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Paperweight, the lightsaber of Sor-Jan Xantha

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Sor-Jan Xantha

Sor-Jan Xantha

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Image Source: Ariergarda (DeviantArt) (compilation/photoshop by me)


Intent: A personal weapon for Sor-Jan Xantha.

Development Thread: If required.

Manufacturer: Sor-Jan Xantha

Model: N/A

Affiliation: Galactic Republic (Republic Jedi)

Modularity: Lightsaber crystal may be replaced to produce different blade color.


Production: Unique

Material: DuraSteel alloy, 1x Diatium power cell, 1x focusing lens (beam gem lens), 1x Adegan crystal (mephite)


Classification: Single-bladed (traditional) lightsaber

Size: Hand-and-a-Half (one- and two-hand use alternately)


Length: 91cm overall (24cm hilt, 67cm blade)

Weight: 1 kg

Special Features: Blade power adjustment knob.


Description: A Jedi Consular and Researcher, Sor-Jan more often used his lightsaber as a paperweight than a weapon -- hence the name.Originally constructed in 44 BBY using an Ilum crystal, the weapon was damaged during the events of Order 66 and the crystal shattered during the blind hyperspace jump which resulted in time travel to 844 ABY.Rebuilt using an Adegan crystal from the planet Ossus, the weapon glowed with a verdant green light when activated.Through the use of a beam gem lens in the focusing chamber, the weapon produced an extremely keen edged blade and boasted exceptional cutting power.A power adjustment knob was used to alter the energy output, and included non-lethal levels for use in training or velocity-style dueling.Like most lightsabers, the weapon would short out if submerged in water.


Primary Source: Not applicable



Alric Kuhn

Alric Kuhn

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Nothing huge here.