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Sor-Jan Xantha

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Sor-Jan Xantha

Sor-Jan Xantha

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Character transferred from Moons of Iego & Star Wars: Threads of the Force



S O R - J A N  X A N T H A


Name: Sor-Jan Xantha

Alias(es): SJ


Jedi Watchman of the Kathol Outback (846-848 ABY)

Professor of Archaeology, Jedi Academy Network (844-846 ABY)

General, Grand Army of the Republic (Clone Wars)

Colonel, Republic Judicial Forces (Yinchorri Uprising)

Jedi Knight (43 BBY)

Commander, Republic Judicial Forces (Stark Hyperspace War)

Padawan Learner (60-44 BBY)

Race/Species: Anzat

Chronological Age: 913 years (b. 69 BBY)

Actual Age: 57 years (69-19 BBY; 844-851 ABY)
Apparent Age: Youngling
Sex: Male
Height: 137 cm
Weight: 32 kg
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark Blond
Skin: Fair

Homeworld: Bela Vistal, Corellia

Base of Operations: The Temple of Binaros

Force Sensitive: Yes

Force User Rank: Master [x]

Voice Sample: Jake Lloyd



[ + The Dork Knight. "Droid brain" is an antagonistic diminutive that's often been applied to him. Analytical, creative and contemplative, Sor-Jan demonstrates both patience, ingenuity, and a particular brand of wit. He's served the Jedi Order as a scholar, soldier and strategist, demonstrating the breadth of his knowledge and experience.


[ + The Mechanic. Demonstrates a high degree of mechanical aptitude, particularly for Corellian engineering. Often works on a YT-2400 light freighter in his off-time as a hobby.


[+/-] Improv Fu. SJ hails from the "Anything Goes School of Martial Arts." As a master of the Sixth Form of Lightsaber Combat, he excels at a little bit of everything and a whole lot of nothing. This applies in business as with adventuring. Oddly, his plans usually works. Never as he intended for it to work, but it usually works. As a Corellian Jedi, he was also known to follow his own path and interpret his assigned mission objectives to suit his beliefs.


[+/-] Improbable Age. He fought in the Stark Hyperspace War, the Yinchorri Uprising, and the Clone Wars... and he hasn't even hit puberty yet. The reason for this is the metabolic rate at which Anzat age and mature. The youngest Anzat were said to be ancient. "Youthful Anzati reached puberty at approximately one hundred standard years of age..." [source]


[ -Squishy Space Wizard. Sor-Jan doesn't wear armor and gets by using his telekinetic abilities. Without the Force, he's as powerful as the average 10 year old.


[ -Growing Up Sucks. Sor-Jan knows what he is, and what he will grow into. The spectre of his own maturity looms over him like a shadow, fueling his nightmares for the fear of whether or not he will be able to control the desire to feed on the lifeforce of others.


A boy who is exactingly near-human in almost all details. The primary distinguishing characteristic is that Sor-Jan, like all Anzat, has no detectable heart rate or body rhythm. Sor-Jan also possesses two tendril-like proboscises, which are ordinarily retracted into cheek pouches on either side of his nose. The cheek pouches and proboscises are not visibly apparent when retracted. He wore clothing traditional to Corellia, making him outwardly indistinguishable from any number of spacers in the galaxy. He would sometimes wear the green robe of a Corellian Jedi over his normal clothes.

Sor-Jan is a very curious individual, possessed of both an interest in other cultures and a wanderlust; both traits attributable to his padawan apprenticeship to the Thisspiasian Jedi Sentinel Azul Gol. In terms of practical Jedi philosophy, Sor-Jan was neither a strict diplomat nor a warrior, but adopted the ‘middle of the road’ approach more typical of a Jedi Sentinel. A playful free spirit, though not rebellious, Sor-Jan occasionally came into conflict with the Jedi Counsel for his tendency to follow his own path.

Body Rhythm: Though possessed of a circulatory and respiratory system, the Anzat has evolved into the penultimate predator of humanoids - presumptively themselves the top of the food chain - to the point that neither a heart beat or breathing will give away the Anzat as these facets of their physiology take place at a level which is unperceivable to detection even scientifically. How the Anzat circulatory functions remains a particularly confounding medical question, primarily due to the lack of living Anzat willing to be studied. Similarly, the Anzat gives off no discernable body heat. The combination of these features would allow for an Anzat to pass for a recently deceased corpse by simply lying prone.

Feeding: As an Anzati adolescent, the onset of mature development in an Anzat will begin the Hunt for 'soup'. The necessity will be mild at first, increasing in intensity with every successive year of his life after; thus transitioning the Anzat from normal foods to sustaining themselves through the Hunt for soup alone. This makes ancient Anzat particularly fearsome creatures.

Alignment: Light
Class/Subclass: Green Jedi / Jedi Sentinel (Technical/Slicer)
Known Masters: Jedi Master Azul Gol (d. 33 BBY)
Contemporaries: Jedi Archaeologist Rachi Sitra
Known Students: Joshua Vantal, Lilli Sinopi, Noriko Ike

Lightsaber: Paperweight

Primary Form: Form VI
Influences: Form III | Center of Being
Technique: Sor-Jan always opens with Soresu, the primary form that was taught to his Youngling Clan. His master, Azul Gol, was a master of Niman and provided Sor-Jan with an excellent understanding of its form; however, when cornered or surprised, Sor-Jan always falls back upon his own mastery of Soresu. Sor-Jan typically looks for ways to survive a conflict as opposed to seeking victory, favoring a strong defense over offense.

