after the disappearance of Mand'alor Vizsla, continuing to reach out and accept dignitaries and diplomats from Aruetii, Outsiders, while easing back into the life of a Prince instead of a Conqueror.


"Perhaps some are not permitted the rest they seek, so that others can take comfort knowing they stand guard.

But this Dragon is old and needs to slumber."


With Faith, Draco became a father and husband first and left his titles and responsibilities to the Clans behind. He still answered the call and could be reached, but the trivial matters became less and less his worry as he spent his time raising his children and loving his wife on Alderaan rather than gallivanting across the galaxy. His fighting days were through, however, the aging Draco keeps his training regimen up and maintains his physical condition so as not to get weak in peace time. 



Draco Vereen

Draco Vereen

    Dragon of Alderaan

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Novice | Competence Proficiency Expertise Mastery


Draco is knowledgable in many mundane abilities, such as Mind Trick, Dampen Presence, Force Lightning, Breath Control and the like, however he does have some difficulty effecting the Force outside of his body following his being severed from the Force temporarily and his immersion into the Netherworld. Primarily the Mandalorian's abilities focus on manipulating the Force to alter his own body to a situation. As such, while he is knowledgeable and at least somewhat able to use those abilities and powers, his skill set centers more on the Control aspect. Because of this, he finds it easier to assist and affect those he has a close bond to, with complex manipulations often requiring skin to skin contact anyways. He is however able to lend another being his Force energy if the bond is strong enough, draining power and strength from himself in the process.


He is also quite knowledgeable as a Craftsman, skilled in both mundane metallurgy and smithing, as well as Force crafting such as Sith Alchemy, Grey Alchemy which doesn't require blood sacrifice but in his uses is noticeably weaker and less effective, Je'daii Alchemy which is a precursor to modern alchemy and is unique in its own ways, the ability to imbue something with the Force, both as a focus for specific abilities and permanently with minor effects. Art of the Small, while known to him isn't useful in combat in any meaningful way, requiring him to be able to concentrate and physically touch the thing he is altering with significant effort. 



Control Body [Expertise]

Draco is able to exercise precise control over his own bodily functions, such as manipulate blood flow to decrease blood loss and increase organ performance in order to modify his own physical condition and adapt to his environment and wounds he suffers. This includes regulating his own immune system and internal body temperature, initiate heightened regeneration within his body, as well as cleanse his body of toxins and the build up of muscle fatigue.

Control Pain [Mastery]

Draco is able to use the Force to dampen the sensation of pain his body feels, keep organs working despite injuries, shrug off stun blasts, and continue to function despite pain from serious trauma such as broken bones and badly damaged internal organs.

Enhance Attribute [Mastery]

This allows Draco to perform certain super-human feats by channeling the Force into his muscles, enabling him to deliver blows with enough force to fracture and crack armor plates or splinter bones, lifting many times his body weight, and the ability to lift and throw a speeder bike or mount.

Force Body [Expertise]

He is able to push his body's endurance past safe limitations, ignoring physical strain and well-being, in order to sustain his connection to the Force, possibly allowing him to survive what may otherwise be fatal to normal men and women.

Force Speed [Expertise]

He is able to move with lightning fast reflexes and reactions in combat, striking with a great deal more speed and alacrity than a normal human might be able to manage, punching or kicking an opponent in rapid repetition, and sustaining tremendous reflexes, though his actual sprinting speed is only slightly above par even when using this ability.



Force Sense [Mastery]

Draco’s power of Force Sense is very well refined, able to sense danger, warn him of threats to others he is emotionally close to, sense the health and wellbeing of nearby creatures, sense the location of beings from a distance and through barriers allowing him to engage or avoid that being.

Draco trained in the detection of cloaked individuals that hide by concealing their Force presence. By searching for the secondary effects emanating around them in the Force, rather than the presences of the individuals themselves, a Draco can perceive the presence of ripples in the Force that were seemingly without a source. At the epicenter would be a cloaked person.

White Current [Novice]

Draco is able to forgo his Force Senses and sense the White Current and its ripples instead, though he is unable to manipulate it. Furthermore, very experienced users of the White Current may go undetected due to his lack of formal training or instruction.



Dampen Force [Expertise]

Draco uses this technique in order to block the Force off from others, by limiting their ability to Control it, rather than nullifying it. When used it is sometimes referred to as a cold, wet, blanket being wrapped around a Force Sensitive. Victims were known to have difficulty controlling objects bigger than mere molecules when affected, however it is unlikely a Master, or Knight would be so severely suppressed. Additionally Draco can use this ability to disrupt Force abilities as they are manifested, taking some of the edge off, dampen the effectiveness of a power, though not in its entirety.

Force Drain [Expertise]

Draco uses this ability to steal the stamina, energy, and vitality of his opponents and reinforce his own body. The very Dark power is one Draco trained and studied heavily during his time as a Sith, but he often shies away from it. He is capable of several of its variants, including Deadly Field, though he has only used in on very rare occasion.

Tutaminis [Mastery]

Using the Force, Draco is able to draw potentially harmful heat or electrical energy into his body and diffuse it or channel it away from himself. In addition to deflecting energy weapons such as blaster bolts and lightsaber strikes, he is able to eliminate the harmful effects of other energy-based Force powers such as Force Lightning. With additional effort, Draco can utilize the absorbed Force energy to assist in healing his injuries or empower one of his other abilities.



Ayna-Seff [Proficiency]

Draco is able to manipulate his body's electromagnetic field to fool electroencephalo-scans, make his brain activity undetectable, and simply cause alterations to his own Electromagnetic field to survive in irradiated conditions. Draco is also able to use this ability to alter his Electromagnetic field to repel other energy fields around his body allowing him to pass through them unharmed.

Draco Vereen

Draco Vereen

    Dragon of Alderaan

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ArmaTech Industries

Clan Vereen Mercenary Corps



The Holocron of Jacen Solo

The Holocron of Darth Caedus

The Holocron of Quan-Jang



The Ravening

Protective AntiDeath Amulet

Draco's Engagement Ring

Kathol Liberation Ring

Shyriwook Translation Ring



Vereen-Organa Homestead

New Crevasse City Apartment

The Retreat



The Blackmoon (Modified Protectorate Blockade Runner)

The Razor's Edge (Modified A-Wing)




Primary Weapons

Rifle and Pistol


Hammers and Maces

Swords and Axes








Draco Vereen

Draco Vereen

    Dragon of Alderaan

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  • 5,938 posts


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Udrusa Chagteath

Udrusa Chagteath

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Hmm... an impressive man. Especially the Maori-styled tattoos!

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