Philosophy: In his own words, Sor-Jan describes himself as a scholar or student of the galaxy rather than the traditional view of the Jedi as guardians, warriors, or diplomats.

CEC YT-2400 Light Freighter "Alderaan Queen" (personal)



Pathfinder Armor

Paperweight (original lightsaber)

Papercut (second/dueling lightsaber)

Clone Trooper blaster pistol

Silk QQ-83N Sidearm (paddle beam) (proof of purchase)
AEL Warden Cloak, green
Corellia Digital HoloLink

Corellia Digital HoloBoy Advanced (Slicer Datapad)
A99 Rebreather
Sabaac Deck



None, currently

None, currently


Old Republic




Initially, Sor-Jan settled back into that role for which he was most familiar; that of a teacher. He befriended the Jedi of the Jedi Academy Network and found himself teaching at the Jedi Temple on Yavin 4. This led to his introduction to a group of fringers out in the Tingel Arm Region that was known as the Levantine Sanctum. His curious wanderlust re-ignited, the boy ventured out in pursuit of what mysteries may lie in this unknown region of the galactic map. He encountered the Dark Side. Not the Sith, but an evil that was comparable. It was an artifact related to the Krath Holy Crusade that had struck from the Core Worlds in the days before Jedi had carried lightsabers. On the distant world of Tash-Taral, Sor-Jan found the tomb of a Krath Sorcerer and was successful in destroying the spirits worldly tether, sending the malicious entity into the Force.


The Levantine Sanctum also served to introduce him to the freedom fighters operating in the galaxy. Jorus Merrill of the Underground and members of the Resistance against the First Order. The latter of which resulted in Sor-Jan participating in the Battle of Skye against the First Order as a captain in the Resistance.


In his spare time, Sor-Jan returned to the broken world of Corellia and searched for a way to re-kindle the Corellian spirit in that system. Picking up a shattered electronics company, he began trying to create jobs and increase economic opportunities among the Five Brothers. At first it was only the Corellia Digital Company, but contracts with Sasori Research quickly prompted him to open a banking firm on Denon. It was a hobby that seemed very much a second (or even second and third) job.




Sometime later, Sor-Jan transitioned from the Jedi Academy to a reclusive group of Jedi who occupied the Tingel Arm Region of the galaxy. Known as the Order of the Silver Jedi, they did not have the traditional divisions of Jedi Guardian or Jedi Consular. Sor-Jan became a general in the peacekeeper forces that looked over a league of non-aligned worlds, which the Silver Jedi protected. Corellia Digital, now a growing interstellar corporation encompassing two subsidiaries, demanded too much of his attention. He turned the reigns over to a former Levantine officer named Aisha Marc so that he could commit himself wholly to the life of a Jedi Knight.


At the same time, his connections with the Underground deepened. He met Alec Rekali of Clan Rekali and traveled down to the Kathol Outback, where he served as a Jedi Watchman for several years. He, along with Bryce Bantam and Joza Perl re-discovered the world of Exocron. During the Omega Crisis, he fought alongside Jorus Merrill a second time. He may have stayed in the Kathol Outback longer, but a brewing war in the Tingel Arm demanded his presence on Voss.


When Mand'alor Vilaz Munin declared war on the Silver Jedi, Sor-Jan fell back into the role of General Xantha, leading and directing naval forces along the border between Mandalorian and Silver Jedi controlled space. When terrorists detonated a super-volcano on the planet Mandalore, Sor-Jan made the decision to direct a humanitarian aid lift mission to the planet. His connections to Clan Rekali from the Kathol Outback proved a saving grace, as the mission almost ended in a total disaster.

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Sor-Jan Xantha

Sor-Jan Xantha

    Permanent Resident of the Time Out Chair

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Kalyn Shif

Kalyn Shif


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Sor-Jan Xantha


I'm not using Asa anymore :P


Sor-Jan Xantha

Sor-Jan Xantha

    Permanent Resident of the Time Out Chair

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I'm not using Asa anymore :P


Well....poodoo.Now I gotta think about if Jake's staying or not then.


Aaaaaaand Jake's fired.


Yes, Jake is back.Yes, I'm fickle as hell.

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Davin Skirata

Davin Skirata

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So...is this kid actually knighted? Or just has Knight level ability?

  Sword Lightsaber | Aran




Sor-Jan Xantha

Sor-Jan Xantha

    Permanent Resident of the Time Out Chair

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Great question, Davin Skirata.I actually struggled with that for awhile, hence why I wrote him as a padawan for 6 years before promoting him.


Yes, he is knighted.As for knight-level abilities, that depends on the type of ability.Mental and academic disciplines, yes.Physical disciplines, not so much.As noted in Alen Na'Varro's "Protective Posture" thread, Sor-Jan had never trained or even thought about Force Shield before, as an example.





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This looked really cool and well set up. I like it and have some fun

Sor-Jan Xantha

Sor-Jan Xantha

    Permanent Resident of the Time Out Chair

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Thanks, Sheila :)



Commander Firestorm

Commander Firestorm

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Cool character, and to be honest, Anzat scare the fudge out of me, makes me sure to keep my helmet on tight and securely sealed around them, no offense. anyway, nicely written and well rounded character


Sor-Jan Xantha

ARC Trooper Out of Time

Commander of the Venator-Class Star Destroyer, Unbroken